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Castillo El Collado Hotel is located in the fortified village of Laguardia, in La Rioja Alavesa region, this is a privileged environment in the heart of the famous Rioja wine tour, sorrounded by several golf courses and important cultural points.

Rioja Alavesa is a region with a deep wine tradition, where medieval towns were built along the winefields.

As an homage to the magic universe of the fabulist Samaniego, Collado’s castle offers us the chance to enter in his fable world thanks to 10 beautiful rooms with stunnigs views to Cantabrian range and the winefields sea that sorround the mountain where was founded Laguardia.

Castillo El Collado

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This castle…

… belonged to the illustrious and refined Mr. Tapia. He built it using the original stones of an old headquarter of 12th century know as “King’s Headquarter” , this legendary building had a coat of arms which had six birds with a bread piece in their mouth.

After an arduous research about this coat of arms we have known that… Don Esteban de Tapia, a Trujillian reporter from 17th century, wrote on those dates that on the second third of 13th century a knight of Solar de Pancorbo had adopted that coat of arms.

The six ravens keeping a piece of bread in their mouth make reminiscence to the history of the castle of Pancorbo: Once it was surrounded by the Muslim Army, and food supplies were not enough to face up the siege, suddenly a flock of black ravens appeared in the sky bringing slabs of bread and dropping them into the fortress helping its occupants to finally win the battle.

That is the reason because this ravine is known by the name of Pancorbo, from the junction of “Pan del Corvo” = raven’s bread. That coat of arms can be prized at different places of the castle: at the entrance door, at the entrance gardens, and at the coat of the lounge chimney.

Once the Tapias have died this castle has passed to the hands of this modest hotelier from Laguardia who even having no cradle intends to show with his best courtesy to make your stay grateful and peaceful.
Receive my sincere welcome to this, yours another home.

Javier Acillona


Into the reception is located a Catholic chapel with an altarpiece of XVII century, covered with a gold and silver leaf that wonders our guests. The chapel belonged to a deserted church of the region, but the last owner of the castle moved it here to be restaured.

The currently owner restaured it again keeping all the details. A XVI century image of Saint John is in the center, surrounded by several religious pieces donated by guests from all around the world.


From the castle’s tower, is posible to watch the hole Rioja Alavesa sorroundings, a landscape of wineries and winefields. Standing on the merlon, our guest enjoy the stunning views with a Rioja wine glass, wich comes from the same winefields they are loocking to. Just in the entrance of the Hotel, starts a pedestrian gardened avenue, wich sorrounds Laguardia. Walking throught this park is possible to make out the Cantabrian range, amazing winefields and wineries. An actually present for the senses.

Wine Cellar

Castillo el Collado have a nice wine cellar where this ‘God’s Nectar’ , that we fuss over, is stored with the perfect the light and humidity conditions. We save in our Wine Cellar some bottles wich can be considered inestimable gems of the wine culture.

Rooms & Suites

One of the last romantic spots to keep in your memorie










City & Attractions


Laguardia and its surrounds can be defined as a huge Anthropologic and Historic Museum, where each stone, each wall or each noble house shows centuries of history and war of different civilizations. Laguardia is a beautiful vila located high up on a mountain, in Alava region. It was founded in the X century as a defense of the Realm of Navarra against the Realm of Castilla.

Without any doubts, the Medieval Age was the historic period that defined the currently image of Laguardia. Its first name had a defense meaning : La Guardia de Navarra, that means The Guard of Navarra. Was in this period, in the year 1164 that the king Sancho VI gives to Laguardia the status of “town” and several royal privileges to Laguardia inhabitants that bring about a big expansion of the vila.

We have to mention an special place for the visitants : The church of Santa María de los Reyes, with an eclectic style, a renassaince facade and a XIV century Gothic Gate, the only one in Spain due to the great conditions of the polichromy in the facade.

Furthermore, we can not forget to mention San Juan Bautista’s Church, the Mary, La Casa de la Primicia ( the oldest building in Laguardia ) and the Abacial Tower, an ancient defensive castle, restored on a bell tower. All this buildings and several mored completes an interesting tour around the History, art and legends that flows from each stone of this vila, definitely something magic.

One more detail that will shock the visitants is the fact that the subsoil is hollow, the reason is the dozens of wine cellars and caves dugs put of the rock under the houses and the streets… it seems that we are in the Roman Catacombs…

If you want to enter in the origins of our ancestros, the ancient habitants of this Hills, you can visit the archaeological excavations of the Prehistoric Village de la Hoya, from the XV century B.C. ; one of the most important sites of the Basq Country. After, you can continue the route through the dolmens of Cantabrian Range and finish in the Roman archaeological site called ‘Las Pilas del Camino de Logroño’ , an ancient ceramic workshop.


The geographical situation of Laguardia cannot be better, located on the center of the region, the Toloño range makes a natural wall that protect us from the cold north winds and gives to this village a soft and confortable climate.

Nature lovers will enjoy not only the trekking trought one of the most colourfull landscapes, furthermore they can watch the great biodiversity that can be found in the salt water lagoons wich has been declared Protected Biotype.

This complex of three lagoos is the habitat of a full variety of flora and fauna. The lagoons of Carravalseva and Carralogroño are naturals and Prao de Paul is artificial. In this last lagoon we can found a colony of wading birds, it is also an stopover in the migration of other species. An observaroty and a panoramic viewpoint will make you watch and observe a great number of mediterraneal birds.

The best period to observe this natural show is from September to March, as one of the most important brooding points, the sounds and flight of hundreds of birds is something unforgetable. We also recomend to visit the Ornithological Parck “ Los Molinos “ located in the Cantabrian Range.


We cannot finish this tour in Laguardia without mention the wineries of the village, they spread out like arteries around the underground of Laguardia. Their main function is to save and conserve the wine in the perfect conditions, the result is well known : to get a wine wich is famous all around the world.

That is why is important to have a guide tour in one of this wineries, where you can taste not only Rioja wines, also the tradicional gastronomy of the region, famous because the quality of the meat and the fresh vegetables and beans.


“Eat, observe and dream. Admire.
Look around the courses and landscapes.
Resting the gaze over tablecloths and windows.
To feed with the delicacies of the light and taste of an ancient time”

The restaurant is divided into three elegant rooms, each quite different. The menu takes the typical cuisines of La Rioja and the Basque Country and offers them in 70 different dishes, some wholly traditional and others quite avant gard. Desserts are a specialty of the house, with everything made on the premises. Finally, the wine list covers the most well-known and the most prestigious wine labels of the region.

The Tavern

Spacious and confortable, totally isolated of the Hotel. It is located in the ground floor of the building, with an outside entrance. The tavern offer the possibility to taste a complet range of “tapas”, to have some snacks or just for this informal dinners in the summertime, enjoying it with ambiental music. Along the nights, along the weekends, the tavern is a quiet pub where you can join us.


Located in the main floor. Flanked by beautiful stained glass windows, they where made by the currently owners following the style of the old ones whose decorated the original building. Perfect for have a drink, or a snack, with beatiful views of the gardens and the walls of Laguardia.


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Hotel: Castillo El Collado

Address: Paseo El Collado, 1 01300 Laguardia

Region: La Rioja (Northern Spain)

Country: Spain

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Train station
Cenicero (10 Kms.)

Vitoria International Airport - Vitoria-Gasteiz (55 Kms.)

By car
From Madrid: Take Motorway N-1 to Burgos, from there continue in direction Logroño and before getting there exit at Najera and take the road to Cenicero - Elciego - Laguardia.

From Barcelona: Take Motorway to Logroño, from there take the road going to Vitoria via Laguardia. Upon reaching Laguardia the hotel will be, as you come up the hill, to your right.

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