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Located near the old bridge over the River Tamega, in the historic heart of the small town of Amarante, Relais & Chateau Casa da Calçada is an impressive refined, hotel set on a XVI century Palace, former residence of the Counts of Redondo. Magnificent gardens, gold coloured walls, and elegant lounges with very comfortable seating in romantic style, welcome guests as they arrive to this beautiful manor house. Rich colours and objects d’art, enhance the ambiences, in a quiet atmosphere of luxurious comfort. The rooms, all uniquely decorated, are equipped with modern accessories to provide the utmost of comfort. Colours and textures, combine perfectly for a cosy, wonderful decoration. A glamorous restaurant offers typical and selected regional cuisine, in a warm and calm environment. The leisure room, or the bar with its spectacular terrace with views to the vineyards that surround the hotel, are the perfect places, for relaxing, drinking or chatting, before of after your meal.

Essence and History
Casa da Claçada –member of the Association of Hotels Relais & Châteaux-, a luxury hotel in Amarante with a fabulous landscape in an idyllic and magical setting, is located between the city of Oporto and the Duero valley. The Casa da Calçada, declared by the Portuguese government building of special architectonical, historical and cultural interest, maintains its original Baroque style and its neoclassical elements in a romantic atmosphere that invites you to a trip to the past, in a familiar and welcoming environment.
The Casa da Calçada – Relais & Châteaux was built during the XVIth century and it was one of the main palaces of the Earl of Redondo. During the French invasions, the allies (the English and the Portuguese) settled there. At the beginning of the XXth century, our luxury hotel in Amarante became an important meeting point for politicians and intellectuals, including its owner António do Lago Cerqueira, born in the palace in 1880 and one of the most important lead politicians of the First Republic. The property was completely refurbished in 2001 and it became a 5-star hotel and a member of the prestigious hotel chain Relaix & Châteaux in 2003. In brief, one of the most emblematic and symbolic accommodations of the Portuguese sphere.

Offers of Casa da Calçada

  • António do Lago Cerqueira bar
  • Largo do Paço restaurant
  • Games and Reading room
  • Meeting rooms for events
  • Hundred-year-old garden and swimming pool
  • Private vineyard
  • Golf court with 18 holes
  • Water park
  • Sports academy
  • Covered wave swimming pool
  • Tennis courts
  • Bicycles
  • Private transfer to the airport
  • Car with chauffeur

Gardens and Swimming Pool
In the surroundings of the Casa da Calçada Relais & Châteaux you may enjoy the beauty of its gardens, with romantic details in all its corners that invite you to enjoy moments of relax and recreation.
The Casa da Calçada Hotel features two swimming pools, one for adults and another one for children. These swimming pools of our refined and charming hotel are usually open from June to September, and they remain closed the rest of the year.
The pool bar is also open during the same period as the swimming pools, and it serves light meals from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm all days.

Executive Room

All rooms provide individual air conditioning, central heating, mini-bar and flat screen tv with national and international channels. Several Casa da Calçada rooms and suites also provide a walk-in-closet, balcony and terrace.

Luxury Room

Wide rooms, elegant and luxurious, totally equipped, large marble bathroom with Castelbel (portuguese product) amenities.

View to Tâmega river and St. Gonçalo's Monastery.

Superior Luxury Room

Wide rooms, elegant and luxurious, totally equipped, large marble bathroom with Castelbel (portuguese product) amenities, walk-in-closet.

Private terrace with a view to Tâmega river and St. Gonçalo's Monastery.

Executive Suite

Wide rooms, elegant and luxurious, totally equipped, large marble bathroom with Castelbel (portuguese product) amenities, walk-in-closet and office.

View to Tâmega river and St. Gonçalo's Monastery.

Presidential Suite

Wide rooms, elegant and luxurious, totally equipped, two large marble bathrooms with Castelbel (portuguese product) amenities, walk-in-closet and living room.

Private terrace with a view to Tâmega River and St. Gonçalo's Monastery.


In the summer of 2010 the section of Amarante of the Ecopista da Linha do Tâmega was already finished. More than 9 km of an exclusive road for cyclists, with a floor on bituminous colours and earth-type tones that guarantees your comfort thanks to its low resistance to the rolling. The Ecopista has a 3,50m width with wooden kerbs that recall the lanes of the old railway.
The tour is equipped with benches and bins, as well as with public streetlights in the stretch between the stations of Amarante and Gatão.
The Ecopista is equipped with signs made of granite and aluminium which consist of signs per kilometre, informative location and address panels.
Regarding the vegetation, the execution programme of the Ecopista da Linha of Amarante includes the maintenance of a green area and the creation of a “fresh” circulation lane, which consists of a tree densification project that will give shape to a shade area.

Mountain Tours
The “Route of Marancinho” in the municipality of Amarante owes its name to the fact that its route surrounds the river of Marancinho and to the fact that the name “Marancinho” (Marãozinho) is a reminiscence of Marão, one of the greatest references to the natural heritage of this region. This six-km route, with a starting and a finishing point in the Romanesque church of Gondar and with a route that goes through all the area of the Gondar, Lufrei and Vila Cha, stretches through different paths and ancestral tracks, including a beautiful Roman road which connected Tongobriga (near Marco de Canavezes) with the rock sanctuary of Panóias (a few km away from the city of Vila Real), in Amarante. Alternating between valleys and mountains and going through crops and pastures, among scrubs and pine, oak and chestnut woods, the tour includes not only a rich and varied fauna and flora, but also different examples of the historical and cultural heritage of the region, such as the Romanesque church of Condar and the ruins of a thousand-year Roman street. The “Ruta Marancinho” is a registered route certified by the Federation of Camping and Trekking.
The “Route of São Bento", which starts in the fluvial beach of Rua, Arboleda, stretches throughout more than 12 km in the areas of Aboadela, Sanche, Olo, Vila Chã and Gondar. After the landscape of the area of Sanche, we get to the locality of Cruzeiro, Fondar. The route goes through an old Roman path, near the river of Marancinho, where we still can see a Roman bridge of planks over the river and dozens of metres of avenue hold to a robust wall by the slope of the land. The route continues along Sanche, crossing the river Ovelha de Rua and Marão in Lameira, direction Panóias. Finally, a steep path takes us to the top of the mountain, 550 metres over the sea level, in the area of Picotos.

Lameira Itinerary
The paths of Lameira invite you to a relaxing promenade around the mountain, where you will be able to see the footprints of interesting species. Among green areas and scattered scrubs, the Leijido river gives shape to natural landscapes perfect for the wild boar, whose presence can be perceived on the tracks, searching for tubers, roots and insects.

Támega Resort
The Támega Resort of Amarante was inaugurated in 1994. It is a renowned water park due to its design, services and security and surveillance measures.
The Casa da Calçada – Relais & Châteaux is the only resort located in the northern area of the country, with privileged views over the Támega river. It offers different activities and services that will make our guests’ stay a fabulous experience.

Entertainment facilities available:

  • Water park (open from May to September)
  • Waves swimming pool (open throughout the year)
  • GYM – Advance Training Academy (open throughout the year) 
  • Tennis academy (open throughout the year)


  • Snack Bar
  • “Onda Shop”
  • Skilled nursing facility
  • Parking
  • Video surveillance system

Museum Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso
The Municipal Museum Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso¸ the old library Municipal Museum of Amarante, was founded in 1947 by Dr. Albano Sardoeira with the aim of gathering information related to the local history and to the artists and writers born in Amarante, like Antonio Carneiro, Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, Acacio Lino or Manuel Monterroso, among others. Located in the Dominican Convent of São Gonçalo de Amarante, built between the XVIth and the XVIIIth centuries, the museum was gradually occupying the areas of the convent until its extension in 1980, made by the architect Alcino Soutinho, who reorganized the two cloisters, previously distorted by an element that divided them.

Casa das Artes de Amarante
The Casa das Artes de Amarante is the result of the transformation and adaptation of the old prison of Amarante, now turned into a modern cultural and educational institution. The building is located in the northern area of the city, in Campo da Feira, and it has two storeys where we find the administration services, meeting rooms for the teaching of dancing and ballet, a multifunctional room for rehearsals and exhibitions, a multimedia and audiovisual library and an auditorium with a capacity for 122 guests equipped with a stage for shows, exhibitions and conferences.

The Golf of Amarante is located in this beautiful city, which in the old times was the setting of Napoleonic wars, whose reminiscence can be found in the São Gonçalo church, where we can see the marks of bullets and bayonets looking for treasures.
In 1997 a remarkable event took place in the city: the Golf of Amarante, which belongs to the group Mota-Engil, was created. The architect Jorge Sawntana da Silva combined the relaxing and beautiful nature with 18 challenging holes in a court that rapidly became one of the renowned golf courts of Portugal. It is a unique setting with privileged views to the Marão and Aboboreira mountain ranges.
It has been the chosen setting for professional golf championships and for the Portuguese Golf Federation, as well as for other tournaments organised by renowned brands of different sectors.
These are some of the collaborators: Mota-Engil, Audi, Samsung, Oni, Micromáquinas, Hp, Jornal O JOGO, BMW, Relais & Châteaux, Banif, Accenture, Bes Private, Lancia, Capital do Móvel, Viagens Gheisa, Renault, Unión de Bancos Suizos... among others.
Casa da Calçada is a golf hotel in Amarante with a large experience in the organisation of events. We offer you the opportunity to join our tournaments and promote the image, logo, services and products of your business through a strategic alliance.


Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at Casa da Calçada Relais & Chateaux. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, and the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel.
Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true, because they never allocate ALL the rooms to third parties.

GPS 41º 16'06.00'' N 8º 4'41.03" W

Oporto: 60 km – 30 min via A4 road
Lisboa: 370 km – 3 hours via A1 and A4 roads
The historical centre of the city near the old bridge, over the Támega river, in front of the São Gonçalo.

Once in Oporto get the A4 road and take the exit to Amarante Oriente.
Take the first road on the right to the city centre.
When you get to the roundabout, turn left to the Parque Forestal. On the second roundabout go directly to the old bridge. You will find the Casa da Calçada – Relais & Châteaux in front of you.

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