Bergdorf Priesteregg

 Sonnberg 22 A-5771 Leogang − Austria

Welcome to the mountain village Priesteregg

A mountain plateau, 1,100 meters high, with a stunning panorama of the Steingebirge range. Mountain meadows, forests, crystal clear water and a cobalt blue sky.

A sacred and historic place…once a retreat for the priests of Salzburg. Now, history lives anew, at the unforgettable mountain village…Bergdorf…at Priesteregg.

The soothing creak of old wood…the age old stones…the scent of the pine trees.

A short walk to the Almgasthof, a mountain tavern serving healthy, hearty Austrian cuisine with an abundance of Austrian good cheer.

As twilight turns to night, the fireplace crackles with light and warmth, and outside, more stars in the sky than you’ve ever seen before, so close that you can almost reach out and touch them.

Morning.  Clear and refreshing like the waters of a mountain stream.  A breathtaking view, high above the clouds.  As if by magic, your breakfast has arrived.

True happiness.

Simple pleasures.

Rediscover yourself.

500 years Priesteregg

The first recorded mention of Priesteregg dates back to 1505, when the nobility of Maria Alm bequeathed the plateau to the Archbishopric of Salzburg in return for the promise of Salvation. Serfs worked the land for centuries, tithing 10 percent of their earnings to the Church.  After the emancipation of the Serfs in 1782, the land was claimed by the Oberlander family and it has remained in the family for over 200 years.  Now a new chapter in the history of Priesteregg is being written as we unveil Bergdorf at Priesteregg.

How it all began

The clock seems to tick a wee bit slower here in the high mountains.  The crackling fires, the creak of the sturdy wooden beams…the sounds of rest and relaxation.

We’ve had the good fortune to enjoy these simple pleasures for most of our lives.  Now, we hope to share them with you, enhanced by the expansive amenities of a luxury resort.  Bergdorf Priesteregg.

A place of comfort and quiet and inner peace, a place where heart and mind are freed.  Join us on a journey of discovery…a reaffirmation of the most important things life has to offer: Your partner - family - friends - good health – and your own sself.

Simple pleasures. Rediscover yourself. 

Welcome to Bergdorf Priesteregg


You’ve surely felt the longing for a place where you can find yourself…be yourself…alone, with friends or surrounded by family.  To chop wood, kindle a fire in the fireplace and feel the crackling warmth of the flames.  Wrapped in a cozy woolen blanket with a good book, or having a wonderful conversation with a good glass of wine at your fingertips.  A feeling of warmth and security, at peace in a mountain sanctuary.

Bergdorf Priesteregg is a well-kept secret hidden away on a mountain plateau, 1,100 meters high, with a stunning view of the Leoganger Steingebirge range.  It’s not easy to find. There are no signs showing the way.  To find this place, you must seek it out.  But once you’ve arrived, you’ll see that the view alone was worth the effort.   The mighty Steinerne Meer (Sea of Stone) range rises above, with the imposing Hochkoenig peak reaching 3000 meters skyward.  Beyond lie the Leoganger valley and the Kitzbuehel Alps.   In all, it is an awe-inspiring 360-degree alpine panorama.  With this natural backdrop, feel free to dip your feet into the sparkling water of the village pond. Enjoy crystal clear spring water and fresh air, scented by nature’s goodness.  It’s just the start of an amazing experience.

Fire – Water – Earth – Air

Over millions of years, the forces of nature have combined to create a place of unique and natural splendor…the rugged mountain peaks, the verdant alpine meadows, the deep valleys. It seems as if everything here unfolds according to nature’s plan.  One of the most appealing aspects of Bergdorf is a deep and abiding respect for and harmony with Mother Earth.

One example is the 200-year old hand hewn wood, gleaned from aging Austrian barns and farmhouses. It has been given new life in the construction of our chalets.

Or the flooring for those chalets.  It has been fashioned from 150-year old spruce trees that once towered skyward in the nearby Schwarz-Leo valley.  This area is well -known for its giant spruce trees with trunks measuring over one meter in diameter.

But the showcase of our chalets is the bedrooms with paneling crafted from cedar and exuding a most delightful and refreshing aroma with legendary health benefits. Our cedar was harvested at an elevation of 1,700 meters in Austria’s Hohe Tauern national park.

Regional craftsmanship is also on display in the rooftops of the chalets, with handmade larch wood shingles that can withstand the considerable forces of nature.  Or the stone tiles in the wellness area. We used flagstone from Solenhofen, once found only in the noble estates along the Danube River. 

We also put a high premium on the food we serve at Bergdorf.  Much of what you eat here is either grown and prepared here or delivered from farms in the immediate area. We bake our own crisp bread using fresh milk and delectable butter from local dairies.  The honey comes from a village down the road. Our jellies and jams are homemade and we have our very own smokehouse for bacon and ham.  The hearty, natural, pristine flavors alone are worth the visit.

Traditional Costumes of Priesteregg

The venerable “Brücklwirt” premises in the town of Saalfelden, only a few kilometres away from Priesteregg, are home to the cradle of the traditional dresses: the costumes factory of Mrs Regina Wienerroither. The building embodies tradition, history, life-style and values, conveying, however, a quite contemporary atmosphere. This is exactly what characterises Regina’s traditional costumes collection, too. Mrs Wienerroither, a native of Pinzgau county, is a skilled dressmaker and masters still long-forgotten manufacturing techniques. Just like we do, she loves in her home county and draws inspiration from old fashion drawings she found in the local mountainous area including “Salzburg” and “Pinzgau” counties. Yet, her creative work isn’t confined to the local area, but radiates far beyond the surrounding mountain peaks. This is how the local costumes of Priesteregg have developed, being inspired by the colours of “Leoganger Steinberge” Mountains and the traditional wooden structure of our chalets.

The Chalet – Your own private world

The chalets at Bergdorf Priesteregg make up the centerpiece of a unique and harmonious alpine experience, nestled in the midst of a village on a high mountain plateau, with a stunning view of the Leoganger Steinbergen range.  In the gardens you’ll find raspberries, blackberries and huckleberries that you can eat straight from the vine if you like, a refreshing reminder of nature’s goodness.  Pinzgauer apples and pears are also at your grasp and the scent of wild roses, juniper and coltsfoot permeate the clear mountain air.

Though your chalet is part of the village, you will have complete privacy…to spend time alone or with your partner, family or friends.

Indeed, a moment of silent reflection is all you’ll need to distinguish the chalets of Bergdorf Priesteregg from all other alpine experiences you may have had.  You’ll notice the loving attention to the smallest detail, the natural building materials, aged wood, polished stones and hand woven linens. The simple beauty, the comfort, the harmony…a moving and exhilarating experience for all the senses.  

Premium- Chalet

Whether celebrating a special event with your partner, or just treating yourself to a luxurious vacation, our premium chalets offer an unforgettable experience:

Best location: Your chalet lies at the edge of the village with an awesome, unobstructed view of the Steinerne Meer mountain range.

Best sleeping comfort:  Royal Quality by Tempur

Best alpine breakfast: The finest local specialties with some amazing surprises.

Best informed: Your choice of daily newspape

Best sauna experience: Seven heavenly, health-giving fragrances to choose from 

The Luis Trenker Chalet

Luis Trenker is a legendary Austrian mountaineer whose name and reputation have taken on mythical proportions, a synonym for mountain adventure, the thirst for freedom and constant striving to reach the summit. Luis Trenker is a symbol, an uncommon man of charm, spirituality and intelligence, whose enthusiasm, optimism and boundless energy permeated a long and full life.

He has become an icon in a world often estranged from meaningful values. For this reason he is a paragon for the LUIS TRENKER brand, combining the time-honored with the new to create a timeless, yet contemporary lifestyle products.

Enjoy the Luis Trenker Premium Chalet.  Timeless. Eternal. 


Since May 2013 we pride ourselves on surprising our guests with the unique Willy Bogner-Chalet, which was created in collaboration with the renowned Bogner lifestyle and fashion brand.

150 m² (1600 sq ft) of living space

stainless steel Infinity pool (length 14 m; width 4 m) - temperature of 34°C in winter

large terrace with stainless steel hot tub (37°C)

Finnish sauna with steam room

Bogner's library equipped with Löwe multi media system

Outstanding features

The highlight of this luxury accommodation is the Infinity-pool. Having a surface of 56 square metres (600 sq ft), the pool provides plenty of space for swimming. In winter the water has a temperature of 34°C. Being perched high on a slope, the pool makes the swimmer actually feel like floating suspended high above the valley. On the first floor of the chalet there is the multi media room where you can watch 3D movies in a cinema-like sound quality or rummage through Bogner's library. In the new partially glass-fronted living area you can sit back on the snug seating in front of the open fireplace. 

Everything will be available: from the e-bike to the perfect skis

High quality Bogner brand toiletries and bespoke exclusive bathing services, including preparation and advice about suitable bath essences, complete the wellness care. Two Rotwild-bikes are available at the chalet for the exploration of the local area and skiing enthusiasts can hire their preferred skis directly from the specialist. A covered parking lot is reserved for the guests staying at Willy Bogner-Chalet in prime location at the ground station of Asitzbahn cable car in Leogang. So you will enjoy quick and easy access to Saalbach-Hinterglemm-Leogang ski area including 200 best-groomed ski runs.

Stunning views 

One of the existing Premium-Chalets in the first line of Bergdorf Resort has been refurbished and converted into Willy Bogner-Chalet. The accommodation has also been extended with a new generous living area built from solid timber and featuring large west and south facing panorama windows with views over the Alpine mountains. Arranged as open plan living space over two floors, the chalet provides a seating and a rock face shower as well as tea/coffee making facilities and an open fireplace. The elevated office space features a glass front providing the outlook to Birnhorn Peak, the highest point of Leoganger Steinberge Mountains with a height of 2,634 metres. The living area, which can also be used for spa treatments, gives immediate access to the large timber terrace with outdoor shower, open barbecue and the infinity swimming pool. 

Surroundings that reflect your lifestyle: Unique!

All chalets are richly appointed with natural materials, such as aged wood, pine, polished stone and hand woven linens.  The center point of the chalet is a traditional alpine kitchen with wood-fired stove and a kitchen table with cozy, comfortable benches.

But you won’t have to do without modern amenities. Discreetly hidden away are a dishwasher, electric stove, microwave and refrigerator.  

At first glance you probably won’t see the television and Internet access.

But you can’t overlook the cozy, expansive divan in a luxurious corner…a day bed that can also be used for massages.  A bench next to the fireplace provides a comfortable and relaxing spot to warm yourself. 

Feel, hear, see and smell the warmth that wood offers.  The fireplace, open on two sides, is an experience in and of itself allowing an unfettered view of the crackling flames.

An open fireplace on the terrace provides the perfect setting for romantic interludes on cool summer evenings.  Or in winter you can enjoy the fresh air, wrapped in soft blankets and furs, with a hot cup of hunter’s tea.  It is a feeling of absolute peace and tranquility.

Two comfortable bathrooms leave nothing to be desired. The wellness tub in the living area affords a perfect view of the fireplace. Here, you can relax and unwind in a comfortable recliner, that’s also used for cosmetic treatments and foot care.

Each chalet is equipped with a sauna and Hot Tub on a private terrace for your personal use.  Lounge chairs are also at your disposal. In the summer you can enjoy breakfast in the morning sunshine, or sway with the soft rhythms of the garden swing.  

Sleeping Comfort

Our bedrooms are paneled with aromatic mountain “stone” pine.  Pine is said to reduce the pulse, which in turn promotes restful sleep. And once you’ve experienced our comfortable beds you may not want to leave them. They consist of high quality TEMPUR mattresses and pillows.  These are especially designed to conform to the contours of your body. They also react individually to body warmth, alleviate soreness and promote circulation.  But most of all, they will provide you with a deep, restful, rejuvenating sleep. 

Our Services

Exclusive use of your chalet

Idyllic yard and garden surrounding your chalet

Breakfast service every morning

Welcome-Jause (Snack)

Meals served in your chalet at your request

Massages and other wellness services in the comfort of your chalet

Bathrobes and hot water bottles

Wood for the fireplace

BMW Shuttle service to nearby ski resort

Carport at the edge of the village

Baggage transport directly to your chalet

Reserved, first row parking at the base station of the Asitzbahn mountain tram (if you have booked a premium-chalet)

Mountainbikes and E-Mountainbikes of Rotwild for hire

Fresh towels daily, fresh bedding at your request

Wellness in the Chalets

There are fewer things more wonderful and precious in life than taking some time out for yourself.  It is the very essence of Wellness. At Bergdorf you don’t even have to sacrifice the comfort, relaxation and privacy of your chalet.  We provide a specially selected variety of applications from massages, to luxurious baths to “ceremonies.” There’s no waiting, no coming and going, nothing but pure enjoyment.  And there’s the added attraction of allowing your partner to be a part of the experience. 

Each chalet is equipped with a sauna and wellness bath. A Hot Tub is located on your private terrace.   Both the wellness bath and the Hot Tub offer an unobstructed view of the fireplace. The expansive divan provides a supremely comfortable venue for massages.

We start each treatment with a 15-minute foot bath in a pine trough.  You can choose from the Alpienne herbal or meadow bloom essential oils.   Warm foot baths relieve stress and relax your entire body. They are said to prevent circulation problems and promote all around good health.


Bath | Ca. 10 Min. 

As preparation for each treatment, we begin with a foot bath in a pine tub. Hot foot baths are an excellent way of relaxing cramped muscles and soothing many parts of the body.

Alpienne Herbal Foot Bath – soothing

Alpienne Wildflower Foot Bath – energizing

1. Back Massage with Foot Bath | 40 Min.  | 40 Euros

Relaxation for back, neck and shoulder

2. Foot Massage with Foot Bath | 45 Min. |45 Euros

The stimulation of certain pressure points improves energy flow to your entire body. The Asian method is applied by hand and is usually very gentle.

Arnica – energizing, refreshing

St. John’s Wart – relaxing

3. Alpienne Mountain Honey Facial Massage  | 60 Min.  | 60 Euros

This massage takes advantage of the special nutrients found in mountain honey. It relaxes the face and entire body, improves circulation, cleans and tightens the skin and strengthens facial musculature.

4. Neck and Head Massage with Foot Bath | 45 Min. | 40 Euros

Time to relax, unwind and let go. This massage is designed to relieve tension in the neck and head and improves circulation leaving you warm and relaxed.

Soothing Baths and Bath Supplements

Bathing is refreshing and rejuvenating for body and spirit.  Given the harried pace of modern life, we often make do with a quick shower to start the day.  But at Bergdorf, time ticks at a slower pace and a leisurely Alpienne bath becomes a pleasurable interlude of pampering, relaxation and healing.


Honey Pine Bath

This relaxing experience combines the essential ingredients of pure mountain honey and the calming powers of essential pine oils.  It smoothes and moisturizes the skin even as stress gives way to wonderful serenity. 

Herbal Bath

This is a strong, energizing bath supplement with an extract of natural herbs, harvested in the nearby meadows and forests.  This restorative bath improves circulation and exudes a fresh and inviting fragrance. 

Wildflower bath

This supplement captures the energy of the nutrient-rich grasses and plants that grow naturally in the high meadows. It promotes circulation and exudes the scent of mountain wildflowers in bloom. 


Bath salts detoxify the body and can ward off viruses. They act as an internal and external cleansing agent for your entire body. 

Herbal bath salts

A blessing for the skin and the body, with essential minerals and trace elements from alpine salts, along with the reenergizing elements of wild mountain herbs. 

Pine bath salts

Mountain salts and the calming powers of the “Queen of the Alps.” This bath supplement promotes harmony and calm while strengthening the body and spirit.

Calendula bath salts

Dried marigold blooms are combined with the mineral richness of Alpine salt for a harmonious and beneficial bath supplement.

Wellbeing at Bergdorf

You’ll find a great many different ways to relax and unwind here.  These are just a few of our special tips…

The Forest Bath

The forest bath is tucked away just a few steps from your chalet.  Only the locals know where it’s hidden and they’re good at keeping secrets. Two oversized bathtubs at the edge of the forest, filled with fresh, steaming spring water and fragrant essential bath oils.  You can enjoy this rare and sensuous experience at any time of day or evening, along with an awesome view of the valley and surrounding mountains.  In the evening, we light the bath area with dozens of candles, creating a mood right out of 1001 Nights.  Chilled champagne is within easy reach and on clear nights, it would seem, so are the stars. 

The Wooden Bench

It’s a magical place, a simple, yet comfortable wooden bench, right outside your chalet. It’s an integral part of a centuries old lifestyle here in the high alpine regions. After a hard day’s work, the wooden bench is a place to rest and reap simple rewards, such as a breathtaking view of the valley and majestic mountains. The Village Pond

Roll up your pant legs, take a seat on the sun-warmed wooden boardwalk and dip your feet into the cool, refreshing water.  The pond is surrounded by verdant mountain meadows and forests and peaks that seem to touch the sky.  Your mind is free to wander.  It’s a perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee and that famous Austrian delicacy, Kaiserschmarrn.  The service is friendly and discreet, always respectful of your privacy. 

The Magic Forest

Bergdorf lies at the edge of magnificent forests, with narrow paths leading through a wonderland of natural secrets and boundless beauty.  You’ll discover things you might only have seen in books…herbs, ferns, animals and mushrooms.  It’s also a special experience in winter. And after a walk through the snow, you’ll return to a chalet warmed by a crackling fire and with a tasty afternoon treat awaiting your arrival.

Alpienne Natural Products

Grown in the wild, harvested and processed by hand. The exceptional quality of all Alpienne “Power of the Alps” products derives from our exacting standards. We use only raw materials from controlled natural environments such as herbs and plants that grow in the wild, saturated with all of the healing goodness that nature provides.

All of our unique and unsurpassed “Power of the Alps” health and beauty products have been developed with all natural ingredients indigenous to the Alpine regions.  Our sole reliance on nature’s bounty guarantees exceptional quality and highly beneficial effects.  The herbs are harvested by expert hands, dried in the sun and rendered into distinctive alpine wellness products, known for their all-natural healing power.  We use absolutely no chemical additives. All of our unique and unsurpassed “Power of the Alps” health and beauty products have been developed with all natural ingredients indigenous to the Alpine regions.  Our sole reliance on nature’s bounty guarantees exceptional quality and highly beneficial effects.  The herbs are harvested by expert hands, dried in the sun and rendered into distinctive alpine wellness products, known for their all-natural healing power.  We use absolutely no chemical additives.

Spa Ceremonies

The “Wood Spa” is our very special offer. Only a few steps away from the chalets, yet hidden on the edge of the wood, the outdoor bathing facility consists of two bathtubs filled with fresh hot spring water enriched with beneficial additives.

Lying comfortably in the cosy tub, you can enjoy nature and the wide views over the “Leoganger Tal” Valley, the majestic “Steinernes Meer” Mountains and “Hochkönig” Peak.

After this extraordinary wood spa experience, a beneficial and soothing whole body massage with precious “Alpienne” aromatic oil will await you.

Exclusive spa experience in “Wood Spa” for 2 persons | 100,- Euro

The offer includes a glass of sparkling Prosecco for the bath (about 30 minutes) and a nurturing whole body massage with aromatic oil (about 15 minutes)

“Wood Spa” ceremony for 2 person | 200,- Euro

First you will be treated to a whole body skin care with basic salt (about 15 minutes)

Then you will enjoy the romantic spa experience in “Wood Spa” (about 30 minutes) with a glass of Prosecco

The treat is completed by a soothing whole body massage with aromatic oil (about 30 minutes)

An Active Vacation at Bergdorf Priesteregg

In the Village

Wellness, group hiking and bike tours, walks along the creek, tandem paragliding, snowshoe hiking, and festivals at the village pond.

Near the Village

Mountain biking, hiking, a sledding run with night lights and 50 sleds for rent, snowshoe hiking and all kinds of winter activities

By Foot

The outdoor water park in Leogang, ca. 30 Min.

10 Minutes by Car

Ski Circus Leogang-Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Bike World Leogang, two golf courses, an outdoor water park, tennis courts, summer toboggan course, historic mine tour (Schaubergwerk Schwarzleo), supermarket

30 Minutes by Car

Three golf courses, Kaprun, Kitzbuehel, Zell am See and Austria’s highest mountain, the Grossglockner

60 Minutes by Car

Salzburg, Eisriesenwelt (the largest system of ice caves in the world), the Krimmler Waterfalls, the salt mines at Duernstein,  lake Koenigsee,  Bad Reichenhall, Bad Gastein

Services for Cyclists

Every chalet features a bike stall equipped with two ultramodern mountain bikes and a repair kit. So you can begin your tour right at your doorstep and end it there as well. If you bring your own bikes along, you can store them in your stall and lock them away safe and sound.

 Cycling and hiking maps

Services for Winter Sports

We have a ski and snowboard rental in the village where you can try out the very newest models. You can also pick up lift passes for the Saalbach-HinterGlemm-Leogang ski resort. 

Bergdorf offers a free shuttle service that will take you directly to the slopes.  And we’ve reserved lockers at the base station so you won’t have to transport your gear back and forth every day.  Guests who prefer to use their cars have access to a covered parking area right next to the lifts…reserved exclusively for Bergdorf guests.

Winter Wonderland

Winter is for Families 

The mountains are a magical place for children, a winter wonderland of snow.  Here you can build a snowman with your kids with a carrot nose and broom and all of the other things a snowman needs.  No one will bother you if you try to capture a snowflake on the tip of your tongue and snowball fights are also allowed.  Perhaps the best feeling of all is coming out of the cold into the warming comfort of your chalet.  Hang your wool socks to dry on the hearth and enjoy a hot cup of tea. Dreams do indeed come true at Priesteregg.

White Christmas

There’s nothing more romantic than Christmas in the mountains.  It’s a time of togetherness for families, often a rare luxury in these hectic times.  Imagine the fragrance of baked apples, roasted chestnuts, and freshly cut pine branches and Christmas tree on the village square lights up the night.  It’s a time to enjoy on the things that really matter, like a meaningful conversation with your partner. The traditional mountain Christmas as Bergdorf is a time of joy and happiness, of peace and goodwill.

Trail maps for skiers

Huwi’s Alm – Mouthwatering Austrian Specialties

There’s always an air of genuine, familiar friendliness at Austria’s mountain inns and Huwi’s Alm is no exception.  The aged wood, the candlelight and the amiable staff add to the charm. On the menu, you’ll find an array of fresh, natural, hearty dishes, together with a well-stocked wine cellar.  And Huwi’s Alm is just a short walk from your chalet.

Take a comfortable seat next to the wood stove in the farmhouse or at Huwi’s alm and have a leisurely look around. You’ll be amazed at the wood and metal craftsmanship, the rustic zet comfortable wooden furniture, the small windows that seem to add to the cozy atmosphere.  It’s said that commitment shows itself in attention to detail.

Our Specialties – served with pride and affection (on advance order)

For decades,  our guests have enjoyed traditional, hearty and delicious meals in our farmhouse. Some of our specialties have become true Austrian classics:  “Hut Essen,” spare ribs and Galloway roast beef.  And don’t forget the grilled whole salmon.  Our menu features these and many other fine choices. 

Hut Essen 

At Huwi’s Alm you can “eat your hat” and thoroughly enjoy each and every mouthwatering bite.   The “Hut Essen” starts with a serving bowl of crisp, fresh salad in a balsamico-pumpkin seed oil dressing, served with garlic bread. Then, a large iron cooker is brought to your table, heated with fuel paste.” The “flap” of the iron hat cooker is filled with hearty beef stock and vegetables Julienne. 

Now it’s time for you to take a thin slab of marinated pork or Galloway beef and place it on the hot iron hat. Let it sizzle until it’s done to your liking and your simple, authentic Austrian meal is ready to eat. We also offer a variety of sauces as well as baked potatoes. Between courses you can sip on the beef broth and vegetables. And the more you grill, the heartier the broth. In all, it’s a one of a kind dining experience, delicious, informal and festive. 

Spare Ribs

Start with a serving bowl of crisp, fresh salad in a balsamico-pumpin seed oil dressing, served with garlic bread.  This tantalizing starter is followed by our famous spare ribs, served in a giant iron skillet.Our “top secret” recipe combines a special mix of herbs and spices with an unusual broiling method that leaves the meat delectably juicy and tender. It’s served with baked potatoes and sour cream with chives. 

Galloway Roast Beef

Based on the size of your dinner party (four person minimum), we’ll choose an appropriate cut of specially seasoned meat and prepare it over an open grill right before your eyes…and noses…the aroma is indescribable, the most tantalizing aperitif you can imagine. The finished product is perfection for beef lovers…a crispy herbal crust encasing a juicy, perfectly pink cut of meat.  It’s accompanied by baked potatoes and sweet/spicy red cabbage.  And of course, you’ll get your daily dose of vitamins with a serving bowl of salad and warm garlic bread for starters. 

Grilled Whole Salmon

Fresh salad and garlic bread start off this dining experience, followed by the salmon, prepared on an open grill (six person minimum). We serve it in a giant iron skillet with fried potatoes and carrots with parsley. It’s a pleasurable and very Fresh salad and garlic bread start off this dining experience, followed by the salmon, prepared on an open grill (six person minimum). We serve it in a giant iron skillet with fried potatoes and carrots with parsley. It’s a pleasurable and very healthy culinary experience. 

“Brugg” Inn

Our “Brugg” Inn | Specialities in a warm-hearted atmosphere

Our “Brugg” Restaurant, offering marvellous views of “Birnhorn” Peak and “Leoganger Steinberge” Mountains through the large panoramic window, has a big grill with a fish smoking chamber, where we prepare succulent steaks and fresh smoked fish. The homely and cosy restaurant provides partitioned tables and a veranda for romantic hours on warm summer evenings.  

At “Huwi's Alm” Inn, an old hay barn characterised by its historic wooden decoration, the friendly staff serve savoury and delightful dishes. It’s also worth a visit.

To reserve a table at “Brugg” Inn, please call +43 (0)6583 - 82 550

Galloway Beef

We’re justifiably proud of our Galloway cattle, raised organically right here in the high mountain meadows.  They supply our restaurant with the most succulent and delicious cuts of beef available, which we serve exclusively. The Galloway is native to Scotland where they’ve thrived for millennia in the raw, windy, rainy climate. 

Galloways are thought to be the oldest and purest breed of cattle on the British Isles. Even the Romans praised the excellent taste of their meat and the first recorded description of the animals comes from the poet Livius (284-204 BC). The Romans were so fond of Galloway beef that they were the only living things allowed to pass through Hadrian’s Wall, which protected the province of Brittannia from the wild northern tribes of Scotland.

Meals Served in the Chalet

When returning to your chalet after a day full of enjoyable activities you may enjoy an invigorating shower or relaxation in the romantic private hot tub. And if you don’t like to leave your snug realm, we will serve you delightful “Pinzgau” specialty dishes in the chalet. Enjoy your meal …!

Hearty “Pinzgau-style” cheese dumplings

Oven-baked potatoes with smoked salmon, diced bacon with onions and cream cheese

Warm smoked trout with creamy horseradish and cranberry cream

Tagliatelle pasta with a light cream sauce and freshwater crayfish

Spicy roast pork ribs

Roast sirloin (medium) from the home-bred Galloway cattle

“Viennese style” cutlet (original recipe)

“Salzburg-style” roast beef with onions

Crisp pork roast

Freshly baked “Kaiserschmarren” (sweet sliced pancake) with plum compote

Since a meal is always a convivial occasion on our “Alm”, we suggest choose together one dish for all occupants of the chalet. We will prepare it timely and serve it to you in the chalet in a big casserole with freshly harvested salads. 

* One dish is served for all guests in the chalet.

Jams made by Véronique Witzigmann

Sweet Delicacies Created by the “Jam Fairy”

We share the passion for organic food with our friend Véronique Witzigmann, who is the daughter of Eckart Witzigmann, the famous Austrian chef. She often visits us, with her luggage always being full of her marvellous jams and chutneys. 

It was her daughter Marietta, who prompted her to make jams. Little Marietta didn’t like fresh fruit or “pieces” of it in the jam, either. So Véronique decided to develop her own fruit spreads. Everyone was enthusiastic about them! And some time she was told: “They are so fine. You should reap more benefit from your hobby. You are really a jam fairy”. This is how it all began. 

What started with a few jars of jam for her daughter has meanwhile become a small but sophisticated jam and chutney factory. Her products are handmade in small quantities from best seasonal ingredients according to recipes, which are always tested and refined by Véronique herself. When staying at “Priesteregg” Resort, you can taste Véronique’s delicious jams already for breakfast and take them home to treat your dear ones to these little delicacies.  


Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at Bergdorf Priesteregg. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, and the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel.
Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true, because they never allocate ALL the rooms to third parties.

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Bergdorf Priesteregg | Huwi and Renate Oberlader | Sonnberg 22 | A-5771 Leogang | Austria

By Car 

From Munich take Autobahn A8 towards Salzburg (toll free)

Take the Siegsdorf-Lofer-Saalfelden exit. In Saalfelden, turn right at the first traffic circle and drive eight kilometers to Leogang. At the edge of town turn right at the bakery and follow the signs to Bergdorf Priesteregg or Huwi’s Alm.

Alternative route from Germany

From Autobahn A8, take the Innsbruck/Kufstein/Brenner exit onto Autobahn A98.  In Austria, take the Kufstein Sued exit and follow the signs to St. Johann/Tirol – Fieberbrunn-Hochfilzen – Leogang

By Train or Plane

We’ll be happy to pick you up at the train station in Leogang. You can book your trip quickly and easily at the following websites:

Leogang is easily accessible from three international airports – Munich, Salzburg and Innsbruck

Shuttle-Service from Munich or Salzburg

Holiday-Shuttle is your comfortable transfer from Salzburg or Munich Airport to Bergdorf Priesteregg. The shuttle runs 365 days a year. 6 shuttles a day both ways and carry you til the door of your chalet.


If you prefer a VIP-Shuttle with a Mercedes Minivan or a helicopter-transfer please click here.

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