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 Via Capodimonte, 2B 80071 Anacapri (Capri Island) − Italy

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Capri Palace Hotel & Spa

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The Capri Palace Hotel & Spa is a luxury hotel of refined elegance that recalls, with arches, vaults and columns, an ancient Neapolitan palace of 1700’s.

The white furniture dominates all the surroundings enhancing the architectural forms inspired by the Mediterranean and is the setting for a fine selection of contemporary art, a true hallmark of this place.

The Resort is just steps away from the small and charming center of Anacapri, authentic village in the most exclusive, charming island of Capri, where you can admire a wonderful panorama of the sea and the Gulf of Naples.

The 68 rooms and suites of this 5 star hotel, some with private pool and garden, are decorated in Mediterranean style, offering comfort and privacy.
The hotel has three restaurants, L’Olivo, an elegant and refined restaurant with Two Michelin stars, Il Riccio an exclusive One Michelin star restaurant and beach club just steps from the famous Blue Grotto and the more informal Bistrot Ragù with stunning sea view terrace.

The Capri Beauty Farm is a spa of international fame, many times awarded as the best medical spa in the world, and specializes in beauty and medical activities, such as the famous Leg School, invented and patented by Professor Francesco Canonaco.


Rooms & Suites

Classic double garden side


Comfortable and quiet rooms, providing panoramic views overlooking the green Monte Solarol. Terra-cotta floors, pleasing tones of beige for walls and furniture. Double bed or twin beds on request. 25 sqm (270 sqft). Bathroom with shower or bathtub. No balcony, just a window.

Classic double sea side


Comfortable and intimate rooms in beige and white with balcony and partial sea view. Double bed or twin size beds on request. 25 sqm (270 sqft). Bathroom with bathtub only.

Superior double room garden side


These new rooms of 25 sqm (270sqft) are an elegant interpretation of the Mediterranean style with a contemporary touch. The large window overlooking the Garden brings in a lot of light.

All fabrics of fine linens and cottons are from Loro Piana and exclusively from the Capritouch Home Collection, enriching the soft Mediterranean lines.

The white and blue ceramic floors are hand-made. The furniture is custom made according to the most traditional artisan techniques. 

The Mediterranean designed bathroom features a large shower only.

Superior double room sea side


Bright double rooms in a marine style with light wooden floors. 27 sqm (290sqft). All rooms have a balcony with partial view of the sea. Bathroom with shower only.

Deluxe double garden side

Large and spacious with a king size bed or twin beds on request and sitting area. Walls and plush furnishing with original fans of the colonial era. All with patio or balcony overlooking Monte Solaro. 35 sqm (376 sqft). Bathroom with bathtub and separate shower.

Deluxe double room with private pool & garden


Large and spacious with double bed or twin beds upon request and living  area. Walls and refined furnishings with original fans of the colonial era. 35 sqm wide ( 376 sqft), featuring a patio, garden and private heated swimming pool of 15 sqm (160 sqft). Bathroom with bathtub and separate shower.

Deluxe double sea side 


Large and spacious with a king size bed or twin beds on request and living area. Furnished with original fans of the colonial era. Small terrace with a splendid view of the sea facing the Gulf of Naples. 35 sqm wide( 376 sqft). Bathroom with bathtub and/or shower.

Junior Suite garden side


Comfortable Junior Suite 40 sqm (430 sqft) with sitting area. Not all the junior suites garden side offer a balcony. Refined furnishings with original fans of the colonial era. All look at the green Monte Solaro hill. Bathroom with bathtub and separate shower or only shower. Can be Capritouch style or brown and beige.

Junior Suite sea side


New and elegant Junior Suite Sea Side View in Capri style of 40 sqm  with living area. Refined furnishing and original colonial fan, they embody the supreme elegance of the Mediterranean style. Bathroom with shower only. The large window offers a beautiful view and bring light to the rooms. The exclusive linen and cotton from the exclusive Loro Piana Collection highlight the typical Mediterranean style.White hand-painted maiolica floor tiles, with terrace or balcony. some do Interconnect, even with other room categories.

Star Junior Suite sea side

Bright and elegant Star Junior Suite honoring two style-icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Isabelle Adjani. Both with a small terrace offering a panoramic view of the sea and the island of Ischia. 45sqm wide (485 sqft) . Large bathroom with bathtub and separate shower.

Suite Athena with private pool & garden


Furnished with contemporary style, this intimate and elegant suite of 45 sqm ( 484 sqft) features one  bedroom, a separate living room and a bathroom with shower and bathtub. The private heated pool of 18 sqm ( 193sqft)is surrounded by a private garden with typical plants of the Mediterranean.

Suite Andromeda with private pool & garden


Intimate and quiet, with  separate bedroom and living room .70 sqm (753 sqft). 2 bathrooms, one with freestanding bathtub. Furnished in a contemporary styleA walk-in closet completes the setting. The private heated pool of 21 sqm ( 226  sqft)  is located in a garden surrounded by typical  Mediterranean plants.

Suite Warhol with private pool & garden


 Intimate and quiet, this suite of 50 sqm (538 sqft)  has a bedroom, a large living room and two bathrooms. The floor is made of irregular white stone. Decorated with oil paintings inspired by the artist symbol of  the pop-art , including the famous "Campbell Soup".  The Warhol Suite features a patio and a spacious garden with private heated pool of 15 sqm (160 sqft).

Suite Magritte with private pool & garden


Bright suite of 50 sqm (538 sqft), elegantly furnished and decorated with tributes to the works of the Master of Surrealism. The large bedroom includes an open living room area facing the patio and a large garden with private swimming pool of 15 sqm (160 sqft). The bottom of the pool depicts a unique tribute of Magritte’s "The man with the bowler hat". A walk-in closet introduces the large bathroom with bathtub and separate shower.

Art Suite


Kandinsky, Mondrian and Mirò inspired these elegant suites with gorgeous panoramic views overlooking the sea. Large living room, bedroom and small terrace. Irregular white stone flooring. Decorated with oil paintings that pay homage to the three great masters of contemporary art. The bathrooms are made of Limestone marble with double sink, bathtub and separate shower. Each suite is more than 50 sqm( 538 sqft), two of them could be connected to become a large suite with 2 bedrooms.


Suite Monroe


Spacious and luminous Suite of 80 sqm( 860sqft) , homage to the iconic actress. Contemporary style. The suite has a large living room, a separate bedroom, walk-in wardrobe and a full spacious bathroom in Limestone marble. The small terrace offers a gorgeous view of the Mediterranean sea and the Island of Ischia.

Suite Callas with private plunge pool & terrace


Modern, spacious and full of light, this enchanting suite of 75 sqm (807sqft)  is dedicated to the divine soprano. Living room, a separate bedroom, a walk-in closet and two bathrooms in Limestone marble. The main bathroom has a spectacular free standing bathtub whereas the second one has a large shower box.Terrace of 50  sqm ( 538 sqft)  with a wonderful view over Ischia and the Gulf of Naples. Panoramic Plunge pool of 7.5 sqm  ( 80 sqft) with hydromassage.

Capritouch Suites


The newest Capritouch Suites , inspired by the homonymous brand Concept , hold the history, art, architecture and craftsmanship of Capri: 50 sqm large (538 sqft), they have panoramic balcony overlooking the sea. Soft colors and Mediterranean lines, enriched by Loro Piana fabrics and fine linens and cottons.

A Capritouch outfit, placed inside a wardrobe created ad hoc, is proposed to the guests of this Suite. White and blue hand-painted ceramic floor, bedroom and living area separated by columns, arches and cross vaulted ceilings. Furniture custom made according to the most traditional artisan techniques. Bathroom in minimal design with bathtub and shower. The three suites of Mediterranean charm  can be interconnected.

Capritouch Executive Suite


The brand new Capritouch Executive Suite, 70 sqm (753 sqft), masterfully expresses the craftsmanship, tradition and features of the Capri Style. Here everything is perfectly set in its most appropriate context and aims to enhance Mediterranean colors and architecture. Tribute to the new line Capritouch Home collection with high quality cotton and linen and embellished with Loro Piana fabrics, this bright suite can be connected with the Deluxe Capritouch Suite, becoming our “two-bedroom Penthouse Capritouch”.

A Capritouch outfit, placed inside a wardrobe created ad hoc, is proposed to the guests of this Suite where the guests can enjoy a magnificent view of the gulf of Naples from the balcony or the terrace. White and blue handmade ceramic tiles. The suite is divided by columns, arches and cross vaulted ceilings. White furniture to make the space wide open, fixing the gaze towards the sea. Spacious entrance, cozy living area, one bedroom and two bathrooms in minimal design, one of which with shower and bathtub.

Two-Bedroom Capritouch Suite

The brand new two-bedroom Capritouch Suite, 100 sqm (1076 sqft) features a stunning sea view terrace. Soft colors and room space divided by columns, arches and cross vaulted ceilings enhance Mediterranean atmosphere and architecture. Blue hand painted tiles, made by the famous Amalfi Coast artisan Solimene, on a ceramic white floor. Two bathrooms of minimal design with shower box and bathtub. 

This bright suite is a tribute to the Capritouch "Home collection" with high quality cotton and linen, embellished with Loro Piana fabrics. A Capritouch outfit, placed inside a wardrobe created ad hoc, is proposed to the guests of this Suite. White furniture pleasing to the eye make the space wide open towards the sea, offering mesmerizing views of Ischia island. Design furniture, art objects, pictures of Capri by the photographer Umberto D'Aniello, contribute to make this Suite classic and elegant, just like a Mediterranean house.

Two-Bedroom Penthouse Capritouch Suite


The Penthouse Capritouch Suite, of absolute Mediterranean charm, inspired by the homonymous brand Concept, expresses the best of Capri Style. 120 sqm (1290 sqft), two bedrooms and a large sea view terrace or balcony overlooking Ischia island. White and blue are both for furnishing, completely handmade, and for the ceramic floor with hand painted tiles by Solimene. Bedrooms and living area separated by columns, arches and cross vaulted ceilings. Loro Piana fabrics, fine linens and cottons, all strictly from the Capritouch Home Collection.

A Capritouch outfit, thought for the clients of this Suite, is exposed in a wardrobe created ad hoc. Two bathrooms in minimal design featuring  two large showers and  bathtubs. One bedroom is enriched by a spacious bathtub able to accommodate 2 persons.

Penthouse Acropolis Suite with Private Pool & terrace


Located at the very top of the hotel, this luminous and secluded suite is the perfect place where to enjoy the most panoramic views of the Gulf of Naples and Ischia island. The completely renewed  Acropolis Penthouse suite offers 70 sqm( 753 sqft) of  elegance and exclusivity.  Featuring a luxurious furniture of Imperial style, white marble floor with black stars, one bedroom completely furbished with Loro Piana fabrics, an intimate relax area,  bathroom with freestanding bathtub and a large shower box. To complete this unique set, a large surrounding terrace with stunning landscapes and a private  heated pool of 17 sqm (182 sqft).

Presidential Suite Paltrow with private pool & terrace


Home to the most demanding  guests, this two bedroom suite of 150 sqm(1615 sqft) is located on the top floor of the hotel. Surrounded by natural beauties, from its main terrace and spacious garden of  300 sqm (3230 sqft)  you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view and admire the green slopes of Mount Solaro, the village of Anacapri, the islands of Ischia and Procida, as well as the enchanting bay of Naples.

Completely refurbished in 2009, this luxury suite, dedicated to the actress Gwyneth Paltrow, combines the modern Art Decò style with the elegance of a bygone era, from the black marble flooring to the Antique furniture.

The main bedroom has a large full bathroom with separate shower, walk-in wardrobe, firteplace and a ceiling window above the bed to admire the Capri moon. The Paltrow suite has also two private pools: one swimming pool in the main terrace and one plunge pool.

Wellness & Relaxation


Leg school

The “Leg School” is a treatment that refers to vascular diseases in the lower limbs. The methodology,  formulated and patented by Prof. Francesco Canonaco, consists of a series of  complementary treatments characterized by the application of rich active principles and vaso-active substances. 

Venous insufficiency indicated by the presence of varicose veins or capillary-venous ectasias (surface capillaries) may not just prove a problem, but may actually be the beginning of a pathology which must be examined and treated by specialist doctors. Women very often suffer from venous and lymphatic return, although men also experience the problem, albeit to a lesser extent. 

This problem arises mainly in people who spend most of the day standing on their feet and is aggravated by bad eating, and posture habits. At times, it can be caused by regular abuse of medications, sudden weight gain, a wrong course of physiotherapy or simply bad posture. 

For this reason, our treatments involve bio-stimulation on a cutaneous and subcutaneous level which simultaneously increases the elasticity of the skin, thus preventing the formation of stretch marks. More importantly, it makes the legs look healthy once again through the use of truly unique formulas to combat sluggish blood circulation. Moreover, it favours lymphatic drainage and reduces swelling. 

La “Scuola delle gambe” è un trattamento delle affezioni vascolari degli arti inferiori. Tale metodologia, ideata e brevettata dal Prof. Francesco Canonaco, consiste in una serie di trattamenti complementari fra loro. Essi sono caratterizzati, alla base, dall'applicazione di ricchi di principi attivi e sostanze vasoattive.

Metabolic response / Rational weight loss

The excess of body fat is one of the main causes of cardiovascular and circulatory diseases, metabolic unbalance and hormonal offsets as well as psychiatric diseases linked to food intake. This problem has been increasing of about 30% in the last 15 years in the so called “industrialized countries”: genetic, social, cultural factors as well as inappropriate diets, loaded with fats, daily stress and reduced physical activities, are responsible for this increase. 

The program has been developed by Professor Francesco Canonaco, Medical Director of the Capri Beauty Farm, in collaboration with the University of Milan and now is supervised by Professor Evelina Flachi,  specialist in Food Science-Nutritionist, professor of Nutrition for Wellness at the post graduate course of Thermal Medicine, University of Milan. 

The program “Rational Nutrition – Metabolic Response” is finalized to the correct weight loss and the prescription of a right and personalized diet and physical activity program.


Clinical and scientific methods of study of the body position in space.

This test allows to evaluate and identify any static imbalances, preventing muscle and bone diseases: arthritis, cellulitis, circulatory insufficiency of the lower limbs and problems with dental malocclusion.


The Capri Beauty Farm, luxury spa, pays particular attention to physical activity which, if understood as a lifestyle, not only helps to achieve and maintain conditions of form, but also generates a global well-being reflected positively on every aspect of our lives.    

Meetings & Events

Our three meeting rooms in Mediterranean style, delicate and bright.

Equipped with advanced technological tools, some rooms have natural light and splendid views of the city centre of Anacapri.

  • Sala Cavalli
  • Sala Mediterranea
  • Sala Privé


The Capri Palace is a constant point of excellence, continuous work on the quality of ingredients intended to retrieve the flavours and scents of the Mediterranean tradition.

The gourmet restaurant L'Olivo (2 Michelin stars), decorated with unique materials, enhanced by Loro Piana fabrics and countless works of contemporary art. 

The Bistro Ragu is ideal for those who prefer a more casual restaurant with light meals, but always tied to the territory and its culinary tradition.

A few steps from the famous Blue Grotto, destination of the international jet set since the sixties, "Il Riccio" is the beach club of the Capri Palace paying tribute to the Mediterranean in style and cuisine.

The Capri Palace also offers a home catering service. 


Capri is one of the most fascinating destinations to celebrate your wedding reception, and to start your romantic honeymoon.

The Capri Palace is the perfect "setting" for an unforgettable wedding  banquet and cocktails, and offers several possible solutions, indoor and on the terrace of  the famous restaurant L'Olivo, or by the pool or even on  the panoramic terrace of the " Bar degli Artisti.

In addition, ,  elegantly renovated in Mediterranean style, offers the opportunity to dine in a setting of rare beauty, overlooking the sea and only metres from the famous Blue Grotto.

The kitchen staff, led by the young chef Andrea Migliaccioawarded 2 stars by the Michelin Guide, offers the best traditional cuisine.

The team, coordinated by Claudia our wedding planner, takes care of every detail to make every moment a memorable event.
 The Capri Palace also offers a catering service.


Emotions, joy, passion, along with the fascinating atmosphere of the Capri Palace Hotel & Spa for a "Dream Day"!

Our Wedding Planner will follow you for the duration of the preparations by providing a customised service, that meets all your needs:

  • accommodation

  • transfers

  • creating personalized menus and wine selection with the help of our sommelier

  • wedding cake created by our 'dessert chef'

  • floral decorations and fittings, photo shoot

  • musical entertainment

  • wedding favours, confetti, and wedding lists

  • relax & beauty: experts of the Capri Beauty Farm will help you to relax and enhance your beauty in a natural way


Beach Club il Riccio

Il Riccio is a place for the soul, a sort of hermitage of blue and pure white, as when the light is amplified, the view is thrust into the heavens where you can feel the breath of the sea. 

Boats and Excursions


Baia 50

The comfortable sun decks are the perfect spot to spend unforgettable moments under the Mediterranean Sun. 

  • Length: 15 m
  • Engines: 2 x 735 HP
  • Max speed: 34 knots
  • Cruising speed: 27 knots
  • Fuel tank: 2000 lt
  • Water tank: 500 lt
  • Capacity max: 6 + 1 skipper - from 7 to 10 pax with 2nd skipper at extra cost
  • Toilet: 1

Itama 40

  • Length: 12 m
  • Engines: 2 x 450 HP
  • Max speed: 34 knots
  • Cruising speed: 27 knots
  • Fuel tank: 1500 lt
  • Water tank: 500 lt
  • Capacity: 6 + 1 skipper - from 7 to 10 pax with 2nd skipper at extra cost
  • Toilets: 1

Imago 32

  • Length: 9,75 m
  • Engines: 2 x 315 HP
  • Max speed: 34 knots
  • Cruising speed: 27 knots
  • Fuel tank: 500 lt
  • Water tank: 100 lt
  • Capacity: 4 + 1 skipper
  • Toilets: 1

Gozzo 23 

  • Length: 7/8 m
  • Engines: 1 x 150 HP
  • Max speed: 10 knots
  • Cruising speed: 7 knots
  • Fuel tank: 250 lt
  • Water tank: 100 lt
  • Capacity: 6/8

Restaurant il Riccio - One Michelin star

In a Mediterranean atmosphere, sitting at blue wooden tables, you can have lunch and dinner almost every hour of the day.

The restaurant & Beach Club Il Riccio, boasting One Michelin Star is a place of signs and symbols, of women with hair made of sponge and sea mermaids created by Paolo Sandulli, the famous artist from Positano. The open kitchen is decorated with majolica tiles from Vietri. 

And the fish counter, like a Pompeian painting, that not even the Latin poet Ennio would have imagined, full of octopuses and cuttlefish, of bream and sea urchins, lobsters and seafood. Finally, the Temptation Room offers the v ery best of the Naepolitan pastry Traditions and is trhe place where the inner child inside each one of us can see his wildest dreams come true in the form of babà, small capresi almond and leomn cakes, delizie al limone and sfogliatelle, just to name a few.

Restaurant L'Olivo - Two Michelin stars

L’Olivo is the only restaurant on the island boasting 2 Michelin stars. Executive Chef Andrea Migliaccio creates cuisine in a modern interpretation of the traditional flavours of the region.

The finest fabrics in cashmere, linen and cotton are designed exclusively by Loro Piana. The glassware is handmade from Murano glass by Moretti.

The terrace of L’Olivo, recently refurbished, offers a very exclusive, modern, light ambience, in line with the indoor. Its fantastic unobstructed views of the  the pool area are enhanced by the modern design of the restaurant with columns, white furniture, works of art, giving a fantastic sense of harmony and a true Mediterranean feeling.

Comfortable chairs and sofas, designed exclusively are the result of extensive carpentry and tapestry research, using typical soft colours of cream, sand and turtledove. 

Fan ceilings and careful lighting contribute to create a relaxing atmosphere where one can unwind in a unique environment of understated luxury while dining in one the best restaurants and admiring, on one side the library with video installations and works of famous artists, and on the other side a large fireplace illuminated with candles. All consoles and large central table are all exclusively designed and completely handcrafted. The restaurant is delimited from the outside with a glass balustrade, from the inside with windows and sliging doors.

Bistrot Ragú

For those who prefer a more casual atmosphere, the terrace of Bistrot Ragu’ offers a regional cuisine, with the selection of traditional dishes and wood oeven pizzas on selected days for lunch only..

Dolce Vite wine cellar

The cellar, which houses a rich collection of bottles that make up the wine list of “L’Olivo”, hosts and organizes tastings of the best Italian wines, guided by the expertise and personality of the Sommelier Gennaro Buono. 

Bar degli Artisti

Undoubtedly the most amazing bar on the island!!

In a chic and casual atmosphere, one can admire a beautiful sunset, sipping one of our cocktails nibbling delicious home made canapés.

It offers a unqiue selection of 110 gins from all over the world. Let Antonio and his staff guide you to find the perfect tonic water from an equally extensive selection.

The Bar degli Artisti boasts an amazing collection of International works of art and offers live music on selected days


Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at Capri Palace Hotel & Spa. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, and the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel.
Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true, because they never allocate ALL the rooms to third parties.

Hotel: Capri Palace Hotel & Spa

Address: Via Capodimonte, 2B 80071 Anacapri (Capri Island)

Region: Capri Island

Country: Italy

Official website:

Telephone: (+39) 081 9780111

Fax: (+39) 081 8373191

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How to reach us

The Resort is just steps away from the small and charming center of Anacapri, authentic village in the most exclusive, charming island of Capri, where you can admire a wonderful panorama of the sea and the Gulf of Naples.

By plane

From Capodichino Airport in Naples

  • Private carfrom Naples airport to Naples harbour, public hydrofoil to Capri and transportation to the Hotel. The total cost of this service is of €220 for 2  per way (including hydrofoil tickets & porterage)
  • Private carfrom Naples airport to Naples harbour, private speedboat to Capri and transportation to the Hotel at €1500 for 2 per way
  • Helicopterfrom Naples airport to Anacapri heliport and transportation to the Hotel. The total cost of this service is of €2150 for 2 per way (luggage restrictions apply)

From Fiumicino Airport in Rome

  • Private car from Rome airport to Naples harbour, public hydrofoil to Capri and transportation to the Hotel. The total cost of this service is €680 for 2 per way (including hydrofoil tickets & porterage)
  • Private car from Rome airport to Naples harbour, private speedboat to Capri and transportation to the Hotel at the cost of €2000 for 2 per way
  • By Helicopter from Ciampino Airport Rome to Anacapri heliport and transportation to the Hotel. The total cost of this service is of €5000 for 2 per way (luggage restrictions apply)

By train

From Naples train station (Napoli Centrale)

  • Private car from Naples train station to Naples harbour, public hydrofoil to Capri and  transportation to the Hotel. The total cost of this service is €220 for 2  per way (including hydrofoil tickets & porterage)
  • Private car from Naples train station to Naples harbour, private speedboat to Capri and transportation to the Hotel at the cost of  €1500 for 2 per  way

From Rome train station (Roma Termini)

  • Private car from Rome Airport FCO to Naples harbour, public hydrofoil to Capri and transportation to the Hotel. The total cost of this service is €680 for 2 per way (including hydrofoil tickets & porterage)
  • Private car from Rome Airport FCO to Naples harbour, private speedboat to Capri and transportation to the Hotel at the cost of €2000 for 2 per way

By car

If you are travelling by car, we suggest to leave it in a private parking in Naples or Sorrento.

By sea

From Naples

· By private Speed Motorboat

50-foot private speedboat to Capri and then transportation to the Hotel at €1500 for 2 per way

· By public hydrofoil/ferry

You can reach the island from Molo Beverello or Calata di Massa Harbor in Naples. The hydrofoils depart from the main harbour, Molo Beverello, ferries can be taken from Calata Porta di Massa. The price for the tickets ranges from €20 to €25 (depending on the company). 

 From Ischia Island

· By private Speed Motorboat

Private speed motorboat to Capri and transportation to the Hotel at €1200 for 2 per way

· By public hydrofoil/ferry 

From the Amalfi Coast

On the Amalfi Coast, during the summer months, you can embark from several harbours from where you can reach the island of Capri. These are Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Castellammare di Stabia and Salerno

· By private Speed Motorboat

Private speed motorboat to Capri and transportation to the Hotel

  • From Sorrento at €900 (40-foot boat) to €1200 (50-foot boat) for 2 per way (no private car in Sorrento)
  • From Positano at €900 (40-foot boat) to €1200 (50-foot boat) for 2 per way (no private car in Positano)
  • From Amalfi at €1100 (40-foot boat) to €1300 (50-foot boat) for 2 per way (no private car in Amalfi)


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