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 Plazuela de los Lasso de la Vega 1 41410 Carmona − Spain

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A True Renaissance Palace

An exceptional palace built in 1561 by Lazaro de Briones, with 3000 m2, its own little plaza, 4 courtyards, 2 galleries, a grand staircase, a sensational Loggia, a swimming pool and small garden, 4 spacious living rooms, an elegant restaurant, a bar, and 33 unique and welcoming bedrooms.

Exquisitely decorated with select antiques, the finest silks, velvets and wallpapers, original oil paintings and master prints, the Casa Palacio de Carmona provides an ambience both plush and homely.

Casa Palacio de Carmona

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The Casa Palacio de Carmona is a spectacular XVIth C. Renaissance Palace with an elegant dining room and 33 bedrooms, each charming and unique. It is located in the centre of historic of Carmona, a serene and remarkably beautiful white village full of roman heritage, churches, convents and nice restaurants and tapas bars, just 20 minutes from Seville Airport.

The Casa Palacio de Carmona is a prime example of the best civil architecture in the Spanish Renaissance, immaculately preserved and decorated with unmatched good taste. Further to the elegant dining room “Gracia” and Felipe’s Bar, you will find four lush patios, a grand staircase and gallery, several and impressive living rooms, a games room with a chimney, a comfortable library and a small renaissance garden leading to the swimming pool and beautiful Loggia. The dining room “Gracia” is set in the former stables of the palace, which are now elegantly decorated with equestrian frescos, mahogany tables and gilt china.

 Dining is formal and the food and wines are both first class and without pretence or fanfare. The more relaxed and gregarious also enjoy tapas and cocktails at Felipe’s Bar.

Each of the 33 bedrooms is unique and exquisitely decorated with remarkable fabrics and wallpapers, antique furniture, oil paintings, watercolours and original prints.

We serve a pleasant breakfast at the beautiful Loggia conservatory – with eggs made to order any way you want and presented on fine China.

We are grateful to the support of our guests – who make it possible to maintain the palace – and also to our exceptionally respectful, genuinely happy and engaging staff, who help provide the sophisticated, relaxed and joyful ambience which is the essence of the the palatial life you’ll find at the Casa Palacio de Carmona.

Felipe Guardiola Medina

Rooms & Suites

Casa de Campo Doubles

Tha Casa de Campo adjoins the Patio de Columnas and the Loggia on its north-east side. Its previous use was for grain storage in the two top floors and olive oil storage in terracota vases in the ground floor. Now there are 3 rooms on the first floor (27,28 and 29) and three rooms on the second floor (30, 31 and 32).

  • Room 27: 24 m2 ( 17 + 7 ) · 1 Queen-size Brass bed with Canopy.
  • Room 28: 23 m2 ( 18 + 5 ) · 2 Beds Together.
  • Room 29: 20 m2 ( 15 + 5 ) · 2 Beds Together.
  • Room 30: 24 m2 ( 17 + 7 ) · 1 King-sized Bed.
  • Room 31: 24 m2 ( 18 + 6 ) · 2 Beds Together.
  • Room 32: 24 m2 ( 17 + 7 ) · 2 Beds Together.

Superior Doubles – Casa de Arriba

The Casa de Arriba Superior Doubles are bedrooms Nº 20, 21, 22 and 23. They all are located on 2nd Floor on the Casa de Arriba.

  • Room 20: 28 m2 ( 19 + 9 ) · 2 Beds Together.
  • Room 21: 24 m2 ( 18 + 6 ) · 2 Wooden Beds, Separate.
  • Room 22: 20 m2 ( 14 + 6 ) · 1 Queen-sized Wooden Bed.
  • Room 23: 20 m2 ( 14 + 6 ) · 1 King-sized Bed.

Deluxe Bedrooms

  • Room 1: 28 m2 ( 23 + 5 ) · 1 King Sized Wooden Stuccoed Bed · Stuccoed Walls · Located on Ground Floor · Looks onto Plaza de Lasso.
  • Room 2: 28 m2 ( 19 + 9 ) · 2 Beds Together· Located on Ground Floor · Looks onto Plaza de Lasso.
  • Room 6: 38 m2 ( 25 + 13 ) · 2 Beds Together · Located on Grand Staircase Mezzanine.
  • Room 9: 26 m2 ( 22 + 4 ) · 1 King-sized Wooden Stuccoed bed · Vaulted Ceiling · Located on Upper Floor Above the Loggia.
  • Room 11: 34 m2 ( 26 + 8 ) · 2 Wooden Beds · Overlooks Pool · Located on 2nd Floor accessible only by stairs.
  • Room 14: 30 m2 ( 14 + 9 + 7 ) · 2 Beds Together · Duplex · Arab Garden View· Located on Upper Floor.
  • Room 26: 34 m2 ( 27 + 7 ) · 2 Beds Together · Loggia Patio View · Located on Ground Floor in the Casa de Campo.

Junior Suites

  • Junior Suite 4: 35 m2 ( 24 + 11 ) · 2 Beds Together · Vaulted Ceiling · Located on Ground Floor on a small courtyard past Arab Garden.
  • Junior Suite 5: 50 m2 ( 26 + 18 + 6 ) · 2 Wooden Beds · Duplex · Upholstered Walls · Located on Ground Floor on a small courtyard past Arab Garden.
  • Junior Suite 8: 47 m2 (28 + 12 + 7 ) · Separate Beds Upstairs, Two Separate Beds Downstairs. Duplex · Located on the Upper Patio Gallery.
  • Junior Suite 12: 40 m2 ( 32 + 8 ) · 2 Wooden Beds · Spacious · Located on 2nd Floor accessible only by stairs.
  • Junior Suite 15: 39 m2 ( 15 + 12 + 12 ) · 2 Wooden Beds Upstairs · Duplex · View of the Arab Garden · Located on the Upper Gallery of the Patio.
  • Junior Suite 16: 43 m2 ( 21 + 12 + 10 ) · 2 Large Iron Beds · Separate Living Room · Located on the Upper Gallery of the Patio.
  • Junior Suite 17: 42 m2 ( 35 + 7 ) · 2 Large Wooden Beds · Upper Floor.
  • Junior Suite 18: 32 m2 ( 25 + 7 ) · 2 Beds Together · Located on Upper Floor.
  • Junior Suite 19: 45 m2 ( 15 + 20 + 10 ) · 2 Beds in Bedroom + 1 Queen-size Bed in Separate Living Room · View of the Plaza de Lasso · Upper Floor.

Honeymoon Suites

  • Honeymoon Suite 3: 41 m2 ( 31 + 10 ) · 1 King-sized Bed · Upholstered Walls · Located on Ground Floor.
  • Honeymoon Suite 7: 43 m2 ( 36 + 7 ) · 1 King-size Bed · XVIth century coffered ceiling · Located on Upper Gallery of the Patio · Honeymoon Suite.
  • Honeymoon Suite 10: 31 m2 ( 18 + 13 ) · 1 King Size Bed · Overlooks Pool · Vaulted Ceiling · Honeymoon Suite.
  • Honeymoon Suite 24: 27 m2 ( 28 + 9 ) · 1 King-size Bed · Located on the second floor “Casa de Arriba” · View of Santa María.

Wellness & Relaxation


The Arab Garden was designed by the renowned spanish landscape architect Maria Medina Muro (Sevilla, 1945) in 1991.

Measuring 8 x 7 m, it is formed by four symmetrical parterres with box and albero pathways making a cross with an octagonal tiled fountain in the center. In the parterres there are a large and ancient sour-orange tree, a 20m-tall washingtonia robusta palm tree, a banana tree, and an hibiscus plant.

The Arab Garden looks onto the Loggia and the Pool on one side, and the Library on the other. The Arab Garden is specially enjoyable throughout the spring and autumn and at night in the summer.


The Pool was designed by the renowned sevillian decorator Manolo Morales de Jódar, who became renowned later in 1997 by buying, restoring and decorating the Palacio de San Benito in Cazalla de la Sierra.

Manolo, on his travels in the Algarve, found on the side of a road, a decrepit construction with a step-arch-step which he used to form the current design. He perfected it with the tiles, the five fountains and colours into the shape that can now be seen.

It measures 10 metres by 3.5 metres and is kept full and clean year-round. Because it is enclosed in tall walls, sunlight falls on it in the summer only from 11 am to 6 pm, maintaining the water coolish from June to September, and too cold to use from October to May.

Meetings & Weddings


All of the salas have high ceilings, abundant natural light, and air conditioning.

Whether you are concerned with launching a new product to your most important distributors or to selected journalists, with training your sales staff or your executives, with holding a meeting of the board of directors or with rewarding your best achievers, the Casa de Carmona has ample experience and is fully prepared to make your event a total success.

At the Casa de Carmona you will find the professional knowledge and experience you need to design the best program of events to suit your trip’s objectives. Our treatment of groups and meetings is organised and executed to an excruciating level of detail which results in thanks and praise time and again by our clients.

Meeting Room




L x W x H









Salon Azul 100 m2   14,9 x 6,8 x 5,5   170   100   40   120   50   200

Salon Biblioteca 50 m2   6,2 x 5,0 x 4,5   70   25   25   60   14   120

Salon Ajedrez 34 m2   9,6 x 3,3 x 4,5   55   20   30   40   36   70

Loggia 85 m2   12,5 x 7,2 x 5,5   130   50   40   110   80   150

Restaurante Gracia 83 m2   12,5 x 7 x 4   130   50   40   70   80    150

Patio de Columnas 174 m2   14,7 x 11,7 x 4,5   150   80   70   192   60   300

Patio Apeadero 80 m2   10 x 8 x 4,5   120   40   80   80   40   150

Plaza de Lasso 504 m2       350   200   120   300   300   400



At the Casa de Carmona you will be able to celebrate a fabulous wedding reception. In short, you will be able to benefit from:

  1. An experienced and dedicated team to provide you a thoroughly professional organizational service throughout.
  2. A fabulous XVIth Century Palace all for your families with 33 bedrooms to host your invitees.
  3. The beautiful village of Carmona, just 20 minutes from Seville International Airport.


Established 3000 B.C.

Sicut Lucifer lucet in Aurora, ita in Vandalia Carmona

Carmona, 25km east of Seville, is a quiet, charming little white fortified town sitting atop a cliff overlooking a vast vega.

First settled 5000 years ago, Carmona is now full of roman walls, gates and archaeological sites, baroque churches, convents, and palatial houses.

Carmona’s architectural wealth derives from being surrounded by one of the most fertile agricultural fields in Andalucía, growing wheat and sunflower in the Vega, and olive and citrus groves in the plateau, peppered with many beautiful farmhouses.

Some of these farmhouses have developed their activities to present them to groups such as Horse Breeding and Dressage ( Finca Viña del Bailio ), Olive growing and Olive Oil production ( Basilippo ) or an Anise Distillery.

Gracia Restaurant

At the Gracia Real Restaurant we provide an enjoyable dining experience.

Further to the elegance of the architectural space, the antique furniture, fine china, glass, and linen, the enjoyment comes with the food – which at the Casa de Carmona is just simply the knowledgeable selection of the best local produce. We source from local farmers and serve what is of the moment – and we do to it as little as possible.

Felipe's Bar

The highlight is always the produce – which is no other than respect for the produce – and this respect for the produce is no less than the respect for our clients and for ourselves. In these last 20 years, after having served and learnt from thousands of guests and thousands of catered events, we still get excited when the new crop of tomatoes becomes ripe, when our fishmonger calls to tell us a catch of Corvina has just arrived, or when we make something no more complicated than a fresh potato, melva and tomato salad!.

The Loggia

Although we enjoy and work for freshness, taste, beauty and elegance, we harbor no ambitions and absolutely no pretense – food service is a very communal endeavour!

Breakfast at the Loggia

At the Casa de Carmona we serve an enjoyable breakfast at the Loggia. This picture shows a buffet prepared for a group. For individual reservations, we do not set up a full buffet as shown in this picture, but set up a small buffet “on your table”. In this way we do not have the food deteriorating for hours until your arrival at breakfast, but can take it out of the fridge and present it on your table within 5 minutes. We then offer to cook eggs to order your way. We strive to present a healthy breakfast with the best coffee, breads, tomatoes, olive oils, jams etc. available. Breakfasts are served by the pool in the Loggia, on large individual tables, on a linen mantelpiece and with fine china, and we strive to make it a pleasurable experience. Breakfasts are all inclusive and cost 20 € per person.

Alternatively, you may also enjoy breakfast at one of the cafeterias in the Plaza de San Fernando, or in the Plaza de Abastos, which are just a 3 minute walk away and have outside seating.


Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at Casa Palacio de Carmona. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, and the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel.
Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true, because they never allocate ALL the rooms to third parties.

Hotel: Casa Palacio de Carmona

Address: Plazuela de los Lasso de la Vega 1 41410 Carmona

Region: Andalucia (Southern Spain)

Country: Spain

Official website:

Telephone: +34 608 090 803

Fax: +34 954 191 000

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By car
From Seville:
Take Highway A4 Direction Airport-Cordoba. Exit km 504. After 1,5 km on crossing, make a right. Continue 1,5 km up into historic centre, park on plaza on left.
From Cordoba: Take Highway A4 Direction Seville. Exit km 504. After 1,5 km on crossing, make a right. Continue 1,5 km up into historic centre, park on plaza on left.
From Malaga or Granada: On Highway A92, Exit km 65 to Marchena onto A-380 for 12 km. Cross Marchena and continue on A-380 for 24 km to Carmona. Upon arriving uphill at a crossing, facing Shell Gas Station, make right, continue 500 m to crossing. Take the crossing (make right to cross over to left). Continue 1,5 km up into historic centre, park on plaza on left.

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