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Set in the middle of an English-style park between Cuneo and Saluzzo, The Castello Rosso, an ancient abode of the aristocracy dating back to the 15th Century, has returned to life, offering moments of peace in harmony, in an environment full of history. The Castle, which includes a hotel, restaurant, Meeting Center and Beauty Center, is far removed from noise and pollution, and is the ideal place to spend some pleasant days of work and/or vacation.

The quality of service and the attention paid to every detail makes every trip to Castello Rosso rich with style and comfort, with that little extra 'something' which makes a guest feel as if they were in their own home. In particular, it is perfectly adapted to meetings and seminars, for which clients are increasingly looking for places far from the city, preferring destinations that are both functional and relaxing. Castello Rosso aims to provide a rich experience, always putting the quality of our guests' stay with us first.


A manor of the 1400s immersed in the hill near the Marchesato di Saluzzo and at the foot of the Varaita Valley,  with its history and fairy tale behind it and a century-old forest that, with its own prominency that envelops and protects ... Welcome to the history of Red Castle of Costigliole Saluzzo.

Built on the ruins of the ancient Castle of Costanzia (destroyed in 1487), the Red Castle was finished around 1625 by earl Crotti. At the end of the century, in 1693, the French army retired towards Turin, after the useless siege of Cuneo, Costigliole Saluzzo worked almost to the ground, leaving only six constructions left; The country suffered the consequences of the passage of French troops to the early decades of the 1700s.

As the central body of three castles, the Red Castle was the residence of the lords of the country, while the other two, the current Reynaudi castle and Castellotto, represented the defense complex that with two bastions stretching out toward the lowland protected the underlying country mostly lying on the hill.

This adaptation to manor residence dates back to many years, in fact, some parts that were saved from the destruction of the Savoia still show, like a precious fresco attributed to the Maestro d'Elva. In honor of its "castellana", the park was settled in French, and in honor of the past of the region and of the family, the complex has assumed a medieval shape with towers, curtains and scaffolds, accurately reproduced  based on historical buildings.

The castle, in terms of architecture, presents  an asymmetrical "U" plant whose main body, towers corresponding to the two stairs, run along the east - west longitudinal axis.

The restoration work, completed in 1997, has been trying to gently glimpse among the various epochs that separate the original building from our day to obtain the desired result, an old castle with modern dresses.

Today the structure includes the Hotel, Restaurant, Meeting Center, Wellness Center and a portion of the Medical Center.


Il Maestro d’Elva

On the second floor of the Red Castle, among mysterious stairs leading to the towers and precious antique-style rooms, there is a rare fresco attributed to Hans Clemer, the Maestro d’Elva. This painting, which is dated to the late fifteenth century, represents the Madonna and Child with Maria Maddalena supporting a ciborium and S. Caterina.

Hans Clemer , said Master of Elva (Flanders, ante 1480 - Piedmont, post 1512), was a Flemish painter, naturalized French in Piedmont active in the Saluzzo area. He was an exponent of Gothic-Flemish painting but there are barely any documents regarding his birth. The artistic career of Hans Clemer is very eloquent, very attentive to the innovative technical solutions of his era. Around 1490 it turns out to be that they already operate in the valleys of the Marquesado de Saluzzo and, in particular, in the Maira Valley. Destination for many art lovers the parish church of Elva, where you can admire frescoes depicting scenes from the life of Mary and a majestic Crucifixion, dating to 1493. This masterpiece earned him the title of Master of Elva but The artist's presence, widespread in much of the territory of the marquis, has been demonstrated by a series of works ranging from religious themes to mythological-historical representations. At the same time, he was called to attend his work in the capital of the Marquis of Saluzzo. Here Hans Clemer showcased his last works commonly by date 1511-1512. In addition to paintings on the facade of the cathedral of Saluzzo, he also designed the decoration "à grisaille" on the facade of the Casa Cavassa and altarpiece of Our Lady of Mercy.

The frescoes on the north tower ladder

From the fourth floor of the red castle that leads to small stairs leading to the north tower.

The walls of this climb are decorated  with frescoes that date back to the beginning of the 800s, however, we do not have certain information. These paintings represent monks. You can breathe the magical atmosphere step by step and it flows to the upper part of the north tower that dominates the infinite plains. What to say ... everything to discover!

The Church of Belvedere

A few hundred meters from the Red Castle, part of the property, is the Belvedere Church. This building is an authentic work of art built in a time contemporary to the castle. Originally designed as a funerary chapel of the Crotti family, the Belvedere Church today is an example of rare and sophisticated architecture. It has not yet been restored, but is part of a future project, nowadays can be admired in all its original beauty.

The Grifone Crotti

To protect the castle and its guests, strategically located on the roof stands proudly a huge copper griffin, ancient emblem of the Crotti dynasty. This mythological figure on the highest part of the manor, in addition to the obvious symbolic value wants to testify the secular art in the manufacture of iron, metals, bronzes and wood, typical of the Varaita Valley. It is an awesome awakening from the chambers of the second floor of the castle, which at dawn receive the first good morning just by him, silent guardian of the whole history of the manor.

The thought tower

On the corner of the park of the Red Castle, overlooking the nearby Castle Reynaudi, you can discover a delightful Tower. Unfortunately historical information on this small building is wrapped up by the mystery but ... but to us at the Red Castle, mystery and fairy tales are very much liked. The Tower now has the task of making magical romantic unforgettable moments for couples who wish to dream, secluded, illuminated by candlelight, with excellent wine and food ... complimented by a breathtaking panorama.


The forest

"You'll find more in woods than in books. The trees and the rocks will teach you things that no master will tell you." 

Bernardo di Chiaravalle, the twelfth century. (Cistercian monaco)

Maybe it's because wood has always been one of the main instruments of support of this land, maybe it's because it's alive in us the belief that nature is art, and the trees and fruits of nature are gold nuggets, or is it The reality of our rural roots, but nothing seems more beautiful and strong than our Forest Park in the Red Castle: pure energy. This is what we offer our customers, the energy of centuries-old trees  that have been proud of the same sky for hundreds of years. Walking in our park will make you understand these words ...

Standard Room
The Red Castle is a rich and sophisticated place, very devoted to the "As at Home" philosophy. The standard rooms, respect the original structure but cater to all the needs of the guests, they are spacious and practical, well-kept and simply furnished, all with a breathtaking view. The different floors of the manor will accompany you on a journey through time, starting from the more classic style to get to the modern one.
The Red Castle's deluxe rooms are all different and charmingly original. The restoration of the Castle, which lasted several years, respected the original morphology of the manor. The result was very spacious rooms, with important bathrooms and different characteristics; Exposed beams, private terrace, king size bed, the secular griffin watching from the roofs are just some of the surprises that will thrill you by living our castle.
Located in the oldest part of the castle, the suites will transport you to an atmosphere of other times. It alternates between the furnishings and the modern functional restored original part. Over-centuries-old fireplaces, antique furniture, frescoes and breathtaking views of the park, garden and natural landscapes give these rooms that fabulous touch that will accompany you throughout your stay.
The Red Castle has some annexes located a few steps from the main entrance and the wellness center. The strategic location of these rooms, complemented by the convenience of independent entrances and private gardens, makes these rooms ideal and discreet for business travels, fast visits and for lovers of four-legged friends. The decoration is the same as the standard room, sober and simple but very well cared for.

About Cuneo


Cuneo is situated in northwest Italy's Piemonte (or Piedmont) Region, where the Gesso and Stura di Demonte Rivers converge. About 60,000 residents here enjoy beautiful natural scenery at the foot of the Alps.
Neoclassical architecture typifies Cuneo's cathedral and Piazza Galiberti. The Via Roma is a favorite city street, featuring old churches and offshooting alleys packed with shops and inns. Monasteries and art laden sanctuaries grace the Cuneo countryside.
Epicureans may be familiar with Cuneo (also a province), as the area produces some of Italy's best red wines and the world's tastiest truffles. Local food processing prowess is also reflected in Cuneo's cattle shows and the Fiera della Castagne (chestnut fair) held each autumn. Cuneo makes a great base for venturing out to Piemonte's national parks. Nearby, the ancient hamlet of Limone Piemonte has developed into a world class ski resort and favored summer retreat.


Meeting Centre / Equipment

The meeting rooms, although located in an environment of other times, have the

distinction to have all the equipment and technology to satisfy every need.

Our rooms are equipped with:

overhead projector



big screen

telephone and fax service


Secretarial services: photocopying, receiving and sending faxes (paid service)

Internet ADSL-WiFi connection and possibility of video conferencing


Meeting Centre / Hall

The atmosphere, history and elegance of Red Castle make this place the ideal location for meetings and conferences that combines modern technology with high technical standards in a contemporary atmosphere.

The concept of "QUIET MEETING" is the foundation of business meetings developed in our facility. The quietness, the environment and the concentration of the place are the main features that distinguish us. 

They are available different communication technologies and different rooms, each for a specific request. If necessary, you can make use of partner companies for the management of special needs.

The Red Castle has 3 rooms for meetings and events to suit all customer needs.

The intimate rooms, like the Rose Room and the Ballroom "Constantia" down to the modern living room Bellevue can accommodate meetings and events for up to 270 people.


Wine and Food Experience

We are known worldwide for our culinary art and and we fiercely seek to go back to  typical dishes and rediscover traditional flavors.

From the windows of the Red Castle you can admire vineyards perfectly formed, almost unreal, so that they appear perfectly aligned rows.

At first glance they seem more the result of skillful architects not the result of passionate winemakers, but it is from the experience of the virtuous hands of this last one that Costigliole Saluzzo and the Saluzzese Hills can offer to the world inimitable wines from native vines such as Quagliano and Pelaverga . 

The Saluzzesi Hills, joined the Langhe and Monferrato, representing Piedmont wines in the world.


Are you looking for a relaxing holiday with nature and sport? The Red Castle can be yours!

The historic home, the peace and the proximity to the naturalistic and cycling paths will make you fall in love with these places and you will live with us the magic of Nature.

You can rent bicycles at the hotel and go into Nature with the help of maps and guided tours. Our staff can advise you about the places and itineraries according to your needs and, if you need it, we can provide you with expert guides (paid service) to reach the most enchanted places.



The atmosphere, the history and elegance of the Red Castle make this the ideal location for events and private parties. The artistic and landscape setting will make your guests  fall in love and make the event unique.

The Constantia Hall receives up to 100 people, The Rose Room, smaller, characterized by frescoed ceiling, receives up to 40 guests. The Salon Bellevue, warm and elegant tones, can accommodate 270 people. Characterized by the beautiful scenery on the Big Province.  

Theme Parties & Create Your Own Event

Want to organize a special event? Make your party unforgettable in the artistic landscape setting of the Red Castle. 

The experience of our staff can help you step by step in the realization of your event to make it unique and wonderful.

You will have the chance to visit the Castle to choose the room and imagine the place of your event. Private parties, corporate or theme are just some of the possibilities of opportunities that can be realized and celebrate the Red Castle. 

The historic entrance of the castle with a view of the ancient wood will welcome your guests and make them feel in an enchanted place. The background music and the panoramic view will mark the beginning of the event so that you can continue to the magic of the party 


Wedding Proposals

"Do you want to marry me?" The question is classic, and why is the answer yes, this proposal will have to be something surprising, unusual, original, touching or romantic. 

You think it's not easy? t is! With our experience we will make this a truly magical moment, because it will remain as one of the most beautiful memories of your entire life!

You think about the proposal, we will take care of the rest!

Our ideas for a successful proposal: 

Love in two ...

Book a Deluxe room or suite with a romantic dinner in the room (menu with two courses to choose from and the special cake, drinks not included) With the dessert the ring is served ...

Euro 270 per couple 

Love also through his stomach ... 

Do the proposal in our restaurant Dal Maestro during a candlelight dinner with a menu of four courses, excluding drinks. The ring will be served in a glass of bubbles along with dessert 

Euro 90 per couple

Marriages with Civil Rite

Castello Rosso is the perfect place to celebrate your Wedding Banquet and Civil Rite. Three cozy rooms are available depending on the number of guests. 

Enchanted by the magic of environments and location, the newlyweds can celebrate their Civil Rite in the Red Castle with all the guarantees of the legality of the ceremony.

The centuries-old park is the ideal place to start the banquet with an aperitif, offering a frame from another era that completes the spouses' album of memories.

The kitchen team, with skill, will make the menu a delight to the most demanding palates of friends and relatives. The starters, as well as first and second dishes are freshly prepared with an unparalleled sophistication. 

The layout of the round tables, Fiandra's tablecloths, silverware and silver glasses and cups make the Service impeccable.

What better place to celebrate your marriage in an atmosphere of other times?

To all the couples who make the Wedding Banquet at Red Castle will be honored on the wedding night in DeLuxe room, as well as the test menu. 

Here Fables come true!

Beauty Center

Castello Rosso is an antique construction situated on the hillside of Costigliole Saluzzo, and welcomes to its Wellness Centre Spa an activity that has been operating for many years. The Spa’s philosophy, is designed and realized in function of wellness, and fully facing research with valid responses for any disturbances derived from an inadequate diet, excessive fatigue, bad habits, stress and daily pollution. The experience, has for many years made it possible to rethink the role of the Wellness Centre, providing more than traditional functions of “Remise en Forme”, with stays that can be for a weekend, a week or even fifteen days. We can also propose even lighter services, adaptable for those who would like to take advantage of staying at the hotel for vacation, work, or other, who want to best use our services up to the very last day or during particular hours for possible treatments with a relaxing aesthetic or concentrated aim for specific problems. Meaning maximum elasticity for optimizing moments dedicated to the recuperation and maintenance of health, matched with a serene atmosphere and competence by the staff. The Beauty Centre is open every day from 9am to 7pm, on Sunday from 9am to 1pm.

Restaurant / Banquet

The social meetings for many different occasions are a great source of pride for our castle. The internal rooms complemented by the outdoor structure that can be used in the four seasons and are ideally placed, allowing to accommodate small and large numbers up to a total of 400 seats. The kitchen, ductile and organized, moldable to cater to small exclusive parties as well as to elegant ceremonies with hundreds of hosts. Particular attention is paid to food choices, allergies and intolerances.

Restaurant / Dal Maestro

Dal Maestro
The pride of preserving a precious fresco by Hans Clemer, better known as il Maestro d'Elva, has made the property the title of the hotel's own restaurant at the great artist. The cuisine is brilliant but refined, a tradition renewed by the freshness of the chef's young spirit. Typical local products carry the lucky guests into gratifying culinary experiences and we're very attentive to the territoriality and quality that only the province can offer. The region-wide regional wine list is completed through a national trip even among small producers that can offer high quality at affordable prices.

Cocktail Bar and Tea

Cocktail Bar and Tea
Want to relax while sipping a herbal tea or a cocktail? Our lounge bar allows you to spend some nice time in the company of art and luxury. The art, the environment and the warmth of the style of yesteryear will delight you during an aperitif or a moment of well-being after lunch or dinner. The rich infusions of active ingredients, created according to ancient traditions, will delight the palate and will capture your senses making you retrace every sip history of these beautiful valleys. During the day you can also enjoy an aperitif or a cocktail prepared by our barman and accompanied by delicious local delicacies.

Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at Castello Rosso. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, and the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel.
Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true, because they never allocate ALL the rooms to third parties.

Hotel: Castello Rosso

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