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 Via De Fusari, 9 40123 Bologna − Italy

A passion for hospitality since 1375. Our guests are invited to immerse themselves in the elegant yet intimate space of a hotel with over 600 hundred years of experience that effortlessly weaves together history, technology and design. Treat yourself to the privilege of staying only steps from Piazza Maggiore in the heart of Bologna, the perfect launching pad for exploring the city. The Al Cappello Rosso hotel introduces its luxury locations tucked away in the city’s medieval downtown: 33 Classic or Superior rooms as well as 10 newly renovated, exclusive apartments located within walking distance of the hotel.

Al Cappello Rosso

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Al Cappello Rosso, an ancient passion for hospitality since 1375

Even today, staying at Al Cappello means immersing yourself in an atmosphere that is cozy yet equipped with all the latest technology and refinements, where attention to details and personalized service has been forged over more than 600 years of experience.

A privileged sojourn a few steps from Piazza Maggiore, in the heart of Bologna, is the ideal starting point to explore monuments, historic markets, elegant shops, medieval streets and enchanting hidden corners, either on foot or riding one of our free bicycles.

The hotel boasts designer environments in the form of thematic rooms that were conceived and decorated by world famous artists and stage designers.

For all of our 33 rooms and 10 apartments, meticulous care is taken to ensure maximum comfort and a customization that meets the needs of each guest: we have Lady rooms, pet-friendly rooms, disabled access and anti-allergic rooms, adjoining. In every room we offer our guests a charming space with comfortable beds, a pillow menu, flat screen televisions with international channels, free wireless internet access, a safe, mini-bar, tea & coffee facilities and comfortable bathrooms.

The breakfast buffet ranges from sweet to savory food and includes gluten-free and organic products.

The common areas are spacious and welcoming: you can have a drink at the Osteria del Cappello, read a newspaper or a book available for guest use, check your e-mail from the internet point or simply sit and relax with a friend on a sofa in the small hall, which can also be reserved for private meetings and work briefings.

For guests who wish to reach us by car, we can arrange access to the traffic restricted zone; transfer service and private parking are also available on request.

We are committed to welcoming, listening and making recommendations, taking into account the different needs of each guest. This is why we do our best to be attentive, accurate and helpful; we are especially glad when we succeed in helping you fall in love with Bologna so that its numerous charms will always be a part of you.

Al Cappello Rosso Hotel. For people who love history, art and culture; for people who love privileges.


With a history of over six hundred years, the hotel Al Cappello Rosso in Bologna boasts an innate vocation for accommodation.

The first documents trace it back to 1375, while in his 1712 “Giuoco nuovo di tutte le Osterie che sono in Bologna” (new game of all taverns to be found in Bologna), G.M. Mitelli, a famous historiographer from Bologna, mentions the Capel Rosso as the tavern that offered its customers “delicious roast partridges, well larded and served with toasts”.

Located since its origins in the central, secluded Via Fusari, the hotel is one of the most ancient accommodation places in Bologna: it welcomed the first "foreigners" passing through town in the 14th century.

In those days it was a tavern wanted by the Bishop of Bologna, Nicolò Albergati, to ensure his protection to the Jews passing through Bologna, who were allowed to stay in town no longer than three days and only at the Capel Rosso, as this was located outside the city walls (that then were in Piazza Maggiore).

To build it, the small houses existing in Via de’ Fusari were pulled down.

At that time, Bologna was already frequented by lots of "foreigners passing through it", that were registered as guests. Among them were the Jews who, always persecuted, were under the obligation of staying at the Capel Rosso.

Being located outside the town walls, it was an ideal place because Jews were protected and also more easily controlled.
Up to the middle of the 15th century, a few steps away from the hotel was the so-called Ufficio delle Bollette, an office in charge of keeping an eye on foreigners, innkeepers and prostitutes.

This certainly explains why 16th and 17th century proclamations regarding taverns ordered that Jews passing through Bologna should stay only at the Capel Rosso but no longer than three days.
This way it would be easier to watch their movements discreetly, yet efficiently, in case they were malefactors.
Unfortunately, in those days religious intolerance still had hardly eradicable roots.

When, in the 14th century, the construction of S. Petronio started (the famous church that was left uncompleted in the 15th century in order not to exceed the size of Saint Peter in Rome), Cardinal Albornoz assigned the hotel its unusual sign in the form of a cardinal’s hat (cappello means “hat”), as recorded by Mitelli in his “Giuoco delle Osterie”.

The sign was meant to mark the lodging reserved for the architects and artists building the basilica.

In 1464 the hotel building was bought by a celebrated law professor of the University of Bologna, Andrea Barbozza, an aristocrat from Palermo who moved to Bologna where he established a family dynasty that would attain senatorial rank. The sale price was set at 1,706 picchioni or pegioni, large silver coins minted by the dukes of Milan.

In the deed by notary Giacomo Mangini, the building is described as a house occupied by the tavern “of the hat” and three shops. In 1497, two of these stores were hit by a fire that also damaged the adjoining apothecary’s shop or “spezieria del Dottore”.

Better known as "spezieria del Mondino", it was one of the first opened in Bologna and belonged to the family of renowned doctor Mondino de’ Liuzzi, one of the fathers of anatomy.
In 1467, Andrea Barbazza let out the hotel to innkeeper Bertuccini at an annual rent of 110 Bolognese lire.

Chronicles from the 17th century record the Capel Rosso as the inn where one could get the best sleep in Bologna, and in spite of several vicissitudes (today only two of the taverns and inns cited by Mitelli in 1752 still exist) the hotel in Via dei Fusari undoubtedly stays one of Bologna’s most ancient and known lodges.

The hotel underwent a major extension in 1770 when its manager Zecchi joined it to a house at the back.

The place was also renowned for its game cooking, especially the partridges that feature as the main course in plate 41 of Mitelli’s game.

Next to the inn’s entrance, a reconstruction based on an 1850 street guide shows the tavern, that is to say the eatery where one could enjoy the excellent partridges recommended by Mitelli.

In the second half of the 19th century, the hotel was run by Alfonso Cappelli together with his son who had completely renovated it.

An advertisement appeared between the 19th and 20th centuries, which also shows the moustached, rubicund face of the owner, read that "ancient and renowned hotel-restaurant Cappello" offered guests “elegant rooms from 1.50 lire, with electric light, telephone, radiators, toilets and showers” – all most modern comforts.

And also a banqueting hall, excellent home cooking, selected wines from Romagna, Tuscany and Piedmont, and the real lambrusco from Sorbara”. All at "moderate prices".

In 2001, thanks to thorough renovation, it became one of the city’s most prestigious (in demand and comfortable) hotels – for lovers of beauty, art, history, and pleasure. For lovers of privileges.


Concierge services are available 24 hours and it is our pleasure to satisfy your requests and help make your stay unforgettable.

How we pamper our guests:

  • Silk Kimonos in every room;
  • 100% cotton bathrobes in every room;
  • ‘Pillow menu’ in every room;
  • Tea & Coffee facilities in every room;
  • Fresh seasonal fruit, gluten free and organic food products;
  • Laptops available for guests;
  • Bicycles available for guests;
  • Golf bags available for guests;
  • Book exchange point

Our free services include:

  • Wireless-Fidelity (wi-fi) access in every room and common areas;
  • Every room equipped with a safe-deposit box large enough for laptops;
  • Automatic shoe polishing facilities on every floor;
  • Newspapers and magazines in the foyer;
  • Assistance and information for airplane and train schedules and booking;
  • Assistance with car rentals, with or without driver;
  • Assistance and information for booking golf courses;
  • Ticket sales for shows and concerts through the Vivaticket system (no additional commission unless charged by the system)

Fee-based services available upon request:

  • Laundry and dry cleaning services;
  • Babysitting;
  • Private parking garage;
  • Municipal parking pass;
  • Room service from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.;
  • Postal and courier services;
  • Guided tours of the historical downtown every weekend;
  • Shopping assistance;
  • Floral gifts;
  • Make-up services;

Gluten intolerance… No problem!

As part of the attentive care we offer our guests, we are always ready to address any problem that might arise. We recognize that gluten intolerance can lead to significant inconvenience when traveling, often preventing guests from enjoying pre-paid services such as the breakfast buffet. For this reason we offer a selection of gluten-free options.


The Al Cappello Rosso hotel was designed and built in such a way as to avoid any kind of architectural obstacle and the building is furnished with equipment to guarantee full accessibility for all our differently abled guests.

  • Common spaces and rooms that can be reached without stairs or with the aid of ramps
  • Elevators large enough for wheelchairs and equipped with conveniently located buttons, audio signals for each floor and instructions written in Braille.
  • 2 purpose-built rooms with doors that open outward, large beds and more than a meter (about 3.5 feet) of clear space around the bed for easy chair movement, door width of over 65 cm (about 2 feet) and outlets, switches and buttons located at a convenient height.
  • Bathrooms that are fully handicapped accessible with shower stalls at floor level, 50 cm (1.6 ft) deep sinks with clear space underneath and outlets, switches and buttons located at a convenient height.
  • The hotel also keeps a chair for guest use.


Al Cappello Rosso: the Hotel has reserved 6 rooms especially for its female guests, designed specifically for their needs.

A rich and personalised line of courtesy products, a magnifying mirror, a kettle, scales, with a wide selection of teas, skirt hangers in the wardrobes, and free room service.

And in addition, many other ideas for enjoying Bologna, especially for women, like the personal shopper service, cookery courses, and, on request, hairdressers and make-up experts directly in your room, for perfect grooming, even at the last minute!


To cater for the needs of a clientele increasingly more interested in literature and art, the Al Cappello Rosso Hotel has also become a bookshop, library, reading room, and stimulating environment to immerge yourself in literature and art.

The Library Area:

always available to guests free of charge, with useful guides to the city and to the local wines and gastronomic specialties of Bologna, various kinds of reading matter, including photographic magazines, books in foreign languages, and the great classics of ancient, modern and contemporary literature.

Bookcrossing Point:

an area dedicated to what has become a widespread practice, that of swapping reading matter, based on the free sharing of resources and information.

A way of sharing your own tastes and preferences, but also a concrete method to foster the circulation of knowledge, leaving in Bologna a sign of your passing. An initiative based on voluntary collaboration, completely free of charge, which has very rapidly gained great success and participation, allowing for further enrichment of the offer of the books available at the Al Cappello Rosso Hotel.

Rooms & Suites

Thirty-three bedrooms, each one unique, giving you the chance to enjoy a different atmosphere every time you visit until you finf the one that is most perfect for you, your personality and your needs….

Quality, technology and safety, on the other hand, are consistent features throughout the hotel.

Each bedroom comes complete with: a 26” LCD TV, satellite TV, free Wi-Fi internet, direct telephone line, mini-bar, tea kettle, safe, adjustable air conditioning, assortment of pillows, silk kimono and bathrobe, shower/bathtub, scales, magnifying mirror, hair dryer and countless other details that make our hospitality special… now all you have to do is come discover it for yourself and let us thoroughly spoil you!


King/queen size bed or twin beds - desk - 32" lcd tv with satellite channels - free of charge internet wifi connection -electronic key - safe - direct line phone - minibar - tea & coffee facilities - hairdryer - bathroom scales - bathrobe - slippers - magnifying mirror - temperature control system.


Our six Superior rooms are perfect for guests who find maximum comfort in their wide spaces: theIR location and set back away from the street or facing onto the hotel’s inner courtyard with raised garden, guarantees the best peace and quiet for our guests.

Each of the three rooms on the fourth floor is equipped with tall, French door-style windows that open to display the city’s skyline or details of nearby San Petronio church. Controlled with a remote control, the windows can be opened partially (only the transom) or shaded completely whenever desired. Furthermore, the locking system provides exceptional sound-proofing.

The other three rooms face onto the hotel’s inner courtyard with raised garden and most of them also come with a small balcony complete with table and chairs so that you can enjoy the natural peace and quiet when weather permits.

The bathroom facilities likewise exemplify our high standards of quality, with a soaking bathtub or spacious shower stall.

Two of these special rooms are equipped with soaking-size whirlpool bathtub, three were chosen to be part of our collection of theme rooms and the three located on the fourth and top floor, have an exposed wood-beam ceiling and windows open onto the sky, the perfect romantic atmosphere for celebrating all your special occasions.


Number 310, the Amadori room, is dedicated to Eugenio Amadori, painter, sculptor and caricaturist and violinist with Bologna’s Teatro Comunale.

This cardinal red room pays homage to Maestro Amadori with a collection of his outstanding caricatures of famous musicians and orchestral conductors.
These caricatures illustrate the artist’s capacity for reinvention that straddles humor and introspective wit: his ability to capture a fundamental trait of posture and the most prominent feature of a personality. This is the gift for seeing what is imperceptible to others and knowing how to render it visible to all.
It is difficult to make out the delicate line dividing the violinist’s soul from the artist’s spirit, and so we have chosen to frame his caricatures with the score for Bach’s Chaconne.

The room was created in 2010 in collaboration with the Teatro Comunale of Bologna Foundation using pages from the volume “Musicisti visti da E. Amadori” (Musicians as seen by E. Amadori) published by Tamari in 1968.


The room is dedicated to the icon object that, in the past century revolutionized the concept of “writing”: the typewriter. The black and red band is a reminder of the ink ribbons, the name of the room refers to the famous typewriter “Lettera 22” and the gigantic keyboard on the ceiling allows the guest to lie on the bed and “type” imaginary letters. The room contains also two rarities: the portable typewriter “Valentine” designed by Ettore Sottsass, complete with instructions, and a vinyl record for stenographers, with the voice of writer Mario Soldati, to be used with the typewriter “Lettera 22”.


Silent Cage Room 4’33” is dedicated to the legendary American music composer John Cage.
This room, created by set designer Mauro Tinti, pays homage to Cage’s most famous and controversial composition, 4’33”, where not a single note is played. Different shades of gray and acoustic panels give the impression of being into an anechoic chamber, thus creating a place where is possible to relax and enjoy listening to all the little sounds that are cointained within the music of “silence”.


Shock in Pink Room 202 is the room with shocking pink backgrounds dedicated to the legendary fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli.

Decorated by the set designer Mauro Tinti, the room pays ironic homage to Schiaparelli’s surreal universe: huge expanses of shocking pink, inscriptions that require a mirror to decode, wardrobes with trompe-l’oeil clothing, lobsters crawling up the walls and a gilded cage enclosing a precious vintage heirloom, the famous Shocking perfume in a woman-shaped bottle that reproduces Mae West’s voluptuous curves.

Number 202 was not chosen at random: two plus two equals four, a number that the designer considered to be especially lucky (her boutique was located at number 22 Place Vendôme and her house at number 112 on Rue de Berri in Paris).

by Ruppert & Mulot

The leading men of Room 209 are Ruppert & Mulot, who took advantage of an artistic residency to envisage an ad-hoc project carried out on the walls and furnishings of the room.

Florent Ruppert and Jérôme Mulot, considered to be the most innovative and explosive of France’s new generation of comic artists, created a story set in the room. With their refined and exciting narrative approach, they crafted drawings and text that playfully make the guest/reader complicit, inviting him or her to become part of the story by following the trail winding across the floor.

Both of them work together to create their graphic representations and write their scripts, which offer a de-structured narrative approach in which drawings and text seek to establish a playful complicity with the guest/reader and generate metalinguistic short-circuits.
Stepping back from the printed page, Ruppert & Mulot have produced a more plastic form of language, calling into question the codes of comic art and making use of the mirrored wall that reflects the room’s furnishings and the painted inscriptions written backwards on the walls.

A comic strip as dance, where dance means a sequence of precise movements carried out without useless or ornamental additions. Or, comics as a game that must be faced with courage and intelligence but always remains a losing game.

by Alessandro Baronciani

The leading men of Room 309 is Alessandro Baronciani, who took advantage of an artistic residency to envisage an ad-hoc project carried out on the walls and furnishings of the room.

The inspiration behind Alessandro Baronciani’s latest project, a black and white painted garden, can be found in the “Boscareccia Room” in Bologna’s Palazzo Sanguinetti, the building that currently hosts the Museum of Music. The artist enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with the museum in mounting the exhibition “Rewind” in 2013.

This “gardening” project took place over the four days of the Festival, transforming the selected hotel room into a true artist’s residence and work of art, a treasure to be added to the hotel’s enviable “collection” of creative theme rooms.


Room 208 is a stage for the work of Anna Deflorian as part of an artistic residency in which she was called on to create an ad-hoc project working directly on the room’s walls and furnishings.


Room 302 hosts artist in residence Alice Socal, a young Italian comic artist who lives in Hamburg.

Alice was inspired by the aesthetics of the Wunderkammer or cabinets of curiosities, the special spaces where collectors from the 16th to the 18th centuries used to keep and display their assortments of extraordinary objects.


Room 304 is the fruit of a collaboration with the International Comics Festival BilBOlbul and offers a collection of inscriptions left by the artists of the 2010 edition in recognition of our hospitality.

Drawings by Giulia Sagramola tell the story of the room and describe the inscriptions, in the characteristically black & red comic style that she uses to create a charming universe.


Room 109 is the fruit of a collaboration with the International Comics Festival BilBOlbul and offers a collection of inscriptions left by the artists of the 2011 edition in recognition of our hospitality.

Drawings by Marina Girardi tell the story of the room and describe the inscriptions, in the characteristically colorful tempera-based style that she uses to create a charming universe of little monsters.


Room 307 is the fruit of a collaboration with the International Comics Festival BilBOlbul and offers a collection of inscriptions left by the artists of the 2012 edition in recognition of our hospitality.

Drawings by Sarah Mazzetti tell the story of the room and describe the inscriptions, to create an overwhelming desire to read huge amounts of comics, thus improving the lot of Italian publishing in one fell swoop.


Room 105 showcases illustrations by the artists who participated in this edition of BilBOBul, dedicated to us in gratitude for our hospitality. So many of the authors who animate the Bilbolbul festival each year have left us drawings to remember them by. The fresh talent of Viola Niccolai, one of the most original and interesting figures of contemporary illustration, has woven a uniting thread through these various drawings, binding together the countless artistic hands that have called this room home.

by Lisa Passaniti

Room 203 was born out of our collaboration with the International Comics Festival BilBObul and displays the illustrations that the artists participating in the 2014 edition dedicated to us in appreciation for our having hosted them. Many of the artists who animate the yearly festival have left a drawing to mark their passing through. The task of weaving together the various images and unifying the many hands at work in this room has fallen to Lisa Passaniti, one of the most original and interesting figures on the stage of contemporary illustration.


AMERICAN ICON - Superior Room 201, a bedroom devoted to one of the most iconic presidents of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. This room is part of The Biografilm Room Series, a collaboration between Al Cappello Rosso and Biografilm Festival - International Celebrations of Lives, the only international event entirely committed to promote and support biographies and life tales. The Festival takes place every year in Bologna and brings the best selection biopics, documentaries and short films produced every year on international basis. AMERICAN ICON - junior suite 201, created by set designer Mauro Tinti, pays homage to JFK and the American Flag: the stars and stripes are deconstructed and recomposed as decorative elements of the room, and the general atmosphere reminds of the passion Kennedy always had for sailing, thus choosing to focus on a more private view of the life of the U.S. President. A faithful reproduction of the "Kennedy Rocking Chair", so beloved by JFK he wanted one in his studio at the White House, is part of the furniture: you can sit on it, have a drink, close your eyes and dream you are the most powerful person in the the least in this room!


PAPER GRAFFITI - Superior Room 101 is the stage for a site-specific piece by AK Drawings.

AK was born in Genoa. In 2005 he moved to Turin, where he met street artists 999 and Brl, an encounter that launched his process of artistic experimentation.


Located in either the Falcone and Borsellino Gallery or Piazza de' Celestini, the apartments are in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, just footsteps from Piazza Maggiore. Discretion and professionalism accompany our different hospitality options, giving you the possibility to manage your time in total freedom, free of any hassles, enjoying intimate pleasures in an atmosphere of total relaxation. From the daily cleaning and change of linens to the personalized guest assistance services, everything is designed to offer you maximum comfort and luxury in the setting of a private home.

Studios Galleria Falcone and Borsellino

In the immediate vicinity of the hotel we offer 5 apartments overlooking the characteristic courtyard of the Falcone and Borsellino Gallery. Each apartment offers cozy and well-lit spaces in an oasis nestled in the old town center, among elegant cafes, renowned traditional restaurants and exclusive boutiques.

Studio 1

Studio 2

Studio 3

Studio 4

Studio 5

De' Celestini Suites

We have created the de' Celestini Apartments to offer our guests the possibility to breathe in the atmosphere of Bologna’s downtown: 5 elegant residences on the second floor of a historical building situated in one of the most characteristic squares of the city center, only 200 meters from Piazza Maggiore.

Different hospitality options designed around the idea of creating the ideal place for modern technology and antique furnishings to harmoniously coexist, refined with attentive care to offer a personalized service designed to satisfy your every wish, however small.


De' Toschi



La Torre

City & Attractions

A privileged sojourn a few steps from Piazza Maggiore, in the heart of Bologna, is the ideal starting point to explore monuments, historic markets, elegant shops, medieval streets and enchanting hidden corners, either on foot or riding one of our free bicycles.


Special services and promotions for those who wish to play on some of the best golf courses in Emilia Romagna, letting themselves be pampered by someone who has adopted hospitality as their motto.

Services for golfers

  • bag and clubs available to guests for free
  • possibility of recharging powered carts
  • bag, club and shoe cleaning
  • massages … directly in your room
  • agreements with exclusive wellbeing and fitness centres close to the hotel
  • reservation of advantageous daily green fees in golf clubs having an agreement with the hotel
  • lunch at the clubs’ restaurants
  • balls for the practice range
  • private transfers on request and car rental
  • individual and group golf lessons
  • Lots of interesting ideas and suggestions for experiencing Bologna also outside of the golf course

… and for travelling companions

Possibility of organizing programs featuring alternative activities such as: visits to museums and the city, food and wine tours, trips to art cities, beauty-fitness programs in spas, shopping tours, events and theatre reservations, personal shoppers…



We aim to bring the smells, flavors and atmosphere of traditional Bolognese taverns back to life in modern-day Bologna, a lively city with a deep sense of its own history.

A place perfectly suited to hotel guests from all over the world who are welcomed in an international style while at the same time finding all the local and traditional ingredients that are the city’s hallmarks.

Our project focuses on Bologna, its distinctive cuisine and conviviality, in order to rediscover a rich and important gourmet tradition and the pleasure of spending time together.


It was already standing in 1375. With its six hundred years of history, the Osteria del Cappello is a historical symbol of food and hospitality in Bologna.
The tavern was praised by Giuseppe Maria Mitelli, one of Guercino’s apprentices, for its fine cuisine: “exquisite roasted partridges covered in lard and accompanied by garnished toasted bread” (from "Gioco delle Osterie").

In 1800 Alfonso Cappelli and his son became the innkeepers and definitively established the tavern as a reference point for foreigners coming to Bologna as well as city residents enamored of home-cooked flavors: home-style cooking, an excellent selection of wines from Romagna, Tuscany and Piedmont and Lambrusco from Sorbara together with elegant rooms and electric lighting and heating won Cappello Rosso its reputation as a place where both palate and limbs could find comfort and satisfaction.


We offer choices from breakfast through to dinner, perfectly calibrated to every moment of the day. Hand-made cakes and cookies, fresh croissants, delicious muffins, a cornucopia of fresh fruit and more greet hotel guests in the morning.

For lunch, guests opting to spend their midday break at the Osteria are welcomed with traditional flavors; they can be assured of a well-planned selection that offers outstanding products at a reasonable price.

And finally, for the dinner hour, the flavors and atmosphere of our traditional tavern take center stage: cheese and meat platters, local coldcuts, salami by the meter, tortellini and tagliatelle with Bolognese ragù sauce, tigelle and crescentine and a selection of meats or soups will win the hearts of Bolognese locals and visitors alike in a place that is destined to regain its landmark status for high-quality, gourmet food and wine.


In keeping with international food & beverage trends, one of the trademarks of our Osteria is a shop filled with local products.

The Osteria del Cappello is not only a tavern open from breakfast through to dinner, it is also a great place to find distinctive local gift items, food and beverages.


Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at Al Cappello Rosso. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, and the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel.
Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true, because they never allocate ALL the rooms to third parties.

Hotel: Al Cappello Rosso

Address: Via De Fusari, 9 40123 Bologna

Region: Emilia-Romagna

Country: Italy

Official website:

Telephone: +39 051 261891

Fax: +39 051 227179

Hotel email:

By Car:

Please remember that only authorised cars are permitted to enter the centre of Bologna, and that this rule is enforced through CCTV cameras active 24 hours a day. In order to avoid incurring a fine, we suggest that you inform the hotel of your licence plate number upon arrival so that we can notify the local traffic police.

In addition, all cars are strictly prohibited from driving on Via Indipendenza, Via Rizzoli and Via Ugo Bassi.

By Train:

We can have a chauffeur-driven car pick you up from Bologna Centrale Station.

Alternately, just outside the station you’ll find a taxi stand and bus stop.

- A bus ticket can be purchased from the newsstand inside the main lobby of the station.

If you opt for the bus, we recommend taking lines 25 or 37, which both stop at Piazza Maggiore, 70 meters from the hotel.

The station is located about 1 km from Al Cappello Rosso, the trip takes around 10 minutes by car.

By Air:

We can have a chauffeur-driven car pick you up from the Guglielmo Marconi Airport.

Alternately, outside the airport you’ll find a taxi stand as well as a bus stop for the Aerobus shuttle that links the airport to the city centre.

- A ticket for the Aerobus shuttle can be puchased directly on board the shuttle bus.

If you opt for the bus, the closest stop is Via Indipendenza, approximately 300 meters from the hotel.

The airport is around 8 km from Al Cappello Rosso, it takes around 15-25 minutes by car.

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