Hotel Cala di Greco      

 Bancarello 20169 Bonifacio − France

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Designed on the idea of strong and modern reenchant space, the suites of the Hotel Cala di Greco are open as obvious on the most beautiful jewel cases: the incomparable environment of Corsica. This generous nature, we can only thank and support in our concepts.
We have designed for our charming hotel Bonifacio: the Cala di Greco, suites connected together, each is sheltered by a private patio where nature is again in range. It is nature who provided materials, earth, stone, wood, essential for a charming decoration.
Stylish and elegant suites at the Hotel Cala di Greco Bonifacio offer unique landscapes, with infinitely varying daylight. It is the sunset that the color palette is a real delight. It was at this magical time of day that nature is overwhelmed with his generosity. You will be at the heart of a symphony.
The explosion of fragrances of Mediterranean trees, interspersed with the subtlety of iodine, partying with the colors of the day ending, you will for a moment forget the time... Hotel Bonifacio, the Cala Di Greco, combining the charm and luxury, breathes authenticity, tranquility and sweetness of life.

The area surrounding the suites at the Boutique Hotel Bonifacio, the Cala di Greco spans over three wooded hectares with trees, myrtle bushes and dotted with endemic flora. The estate offers spectacular views of the peninsula of Bonifacio and has a beautiful infinity pool set comfortably.
The heated pool at the boutique hotel "Cala Di Greco" between heaven and earth is one of the jewels of the area, give your eyes a landscape where the blue sky merges with the blue of the sea.

The 30m² Suites

The suites Nausicaa, Heracles, Menelaus and Kaliste are equipped with a surface area 30 square meters.

The 40m² Suites

The suites Penelope and Odysseus are equipped with a surface area of 40 square meters and bathtub.

Amenities: private patio of 60 square meters, private terrace of approximately 20 square meters, king size bed, air conditioning, flat screen TV, direct-dial phone, mini bar, safe, dressing, italian shower, WiFi internet (free).

Bonifacio Hotel invites you to explore the southern Corsica.
When riding on the road south, there is a time when you suddenly go from gray to white, limestone and granite. A real dividing line is required to you.
In the countryside the ancient olive trees around you, the sea wind blows. You see the sea... In the surrounding landscapes, dry stone walls are made of stacked small flat slabs and form art weathered by the years.
Shelters built with dexterity, with the same dry stone slabs rise in gardens. They have stone roofs and once housed the peasants; and when it reaches the end of the extreme south, a fortified city stands like a limestone table. 3000 people live there. The sea still surrounds this peninsula. You're not dreaming, you are in Bonifacio.


Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at Hotel Cala di Greco. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, and the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel.
Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true, because they never allocate ALL the rooms to third parties.

The hotel is located 5 minutes from Bonifacio and the first beaches and 10 minutes from Golf de Sperone. 7 km from Sperone Beach and 10 km from Torra di Sant’ Amanza, which is classified as a Historic Monument.

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