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Vaux de Cernay Abbey, located in the Chevreuse valley in the Rambouillet state-owned forest, is an enchanted place and the perfect spot to recharge your batteries. Vaux de Cernay abbey’s extraordinary architecture emerges from where power and mystery preside.

Thus, it has been reborn and brought back to life: a cellar transformed into a music lounge and a gothic lounge with its enormous chimneys, a former lay brother refectory into a restaurant and re-baptised ‘the prayer table’, a surprising monastic room with two spanning ridge beams and sandstone capitol columns.

We are surrounded by more than eight centuries of history. The former cloister, reading gallery, mill and chapter house have found their existential callings. The Cistercians created these magical places blessed by God and protected by the Kings of France we needed to revive them. St Louis and Margaret of Provence drank miracle water from the St Thibault fountain and it made this Queen of France fertile. The spring is still in the nearby woods and soothes the thirst of our guests.

In turn, we pass on the estate’s timeless message and drink from the spring of this ‘new Theleme Abbey’.

Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay

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1118: Founding of the Vaux-de-Cernay Abbey by a group of monks from Savigny Abbey (in Manche).

1147: Affiliation with the Order of Cistercian. The estate decides to enter into a self-sufficient life: water is used to drink, for fish farming to provide food, for sanitation and energy for the mill.

1226 – 1247: Abbatiate of Thibault of Marly and zenith of the monastery.

14th Century: Decline of the intellectual and material life.

15th Century: Abandonment of the building after the 100-year-war.

16th Century: Attempts at rectifications. Reconstruction of the south gallery and monastery.

17th Century: Repair and maintenance of buildings, spiritual revival.

18th Century: Considerable construction at the start of the century then abbey debilitated by heavy costs.

1791: Sale of abbey furnishings and property.

1873: Acquisition of the park and buildings, which had been used as a quarry since the revolution, by Baron Nathaniel Rothschild. Reconstruction of the estate.

1945: Purchased by Mr Amiot, airplane constructor. The estate served as a research ground for over thirty years.

1988: Bought by Mr Savry. The estate is redeveloped as a high-class hotel and restaurant.

1989: After 6 months of construction, Vaux de Cernay joins the ‘hotels particuliers’ group. Architecture: refurbished as a high-quality hotel/restaurant, Vaux Cernay abbey regains its vocation in hospitality.


Founder and chairman Philippe Savry explains what makes a stay at a Hôtel Particulier such a special experience.

In an era obsessed with immediacy we forget where we have come from. Cultivating a taste for history and all things authentic, Hôtels Particuliers offers us hospitality rooted in our origins, in beautiful, noble residences. Rather than opulence or flashy design, let’s cultivate the timeless harmony of French aesthetics and elegance, says Philippe Savry with feeling. That conviction came to him 40 years ago when he discovered an abandoned mansion, now the Hôtel du Général d’Elbée, on the island of Noirmoutier. Philippe Savry savours the memory:That was my first adventure in bringing back to life the personality of an exceptional house.» From that day he devoted all his energy to reviving the souls of places listed as historic monuments or located in protected sites. The “family” keeps growing, with a newcomer roughly every three years. It now boasts nine establishments, the “lastborn” being the Citadelle Vauban in Belle-Île-en-Mer.

His aim is to offer an atmosphere far removed from the day-to-day: a special alchemy of escapism, reflection, simplicity, peace and quiet that opens the way to another kind of happiness. Each of our hotels invites guests to share in the spirit of the place. To contemplate the beauty of a landscape, enjoy the silence of a park or garden and read the traces of the past on the walls. These are forms of introspection that help us better understand the ephemeral value of the things around us. Our heritage is the foundation of our memory. Hôtels Particuliers hotels are places steeped in memory, but also sanctuaries of French art de vivre. The refinement of each small detail takes you further in your spiritual and sensual journey. There are subtle menus dreamed up from produce that encapsulates local tradition, while the high-quality cultural offerings include recitals, concerts, exhibitions and museum visits. Staying with us is like coming into a friend’s home and enjoying the warm atmosphere while cultivating the spirit of its ancient stones. A rare and precious pleasure in what is first and foremost a place for living in.

Moines Room

Small attic room, mainly located on the 2nd floor. Bathroom with bath or shower.

Prieur Room


Classic room, slightly attic, mainly on the 2nd floor. Unobstructed view of the park or pond.

Castle Room

Spacious and generally high ceiling room, on the 1st or 2nd floor. Large bathroom with the majority of a corner bath. Beautiful overview of the park.

Rothschild Room

Very spacious and high ceiling room, on the 1st or 2nd floor. Antique furniture, bathroom with copper bathtub in some rooms. Pleasant view of the park or the ruins of the Abbey.

Junior Suite

Suite with spacious bedroom and separate living room on the 1st floor.

Suite de la Baronne

Apartment composed of a living room, the bedroom, a dressing room and a bathroom in an exceptional setting. Walls entirely covered with woodwork from the Rothschild era. Panoramic view of the ruins of the Abbey and the park.

On Site

Discover or rediscover the abbey on a historic day, accompanied by our lecturers who guide you around the estate. Every Sunday at 3pm: (charges apply) reservation recommended.

Outdoor Swimming Pool

Free entry.

Outdoor Tennis Court

Free entry, advanced reservation required.

Rowboat Rides

Free, upon request at reception, subject to availability.

Mountain biking

Charges apply, upon reservation.

Forges-les-Bains Golf course 

Conferences & Events

The sales department is at your service 7 days a week to prepare your event.

The Restaurant

Chef: Xavier Désiré
Restaurant manager: Alain Pontoizeau
Pastry chef: Jérôme Palabost


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