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The Hotel-Relais Badia di Campoleone is a luxury hotel near Arezzo, providing charming accommodation in historic rooms. Centuries of experience handed down by the Marquises della Stufa and the Albergotti and Persichetti families is recorded in the frescoes in the halls and the imposing apses of the internal church, architectural features of the ancient Benedictine abbey from the year 1000 AD. The sixteenth-century villa that rises above the stables now houses an exquisite hotel near Arezzo with 34 rooms of various categories. The nineteenth-century mill building also contains 4 captivating rooms.

The scents of thyme and lavender of the Tuscan countryside, the chorus of morning birdsong and the lively hum of the evening cicadas stimulate and restore physical and mental wellbeing. The colours of nature penetrate into each room, while peace and serenity set the right tone for a holiday in this period residence in the heart of Tuscany.

Badia di Campoleone Arezzo: the park and pool

The large Italianate gardens of the Hotel Badia di Campoleone, Arezzo are home to a beautiful swimming pool and whirlpool, available to guests throughout the summer. In the multipurpose facility next to the pool, with the splendid vista of the house in the background, you can play a game of tennis or soccer to keep up your sport during your luxury holiday in the Tuscan countryside.

The large Italianate garden covers about 4 acres, completely protected by a large encircling wall. A superb perimeter pathway lined with beautiful, centuries-old boxwood hedges, is ideal for a meditative walk in the fresh air among and scents of nature. On request we organise Nordic-Walking routes through the vineyards and olive groves belonging to this exquisite 5-star hotel in Arezzo.


The Hotel-Relais Badia di Campoleone at Arezzo is located in an area where the River Arno once flowed. As it retreated, a strip of land was left behind on either side where two castles were built, Castelluccio and Castellaccio, perhaps during the period of Lombard domination. Due to its impregnable position, this area came to be called campus leonis, or "the field of the lion", later known as "Campoleone".

According to legend, the Abbey of Campoleone was founded when Count Ugo, Marquis of Tuscany, repented his life of licentious debauchery after a dream in which he realised he was destined for eternal damnation. Out of terror, he sought redemption through penitence. He confessed his sins to the Cardinal Archbishop of Ravenna and the Bishop of Florence, and decided to devote himself to the foundation and construction of a number of abbeys.

Records from the time relate that Ugo, Marquis of Tuscany, was responsible for founding the abbeys of Buonsollazzo, Settimo of Florence, Città di Castello, Verruca near Lucca, Trasimeno and Campoleone.

In addition to the legend there are also historical accounts and motives involving strategy and power. Campoleone Abbey was begun by Ugo in 972 in order to organise imperial assets in the lands around the city of Arezzo. By 988 Campoleone was already an abbey, whereas the imperial privilege relating to its foundation was awarded later, on 13 December 997. After its foundation, Bishop Elemperto entrusted the abbey to a group of Benedictine monks who had fled from Montecassino. They dedicated the monastery to St. Gennaro (Januarius), bishop of Benevento, the most popular saint in Campania, and perhaps brought a relic of the saint with them to Campoleone.

Count Ugo endowed Campoleone with as many as 6 castles, 7 villas, 24 courts, and a number of watermills on the Arno and the Tiber. Its church, dedicated to St. Saturninus, held notable treasures and works of art. The abbey rapidly became rich and important, one of the most notable feudal powers in Tuscany. Historical sources report that the castle from the Lombard period – located where "Chiuso" is today and now the swimming pool garden – was very close to the Abbey, which is now Hotel Badia di Campoleone, a few kilometres from Arezzo.

So great was the power of Frederick I (Barbarossa) that the privileges and property of the Abbey were recognised and confirmed by him in 1161.

At the end of 1100 a period of decline began, marked by the destruction of the monastery of St. Flora, the stronghold of monastic feudalism in Arezzo, and the loss of numerous properties. Government by consuls was replaced by the podestà or mayor, but in 1214 the militias forces of Arezzo besieged and destroyed the castle of Campoleone, forcing the abbot to cede to the city all the castles and lands under his jurisdiction. The struggle between the podestà and the abbot was resolved by an act in which the former gained Campoleone castle with all its appurtenances, all the revenues of the abbey, the houses and the produce from the land and vineyards, whereas the Abbot retained only the monastery of St. Gennaro and the adjoining cemetery. Despite the agreement, the Arezzo citizens continued to try and expropriate the church property until 1236, when compensation was awarded for the damages caused to the monks of Campoleone.

The abbey continued to exist until the mid-fifteenth century as a community of monks, after which Niccolò V placed it in trust as a commendam with the rights and assets that were left. This interim legal institution became permanent over time and was turned into a usufruct assigned to a commendatory. In 1527 Duke Carlo of Bourbon sailed from Lombardy to fight the Florentines and Pope Clement VII. On arrival at Campoleone, he destroyed the castle, the convent, the church and all that existed in the vicinity.

After so much chaos Giovanni Della Stufa, with his brothers Angiolo and Pandolfo, rebuilt the church and the abbot's home. All the remaining assets of the old abbey were surrendered to Cav. Francesco Lodovico Bacci and his siblings Ostilio, Lucrezia and Baccio. On the ruins of the abbey church these Arezzo nobles built the house that still retains the name of Badia (abbey) and is home to a sumptuous 4-star hotel near Arezzo.

Today, the Hotel-Relais Badia di Campoleone property retains few traces of the original structure of the abbey and castle, but it is believed, for instance, that the outer wall of the current chapel in the villa was built to correspond with the apse of the ancient abbey church. The monks' cemetery was located in what is now the garden. The Lombard period castle, however, was located somewhere near the edge of the land called "Chiuso", to the north of the villa.

Below you can see the different room types we have to offer, if you mark the ones you like we will be happy to send you a quotation for the dates when you would like to come

Superior/ Standard
An elegant and comfortable double room with private bathroom, tastefully furnished and complete with every comfort. Max 2 people.
Deluxe Room
A refined and spacious double room, furnished with period furniture, private bathroom, period style details and accessories, complete with every comfort. Max 2 people.
Junior Suite
Suite composed of a spacious, light-filled and comfortable sitting room with optional sofa bed, double room, private bathroom with shower, evocatively beautiful fabrics and trimmings, period furniture. Max 3 people.
Garden Junior Suite
Independent entrance from private garden, spacious, light-filled and comfortable sitting room with optional sofa bed, double room, private bathroom with shower, attention given to every detail. Max 3 people.
Composed of two elegant double rooms with two private bathrooms and comfortable private sitting room, perfect for families. Max 4 people.
Garden Suite
Independent entrance from private garden, spacious and comfortable sitting room, two elegant double bedrooms, two bathrooms, perfect for families. Max 4 people.
Executive suite
The executive suite, the jewel of this 4-star hotel in Arezzo, is a magnificent aristocratic apartment, perfect for a dream holiday in Tuscany. The suite was once the private apartment of the Marchioness Persichetti De Giudici and comprises two sitting rooms and a superb, aristocratic bedroom whose elegant furnishings are from the original period. Access to the executive suite is from the large central salon. The first sitting room has elegant side vaults and is furnished as a study and a place to read. Curiosity and surprise will draw you into a second antechamber where 4 large seventeenth-century frescoes once again emphasise the important noble origins of this villa. The paintings tell the story of a knight and his beloved: the knight's departure to go to war, the courage of his lady, and the mystery of his return from the war. The images of the story float in a landscape filled with vegetation, but with glimpses of distant, almost oriental countries. The interpretation of these frescoes is still a subject of study, but the sentiment and mystery the story evokes is certain to arouse the curiosity of every guest. The room is also embellished with cornices and decorative features in stucco. The bedroom is located in a fully frescoed room. The high quality of preservation of these paintings has enabled a complete restoration and reconstruction of the landscapes depicted. The theme is clearly the freshness and lushness of nature: exotic locations with palm and date trees alternate with finely executed architectural details and perspective. The high, cross-vaulted ceiling conveys the sense of space. Light and air pour into the rooms through large windows, and the elegant furnishings and curtains are an appropriate reminder of the nobility who once lived here. The frescoes also continue inside the apse, in which luxury and refinement create a lovely bathroom with deluxe period-style sanitary ware, gold taps, and a large bathtub for infinite moments of relaxation. The suite is also equipped with every modern comfort and has a second toilet. A further detail worth noting is the wonderful view of the Italianate garden that surrounds this enchanting sixteenth-century villa near Arezzo.


The furnishings of the rooms in this luxury hotel at Arezzo, including a variety of characteristic items from the Arezzo antiques fair and the warmth of the original period features, provide fresh and new delights on every visit.

The rooms, all with king-size beds, are equipped with TV, minibar, spacious private bathroom, air conditioning and a free Wi-Fi internet connection.

The spacious, light-filled areas and elegant rooms decorated with original period frescoes, make this historic house in Tuscany one of Arezzo's most popular 5-star hotels today, the perfect choice for an unforgettable holiday. Important historical figures have stayed here, for example Pope Leo XIII, whose effigy is inscribed with verses dedicated to the memory of his frequent visits.

The attention to aesthetic detail is equalled by the degree of comfort and services, such as the softest towels and bed linen and deluxe amenities.

Wireless Internet is also freely available in the public areas of the hotel.


Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at Badia di Campoleone. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, an the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel. Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true. Plus they charge the hotel a commission which is normally around 20% of the room rate


Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at Badia di Campoleone. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, an the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel. Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true. Plus they charge the hotel a commission which is normally around 20% of the room rate.

Meal plan:

In case the hotel cannot confirm availability, would you like to receive proposals from other nearby hotels?

By plane:

The closest airport to Hotel Badia di Campoleone, Arezzo is at Florence, c. 90 km away. You can also land at Perugia airport (90 km), Pisa (170 km), Bologna (190 km) and Rome (220 km).

By train:

From Arezzo train station, you can reach Hotel-Relais Badia di Campoleone with Radiotaxi service (tel. 0575.382626).

By car:

Leave the A1 motorway at the Arezzo exit. Follow the signs for the centre of Arezzo, and at the end of the link road, turn left at the second traffic light and follow signs for Bibbiena – Casentino. At the roundabout by the cinema Il Magnifico, turn left following signs for Quarata along the Sette Ponti provincial road and continue for about 4 km.
Once in Quarata, pass the Agip petrol station on your right and at the intersection turn right towards Castelluccio–Giovi. Continue for about 1 km, and at the roundabout take the third exit for Campoluci. Pass through the village and continue on to Castelluccio. After crossing the bridge over the Arno and a small shopping centre on your right, you'll arrive at an intersection where you'll see a small parking lot on the left and a row of cypress trees. Turn left, then immediately right, onto the road between the cypresses and houses, where you'll see the entrance to Hotel-Relais Badia di Campoleone. Drive along the dirt road to the parking lot before the uphill path to the gate. If you have luggage to unload, please proceed to Reception.

Convention rooms at the Hotel Badia di Campoleone, Arezzo

Business Promotion in Tuscany.

The Hotel-Relais Badia di Campoleone in the splendid countryside surrounding Arezzo has its own internal conference centre, an ideal location for business meetings and workshops in Arezzo.

The conference room is housed inside what was once the villa's church. The spacious and comfortable hall can accommodate up to 100 people and is equipped with Wi-Fi Internet, telephone, video projector and sound system.

Why choose to hold a conference in Arezzo? The capacity of the location to transmit tranquillity and serenity provides the working group with the ideal conditions for absorbing information or cultivating a corporate message. The Hotel-Relais Badia di Campoleone at Arezzo guarantees an excellent organisational service and, on request, our restaurant and staff will provide coffee breaks or quick light lunches.

Alternatively, for small-group business meetings you can take advantage of the reserved areas inside the villa, organised according to requirements in the beautiful setting of a luxury hotel in Tuscany.

For regular events in the Arezzo business centre, such as the Gold Fair, an important and representative local occasion, the luxury Hotel-Relais Badia di Campoleone has a private sitting room for absolutely confidential negotiations.

The Giostra del Saracino (Saracen Joust) and other events in Arezzo

Arezzo is a vibrant cultural city throughout the year and offers a rich calendar of cultural pageants and events.

The Arezzo Antiques Fair, the oldest and most famous in Italy, is held on the first Sunday of every month and is an occasion not to be missed, even for the non-collector: finely crafted antique and modern items, vintage jewels and rare objects for enthusiasts and anyone enticed by the fascination of the past.

The Giostra del Saracino, a medieval jousting tournament, is contested by the various districts of the city in an exciting challenge till the last blow of the lance. Music, costume parades and flag throwing add colour to the proceedings. The tournament, held twice yearly in June and September, always provides a thrilling spectacle.

There are also the countless events held at the Arezzo Business Centre, a modern exhibition hub comprising six pavilions, which attracts thousands of visitors each year.

The most important event is the Gold Fair in April, which for years has brought renown and prestige to Arezzo, known as "the city of gold" due to the presence of many gold-working companies and the refinement of the jewellery produced in this area.

The International Dog Show held in February involves dog breeds from all over the world, one of the largest and most interesting shows for dog lovers.

And "Italiarreda" in October is a furniture and interior design fair featuring the most important trade names in contemporary design.

Location for weddings and events, Arezzo

The Hotel-Relais Badia di Campoleone is also a sumptuous villa for weddings in the countryside near Arezzo.

Getting married in Arezzo means the choice of a beautiful city in the heart of Tuscany, a modern city but one still filled with tradition and folklore. Hotel Badia di Campoleone, in the adjacent Tuscan countryside, is one of the most popular locations for weddings in the province of Arezzo. Its halls and rooms echo the city's history and were once home to the most important noble families of Arezzo.

The wedding reception is a gesture of affection the couple share with their guests on the most special day of their lives. Joyf, celebration and companionship triumph at the luxury receptions and banquets held at the Hotel-Relais Badia di Campoleone, Arezzo.

Share the promise of everlasting love with the important people in your life in a fascinating location of ancient origin. Savour select delicacies in the events pavilion, then later, cut your wedding cake under the stars in the pool garden in front of the villa. This is dream that the luxury hotel Badia di Campoleone at Arezzo wants to offer you.

Enjoy creating your wedding reception menu from the chef's infinite proposals: fresh handmade pasta, selected meats, wonderful dishes enhanced by the creativity and skill of our kitchen staff, and a wedding catering service among the best in Arezzo.

Style, attention to detail and refined décor are the hallmarks of our receptions.

The desire to celebrate is not confined to weddings. Hotel Badia di Campoleone is also the ideal setting for receptions, corporate events, buffets, dinners or promotional cocktail parties.

Our internal hotel catering service can provide all of the following: wedding planner, florist, hairdressers, wedding decorators, carriage or vintage car hire, transfer service to and from Arezzo, hot air balloon and fireworks.

Wellness centre at Hotel Badia di Campoleone, Arezzo

The Hotel-Relais Badia di Campoleone is an enchanting hotel with a wellness centre at Arezzo.

Placing yourself in the expert hands of our massage therapists is a must when rewarding yourself with a truly relaxing break at the wellness centre in this exclusive spa resort at Arezzo.

A wellness treatment will relax your body and your mind in a programme that includes a sauna, Turkish bath, sensory shower, followed by a pause in the whirlpool bath before continuing with a selection of massages and/or beauty treatments you can choose from our hotel list.

Treatments available at the Beauty Centre

Holistic Massage – Depending on your preference, a massage can be selected from the following: drainage, anti-stress or re-balancing. During a holistic massage the body is treated with cold-pressed olive oil and essential oils, using techniques that treat the body from head to toe.

Ayurveda Technique:

Holistic Massage – Using Ayurveda techniques

Campoleone Massage – Two treatments are performed: the first to detoxify, the second to relax.

This massage combines the power of the lion and the gentleness of a caressing breeze.

Drainage massage – A massage that brings immediate relief, especially in the legs. The specialist uses rhythmic, fluid movements aimed at removing excess fluid and toxins from the dermis. Particularly suitable for women, especially expectant mothers and those who play sports regularly.

Four-hand massage – A particularly pleasant massage performed by two specialists. The power of natural and essential oils is maximised in conjunction with a stimulating and synchronized massage. The benefit is immediate: a sensation of relaxation and complete abandonment envelops the body, enabling the mind and body to regenerate.

Relaxation massage – A deep massage with slow, prolonged movements that have a powerful relaxing effect. This massage harmonises body and mind and also improves postural balance.

Californian massage – More than any other this massage concentrates on physical contact. A perfumed oil assists the specialist to perform long, fluid, enveloping, rhythmic, circular movements that encompass and shape the entire surface of the body. The gestures of Californian massage are designed to transmit energy to the person receiving them.

Toning massage – Shapes the body, releasing neuromuscular tension, tones muscles, drains the subcutaneous connective tissue, stimulates the breakdown of fat.

Stone massage – a massage with volcanic stones and essential oils. The stones have countless properties, their mineral content works effectively on mental and physical balance; the heat emanating distends and relaxes the muscles, generating deep relaxation and drainage.

Shiatsu Massage (Room Service) – An ancient Japanese massage technique, also defined as "the art of contact", which uses finger pressure along the meridians in order to restore their proper energy flow. Eliminates fatigue and tension, stimulates diuresis and the body's natural self-healing powers. Suitable for all ages.

Anti-stress massage for the neck, décolleté and face – This is the most recent trend in terms of beauty and fitness. The massage re-oxygenates and reactivates the skin of the face and neck through the use of specific products and creams. The manipulation begins from the head and slowly relaxes the muscles, easing tensions and pain, and giving a sense of wellness and youthfulness.

Beauty treatments


Rebalancing: Oxygenating Aromatherapy

Moisturizing: Spring water and Deep moisturizing

Purifying: Purifying and Rebalancing, Anti-age and Anti-oxidant vitamin nutrients

Eyes, neck, lips: Anti-age eye contour and Elasticity for eyes and neck

Hands and feet:

Polynesian ritual hands and feet relaxation


Renew, nourish: Plant extract, total body nourishing treatment and Leg draining and toning treatment

 Body peeling and massage with super-hydrating cream (60 min)

Body peeling with essential oils and sea salt

Wellness Programme:


Turkish Bath

Sensory Shower


Arezzo and Tuscany

The city of Arezzo, surrounded by the beautiful Tuscan countryside, is situated in an advantageous position at the convergence of four valleys (Valdarno, Casentino, Valtiberina and Valdichiana). Known first as Arretium, the city has ancient Etruscan and Roman origins, although evidence shows that the area was inhabited as early as the Paleolithic period. This delightful historical city offers interesting possibilities for visits and holidays in Tuscany featuring history, culture, nature and good food.

Arezzo is the birthplace of Francesco Petrarch, and in the 14th century Bishop Guido Tarlati transformed the city was into a large cultural centre. Until 1700 the patronage of the Medici family increased its prestige and artistic beauty. Among the sights not to be missed during your tour of Arezzo is the parish church of St. Maria alla Cattedrale, the medieval church of San Domenico, containing works by Cimabue; the church of San Francisco with works by Piero della Francesca, among them the fresco cycle of "The Legend of the True Cross", a Renaissance masterpiece; the town hall and praetorian palace; the Renaissance loggias designed by Giorgio Vasari and the tower-houses in Piazza Grande; the splendid Medici Fortress; the Vasari House-Museum; the Diocesan Museum; the Archaeological Museum and Roman Amphitheatre, and the Civic Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Arezzo is also ideally located and well connected by road and rail for exploring Tuscany and visiting the major Tuscan historical towns, such as Siena, Florence, Cortona, Montepulciano, Pienza and San Gimignano. Your vacation exploring Arezzo and its surroundings while staying at Hotel Badia di Campoleone will be a unique and unforgettable experience amid the glories of art, history and nature.

Cortona, Etruscan historical city

Any tourist on holiday in Tuscany should not miss the chance of exploring the area around Arezzo. From Hotel Badia di Campoleone you can organise an interesting tour of Tuscany, including the nearby, splendid Etruscan town of Cortona, famous throughout the world for its art, history and antiques, a city with a wealth of possibilities for lovers of culture, history, art and nature.

Virgil wrote that Cortona was founded by the legendary Dardanus, whose helmet Corys, lost in battle, gave Cortona its name. History, however, relates that Cortona was founded by the Umbrians more than 3000 years ago and became an important Etruscan centre called Curtum in the eighth century BC. It passed successively under the dominion of the Romans and the Goths before becoming a free commune in the twelfth century, later ceded to the Republic of Florence.

Cortona, a true jewel of Etruscan and medieval art enclosed by Etruscan and Roman walls, is characterised by narrow streets and breathtaking views, and has impressive medieval buildings, such as Palazzo del Comune and Palazzo Casali, home to the Museum of the Etruscan Academy and the town of Cortona (MAEC), with its treasures from the Etruscan, Roman, Egyptian, medieval and modern periods. A tour of the churches is an absolute must: the Cathedral, the Basilica of Santa Margherita and, not far outside the walls of the town, the beautiful Le Celle convent, where St. Francis lived. In the valley below, the Archaeological Park contains numerous Etruscan tombs of rare beauty and great archaeological importance.

Cortona is a lively town from the cultural point of view: it holds the annual Tuscan Sun Festival, a programme of internationally acclaimed classical music concerts; the "Archidado" medieval crossbow tournament; the annual Cortona Antiquaria, a national antique furniture exhibition and fair, and dozens of festivals celebrating local dishes and fine local wines.

Badia di Campoleone Restaurant Arezzo

Badia di Campoleone Restaurant Arezzo
The restaurant will be open only for events or on request The Hotel Badia di Campoleone restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Arezzo, serves Tuscan cuisine and typical Arezzo dishes: strictly fresh, handmade egg pasta or stuffed pastas; desserts and pastries invented and prepared by the chef; selections of cold cuts and the unforgettable IGP Chianina steak; and of course, our own Tuscan IGP extra virgin olive oil from the hotel's farm. For vegetarians there are mouth-watering food tasting menus of dishes recreated from the excellent Tuscan and Arezzo traditional cuisine. Freshly prepared food from fresh ingredients are a must at this restaurant near Arezzo.

The restaurant wine bar

The restaurant wine bar
Located in the ancient wine cellar with its characteristic large brick vault, the wine bar is an intimate and private space. Dedicated to the tasting of both local and national selected wines, the wine bar brings a special touch of class to this luxury restaurant with one of the most comprehensive wine lists in Arezzo.