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Abano Terme is famous worldwide as the “Thermal Baths of Venice”, thanks to the extraordinary curative qualities of the thermal water and the bio-thermal clay or aged mud: a true medicine without side effects. At AbanoRitz we propose a package with included services and special offers for a purely relaxing vacation among swimming pools, the SPA, wellness rituals and culinary experiences at our 3 restaurants; immersed in a territory that offers a wealth of culture and folklore, as well as golfing and other sports.

Hotel Abano Ritz

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Special Room

A single, very well-lit and large area. Space to rest to recover both physical and emotional energy. Classic and elegant in shades of blue, the baths in our junior suits are in Portuguese pink marble with Venetian style accessories. Belongs to the fee category: special luxury room.

Elegant Single

White, gold and blue for a classic room that completely targets sleep quality: bed that is the size of one and a half single beds, large and small pillows, some softer than others. The sitting area faces the morning sun in the east or the sunset in the west.

Elegant Double

Large mirrors and a beautiful Venetian chandelier in Murano tradition. Some rooms look north towards Colli Euganei and are brighter, others face the east and are quieter. The dominant colours are medium blue and beige. A sitting room to not be standard and to enjoy in the morning while having breakfast or in the evening reading a good book.

MiniRoom MaxiLove

A good value for the money! These are rooms with essential areas and services. The MiniRoom MaxiLove rooms are found on each floor, they have one bed (its width is cm 160 or 140 x cm 200 lenght). The furnishings are traditional and the baths are basic and functional with shower or tub with handheld shower head.

Design Suite

Light and bright with large windows that look out over the pool park, framed by the Colli Euganei. Rooms that combine fantasy and rationality, creativity and functionality, refinement and comfort. Located on the 5th floor.

Design Room

2 matrimonial design rooms on the 5th floor: fresh, well-lit, with extraordinary touches of colour. The pieces chosen are true furnishing emotions like the "Fluttua" bed (design: Daniele Lago) or Cassina "On Off" tables (design: Piero Lissoni), or the television-mirror "Teatos" and especially the lights: like the "Mercury" chandelier produced by Artemide and designed by Ross Lovegrove and the Panton seats, two extraordinary, unforgettable red hearts. Essential yet soft lines, prized materials, and present yet discrete technology. These two rooms belong to the category: special luxury room.

Creative Rooms

Chi sia sensibile al nuovo pur coltivando la passione per la tradizione e il ricordo un po’ mitizzato, chi rispettando la continuità non rinuncia al cambiamento, chi ha già scoperto che l’autenticità di una Vacanza non passerà mai di moda, chi, comunque, coltiva l’indipendenza del giudizio, avrà molto dall’AbanoRITZ! E così, a cinquant’anni dalla sua inaugurazione, vogliamo lasciare Those who are sensitive to new developments while cultivating a passion for tradition and memory that is a bit mythical, who while respecting continuity do not reject change, those who have already discovered that the authenticity of a holiday will never go out of fashion, who, however, cultivates independence of judgment, will get a lot from the AbanoRITZ! And so, fifty years after its inauguration, we want to leave traces here and there of a mood that we love: "vintage".tracce qua e là di un mood che amiamo: il “vintage”. 

The treatments, rituals, massages, and techniques offered at RitzSPAce

Are inspired by the principles, traditions and philosophies of both the oldest western and oriental cultures, by the most efficacious and famous medical and physical therapy protocols, for diversified and complete offer that meets a wide variety of cases and individual needs, expectations and preferences.

Massage World

It is the true “dispenser” of wellness for your vacation: a place where you can free yourself of tension and get back time, where you can enjoy indispensable appointments of “ego-therapy”,

a place that also gives couples important opportunities to find a new awareness of “togetherness”, to discover new affinities and complicity. Finally, the perfect location for teaching adolescents to respect their bodies. A hotel and SPA suspended between different generations that are united however by the very need to find some time for themselves.


The fitness centre is available to everyone every day from 8 a.m to 7 p.m. It has an area for free exercises and an equipped Technogym with machines to tone muscles, for cardio fitness and motor rehabilitation: step, tread mill, bicycles, lat machine, adductor, ercolina rehab, chest press, gluteus machine, anterior and posterior FLEXability, weights, wellness balls.

Beauty Club

A healthy, appealing body makes us happier, gratifies our need to like ourselves and be liked by others. This is what is commonly known as “beauty”, a closed circle in which outer and inner beauty nourish each other, an extraordinary process that adds beauty to beauty.

Spa Water

The richness of our spas is due to the waters that belong to the category of deep underground waters and are chemically classified as saline-bromine-iodine thermal water with a fixed residue at 180° C of 5-6 grams of salt per litre.

Spring Water Aand Relaxation

Overlooking the 6000 m2 park with two indoor and outdoor semi-olympic, intercommunicating spa pools, aquaFitness corner, hydromassage area, and neck water massage.


Many adventures on two wheels or on foot through tried and tested paths in the Euganean Hills Regional Park. Some are demanding itineraries, some are easier, but each of them is rich of surprises and of extraordinary stopover points that offer the opportunity of discovering flora, fauna and folklore of a fascinating territory

It is precisely for this conformation that the Euganean Hills present a wide choice of resort during any season. In fact, there are many enjoyable activities that one can engage in to get even closer to nature: numerous routes can be followed by car or on foot, by bicycle, motorbike or mountain bike, they all can enable you to get in contact with the flora and fauna and the folklore of an extremely fascinating place with many exciting new corners still yet to be discovered.

If you prefer to go horse riding, or you love golf, the Euganean Hills offer equipped horse clubs and an extraordinary choice of Golf Clubs in a unique layout just minutes from the Hotel.


For the lovers of the Green, the Hills offer an extraordinary choice of Golf Clubs in a unique and enchanting surrounding.

The 8 golf fields

(Padova Golf Club, Montecchia Golf Club, Frassanelle Golf Club, Colli Berici Golf Club, Asolo Golf Club, Villa Condulmer Golf Club, Ca’ della Nave Golf Club, Albarella Golf Club), are each found at a few kilometres away from one another. 
For those who cannot do without the pleasure of green, the Abano Ritz Thermal Spa has created a special program, which is able to combine the benefits of a Wellness centre and an exclusive beauty club with the entertainment of outdoor competitions

The Restaurant

The awakening of the senses includes the pleasure of good cuisine

A prized collection of plates from the 1800s are displayed on the walls of the dining room. This is an invitation, a sort of clue to the history of a vocation for good food because we have always preferred quality over quantity.


Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at Abano Ritz. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, and the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel.
Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true, because they never allocate ALL the rooms to third parties.

By Train
The nearest railway station is the one at Terme Euganee - Montegrotto, on the Bologna-Padua line, all the main trains stop here.
Other wise just as convenient is Padua station, on the Milan-Venice line where all the trains stop. Then from the square right in front of the station buses leave direct to Abano every 15 minutes, the bus lines are A, M, T or AT and the journey takes 30 minutes.
Both of the stations have a taxi service.

By Airplane
Arriving in Abano by air, the nearest airport is that of Venice (60km) where most of the main national and international companies land. From here you can get to Abano by taxi or on a direct bus line, Airport-Abano (this takes 1h 30min).
There are also international airports in Treviso (70 km) and Verona (80 km), both are not far from Abano and are easily reached.


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