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The Palace Hotel in Buçaco (Palace Hotel do Bussaco) is a fairytale castle in the middle of the enchanted forest, offering you the unique experience of staying in a real royal palace, considered, since 1917, as one of the most beautiful, romantic and historic hotels in the world. The palace was built from 1885 to the last Kings of Portugal, and is located two hours from Lisbon, and one from Porto, inside the National Forest of Bussaco, a former botanical and natural book of Portugal. Hotel near Coimbra.

Palace Hotel do Bussaco

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This immense forest of 105 hectares, planted and walled by the Order of the Discalced Carmelites in the first quarter of the century. XVII, has vegetal species from all over the world, many of them gigantic, and offers numerous and unforgettable pedestrian walks in close contact with nature, with passage through dazzling fountains, chapels, hermitages and belvederes by the mountain range above. Its Via Crucis and the Convent of Santa Cruz also give this unique and bucolic place a rare atmosphere of greater peace and serenity.

In the center of this unique landscape and architectural complex in Europe, the Palace Hotel do Buçaco, a true royal palace in the most fascinating neomanueline style with its grand and harmonious noble staircase, is sumptuously furnished and decorated with numerous works of art, magnificent frescoes, valuable paintings and fantastic panels of tiles representing the Epic of the Portuguese Discoveries and the Battle of Bussaco, written by the greatest Portuguese masters of the 20th century. XIX.

The Palace's majestic dining room, formerly the scene of important royal banquets, is nowadays one of the finest and most refined restaurants in Portugal, both in terms of service and especially in terms of the reinvented Portuguese cuisine it proposes and its own wine cellar, consisting of the world-renowned Bussaco wines, mis-en-bouteille-au-château since 1920.

This hotel, which for nearly a century has hosted monarchs and heads of state from all over the world, actors and authors, politicians and couples on honeymoon, is thus the most romantic and special frame for the celebration of weddings, and other family or social festivities, and is also an area of ​​the highest excellence for holding meetings and the most diverse types of corporate events.

A stay at the Palace Hotel of Bussaco corresponds to a unique historical experience that should not be missed. A unique spirit of authenticity given to us by the surrounding forest and other characteristics pointed out, create, to those who have ever settled in, a longing for the perfection found and the recollection enjoyed.

Many European hotels give themselves the flattering designation of "Palace". This one deserves it. Not only because it is an authentic palace, in the true meaning of the term, but also because it floats an unreal spirit. Staying at the Bussaco Palace is like entering a fairy tale.

Rooms & Suites

A total of 60 rooms and 4 suites in a profusion of representative styles from the early 20th century, from Art Nouveau to Art Deco, and from Portuguese classics like D. José or D. Maria, all with original period furniture.

However, since it is essentially a historical experience, some of the hotel's rooms are kept in ancient period environment, in order to preserve the original beauty and ambience of the palace, which is why they do not offer some of the amenities and of the contemporary luxuries expected in a hotel of this renown, which of course is reflected in the balanced prices that are practiced - and sometimes we even appreciate not staying in a modern hotel.

The Royal Suite

The royal suite at Buçaco Palace Hotel is one of the most magnificent suites in pure Louis XVI style that can be used throughout Europe and has been occupied by monarchs, heads of state and travelers in search of the best that tranquility and authenticity can provide.

Meetings & Events


Each wedding has to be unique, magical and perfect ... For this, the Palace Hotel of Buçaco (Palace Hotel do Bussaco) is certainly the ideal and idyllic place for the occasion with which you have always dreamed...

Just and only a real fairytale palace located in the heart of an enchanted forest...

Here, legends and mysticism carry us to remote times when monks shaped the woods, remind us of moments when a Queen intervened to refine the already beautiful landscaping, and evoke the day when a King chose tallocal in order to build the most romantic and fantastic of all Portuguese royal palaces...

Thus, located in the center of the immense and leafy Buçaco Forest, carefully planted by the Discalced Carmelites over the centuries, an authentic royal palace, in the most majestic and delicate neo-Manueline style, with interiors of an incomparable artistic and historical wealth, and the quality guarantee of a great hotel of obligatory reference, perfectly combine creating a fabulous and extraordinary scenery.

The Chapel of the Convent of Santa Cruz do Buçaco, contiguous to the palace, the magnificent formal garden between the hotel and the noble forest front that rises above, the arcades and galleries of the hotel, its imposing hall with the impressive monumental staircase in multiples tile panels, the luxurious Noble Hall, its renowned restaurant, formerly the scene of important royal banquets, coupled with unique accommodation, form a unique and incomparable set in time and space.

The tradition of great luxury and differentiated service, the exquisite delicacies created by Chef Miguel Silva , the exclusive and appreciated wines of the legendary winery of the Palace of Bussaco, and the strong sense of responsibility given to all who give themselves to us to celebrate such unique moment, guarantee the success of your wedding banquet.

Between Lisbon and Oporto, and halfway between Coimbra and Aveiro or Águeda, there is no more romantic destination for your wedding than the Palace of Bussaco.

City & Attractions

In the middle of the Serra do Bussaco , north of Coimbra , inside the National Forest of Bussaco, Portugal's largest walled park with its 105 hectares of bucolic and leafy forest, next to Luso.

It is conveniently accessible from Lisbon or Porto via the exit number 9 for Mealhada from the A1 (Lisbon - Porto) motorway and the EN-234 road towards Viseu. For those arriving from Viseu or Guarda, the easiest route is through the EN-234 in a southwest direction.

The hotel is located 200 km from Lisbon, 100 km from Porto, 25 km from Coimbra, 45 km from Aveiro and 65 km from Viseu.

It is also close to numerous historical and cultural tourist attractions such as Luso and Curia thermal spas, popular Mealhada pig restaurants, Bairrada Route with its museums and wine tourism stations, the university city of Coimbra, the Roman ruins of Conimbriga, the mountains of the Azores and Lousã with its traditional shale villages, the historic city of Viseu and the Serra da Estrela, the Atlantic beaches of Mira and Figueira da Foz with its casino, the Mondego rice fields with the Castle of Montemor-o-Velho, or the "Venetian" canals of the city of Aveiro in his city.

To the south are the Monasteries of Alcobaça and Batalha, the picturesque Nazaré and the Sanctuary of Fatima, and to the north the city of Porto and the Douro Valley.

Bussaco Forest

The National Forest of Bussaco lies in the western foothills of the Bussaco Range and in lands that belonged to the Benedictine Monastery of Vacariça in the sixth century.


Unforgettable pedestrian walks in the National Park by the numerous bucolic routes of the forest, where it gives pleasure to lose us, and that transmit us a unique serenity and transport us to an environment of medieval magic, with passage through the Cold Source, Fetos Valley and Coimbra Doors , or from the Sacred Way to the High Cross, with a visit to the Convent of Santa Cruz do Bussaco.

Mesa Real Restaurant

The ancient banqueting hall of the Braganas, with its incredible Arabic ceiling and its beautiful paintings by João Vaz, illustrating passages from the Lusíadas alluding to Vasco da Gama's trip to India, and in which important royal banquets were once held, is today one of the most beautiful and renowned restaurants in Portugal.

Alongside the acclaimed Portuguese terroir cuisine reinvented by Chef Miguel Silva, inspired by Escoffier's purest canons, there are also the legendary World-renowned Bussaco wines, mis-en-bouteille-au-château since 1920, which by themselves, are quite attractive to oenophiles from all continents - drinkable whites begin in the 1944 harvest and the reds in 1945, such as the unparalleled longevity of these truly unique wines.

The small terrace on the flower-pot, overlooking the French garden, and with its stone dungeon of Ançã and its elaborate columns, is an extremely pleasant and sought after place for outdoor dining.

Room of the Angels

In front of the Mesa Real Restaurant, a private lounge for more intimate banquets, with magnificent views over the flower and under a ceiling with a graceful painting of angels, in trompe l'oeil, by the master Ernesto Condeixa.

Bar Carlos Reis

Next to the noble hall, an old ballroom, where the paintings with forest motifs to the pre-Raphaelite taste, in trompe d'oeil, by the master Carlos Reis, stand out on the background, through an arch over four columns, to the bar in which stands the painting "The Lost", imagined by Carlos Reis and painted by his son João. Here you can relax and taste one of the collections of Port wine, a rare Madeira or a robust of Bairrada.


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Hotel: Palace Hotel do Bussaco

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Country: Portugal

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The Bussaco Palace is located in the heart of the Bussaco National Park, a natural woodland reserve of 125 acres right in the mountain range of t Bussaco, Portugal, north of Coimbra, a truly spectacular and serene landscape of rare trees and exotic plants of exquisite beauty.
You can conveniently access Bussaco from Oporto or Lisbon by taking exit 9 of the A1 highway at Mealhada (Km 209) and following road EN-234 in direction of Viseu, turning to the left 1 km after having passed Luso and following the existing signs. Arriving from east, from Viseu or Guarda, the best way is getting the EN-234 direction southwest.
The site is close to many points of wide cultural, gastronomic and historic interest - the "leitão" (suckling pig) restaurants of the IC1 (6 kms), the Bairrada Wine Route with the old wine cellars and great wine museums, the renowned university town of Coimbra with its medieval centre and museums (25 kms), Conimbriga Roman ruins (37 kms), the historic interior city of Viseu (70 kms), the Cathedral of Batalha, the Monastery of Alcobaça and the Sanctuary of Fátima (100 kms), the Atlantic beaches of Mira (40 kms) Aveiro, the Portuguese “Venice”(40 kms), Figueira da Foz (50 kms) with its Casino, and the Douro Valley (110 kms).
International airports: Lisbon (200 kms), Oporto (100 kms).

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