Baur au Lac          

 Talstrasse 1 8001 Zurich − Switzerland

Member of Leading Hotels of the World

The Baur au Lac has the discerning tastes of its guests to thank for the leading position it has maintained for 174 years in the international luxury hotel industry. Set in its own park, the hotel enjoys a unique location overlooking the lake and the Alps – and yet is still but a few minutes’ walk from the Paradeplatz financial district and the Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich’s celebrated high-end shopping street. While offering the ultimate in comfort and privacy, the 119 rooms and suites have been equipped with every, yet hardly noticeable, technical refinement.

Baur au Lac

– ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ –


At the Pavillon, one of Zurich's most celebrated restaurants, head chef Laurent Eperon offers modern interpretation of haute cuisine classics. Awarded 1 Michelin-Star and 18 GaultMillau points.


In the heart of Zurich, Baur au Lac sits on its own private park with breathtaking views of the lake and the Alps. The famous shopping and business district Bahnhofstrasse, is just a stone's throw away from the hotel.


A positive mix of experienced and youthful staff allows us to combine continuity and tradition with a thoroughly modern outlook, a harmonious working environment and family-style teamwork.

The Zurich hotel with hundreds of years of tradition

With a dream view of the on-site park, there is a real traditional hotel close to the famous Paradeplatz: the Baur au Lac. It would be difficult to find a more beautiful place in Zurich which you can enjoy in more style thanks to the luxurious atmosphere of well-being, the exquisite catering and the incomparable service of our 5 star hotel.

Use our hotel in Zurich as your central starting point and discover Switzerland’s cultural capital. Our famous concierge service has time for your wishes day and night and knows all of the interesting places in the city. From the rooms and suites, which all meet the highest possible requirements, through to the culinary art in our exquisite award-winning restaurant - Baur au Lac is without a doubt one of the best hotels in the world.

Be a guest in one of the best 5 star hotels in the world

The name Baur au Lac has stood for tradition, which is perfectly complemented by continuity and modern influences, for almost two hundred years. We rely on long-term employees who know our premises and our guests’ requirements in detail. At the same time, we know that no company can survive without the spirit of the next generation. In Baur au Lac, you therefore find an exclusive world-class hotel which offers you an old-school hotel experience, but also does not allow you to miss out on any modern standards.

Be a guest in our luxurious 5 star hotel which is amongst "The Leading Hotels Of The World".
Baur au Lac looks forward to welcoming you to Zurich!


For many generations, the Baur au Lac has been regarded as the leading address in Switzerland’s biggest city for the world’s most discerning clientele. The elegance and comfort of its rooms and suites, as well as its exceptional service, have shaped its renown. We urge you to take advantage of what we have to offer. And we urge you particularly to be indulged by our concierge team, guaranteeing that your visit will be more special than you could ever have imagined.

Excellent service around the clock

and around the world

The concierges at the Baur au Lac are at our guests’ disposal before, during and after their stay. Our guests can be confident in having a trusted provider at their side capable of assisting–no matter where in the world the guest may be situated. The essence of being a Baur au Lac concierge is not to deal merely with the requests anyone could organise. Instead, through their network of relationships in Zurich, Switzerland and the world, the aim is to provide customized and discreet service that guests simply could not experience at any other hotel.

Les Clefs d’Or

professional association of the hotel concierges.

Jérémie Varry is chief concierge at the Baur au Lac and, since 1998, a member of Les Clefs d’Or. The Les Clefs d’Or organization – Union Internationale des Concierges d’Hotels -- has 4,500 members from more than 50 countries. To become a member, an applicant must have reached a minimum age and speak at least two or more foreign languages. Moreover, he or she must have worked at least five years in the lobby of a major hotel and be proposed by at least two members of the organization. A member of Les Clefs d’Or can be easily recognized by the crossed-keys pin worn on the jacket lapel.

Concierge - a vocation steeped in history

The word’s origin traces back to the French term “Comte des Cierges”, meaning “guardian of the candles.” Historians believe that the Comte des Cierges – eventually “Concierge” – was responsible for snuffing out the candles in medieval castles at night and lighting them again at dusk. Thus, for many centuries, concierges have been occupied with the maintenance and representation of royal houses, palaces and castles.

From the beginning of hotel history, concierges have attended to guests’ needs – from the simplest to the most complex. During the Middle Ages, the monarchs’ concierges represented their Majesties by addressing all day-to-day royal concerns. Furthermore, they were the holders of the keys and watched over the entryways and doormen.

Nowadays, concierges can mainly be found in the luxury hotel industry. Their function is to provide helpful, intensive and personal interaction with hotel guests. The amount of the interaction is up to the guest: concierges never intrude. Their role is to serve and, as if by intuition, understand guests’ precise needs, wishes, interests and characteristics and to organize their stay accordingly.

At first glance, a concierge might look like a distinguished front office employee. At the Baur au Lac, the concierges’ domain stands to the right of the front desk. And although a concierge’s tasks sometimes partly overlap with those of a front office employee, they invariably go far beyond. The concierge is a jack of all trades, up to the most standard requests and the most unusual challenges.  From obtaining train reservations or the best theatre tickets, to an airport transfer, a restaurant suggestion, a romantic dinner on top of the “Üetliberg,” an introduction to the perfect speciality store or even a private jet – the concierge is a trusted friend, committed to doing everything not only to simplify but also enhance the guest’s stay. Like a true professional, a Baur au Lac concierge fulfills even the most unusual requests with utter confidence.

Baur au Lac Garage

More than a 110 years ago, when horsepower was still used in front of the carriage and not underneath the hood, the always pioneering Baur au Lac opened its own garage.

Since the opening of the hotel in 1844, the Baur au Lac has been a pioneer in many regards. By purchasing the garage in 1905, hotel owner Karl Kracht proved this spirit once again, this time in terms of motoring. Come by and benefit from this unique five-star service.


  • valeted refuel including level check
  • e-charging station
  • Car Wash inside CHF 35.00 / external CHF 35.00 (hand wash)
  • whole day parking CHF 45.00 
  • repair works, tyre change, service
  • directing repair works CHF 180.00 / hour.
  • materials according to effort


Monday to Friday, 7am to 8pm
Closed on public holidays

VIP Service


Arriving calmly – In order to be sure our guests’ arrival and/or departure is as comfortable as possible, we have entered an exclusive partnership with Zurich Airport and its VIP Service. Thanks to this partnership, it is possible to enhance our standard service in regards to comfort, discretion and time-management regardless of your airline or booking class.

Once your plane has landed, the BMW limousine-service of Zurich Airport along with a your personal VIP agent will bring you to immigrations and to the VIP Lounge. In the exclusive ambiance of the VIP Lounge, you will be able to relax and refresh yourself while our Baur au Lac Chauffeur collects your luggage. Our driver will then pick you up at the lounge and take you to the hotel.

The same conditions apply for transports from the hotel to the airport. You will be brought to Zurich Airport by our driver and will benefit from the VIP treatment. Service includes luggage service, priority at security- and passport check, access to the exclusive VIP lounge and limousine transfer directly to the airplane. You can also receive help with tax refund or purchases, if desired.

Fitness Club


Make use of our fitness club on the top floor of the hotel with a breathtaking view over the park and the lake. Refresh and revitalize body and soul with the Baur au Lac's fitness training and beauty programs. Perched high above the rooftops of Zurich, the fitness club is a case study in advanced workout technology that meets the most demanding safety standards. You still have to do the sweating yourself, but a breathtaking view of the lake and the Alps provides ample reward.


Our experienced physiotherapist Ina Bach closely examines each person's strength, agility and muscle length – and then puts together personal training programs that are perfectly tailored to each individual’s needs. Our concierge team will happily arrange individual personal training appointments for you. Opening hours Daily 6:30am to 10pm.


Spectacular Deluxe Suites

Magnificent new suites have been crafted on four floors. Each one combines choice materials with exquisite furnishings, the whole subtly enhanced by truly inspired lighting. With a masterful eye for design, the interior designer Frédéric d’Haufayt has given each suite an elegance all its own.

City Suite

Our stunningly luxurious, impeccably designed bathrooms exceed the expectations of even our most discerning guests.

  • Size: 60 square meters / 650 square feet (average size)

  • With view of the city

  • Bedroom separated from living room

  • Spacious working area

  • Complimentary wireless internet access

  • Complimentary minibar (daily refill)

River Suite

The uncompromising quality, quest for perfection and high standards of workmanship at the Baur au Lac are hallmarks of every element of the hotel, whether visible to the guest or "behind the scenes" - in the sustainability of the technical facilities and their ease of maintenance, as well as their environmental compatibility.

  • Size: 65 square meters / 700 square feet (average size)
  • With views of the romantic Schanzengraben Canal
  • Bedroom separated from living room
  • Spacious working area
  • Complimentary wireless internet access
  • Complimentary minibar (daily refill)

Deluxe Suite

The new luxury suites are quite simply spectacular. Inspired lighting perfectly highlights the suites' choice materials and exquisite furnishings. The result? Each room has been blessed with inimitable elegance. Utter comfort is provided with every detail – thanks in no small measure to exceptionally luxurious en suite bathrooms.

  • Size: 70 square meters / 755 square feet (average size)
  • View of the private park, facing the lakeside
  • Separate living/sleeping room
  • Two separate entries to the suite
  • Bathtub and shower, separate toilet
  • Walk-in wardrobe
  • Spacious working area
  • Complimentary Wireless LAN
  • Complimentary minibar (daily refill)

Deluxe River Suite

The swans gliding gracefully along the romantic Schanzengraben Canal can be seen from the balcony of the Deluxe River Suite, which Pierre-Yves Rochon has suffused with the regal air of a private luxury apartment.

  • Size: 110 square meters / 1,184 square feet (average size)
  • Views of the romantic river Schanzengraben Canal
  • Spacious working area
  • Complimentary wireless internet access
  • Separate guest bathroom
  • Complimentary mini-bar (daily refill)

Deluxe Corner Suite

The room's refined eclectic style is characterized by timeless design. Exquisite Art Deco artifacts skillfully contrast with French period furniture and modern elements using only the highest quality materials.

  • Size: 90 square meters / 970 square feet (average size)
  • Views of the private park, lake and Schanzengraben Canal
  • Bedroom separated from living room
  • Spacious working area
  • Complimentary wireless internet access
  • Complimentary minibar (daily refill)
  • Separate guest bathroom

Magnificent Junior Suites

We attach great importance to spacious facilities, superlative craftsmanship and the use of only the finest materials. The individually styled rooms vary between the Art Deco, Louis XVI and Regency styles, combined with contemporary elements and exclusive French, Italian and English materials.

Junior Suite

The famous Bahnhofstrasse - one of the most beautiful shopping areas in Europe - is a must.  The Baur au Lac is just at the beginning of the Bahnhofstrasse. After a long day out, enjoy the unrestrained luxury of your Junior Suite.

  • Size: 50 square meters / 540 square feet (average size)
  • Views of the quiet inner courtyard, the side street or the Schanzengraben Canal
  • Open floor plan with large sitting group area
  • Spacious working area
  • Complimentary Wireless LAN
  • Complimentary minibar (soft drinks, snacks and beer)

Deluxe Junior Suite

You may find it hard to leave your junior suite, a cocoon of comfort, luxury and stylishness. The prominent location of the Baur au Lac, however, should make you reconsider. Go out and experience what the city with the highest quality of life has to offer.

  • Size: 60 square meters / 650 square feet (average size)  
  • View of the quiet inner courtyard
  • Open floor plan with large sitting group area
  • Walk-in wardrobes
  • spacious working-area
  • Complimentary Wireless LAN
  • Complimentary minibar (soft drinks, snacks and beer)

Deluxe Junior Suite Lakeside

Draw back the curtains and enjoy a view from your window that is too great to be ignored. This is definitely la dolce vita in Zurich.

  • Size: 60 square meters / 650 square feet (average size)
  • Views of the private park
  • Open floor plan with large sitting group area
  • Walk-in wardrobes
  • Spacious working area
  • Complimentary Wireless LAN
  • Complimentary minibar (soft drinks, snacks and beer, selected spirits and liquors)

Deluxe Double Rooms

A cocoon of comfort, luxury and stylishness

  • Size: 35 square meters / 380 square feet (average size)
  • Equipped with twin or king beds
  • With views of the romantic Schanzengraben Canal, the City or facing the quiet inner courtyard
  • Spacious working area
  • Complimentary wireless internet access
  • Complimentary minibar (daily refill)

Stylish comfort

  • Room size: 25 square meters / 270 square feet (average size); bed size: 140-150 cm x 210 cm

  • Views of the city or facing the quiet inner courtyard

  • Spacious working area

  • Complimentary wireless internet access

  • Complimentary minibar (daily refill)

  • Bathroom provides bathtub and/or shower

Meet & Celebrate

Thank you for choosing the Baur au Lac as the venue for your event.
173 years of tradition speak for our experience. The success of your function is in the safe hands of the best professionals in the field, assisted by the latest in leading-edge technology. Our team will give you sound advice throughout the preparatory phase and will walk you through the actual event from start to finish.
Welcome to the Baur au Lac.

Banquet Service with Perfection

Large corporative and private events are special occasions, which require a wide range of professionalism and passion as well as perfection in every detail. At the Baur au Lac, we offer banquet service at the highest level: Celebrate your special moments at one of the most beautiful places in Zurich – efficiently organised, individually and discreetly realised by professional and highly motivated employees.

Business Meetings

In keeping with their image, the most highly respected companies and organizations in Switzerland’s foremost business and financial hub naturally regard the distinguished, cosmopolitan atmosphere of Zurich’s leading hotels as their meeting place of choice.

Daily Delegate Rate

We invite you to hold your business gathering at the Baur au Lac. Exclusive meetings or large business functions: it is our ultimate goal to satisfy your individual needs. With the required discretion, our employees are considering every detail when planning your event. The Baur au Lac is perfectly accessible, due to the central location within the heart of Zurich.

Discover our special Daily Delegate Rate for gatherings over 20 persons. From CHF 175 per person.

Private Events


Are you planning a celebration in an exclusive Zurich location - perhaps a wedding, a birthday event or a company celebration? Our coherent event structure as well as the Baur au Lac’s exclusive furnishings will thrill you.


Of course, we also offer the best technical amenities in our premises. Excellently trained employees will help you to plan your celebration in detail according to your wishes. So that you, along with your guests, will remember every moment of the event for a long time. Alongside our location’s unique ambiance, we also know how to delight you in terms of cuisine. In our hotel’s restaurant kitchen, the creations which make our catering stand out from the crowd are produced.

Whatever the occasion that is bringing you to Baur au Lac in Zurich, our event team will assist you from planning through to execution with competence, years of experience and creative ideas. We let you feel the uniqueness of our traditional establishment right from the start and pour our heart and soul into making your event an unforgettable experience.

If you have questions about our event offers or want to know whether the relevant roomsfor your desired date are still available, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to being able to support and advise you!

Celebrate your Wedding

Organizing weddings is a specialty of the Baur au Lac. Our wedding planner will be more than happy to provide professional assistance to help you organize your special day.

An aperitif in Zurich's most picturesque private park is the ideal way to begin your reception. We can help you put together a special wedding menu and pick the most appropriate wines. The Baur au Lac's own wine store has a very varied selection of wines. We would also be happy to print place cards and menus and organize the tables and seating arrangement in accordance with your wishes. And how about being driven to the church in style in our Rolls-Royce Phantom?

Stunning decoration and a dazzling dessert buffet

Our pastry chef will conjure up a dazzlingly decorated dessert buffet – and even craft an enchanting wedding cake.

In addition, we can also put you in touch with photographers, musicians and other entertainers. Freshly renovated rooms can be reserved for your guests. And the happy couple is sure to enjoy our «honeymoon special»: a breakfast buffet, welcome aperitif, a deliciously sweet surprise and Champagne. The hotel even has its own exclusive beauty salon, the «Vanity». On the day after the wedding too, we will gladly organize breakfast – in the restaurant or separate rooms.

The Wedding Packages

Discover our exclusive wedding packages.

An exclusive location with stunning views on Lake Zurich, an experienced and dedicated team, our delightful cuisine as well a dedicated wedding planner for the most important day in your life – this is our promise to you!

For your unforgettable event, we are pleased to propose our basic wedding package: «Enchanteur» at CHF 295 per person including the following:


Aperitif for one hour (in the park, if the weather permits)

including prosecco, white and red wine, orange juice and mineral water,

selection of 4 canapes


4- course- menu or dinner buffet (from 50 guests onwards),

mineral water, coffee and pastries

wedding cake including 1 Glass of rosé champagne per person,

midnight surcharge until 01:00am

Furniture and Decoration

Dancefloor, audio visual equipment,

room rental for aperitif and dinner, personalized menu cards,

table flowers and silver chandeliers


The Baur au Lac is delighted to offer a menu tasting for two (excluding drinks), and one night in one of our suites for the bridal couple as well as a 3-course menu for the first year anniversary in our Rive Gauche Restaurant.

Wedding package "Céleste"

For your unforgettable event, we are happy to propose our wedding package «Céleste» at CHF 395 per person including the following:


Aperitif for one hour (in the park, if the weather permits),

including champagne, white and red wine,

orange juice and mineral water, selection of 6 canapes


4- course- menu or dinner buffet (from 50 guests onwards),

wine selection by our sommelier, mineral water, coffee and pastries

wedding cake including 1 glass of rosé champagne per person,

midnight surcharge until 02:00am

Furniture and Decoration

Dancefloor, chair covers, audio visual equipment

room rental for aperitif and dinner, personalized menu cards

table flowers and silver chandeliers


The Baur au Lac is delighted to offer a menu tasting for two (excluding drinks), and one night in one of our suites for the bridal couple as well as a 4- course menu for the

first anniversary in our Rive Gauche Restaurant.

Christmas time at the Baur au Lac


More than a tinge of color creeps into the foliage as summer bows out and the dazzling, golden-hued spectacle of fall takes the stage. It is the season of Thanksgiving, a time to thank nature for its gifts and prepare for the onset of cooler days. Before you know it, the first snowflakes are wafting across the sky, the shop windows are dressed in their winter woolies and Christmas – like every year – is knocking at the door. And when Zurich's tallest Christmas tree is all aglow in the Baur au Lac Park, you know for sure: The festive season is upon us.

For the third year in a row, the Chalet au Lac transplants the feel of a log cabin into the heart of the city. Afternoon tea in the lobby provides welcome respite from shopping expeditions. And then come the real festivities, celebrated at the Baur au Lac with exclusive gala dinners and our traditional New Year's Eve Ball. Take a moment to browse through this brochure and get in the mood for the most magical time of year.



A veritable fireworks display of culinary delicacies sets the tone for the evening: Choose between a gourmet menu conjured up by a star-studded chef at the Pavillon, a festive gala dinner at Le Petit Palais and a laid-back dinner party at the Rive Gauche. After that, the park of the Baur au Lac is the perfect place for everyone to feast their eyes on the spectacular midnight fireworks show on Lake Zurich.

Live at Le Petit Palais: 8 OF CLUBS, a young Berlin band that has already captivated a huge audience in front of the Brandenburg Gate. They will play the best songs of past and present – an irresistible, foot-tapping, hip-swaying mix of soul, funk and pop. Let‘s groove tonight...

The Rive Gauche will undoubtedly host the hottest dinner party in the city. Here, DJ PATRIC PLEASURE will blast out «The Music Time Machine» – everything from historic evergreens to the latest dance floor hits – until the early hours of the morning.
Wherever you begin the evening – at the Rive Gauche, the Pavillon, the Petit Palais or the Chalet – the subsequent New Year’s Eve party is for everyone! And if you care to join us later on, walk-around tickets are available from 11:00 p.m.

  • New Year's Eve at Restaurant Pavillon
  • New Year's Eve Gala
  • Dinner Party
  • New Year's Eve at the Chalet au Lac
  • New Year's Eve Aperitif
  • Walk around tickets

Spectacular Salons & Venues

Outstanding designers have put a new face on these hallowed halls – a face of unsurpassed style and elegance. An experienced team places cutting-edge equipment at your disposal. Superlative cuisine joins with the Baur au Lac’s proverbial service to ensure that events great and small make the same lasting impact.

Salon I

Star architect Pierre-Yves Rochon has finished a complete redesign of Salons I and II. No function room in Zurich can compare with the exalted elegance of these venerable halls. Subtle decorative touches, warm, natural colours and precious lithographs combine to create a distinctively cultivated, exclusive atmosphere.


  • Cocktail Reception: 100 Persons
  • Banquet: 40 Persons
  • Boardroom: 28 Persons
  • Seminar: 35 Persons
  • 'U' Shape: 30 Persons
  • Theatre Style: 50 Persons


  • Lunch / Dinner* CHF 750
  • Cocktail Reception* CHF 750
  • Exhibition CHF 2,200
  • Conference, Half Day CHF 1,000
  • Conference, Full Day CHF 1,500

* Minimum Consumption CHF 3,000


  • Area: 88 square meters
  • Length: 10.7 meters
  • Width: 8.20 meters
  • Height: 3.26 meters

Salon II

Confidential meetings or private family functions could not wish for a more stylish setting than Salon II. Superb cuisine, impeccable, discreet service and the masterful experience of a thoroughly professional banquet department underwrite the success of any and every event. Pleasant memories linger on long after the event itself is over. A sound-proofed sliding door now allows Salon II to be combined with Salon I, opening up even greater variety in the available permutations.


  • Cocktail Reception - Persons
  • Banquet - Persons
  • Boardroom 14 Persons
  • Seminar - Persons
  • 'U' Shape - Persons
  • Theatre Style - Persons


  • Lunch / Dinner *CHF 450
  • Cocktail Reception* CHF450
  • Exhibition CHF -
  • Conference, ½ Day CHF 600
  • Conference, 1 Day CHF 900

Minimum Consumption CHF 1,000


  • Area: 37 square meters
  • Length: 8.2 meters
  • Width: 4.5 meters
  • Height: 3.44 meters

Salon III

Natural daylight and artificial lighting alike perfectly underscore the fascinating architecture of this elegant room.


  • Cocktail Reception: 50 Persons
  • Banquet: 16 Persons
  • Boardroom: 20 Persons
  • Seminar: 18 Persons
  • 'U' Shape: 15 Persons
  • Theatrem Style: 30 Persons


  • Lunch / Dinner* CHF 550
  • Cocktail Reception* CHF 550
  • Exhibition CHF 1,500
  • Conference, Half Day CHF 700
  • Conference, Full Day CHF 1,000

* Minimum Consumption CHF 2,000


  • Area: 57 sqm
  • Length: 8,60 m
  • Width: 6,60 m
  • Height: 3,20 m

Salon V/VI

Discretion is of the essence in such a high-ranking business hub. The banquet and conference area on the first upper floor enjoys splendid isolation between a colonnade and a courtyard patio that is unobtrusively cordoned off. The same privacy is exuded by the elegant, almost front-room intimacy of the tasteful interior. The Salons V and VI can be partitioned or merged at will.


  • Cocktail Reception: 30 Persons
  • Banquet: - Persons
  • Boardroom: 25 Persons
  • Seminar: - Persons
  • 'U' Shape: - Persons
  • Theatre Style: 30 Persons

Each room:

  • Cocktail Reception: 15 Persons
  • Banquet: - Persons
  • Boardroom: 8 Persons
  • Seminar: - Persons
  • 'U' Shape: - Persons
  • Theatre Style: - Persons


  • Prices Lunch/Dinner* CHF 550
  • Cocktail Reception* CHF 550
  • Exhibition CHF 1,500
  • Conference, Half Day CHF 700
  • Conference, Full Day CHF 1,000

* Minimum Consumption CHF 2,000

Each room:

  • Lunch / Dinner* CHF 450
  • Cocktail Reception* CHF 450
  • Exhibition CHF -
  • Conference, Half Day CHF 600
  • Conference, Full Day CHF 900

* Minimum Consumption CHF 1,000


  • Area: 48 square meters
  • Length: 12.10 meters
  • Width: 3.95 meters
  • Height: 3.98 meters

Each room:

  • Area: 24 square meters
  • Length: 6.05 meters
  • Width: 3.95 meters
  • Height: 3.98 meters

Le Salon Français

In keeping with their image and standing, Switzerland's most highly regarded companies and institutions consistently choose the Baur au Lac as a fittingly dignified and cosmopolitan venue for their business events and social occasions.

An array of salons of varying sizes and designs is complemented by the Salon Français, a conference room whose charming elegance still leaves room for cutting-edge audiovisual communications technology. Sophisticated designer touches set off the traditional architecture in a way that routinely draws astonished and approving gazes.


  • Cocktail Reception: 150 Persons
  • Banquet: 100 Persons
  • Boardroom: 30 Persons
  • Seminar: 32 Persons
  • 'U' Shape: 20 Persons
  • Theatre Style: 100 Persons


  • Lunch / Dinner* CHF 800
  • Cocktail Reception* CHF 800
  • Exhibition CHF 2,800
  • Conference, Half Day CHF 1,200
  • Conference, Full Day CHF 1,800

* Minimum Consumption CHF 4,500


  • Area: 137 square meters
  • Length: 13 meters
  • Width: 10.5 meters
  • Height: 3.2 meters

Le Petit Palais

The aura of regal distinction is almost palpable. Recrafted from top to toe, the new interpretation of the ballroom theme remains true to the grand tradition of the Petit Palais.

History has been written in this room. Heads of state have held worthy receptions here. Magnificent balls have become social events not to be missed. The stunning drapes are reflected in the crystal mirrors mounted on the walls. A mezzanine level sets the stage for a grand entrance; and festivities for up to 300 guests can be accommodated by combining the Petit Palais with Salons I and II.


  • Cocktail Reception: 300 Persons
  • Banquet: 150 Persons
  • Boardroom: 40 Persons
  • Seminar: 70 Persons
  • 'U' Shape: 50 Persons
  • Theatre Style: 180/210 Persons


  • Lunch / Dinner* CHF 1,200
  • Cocktail Reception* CHF 1,200
  • Exhibition CHF 4,200
  • Conference, Half Day CHF 2,000
  • Conference, Full Day CHF 2,900

*Minimum Consumption CHF 7,500


  • Area: 206 square meters
  • Length: 19.85 meters
  • Width: 10.4 meters
  • Height: 4.05 meters

Baur au Lac Park

Our beautiful private park at the border of the lake as well as our elegant event rooms create the ideal framework for your festivity.

Spectacular views of Lake Zurich and the Alps make the Baur au Lac Park the ideal setting for the annual «Art in the Park» exhibition.

Amid the sights, sounds and scents of early summer, monumental sculptures crafted by such artistic luminaries as Louise Bourgeois, Fernando Botero, Robert Indiana and George Condo are showcased here as a prelude to the world-renowned «Art Basel» art show. In the warmer months of the year, private parties and business functions begin here with an aperitif or cocktail reception in Zurich’s most attractive private park.

Rooftop "Dachzinne"

Our rooftop terrace offers spectacular views of the lake, the city and the Alps.

Book our exclusive rooftop for a romantic dinner, your private party or a cocktail reception al fresco. The breathtaking view will enchant you and your guests.

Restaurant Pavillon

The elegant Pavillon, one of the most famous restaurants in Zurich, is inviting you to dine in an atmosphere of class. Almost completely enclosed by glass, the rotunda built by star architect Pierre-Yves Rochon offers fantastic views on the surrounding park and river.

Chef Laurent Eperon, who has been awarded one Michelin star and
18 GaultMillau points, enchants his guests with seasonal and modern interpretations of classic haute-cuisine.

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 12pm to 2pm

Monday - Saturday: 7pm to 10pm
Sundays closed

Restaurant Rive Gauche

There is no better place to feel Zurich's vibe than the Rive Gauche.  In a casual and modern atmosphere, you can enjoy light Mediterranean grilled specialities that come with carefully chosen vines from the Baur au Lac winery. Additionally, the Rive Gauche bar offers delicious cocktails and drinks.

Opening hours:

Rive Gauche Restaurant

Monday - Sunday
11:30am to 11pm
Rive Gauche Bar

Sunday - Thursday
11:30am to 12am
Friday - Saturday
11:30am to 1am

 Rive Gauche Terrasse

The Terrasse is an exclusive hideaway in Zurich to while away hot summer days and lazy, hazy evenings. Refreshing cocktails and ice-cold champagne are served as aperitifs in the decidedly chic lounges. Small snacks and light meals are served by a friendly, outgoing team. 

Rive Gauche Terrasse

Monday - Sunday
10:00am to 12am

Our Le Hall

True to this motto, the family owners have decided to give the lobby an elaborate redesign, adding yet another highlight to years of innovation and renovation at the Baur au Lac. The result is a contemporary reminiscence of the past and homage to the different epoch styles.

Culinary delights

We are looking forward to welcoming you at “Le Hall”, the heart of the Baur au Lac. Enjoy the new ambiance while having your morning coffee or at a convivial cocktail gathering. A diverse menu with popular classics and delicate sweets invite you to linger on. Enjoy the pleasure of our homemade “1844 Chocolat Baur au Lac” or celebrate a traditional Afternoon Tea during winter.

Opening hours
Monday - Friday from 8am to 12am
Saturday - Sunday from 9am to 12am


Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at Baur au Lac. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, and the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel.
Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true, because they never allocate ALL the rooms to third parties.

Hotel: Baur au Lac

Address: Talstrasse 1 8001 Zurich

Region: Zurich

Country: Switzerland

Official website:

Telephone: +41 44 220 50 20

Fax: +41 44 220 50 44

Hotel email:

GPS Coordinates:
+47° 22' 2.49'' , +8° 32' 21.08''

From Chur by car:
• get into left lane at junction Zurich-Süd in the direction of Zurich-City, Brunau
• exit the motorway A3w
• keep to right lane at Manessestrasse then continue on Sihlhölzlibrücke and follow Tunnelstrasse
• continue on Alfred-Escher-Strasse
• at the road end, turn left onto General-Wille-Strasse
• stay left on General-Guisan-Quai
• turn left onto Stadthausquai
• turn right onto Talstrasse
• the Baur au Lac is on your right at Talstrasse 1

From Lucerne by car:
• get into the left lane at junction Zurich-West onto A3w in the direction of Chur/Zurich-City
• keep right and continue on A3w in the direction of Zurich-City
• exit the motorway A3w
• keep to right lane at Manessestrasse then continue on Sihlhölzlibrücke and follow Tunnelstrasse
• continue on Alfred-Escher-Strasse
• at the road end, turn left onto General-Wille-Strasse
• stay left on General-Guisan-Quai
• turn left onto Stadthausquai
• turn right onto Talstrasse
• the Baur au Lac is on your right at Talstrasse 1

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