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This delightful 17th century château has been carefully converted into a tastefully-furnished hotel of great charm and character. Ideally located for a short break, this hotel is set in acres of secluded gardens and parkland just an hour-drive from the Eurotunnel terminal in Calais. Lille and Bethune are a short drive away.

Tradition Room

Double bed, bath-shower

Superior Room

Two beds, bath-shower, terrace

Grand Luxury

Double bed, bath and shower, terrace

Twin Room

Two bed, bath-shower

Luxury Room

Double bed, bath and shower


Double bed, bath and shower

Grande Suite

Sitting room, double bed, bath, massage shower system, steam room



Let our meeting facilities make your next business event a success. Designed on a human scale to ensure comfort and confidentiality, our meeting room is equipped with the latest technologies (broadband Internet access, teleconferencing facilities, Wi-Fi, videoconferencing, and more). Whether you are planning a conference, training session, seminar, or meeting, offer your guests a pleasant business experience in a truly unique setting (Daily rate: €300).



The finest products are selected at their seasonal best for dishes whose inspiration knows no limits other than to take you by surprise !

Le Jardin d’Alice offers alternative cuisine and premium service. The restaurant’s ‘lounge’ atmosphere is the perfect backdrop for an innovative new culinary concept. A plasma screen, designer furnishings, dynamic lighting design, just the right music and a few secret ingredients known only to Marc Meurin come together in a cleverly futuristic blend that you will want to discover and rediscover !



Mass-type Abhyanga

Inspired by Eastern techniques (India) of Ayurvedic touch of origin ( "Ayur" life, "veda" science is "science of life") according to human tradition is part of a whole, subject to the Ayurveda is to find the perfect balance and harmony between energy, the body, mind and environment.

All or part of the body is affected in respect of individual privacy with vegetable oils of biological origin, heated and delicately scented with essential oil. By manual techniques of stroking, kneading, tapping and pressure, body and mind subside through this sensory journey lulled by soft music in a perfumed exotic setting of incense fragrances. A moment of pure happiness that invites journey of the senses.


Mass-type shiatsu

("Shi" finger, "atsu" pressure) Inspired by Eastern techniques of touch appeared in Japan with Chinese origins, Shiatsu is to rebalance, regulate and harmonize vital energy (QI in Japanese, Chi in Chinese) he brings a physical and psychic healing which helps improve welfare. Shiatsu is a natural and holistic energy discipline practiced by pressures exerted on the body along meridians and energy points. This touch is carried on clothing, on flax linen or cotton or even the skin. The body is lying on a futon itself placed on a traditional tatami rice straw. In search of a moment of fullness with oneself ...


Mass wellness sheets

Mixing the above techniques, Touching performed on a linen cloth or cotton, which covers the body combines a subtle mix of bodily sensations. Let the body and mind calm under manual techniques of stroking, kneading, tapping and pressure ... all will be implemented to stimulate and soothe your senses through this emotional journey, punctuated by multiple sensations.


The seated Amma

Mass sitting on ergonomic chair, in which the practitioner performs a Kata allowing in a short time to soothe and revitalize working on the meridians and energy points. This Mass is accompanied by a short session to Do in.


Reflexology "MASS hands and feet"

The cradle of reflexology is in ancient Egypt but in China it has developed dramatically. This practice assumes that each element is represented by a specific point, called reflex zone located on the arch. The practitioner performs by touching work of balancing energy that benefits the entire body.



Qi Gong meditation stretching and meditation

M.V.T: Session body movement and mindfulness meditation inspired QI GONG "QI GONG energy work or exercise." The purpose of this practice is to release and circulate "vital energy" to strengthen the awareness of the physical and mental me to seek greater harmony between the self and the environment and promote better management of stress and emotions.


Physical condition

Driving and physical preparation sessions of programming from methods to enhance physical fitness. Search for a balance between the following physical qualities (Stamina, Strength, Speed, Balance, Flexibility) Abs, glutes, thighs ...


Feel like exploring the region?

Trott'in North is an independent, professional guide service.

Travelling in a group:

The guide joins you and accompany you during the day and a half days from the Château de Beaulieu.

The guide provides technical editing your project and its follow up, animation and commentary along the journey, guided visits off the premises with their own reception staff. Support groups can also be done in English. Your guide is a professional holds a regional guide and interpreter card, allowing him to intervene without territory limitation on the entire Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Belgium.

The food guide is the responsibility of the group. Otherwise € 15 per meal will be charged.

This price does not include shipping group.


Excursions by car with driver guide half days.

Simply choose your tour and make an appointment. Then we take you.

You then get a personalized care with a qualified guide interpreter and a comfortable private vehicle.


Excursions Half day:

Service available from 2 people. (Max. 3) by appointment.

The services offered have a term of 2 to 6 hours.


Travel in Lys Romane

The Middle Ages is a good period for artesian land. There are now beautiful testimonies along the Lys.

Your program: visit of the Saint Omer Lillers (XII century), then towards Guarbecque and Ham-en-Artois. The tour continues amid bucolic landscapes filled with mansions, medieval castles and churches in the direction of Agincourt. Stop on the site of the battle. On the return, passing by Amettes in the footsteps of Saint Benedict Labre.


Meditation and duty of memory:

During the First World War, the region is riding on the front line. The fights are intense and men of all nationalities fell for freedom. Walk in these lands is to fulfill the duty of memory.


Memories Hills: excursion on the Battle of Arras sites (Mont Saint Elois, Ablain- Saint-Nazaire hill of Loreto, the most Souchez and Neuville-Saint-Vaast, Canadian memorial at Vimy.)

Optional tour of the Wellington quarry


Memory Earth circuit discovery memorials and cemeteries of the béthunoise area.

(Bethune, Richebourg and La Couture, Fromelles)


Custom System: If you want to go to a specific site or cemetery of the First World War, we conduct research and support you locally. kilometric package of 150 km / R.


Audomaroises Walks:

A French city with Flemish accents, a country surrounded by water to the fertile land, traditional and industrial activities, here is the summary audomarois. After a stint in Aire sur la Lys, visit Saint-Omer before discovering the boat lift Fontinettes and around the site of Clairmarais.

Back in the late afternoon.


Lille treasure:

Time for an afternoon, let tell you the regional capital. Your guide takes you through Lille La Bassée. On site, discover panoramic Haussmann districts and neighborhood walking tour of the old city. free time at tea time. Second panoramic discovery: the modern district of Euralille. Back in the late afternoon.


Afternoon shopping and culture:

Meeting with guide and departure to Lille. Walking Tour of Old Lille. Pedestrian Detection of Roubaix. Free time for you to practice the art of shopping at the outlets of the city or visit the art museum and Industry located in the old municipal swimming pool.


Belfries and Brewery:

This circuit offers from the meeting of two strong components of our identity: the belfries once symbols of independence and power of our cities, and beer.

This journey will be via the discovery of two iconic cities: Arras and Bethune.

In the program, walking tour of two cities, the discovery of Arras belfry welcome in a traditional brasserie.


The mining area:

When industry becomes a heritage: the mining area extended from Valencia in Bruay La Buissiere. Beyond the purely economic aspect, this operation has profoundly changed the landscape and regional culture. This tour takes you through the main mining towns. You will visit Lens, former capital of the basin, then Loos-en-Gohelle where a production site is preserved before joining Bruay La Buissiere and discover a piece of Polish culture. On the return, passing by Marles-les-Mines and Auchel.


Bergues and interior Flanders:

Propelled to center stage, the town of Bergues today unveils the charms of a beautiful Flanders once fortified by Vauban. But this trip is also an opportunity to discover the land of Flanders Hills and its singular identity in the heart of the plain. Also, after visiting Bergues, you will discover Cassel and Bailleul, all on hop background, mills, stop Mountains ... free time to snack time.


Belgian Escapade:

Enjoy your northerner stopover to head to Belgium. From Busnes drive to Ypres, and explore the city. Strongly marked by the First World War, Ypres is now a vibrant city that has valued its assets. Free time. Then you join Kortrijk. Belfry proudly in the center of the Grand Place invites you to discover the historic center and the Beguine.


Montreuil and Le Touquet:

Time for a half day, enjoy the pleasures of the Opal Coast. The scenery enchants, architecture surprises, climate surprises. On the program: welcome by the guide and departure to the coast. Stop Montreuil-sur-Mer for a tour of this lovely walled city. Then towards Le Touquet, the legendary resort. Guided walk to discover the villas of the city hall, the Esplanade ... free time snack time.


Cornice of the coast of opal:

Tonic, multiple, embedded in a light that capsized more than a painter, the Opal coast opens up to you, of its vast spaces and the wind likes to play without restraint. From Calais to Boulogne embark on a journey between heaven sea and mountains. Set sail to Calais then, all the brink of France, along the coast stops at the sites of caps. All eyes on the sea, and the "no" which gave its name to the department. Continuation of the circuit by visiting Wimereux, romantic, or Boulogne-sur-Mer. free time in one of these cities has the time gôuter.


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By car:

188 km (1 hour 37 minutes) from London via Eurostar train

  • Eurostar train to Calais
  • Take the A16 motorway to exit 18
  • Take the A26 motorway to exit 5
  • At the roundabout, take the second exit (D916)
  • At the roundabout, take the second exit and then the D943 for 2 km
  • Turn left onto the D916; stay on this road for 3 km
  • Enter the town of Busnes; the château is located on the left


164 km (1 hour 57 minutes) from Brussels 

From Lille

  • Take the A25 motorway toward Béthune, Dunkerque
  • Take exit 7 toward Béthune
  • At Englos, take the N41 (you will drive through La Bassée, Cambrin)
  • At the roundabout, take the first exit and continue on the D943
  • At the roundabout, take the second exit and continue on the D86
  • Drive through the town of Béthune
  • Take Rue du faubourg Saint-Pry (D86)
  • Turn right onto Avenue de Bruay (D943)
  • Take the D943 (500 meters)Exit Béthune
  • Turn right onto the D943 (11 km)
  • Turn right onto the D916 (2.5 km)
  • Enter the town of Busnes; the château is located on the left
  • The establishment has a heliport to facilitate your professional 
  • displacements or leisures.



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N 50.58248 ° 


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