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Every guest can feel it. The magic of this hotel. The feeling when you enter our Le Grand Hall. It's indescribable. Like a spell, far from the daily routine. The history of our luxury hotel in St. Moritz draws us in again and again into its enchantment. We are looking forward to making the magic possible for you.

Badrutt´s Palace Hotel

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Badrutt’s Palace Hotel celebrated its 120th Anniversary in 2016. As part of its celebrations, the luxury hotel issued 12 monthly reports for one whole year on anecdotes from its 12 decades of history.

2006- 2016

The Swiss Hotel Archive was founded in 2008 to preserve the history of the Swiss hotels and Swiss tourism. Hans Wiedemann represented the hoteliers as a member of the first management council of the Swiss Hotel Archive. At that time nobody had any idea what treasures were hiding in the cupboards and cellars of the traditional hotel. This changed when the Badrutt family decided to get to the bottom of the hotel’s history, together with Hans Wiedemann.

So the Swiss Hotel Archive was tasked with locating all the historical documents and objects in the hotel, putting them in order and making an inventory, thereby facilitating a valuation. All the hotel’s staff members were often involved in the search for treasures at the beginning – from technician to governess. Then in October 2009 there was one of the most extraordinary fi nds: Mr Wiedemann had found the missing key to a forgotten cupboard. It revealed an enormous washing basket behind its doors. This was full to the brim with papers which hadn’t been touched since the first tennis hall had been built in 1913. Among the papers were the first bills, purchases, building plans, historic guest registers and personal letters and photographs of the family. The documents and findings gradually brought to light the earliest history of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel. Under the motto, “The future of the past,” all these documents and historical objects are being archived.

1996 - 2005

The Palace success story has always been a family affair.

One family writes hotel history. Pioneering spirit and the love of the place have meant that even after 120 years the legendary Badrutt’s   Palace Hotel is still one of the best hotels in the world.

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel’s history is unique. The traditional hotel was built in 1896 by Caspar Badrutt, the second eldest son of Johannes Badrutt, who himself founded winter tourism in St. Moritz as the result of a bet. Just like his father Johannes, Caspar had a strong sense of family and handed the hotel down to his son Hans. Hans took over running the hotel when his father died in 1904. Hans was courageous, like his grandfather Johannes, and had also inherited the famous Badrutt pioneering spirit. He was the first in the family to carry out powerful, modern hotel marketing. On his travels he took the Palace name with him way beyond the borders of Europe, laying the foundations for its reputation all over the world. When Hans died in 1953 his wife Helen and eldest son Andrea took over managing the hotel.

1986 - 1995

How can you please women, friends or your family? With chocolates, flowers or a sparkling diamond! Small or large gifts as a gesture of your affection or appreciation. The hotel-owning Badrutt family recognised this need early on and in 1900 were already offering their guests and external visitors the chance to shop directly within the hotel or very close by. On the one hand this offered guests an additional pastime, on the other, the Badrutt family could generate further income by letting out the shop spaces.  

The first shops to open at the turn of the Century in Badrutt’s Palace Hotel were located at the time directly in the passage to the side of the hall. Guests could browse the little boutiques in peace and quiet and remain in the warmth of the hotel, especially in the winter months. The road from the hotel to the station was also lined with an ever increasing number of shops. While predominantly designer brands were to be found within the hotel, such as Cartier, Bulgari or Louis Vuitton, the shops outside the hotel offered more local products and souvenirs. According to a family anecdote Hans & Helen Badrutt allegedly met in one such boutique which specialised in fashion and fabrics at the beginning of the 1920s.

Helen was working at the time as a sales assistant in the fashion house and Hans paid her regular visits. Their marriage followed in 1922 and in 1930 their son Hansjürg Badrutt was born, the current owner of the traditional hotel. In the years that followed, Hans Badrutt     further increased the amount of shop floor space resulting in a business boom in the 1980s when the highest located shopping mile in Europe came into being – today the Palace Galerie. In particular the hair salon in the former Palace Café was the absolute favourite in 1986 with the female guests and locals.

1976 - 1985

While the term »luxury« used to incorporate such things as hot water, your own en suite bathroom, electric light or a lift, guests’ expectations grew especially in the 70s with more emphasis on comfortable and individual rooms. The hotel room became not only a place to sleep but also a place of residence and a retreat.

When Badrutt’s Palace hotel opened in 1896 the hotel rooms were very simply furnished. The interior décor came from large furniture manufacturers with the aim of it lasting for as long as possible. Back then the hotel rooms were predominantly for sleeping and getting changed. Everything else played out in the hotel’s public spheres, such as the reading room for the ladies and the smoking room for the men – where they would read, philosophise and make those all important contracts, or discuss business over whisky and cigars.

1966 - 1975

To see and be seen, an ideology lived out in Badrutt’s Palace Hotel for the last 120 years. In the 60s the new indoor swimming pool became a catwalk and stage for the rich and the beautiful. In particular, the tall American beauties knew how to get noticed and so became the perfect subject to advertise the new attraction.

Mineral springs in St. Moritz provided bubbling energy for over 3000 years. The tradition of St. Moritz as a spa town began in 1864 with the construction of the first spa rooms. The clear Engadin mountain water gained an ever increasing reputation after that as a cure and source of relaxation.

When Andrea Badrutt took over the reins of the hotel in 1953 after the death of his father Hans Badrutt, he quickly recognised this as the missing attraction – water as the source of recuperation. Andrea had a large, heated outdoor pool built, just like the American examples, which the illustrious guests first made use of in the summer of 1959.

1956 - 1965

Great cinema – New Year’s Eve 1958 brought sparkle and glamour to St. Moritz’s Grand Hotel in the manner to which it was accustomed. Thanks to Alfred Hitchcock, among others, who was seeing in the New Year with Princess Soraya and Prince Johannes of Thurn and Taxis. This caused much media attention in the international press and it is also said that Hitchcock used his hotel sojourns to draw on inspiration for his work. 

The famous film director and producer Alfred Hitchcock had already stayed in Badrutt’s Palace Hotel for the first time in the 1920s. That occasion was for none other than his honeymoon. Like so many others before him he became a regular guest and spent many relaxing days in the traditional hotel with his wife, and later also his daughter.

It is well known not only by the guests but also the press how well Badrutt’s Palace Hotel throws a party, especially at New Year, so the hotel is a strong magnet for the media world.

1946 - 1955

The Americans already loved staying in the luxury hotels of St. Moritz in the 20s and 30s of the 19th Century. The Swiss Alps were particularly popular because of the range of sports on offer and of course because of their unique recreational factor. No wonder then that the American army imposed a compulsory holiday in Switzerland on their troops after the war.

After the end of the First World War tourism in St. Moritz flourished. At that time luxury hotels like Badrutt’s Palace Hotel were welcoming visitors not only from Europe but also from as far as America. In addition to well-heeled guests there were also famous stars at the time, such as Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford or Rita Hayworth at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel.

With the outbreak of the Second World War the situation suddenly changed. Guests stayed away, money and supplies were scarce and many hotels faced closure. Immediately after the end of the war the American Army arranged for all soldiers to take a holiday period in Switzerland before returning home to The States. Although many Swiss resorts could not manage or didn’t wish to take soldiers, St. Moritz was the only place in the Upper Engadin willing and prepared to house some of the troops.  

Among those were Hans and Helen Badrutt with their Badrutt’s Palace Hotel. Even though provisions, room and hotel staff were in short supply, Hans took the risk and once again showed courage and pluck. The soldiers were received with great warmth and hospitality which they later conveyed to their families back home.

1936 - 1945

Chesa Veglia‹ is one of the most original and beloved places to go to in St. Moritz. The three restaurants and two bars are not only on top of the list of favourites of the hotel’s guests but many locals also love to eat out regularly in the traditional old farmhouse.  

But let’s go back to the beginning: in 1934 Hans Badrutt inherited the Engadin house, which had earlier provided stalls for working animals. While there were many festive balls and splendid gala dinners taking place in the hotel, the youngsters partied in the »Stübli«, a room directly next to the bar in Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, decorated in the old Engadin style.

1926 - 1935

If you leaf through Badrutt’s Palace Hotel’s press coverage from the 1920s it soon becomes apparent that glamorous balls and exuberant dances very frequently filled the coverage. So how come, that the traditional hotel loved staging such successful large scale events?

When the young widower Hans Badrutt married for the second time he embarked on a new beginning, and not just in his private life. With his newly beloved wife, Helen Kolb, it was also a new era for the hotel. Helen had a great passion for beautiful fabrics and the latest fashions. In order to live out her passion and show off her new dresses regularly, she became the driving force in terms of organising festive events.

The charming Maurice Mouvet and his future wife Mrs Eleonora Ambrose met at one of those balls in 1926. He wooed the young lady from Kansas City high society for over a week until she finally agreed to accompany him to the ball. Later, right here in the ›Embassy Ballroom‹ the spell was broken and Eleanora fell for the dark haired dancer who whisked her around the new dance floor.

Shortly after Maurice married his Eleonora, daughter of an oil baron from Kansas and suddenly became a rich man overnight. The couple held Badrutt’s Palace Hotel very dear, as the place they first met and sent Hans and Helen Badrutt a photograph of themselves with a personal dedication.

1916 - 1925

In 1913 the newly founded International Lawn Tennis Federation (ILTF) decides to hold three future world championships. In the same year Badrutt’s Palace Hotel completes its indoor tennis hall – a stroke of luck or bold pioneering spirit?

Since the ILTF’s decision the world tennis championships took place in three disciplines. On a grass court - the Wimbledon tournament we know today; on a hard court – better known as the French Open; and on a wooden parquet court in an enclosed hall. The first champion-ships were held in Stockholm and in 1922 this honour was bestowed on St. Moritz. 
At that time playing tennis was bon ton of the illustrious society, just as wintering in St. Moritz.

1906 - 1915

Photographs from 1909 prove that Badrutt’s Palace Hotel was one of the first Grand Hotels to employ a black butler. A move which only heightened the curiosity of its highbrow guests.

At the time of the »Belle Epoque« luxury hotel guests already expected extraordinary service. It was considered »chic« to have international staff serving the guests and to make a lasting impression on them with »foreign« cultures. A chef from India or a Maître from Africa were the highlights for many guests. Coming into contact with unknown cultures tended to enthral and fascinate the guests and became a key topic of conversation in illustrious society. Once again Caspar Badrutt was a pioneer in this aspect. He offered an exceptional service with his »black butler«.

1896 - 1905

Six months before the official opening of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel the name of the future Grand Hotel was still undecided.

While Caspar Badrutt was overseeing construction work on site in St. Moritz his son Hans Badrutt was in Paris, where he completed his apprenticeship in the Chatham Hotel. Father and son remained in touch by letter and discussed the progress of construction as well as the hotel’s future name.

As an experienced hotelier, Caspar knew that even the name had to inform guests about the category and standard of the hotel. The level of comfort clearly matched that of a Grand Hotel, but should the new hotel take that name? Meanwhile in the Metropole in Paris, Hans found out about the planned new opening of the »Palace Maloja.« Due to the publicity, the name of this new hotel was on everybody’s lips. Hans used this to his advantage and persuaded his father to also use the word »Palace«. In hindsight Hans had not only shown skilled business acumen but had laid the foundations for Badrutt’s Palace Hotel to become one of the best luxury hotels in the world.

Splish splash: the water sports paradise

While most people associate a summer holiday in the mountains with hiking and biking, there’s so much more to do in the beautiful Engadin valley. Its large lakes allow you to partake in a series of fun water activities, from traditional sailing to the latest trend sports like stand up paddling or kite surfing. Ready to get wet?

A wind & kitesurfing heaven

From around 11.00 a.m. until sunset, a steady thermal air current, the Maloja wind, which blows from the south-west down to nearby Lake Silvaplana, creates ideal conditions for wind and kitesurfing. Known the world over as a great spot to practise these fun wind-powered sports, the lake offers those who fancy zipping around and flying across its deep turquoise-blue waters amazing opportunities. The shores of Lake Silvaplana boast both a windsurfing centre and a kitesurfing school, offering enthusiasts of all levels the chance to practise their favourite sports. Keen on windsport? Find out more at or

Stand up!

Stand up paddling, also known as SUP, originated thousands of miles away from St. Moritz – on the other side of the world, in fact. It’s actually the preferred means of transport of Polynesian fishermen! Nowadays, this ancient tradition has turned into an increasingly popular sport; so much so, that the first European SUP Championships were held on none other than Lake St. Moritz in the summer of 2013. Stand up paddlers enjoy perfect conditions early in the morning, when the lake water is calm and before the wind picks up. For more information, visit or contact our concierge.

Go fish!

As a popular joke goes, “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he sits in a boat and drinks beer all day”. Angling is definitely an entertaining pastime, especially when you’re surrounded by Alpine peaks and Engadin’s lush woods. From May to mid-September, fishing aficionados can try their hand (and their luck!) in more than 450 lakes and rivers in and around St. Moritz. Back in Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, hand over your catch to the chef – and he’ll turn it into a delicious dinner for you!

Sail away!

Sailing is another great way to spend a wonderful day on the water. Badrutt’s Palace Hotel has its own sailing boat, which guests can hire to explore the area from a rather different angle. Thanks to its location at 1800 metres above sea level and the convenient Maloja winds, Lake St. Moritz is blessed with great wind conditions. Afternoons are the perfect time of day to set sail and take in the beautiful views and fresh mountain air. Even if you're not an experienced sailor, there’s no need to worry – the club’s skipper will take care of everything so that you can relax and enjoy the day. Perhaps you could even ask the concierge to organise a little picnic for you. After all, there’s nothing better to set you up for lunch by the shores of Lake St. Moritz than a bracing sailing trip on the bluest of blue waters.

SiNCE 1896


He left his family to start out on his own: Johannes Badrutt was as courageous as a ski jumper. Without him St. Moritz would not be the same as it is today: a popular and glamorous winter sport destination. World-famous for its legendary Grand Hotel. Thanks to Johannes´ bet that brought the English to the Engadin.


Tradition and quality endure. So it says daily in the ads. If the sales arguments are still the same almost 90 years later, it seems like tradition, quality and innovation were actually proven - and the glamour-factor is still there.

The Beginning

Johannes Badrutt takes over the 12 bed Pension Faller in St. Moritz and upgrades it into a hotel with the name Engadiner Kulm (today's Kulm Hotel)

The legendary bet

Caspar Badrutt (1848-1904), son of Johannes Badrutt, purchases the St. Moritz Hotel Beau Rivage, built in 1872 by C. Rungger. He charges the renowned Swiss architects Chiodera and Tschudi with the remodelling of the hotel. The hotel is also renamed Palace Hotel. Johannes Badrutt wins a wager and brings the first English tourists to St. Moritz for winter sports. He builds curling rinks and the world's first toboggan run and, in doing so, invents alpine winter tourism.

The official opening of the Palace

Official opening of the Palace Hotel on July 29th. Caspar's son Hans Badrutt (1876-1953) joins the management in 1898. His father dies in 1904.

The first indoor tennis courts

The dining room, today Le Restaurant, and the first indoor tennis courts on the European continent are built (no longer in use).

The purchase of the Chesa Veglia

The historical Chesa Veglia is bought and converted into a rustic-style restaurant.

Helen Badrutt runs the hotel with her son Andrea

Following the death of Hans Badrutt, his wife Helen runs the hotel with her stepson Andrea. Helen dies in 1960 and her sons Andrea Badrutt (1910-1998) and Hansjürg Badrutt (born in 1930) continue to run the Palace Hotel together.

Opening of the exclusive Health Club and Spa area

The first renovation phase gets under way, 70 rooms are refurbished and modernised. Opening of the Health Club and ›Daniela Steiner Beauty Spa‹ featuring 10 light-filled treatment rooms, plus the opening of Emilio Pucci and Loro Piana boutiques.

Construction of the Kids’ Club Palazzino

Renovation of a further 60 rooms, all provided with the Nortel multifunctional telephone system and other state-of-the-art technology, such as an infrared keyboard for easy operation of the entertainment equipment. Redesign of the reception and construction of the Kids’ Club Palazzino covering 250 m2. Opening of the Chopard and De Grisogono Boutiques in the hotel.

A new shopping experience

Opening of the Palace Gift Shop with its own comprehensive merchandising collection. Opening of the luxurious Serletta 
designer shopping complex (2,000 m2) facing the main entrance to Badrutt’s Palace Hotel. Today it is renamed Palace Galerie.

Opening of the Helen & Hans Badrutt Suites

Opening of two new luxurious suites: The spectacular Hans Badrutt Suite on the second floor with a surface area of 280 m2; spacious marble lobby, three generous bedrooms – all with luxury Italian marble bathrooms, luxurious, comfortably appointed salon with a piano, wood-lined Engadin library, kitchenette, Jacuzzi, steam bath, state-of-the-art technical appliances and security precautions. The unique and exclusive Helen Badrutt Suite with a surface area of 250 m2 spacious entrance area in marble, three luxuriously appointed bedrooms with Italian marble bathrooms, an exclusively furnished salon, lobby, kitchenette and state-of-the-art technical appliances. 

Renovation and enlargement of the in-house Ski Shop with state-of-the-art ski equipment rentals.

A new boat

Both the north and south facades are renovated in two stages. New balconies are installed, offering a stunning new view of the lake and mountains from the south-facing rooms, and new windows are installed throughout the hotel. New exterior lighting concept introduced. All rooms and suites are fitted with plasma screen TVs.

The Palace turns 110 and heats with heat pump

On 29th July Badrutt’s Palace Hotel proudly celebrates its 110th anniversary. 
From the winter season 2006/07 onwards Badrutt’s Palace Hotel heats the premises with an innovative eco-friendly heat pump system using water from Lake St. Moritz.

Renovation ›Palace Wellness‹ Phase 1

Completion of Business Centre at the Beau Rivage wing and of the new conference rooms Roni Pieper I and II. 
Start of the three step renovation of the entire wellness area. From that point on Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is responsible for the entire Palace Wellness inclusive of the Kids’ Club Palazzino . Total investment of 70 million Swiss Francs. 
Renovation Palace Wellness Phase 1: 
-Pool area and lift extension project with new grotto reception area.

Renovation ›Palace Wellness‹ Phase 2

Renovation Palace Wellness Phase 2: 
- Treatment Centre with 10 treatment rooms 
- Palace Spa/Wet Zone with various saunas and steam baths

Renovation Palace Wellness Phase 3

Renovation Palace Wellness Phase 3: 
- Renovation of Kids’ Club Palazzino 
- Fitness Centre 
- Restaurant La Diala

Resident Manager Angelo Martinelli & the new restaurant

Renovation of the 5th floor. All rooms are updated and provided with state-of-the-art technology. 
A new restaurant is being constructed within the former indoor tennis ground (Phase I). 
On 18th December, Resident Manager Angelo Martinelli celebrates his 50th anniversary at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel.

Hans Wiedemann & Yves Gardiol have reason to celebrate

On 1st April, Managing Director & Delegate of the Board Hans Wiedemann celebrates his 10th anniversary at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel. 
On 1st June, CEO Yves Gardiol celebrates his 10th anniversary at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel. 
In winter season 2014/15 St. Moritz, the Engadin and Switzerland celebrate 150 years of winter tourism, based on the legendary wager of Johannes Badrutt with the English in 1864. 
Construction work (Phase II) of the new restaurant La Coupole/ Matsuhisa@Badrutt’s Palace and its opening on 19th December 2014.

The Palace celebrates its 120th anniversary

On 29th July 2016, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel celebrated its 120th anniversary. With regards to this special jubilee the traditional hotel presented unique events and highlights to their guests, friends, business partners and the local community. 


Small size, but already gigantic ideas. The next Palace-generation knows exactly what they want. And thanks to our »Junior General Manager« we know about these ideas in our family-friendly hotel in St. Moritz. So the parents can sit back, relax and read the long-awaited book. More than one page - and without constant interruption.


»I want to go to the Kids' Club!«. The parents of our youngest guests must be able to live with this sentance, once they are back home. The programme for the 3 to 12-year-old is always very entertaining.

Daily from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m., under supervision from 9.30 a.m. to 19.00 p.m. With outdoor playground. Free of charge for hotel guests. Registration required.

The kids' Eldorado

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel – a top choice for families

A five-star superior hotel that’s great for kids might seem like an oxymoron, but it doesn’t have to be. Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, with its attention to detail and dedication to meeting its guests’ every need, is the perfect example of a first-class, luxury hotel that is also incredibly child-friendly. Fun and relaxation for all is the key to a successful family holiday. Spending quality time together is important, but having activities and experiences tailored to each age group is equally essential.

Badrutt’s Junior General Manager

Who could know better what children like than a child? In 2014, in order to truly understand what makes a holiday unforgettable to younger guests, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel introduced a new and innovative idea: a contest was held to »hire« a Junior General Manager, a child aged between 5 and 12 who would spend a few days at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel to taste the kids' cocktails and food menu, check out the hotel’s kids' club and the kids' concierge, and host the Junior GM Pyjama Party in the legendary King's Club. Anna, a lively and lovely 8-year-old, was chosen from more than 70 candidates and helped Hans Wiedemann, the hotel’s Managing Director, to ensure that Badrutt’s Palace Hotel offers the best kids’ programme in the area.


Superior Room

The Superior Room offers a shower. The main difference to the next upper category is the size of the room. The flower girls left their traces on the high-quality fabrics and the Laura Ashley character creates a pleasant atmosphere. View of St. Moritz Dorf and the mountain Corviglia.

Deluxe Room

Spacious, individually designed and partly renovated. Welcome to the Deluxe Rooms. Soothing colours. Only the best materials used. Italian marble in the bathroom and a view of St. Moritz village.

Deluxe Lake Room

Spacious, individually designed and partly renovated. Welcome to the Deluxe Lake Room with lake view. Soothing colours. Only the best materials used. Italian marble in the bathroom.

Signature Lake Room with Balcony

Lake view! The view of lake St. Moritz and the Engadine mountains is so beautiful - and inspiring. Signature Lake Room with Balcony are restored with love and equipped with high-quality furniture.

Single Superior

The Single Superior Room offers a queen or single size bed. Some rooms are additionally equipped with bath tub. Enjoy the view of St. Moritz village and the Corviglia mountain.


Junior Suite

The Junior Suite meets the demands of a modern woman who knows exactly what she wants. Guaranteed lake view. Own balcony. Spacious and enough storage. Noble materials - and everything stylish.

Family Suite

Family Suite feels just like home. It is the only suite that can accommodate parents with two children. Practical room division with separate bedroom and living room with additional sleeping space. The view of vibrant St. Moritz village.

Palace Suite

Italian marble, elegant and traditional interior. Materials feel as soft as velvet. Spacious room division, with separate living room and bedroom. Private balcony with astonishing view on lake of St. Moritz.

Beau Rivage Suite

The Beau Rivage Suite wing is for guests who are very straight: classic, modern, with a cool touch. Highlight is the view from the bath tub. In addition, there is a balcony with lake view.

Suite Hitchcock

It was Suite 501 where Alfred Hitchcock came up with the idea for his legendary film »The birds«. Hitchcock stayed here every year for Christmas - but loved winter sports just »from a distance«. No wonder: The Suite with lots of wood gives a sense of safety and overlooks Lake St. Moritz.

St. Moritz Suite

The St. Moritz Suite with its spacious living room is a real showpiece. The spacious balcony is the ideal place to present the picturesque scenery with lake view to your guests. Throughout the Suite charming antiques are distributed, contributing to the feel-good atmosphere.

Helen Badrutt Suite

The Grande Dame of Plush is not missing anything. She is proud to have a Jacuzzi, a steam bath, withdrawing room and kitchenette. Noble interior and the latest technology at its best. Balcony with the view of the Lake St. Moritz. Can be expanded into 10 bedroom suite. Extra privacy with private entrance hall.

Hans Badrutt Suite

This suite with lake view is like a catchy tune: it stays on your mind. A marble entrance hall. A cosy library. The princess-like bathroom with make up mirror. From the Jacuzzi the princess overlooks the mountains. The dressing room provides ample space for all treasures. Can be extended into 5 bedroom suite.

Little Snow Flake, Little White Coat

There is always something fascinating about water: How about sipping some Champagne in the outdoor pool of our Wellness hotel in St. Moritz while the little snow flakes are coming down? Detox with the sole steam? Or chill at the whirlpool while going down the slopes in your mind once more? Up to you. Water relaxes. Little snow flake, little white coat.

An ever-evolving concept of wellness in Badrutt’s Palace Hotel

Wellness has always been a top priority for Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, which has been eager to offer only the very best to spa lovers from the outset. Throughout the 20th century, hotel guests have been fans of an active lifestyle, in winter and summer alike. From skiing and ice-skating to swimming and hiking, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is renowned for its varied programme. The infinity swimming pool is just one of the many examples of the hotel’s revolutionary innovation. Built in the late sixties, the pool was considered so unique in its design that it set a benchmark for Alpine resorts.

When it comes to spa treatments, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel has always wanted to be ahead of the competition, and its Palace Wellness spa has been renovated in line with the latest trends. After substantial and painstaking refurbishment, Palace Wellness has been remodelled by the team, headed by Martha Wiedemann, into a true oasis.

»The concept of Palace Wellness is to enhance the wellbeing of all our guests, no matter what the purpose of their visit – whether it’s just to relax by the pool, work out, play a game of tennis, have lunch or enjoy one of our carefully designed treatments; our aim is to deliver a sense of wellbeing to them without exception«, says Wiedemann, who has more than 30 years’ experience in the field.

Market research and an attentive ear for guests’ opinions and requests have helped to create a new concept of wellness, one where key elements of Ayurveda are united to restore balance and harmony in order to create the best of experiences for visitors to the spa. A team of 30 wellness professionals take a very holistic approach to treating and advising the guests of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, so that their needs are always met in the most natural and comprehensive of ways.

And since Palace Wellness is an ever-evolving concept, guests can expect the spa range to change and expand from season to season, whether they are looking for weight loss, detox, rejuvenation or self-healing. Designed to adapt to each individual’s current state of being, these programmes produce exceptional results, helping guests to implement long-term lifestyle changes to maintain the desired effects and reach a superior level of overall wellbeing.

It´s Your Day. Your Spa Suite. Only For You

2x2 equals four. Also at the Palace Wellness. 2 Spa Suites. 2 people. 4 times the final touch of deep relaxation. Why? Exclusive use of the facilities. Efficient time with your partner. Treatments in your »own« walls. Feel good. Get pampered. Regenerate.

Therapeutic Spa Suite Veronica

So comfortable! A Spa Suite with cave theme. At the same time elegant and cosy. Facilities include double Jacuzzi, steam room, double shower and WC. Furnished with two treatment beds (large & medium) and two »Badrutt’s Palace Relax Lounge« chairs - perfect for romantic moments in your bathrobes. Will you let us know when we may serve the light refreshments?

3 hours 
CHF 960.00 including two therapeutic massages (50 minutes) and steam therapy with organic face & body scrubs 
(Room Service & further treatments at additional charge).

Spa Suite Iris

Welcome to the Champions League of Spa Suites. Decorated in soft colours, with private garden and extremely calming mountain view. Facilities include double Jacuzzi, soft sauna, shower, bidet and WC. Furnishing with two treatment beds (large & medium), double »Badrutt’s Palace Relax Lounge« sofa and completed with beauty and hairdressing station. Perfect for wedding stylings. 
3 hours
CHF 760.00 (Light refreshments are served; Room Service & treatments at additional charge).


The Harmony of Silence

Silence. Harmony. Slowing down. Like in the Engadine mountains. When entering the Treatment Centre, you miraculously calm down. Flowers carved in pine wood blossom on the ceiling. The guest can »smell« pure harmony: Paradisea, Primrose or even Iris.



Sport is murder. Definitely not. In our luxury hotel in St. Moritz, we guarantee to find the right offer for you. Are you more the lone warrior at our ›Fitness Centre‹? Or do you want to explore the region during your Nordic walking session or on a mountain bike with your sports coach? Tell us. We figure out something.

Fitness Centre

Have you eaten too many chocolate Palace Türmli? The Fitness Centre at the best hotel in St. Moritz might just be the place for you. Equipped with a variety of fitness and cardio equipment from Technogym. Designed for comprehensive individual exercise programs, guided by personal trainers. The windows overlooking the Alps can be opened. Great! Training with champagne feeling.


In our Business Hotel in St. Moritz guests celebrate »properly« - and we work full-heartedly. Romantic winter wedding. Celebrity Red Carpet event. 50th birthday with a 30 meter long table in the Restaurant. Executive Meeting. Or an Incentive-group of Top Performers. Everything´s possible. Full-hearted.

Party Never Ends

When it comes to parties, those thrown at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel are nothing short of legendary. Pyjama parties, themed parties, New Year’s bashes and all kinds of festive extravaganzas: no matter what your idea of a great party is, you will probably have an absolute blast at the hotel’s famous celebrations. As is often the case with Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, the sky’s the limit. If you think you’ve been to some crazy parties in your life, just wait until you hear about the various events in Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in days gone by, and then imagine what else is in store for the future.

Party animals

So, to begin with, there was that one occasion when a guest wanted to surprise his wife for her birthday… and what better way to wow your partner than having an elephant deliver her present in the hotel lobby? It sounds absolutely out-of-this-world crazy, but it really did happen! The elephant was fetched from a nearby travelling circus to Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, where the lady in question had a truly unforgettable birthday surprise. And that’s not all. Once, to make a pool party more interesting, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel swimming pool was populated by sea lions. The effect was absolutely staggering, although the clean-up took much longer than the aftermath of a usual get-together!

New Year’s Eve

And if all this seems incredible, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel really pulls out all the stops once a year, namely on New Year’s Eve. Each year, the party has a different theme, transforming the hotel into a giant playground for adults and kids alike. In 2015, Badrutt’s Palace turned itself into the land of the rising sun, home to a beautiful princess who lived with her powerful sultan in their magical palace »Badrutt«. The theme was »A Thousand and One Nights« and it was a roaring success… Favourite tales like Sindbad the Sailor, Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves all came alive once again for an extra special night in Badrutt’s Palace Hotel.

The year before that, the hotel metamorphosed into «Château Badrutt», a fairytale world of dreams, legends and fantasies. Rooms were adorned with regalia and coats of arms, giant illuminated manuscripts, flag parades, trumpets and chandeliers to convey the atmosphere of the everlasting medieval legends of dames and knights.

You can probably tell that Badrutt’s Palace Hotel absolutely dazzles its guests with a different New Year’s Eve Party each year… If you’re curious about what’s in store for this year, the theme will be announced soon – so stay tuned.

The sky’s the limit

It goes without saying that private parties can also be tailored to the guest’s every need, making every celebration, from birthdays to weddings and everything in between, utterly unique and special. Say, for instance, that you fancy a barbecue party in the middle of winter. For Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, that’s absolutely no problem at all! Past requests which were granted included an indoor BBQ, with a real green lawn on the floor for a more authentic feel! After all, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel’s philosophy »nothing is too big for us« applies, of course, to parties too: all you have to do is imagine the scene, and the Badrutt’s team will take care of the rest.


The guest is the king. Many say. Where is that still the case? Our slogan: »YOUR WISH. OUR SPIRIT.« Moreover. Our daily goal. Show appreciation to your business partners and colleagues by helding your meeting or incentive in our luxury hotel in St. Moritz. Then you can focus on other things. The content of your meeting.



Turn your own wedding story into a bestseller and say »YES« at the »Best Wedding hotel of Switzerland 2016«. Our dedicated 520 Palace team members will contribute, before your eyes or behind the scenes, to the success of every single chapter. We cannot wait to have the honour of becoming your Co-authors.

Love. In every detail

The proposal is done. And now – where do we start? What do we need to consider? How are we going to decorate the church, the car, the venue? What is the best sequence for the day? How to choose the best gift for our guests? These and many other questions will cross your mind in the coming months. However, the amorous engagement period should not be overshadowed by unnecessary concerns. Therefore our experienced Wedding Planners are here to think of all that is important. Especially this one: LOVE – in every detail.

WOW your guests

We love to be creative. Our challenge: an original »packaging« of your wedding and a »Wow!« from your guests. Do you like elegant and classic? Creative and eccentric? Or cool and minimalist? We do everything – especially for you. We are a Grand Hotel thinking »out of the box«: Elephants in the lobby or a horse-drawn carriage in the restaurant. Are you already imagining the next Badrutt`s Palace Hotel story?

Party hard. Sleep well

A wedding is only perfect if guests can get straight to a good sleep after the party. Our 157 rooms and suites are very close by. If necessary, our butler will take off shoes and turn out the lights before leaving the room. It goes without saying that he will immediately forget about this– discretion and privacy of our guests is top priority in our hotel.


This is the moment every bride hopes to see her groom with tears in his eyes. And that´s the mission of our experienced stylists. They will welcome you at our Palace Wellness-reception with a pleasant smile, before leading you through the Treatment Centre to one of the luxurious Spa Suites. Here you will be styled from head to toe in a private sphere – making you feel like a princess. Your maid of honour won´t want to leave the Spa Suite as she is sooo comfortable.

Champagne On The Tonque- And On The Skin

Fur coats sit next to sporting ski jackets. It's the mix. The snow, the frozen lake, the first-class events. Pop-up restaurants and shopping like in New York. Untouched nature. The peaceful image deceives. See Cresta Run. If you are old, you can rest at the 5 star hotel. Not correct. In St. Moritz it's: »Party hard«.

Ski you later

The white peaks of the Engadin mountains are a skier’s paradise, with stunning views, fun slopes and amazing spots where you can stop and savour the delicious local cuisine. With over 350 kilometres of slopes, the mountains surrounding St. Moritz are literally a snowy playground, and they offer so many different runs that boredom simply isn’t an option.

Staying local at Corviglia

St. Moritz’s local mountain is the famous Corviglia, a ski area ideal for everyone, including families with children. Badrutt’s Palace Hotel offers a free transfer to the valley station, making the area even more appealing to guests. Well connected to St. Moritz-Dorf, Corviglia is easy to reach thanks to the Chantarella funicular and the Marguns lift. At the top of Piz Nair (3057 metres above sea level), the panorama will take your breath away, and you won’t be able to resist snapping a couple of pictures before heading down the slopes. Try the World Cup downhill run if you dare, or if you want to test your jumping skills, have a blast on the fun slope. But Corviglia isn’t all about skiing: the area is wide open and sunny, perfect for working on a winter tan in the midst of a stunning Alpine panorama, not to mention its status as a mecca for those who enjoy fine dining as much as they love skiing. The area is home to 15 restaurants, a guarantee that everyone will find exactly what they are looking for! In the mood for dim sum? You can savour it up high on the peaks at Quattro Bar. Want to dine outside on a sun-kissed terrace? Then stop by the Alpinahütte. There really is something for everyone – all you have to do is find your favourite spot, sit down and enjoy some Engadin specialities!


Tobogganing in the Engadin is not for wimps. Don't forget the helmet. Slow speed is for elsewhere. Adrenaline rush and fun guaranteed! The route Preda-Bergün is recommended for beginners; Muottas Muragl or Darlux for bold & advanced guests.


Chess on ice: Curling is considered a tactical sport with many refinements. If you're a beginner on the ice you can get help from our Curling-Master.

Helicopter flight

Ears protectors on. Here we go. Oh, how beautiful. St. Moritz from a different perspective. Perhaps in-between there is a pit stop for a glass of champagne at the top station. The other guests are thinking…. Who's that arriving?

Piste Bully drive

Everyone likes to be child again from time to time. Why not? It is real fun to speed around with a Piste Bully. Beforehand, learn interesting facts about the slope preparation, the gondola operation and the snow production. Then show what´s in you.

Piste Bully drive

Everyone likes to be child again from time to time. Why not? It is real fun to speed around with a Piste Bully. Beforehand, learn interesting facts about the slope preparation, the gondola operation and the snow production. Then show what´s in you.

Paragliding flight

Buckle up, hold on tight, fly away - like an eagle. The Engadin gives you wings. What a feeling!

Bob & Skeleton

»No risk, no fun« is the motto of the rapid taxi on the former Olympia Bob Run. Incidentally, the only natural bobsleigh run in the world. »Men only« are allowed on the Cresta Run and crazy enough, to plunge headlong into the dangerous thrills.

Ski & Snowboard

In-house ski shop and ski school. Within walking distance from the 5 star hotel is the Corviglia moutain railway station. The slope is known for sun and fantastic views - not only on the chocolate Türmli in the ski bus. No Softie? Then up and away to the Corvatsch.

Horse-carriage trip

If you prefer winter sports from a safe distance take a horse-drawn carriage - like Alfred Hitchcock during his St. Moritz-holidays at the Palace. With a thermos of mulled wine and sweet treats from the pastry chef. Idyllic. Leave the work to everyone else.

Cross-country skiing

Ever since Pippa cross-country skiing in St. Moritz is »en vogue« again. As sweet as the Duchess of Cambridge's sister looks, to participate in the Ski Marathon is no picnic. Maybe just explore the cross-country ski runs in comfort?

Winter hiking

Hiking sounds so old-fashioned. Winter hiking on Corviglia however can be wonderfully stylish combined with a break in a beach chair on El Paradiso.

Le Restaurant

The Le Restaurant exudes a glamorous and soothing atmosphere at the same time. Made for a candlelight dinner. The service is the way you are barely familiar with anymore. And the kitchen? Is proud that guests can order what they want - no matter whether it is on the menu. In winter a harpist plays for breakfast. Unique.

IGNIV by Andreas Caminada

The second »Fine-Dining-Sharing-Experience-Nest« by Andreas Caminada opened its door in St. Moritz and was awarded already after a few month with a Michelin Star. At IGNIV by Andreas Caminada@Badrutt's Palace takes the sharing of time, enjoyment and culinary again the center stage. Get surprised and seduced by the charm of the new IGNIV.

La Coupole - Matsuhisa

La Coupole/Matsuhisa@Badrutt's Palace: The glass dome is the main feature of the restaurant and eponym at the same time; Matsuhisa the premium brand of Japanese celebrity chef Nobu. At the end of 2014, he opened the hotspot among all restaurants in St. Moritz. In the former first tennis hall in Europe. 108 seats. Cocktail & sushi bar and a private dining room.

Patrizier Stuben

The Chesa Veglia cannot deny its origin as a farmhouse. It is still rustic today. But just so popular. Numerous celebrities return because they love its cozyness. The Patrizier Stuben convey the soothing atmosphere of a chalet. Matched by Swiss specialties on offer - and much more.

Opening hours: 12.00 p.m. – 11.30 p.m. 
Dress code: Smart casual
Cuisine: Swiss Cuisine, International

Pizzeria Heuboden

Comfortable - and always busy. The atmosphere is as it must be in a pizzeria. Relaxed. If there is no table available, the guest is placed in the Carigiet Bar for an aperitif. For all newcomers the truffle pizza is an absolute »must«.

Opening hours: 1st Seating: 6.30 p.m. – 8.45 p.m. | 2nd Seating: from 9.00 p.m. 
Dress code: Smart casual
Cuisine: Italian

Grill Chadafo

The Grill Chadafö is considered the noblest of the three restaurants of the Chesa Veglia - and nothing for vegetarians. Those who come nevertheless, listen to the pianist. Or enjoy the rustic atmosphere. When entering the restaurant, you will pass the original stone oven, which is still in use for preparation of grilled specialties. So fine.

Opening hours: 7.30  p.m. – 11.00 p.m. (only open in winter) 
Dress code: Smart casual
Cuisine: Grill Specialities

Bar Carigiet

Probably every local has already visited the Bar Carigiet if he had to wait for a table in the Pizzeria Heuboden. In the end usually the table is waiting for the guest. The bar is just too cute - and cozy. Mind the ceiling - it is very low. 

Opening hours summer: 6.30 p.m. – 11.30 p.m. (summer)
Opening hours winter: 
6.30 p.m. – midnight (winter)
Dress code: Smart casual

Polo Bar

It is not a fairy tale that the drawings in the Polo Bar are originals of the known Swiss author. Nor that the Senate (Ständerat) decided in the Chesa Veglia that Romansh became the fourth national language of Switzerland. The proof can be found on the front door of the bar, adjacent to the Patrizier Stuben.

Opening hours: 6.00 p.m. – midnight (only open in winter)
Dress code: 
Smart casual

Le Relais

Although a little looser in dress code and service, the Le Relais can still be considered as the counterpart to Le Restaurant for lunch. Stylish, elegant and at the same time traditional. With fantastic views of the Lake St. Moritz.

La Diala

Child-friendly, in the heart of the ›Palace Wellness‹ and lovingly decorated in a classic Engadine style. This is the restaurant ›La Diala‹. ›La Diala‹ means »mountain fairy« in Romansh and symbolises the connection to nature. The cuisine is light, smart and balanced. In summer and winter the sun terrace invites you to dream.


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