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Chateau de la Treyne was built in 1342 and is a romantic dream castle overlooking the Dordogne river in southwest France, in the Quercy /Périgord region, located smack in the heart of one of France’s most renowned gastronomic areas. With a Michelin starred gourmet restaurant decorated in good taste and discreet luxury.
Overhanging the Dordogne, the castle combines the authenticity of past, the stamp of comfort and the highest quality standard of a listed site... The French formal garden is surrounded by 120 hectares of forest.
Philippe and Stéphanie Gombert handle the art of living to perfection: rich and refined bedrooms, breakfast in the shade of ancient cedars, Dinners take place either in the Louis XIII formal dining room, classified as a historic monument, or out back on the romantic, freshly renovated terrace jutting out over the Dordogne River, weather and availability permitting.
For your personal recreation, you will enjoy on the hotel grounds an assortment of outdoor amenities including an infinity heated pool, a quick tennis court, 300 acres of woodland and a formal garden.
To make your stay even more enjoyable, the hotel is happy to make any arrangements you want for a variety of recreational activities from cycling, canoeing and caving to horseback or even hot air balloon riding!
This region has a rich and interesting heritage which Chateau de la Treyne is delighted to make you discover through some of the most beautiful sights to catch!

Overlooking the Dordogne Valley, Château de la Treyne (14th-17th century) is a residence famous for refined taste and discreet luxury.

Situated on a listed site, the château is surrounded by a French garden, lined by century-old cedars and a large park with rare species of trees.

Extended by a private forest of 120 hectares, the Château de La Treyne offers the tranquillity that discerning travellers searching for nature and authenticity are looking for.



The building of the fortress of La Treyne, in 1342 according to the earliest written records, is probably due to Guillaume and Hughes de Roffilhac. On the 27th january of 1356, on the Avignon Bridge, Noble Guillaume de Rofflihac swore homage – naked head, on his knees and with clasped hands – to ” Glorious man, Lord Guillaume of Beaufort, knight, Viscount of Turenne for the castle or the fort or future fort in the locality of La Treyne, on the edge of the Dordogne “.

In the 12th may of 1462, the Viscount of Turenne gave the seigneury of La Treyne to the noble man Annet du Cluzel ,” with all justice haute, moyenne et basse “, certainly for the Roffilhac branch was died out. The knight Annet du Cluzel got to build the church of Meyraguet in which he was buried. His stone recumbent figure, picturing him with his armour of knight, is still visible in the seignorial chapel, on the left of the transept of the church of Meyraguet. In the 7th may of 1519, noble Jean de la Treyne, noble Annet du Cluzel’s son, married noble Jeanne de Coustin de Bourzolles.

In 1540, Jean de la Treyne swore homage to the King for “the castle, the woods, the allowances and full justice ” he had received from the Viscount of Turenne, François de la Tour III, Order of the King knight and captain of hundred men of gentle birth of his House.

In 1533, Louis de Cluzel is chosen as Lord of La Treyne. At the time of his death; he was murdered in 1592; the seigneury of La Treyne is granted to his son, Jacques Galiot du Cluzel, a squire who swore homage to the Viscount of Turenne, in the 2nd december of 1600.

In 1607, after the death of Jacques Galiot du Cluzel, without posterity, Jean de La Ramière, Pierre and Galienne de Cluzel’s son, took the title of Lord of La Treyne. The history retains the seigneury of La Treyne passed, in 1607, from the Cluzel to the La Ramière. Howewer, if we considered the women and the men devolution should have been equal, The Cluzel were still in possession of the seigneury of La Treyne. Just as in 1711, when Marie of La Ramière brought La Treyne to her husband Jean III of Cardaillac.

Pierre de La Ramière, husband of Galienne de Cluzel, Lord of La Treyne was such a leading light in his party and in his family that he earns our attention. Pierre, so-called “The Captain”, embraced the Protestant religion. He was credited with the victory of La Roche l’Abeille, in Haute-Vienne, on June 25, 1569. During this battle, Henry of Navarre, only 16 years old , took up arms for the first time under the watchful eye of his mother, Jeanne d’ Albret. The friendship between the will-be King of France and his comrade in arms Pierre de La Ramière dates from this period. (facsimile of the Henri IV letter to Pierre de la Ramière).

hotel12 However, Henry of Navarre, rousing the cavalry with its famous words, “Let my white panache be your rallying point, you”ll always find it on the way of honour and victory”, had to abjure Protestantism to conquer the throne of France, allegedly with the remark, “Paris is well worth a Mass.”( 1594 ). Meanwhile, La Treyne, which was an Hugenots den, had been set on fire in 1586 by order of the Duke of the Mayenne, Lieutenant of King Henri III. In 1662 a decree of the Parliament of Toulouse ordered the destruction of La Treyne, already ruined by the fire, “considering the rebellion and excesses ” of Jean de la Ramière’s son, guilty of lese-majesty.

Jean de La Ramière died in 1616. His remains were buried, at night and by force, by his sons in the seignorial church of Meyraguet in spite of a royal decree which prescribed the bodies of the deceased having belong to the reformed Protestant religion couldn’t “be buried in the catholic cemeteries or in the churches on the pretext that the graves of their fathers are still there or they have some rights on the seigneury.” Once the wars of Religion were ended and a period of relative calm began, the La Ramière repaired their dwelling of La Treyne. So, in King Louis XIII ‘s time, they restored the castle, lowering the square tower of the XIVth – the former dungeon was less and less necessary to defend La Treyne – They joined side by side a main building flanked by a big round tower and the north of the square tower.

This restauration of La Treyne was complete in 1643 when Gédéon The First, Lord of La Treyne swore homage to the Viscount of Turenne, Frédéric-Maurice de la Tour The First, Duke of Bouillon and Prince of Sedan “For the Castle and the Seigneury “

His son, Gédéon, embraced the catholic religion at the end of the XVIIIth century acccording to his will on April 5, 1701, terminating nearly two centuries of Protestant resistance. Pierre, son of Gédéon II, died in 1710 after having made his will for his sister Marie de La Ramière, who was to marry Jean III of Cardaillac, Lord of Végennes (Canton of Beaulieu on the Dordogne in Corrèze), artillery captain, knight of Saint-Louis, the following year. Jean III, deceased on March 20, 1752, was buried in the church of Meyraguet.

At the time of the death of his wife, Marie de La Ramière, lady of Cardaillac, the seigneury of La Treyne is devoluted to their son , François-Emmanuel de Cardaillac, who married young lady Jeanne of Montalembert on January 28, 1748.


The House of La Ramière, classified among the early Houses of the Chivalry, would have preserved La Treyne if the devolution of the seigneury could have been done through the women. In the middle of the XVIIIth century, the Viscount of Turenne gambled away his viscounty which was the last one to be bound to the Kingdom of France.

By letters patent of the King of December 29, 1759, François-Emmanuel was granted the barony and the marquisate of Cardaillac in Quercy. So, François-Emmanuel, Marquis of Cardaillac, swore homage to the King for the grounds and the seigneury of La Treyne and Meyraguet from 1760 to 1778. He died in 1782.

His son Joseph, born in 1752, married Charlotte de Roquemaurel on March 27, 1783. Lieutenant of the King for the province of Guyenne, he died out in the castle of Treyne on September 28, 1822.
On september, 20 th,1910, Jean-Jacques-Joseph-Frédéric, Marquis of Cardaillac, grandson of Joseph de Cardaillac sold the castle and the domain of La Treyne to Mister Auguste-Gabriel Savard, a industrialist who invented the Fix jewel. He sold the castle where his family had lived in more than two centuries and even five centuries thanks to the women branches of Cluzel and La Ramière.
At that time, La Treyne had forgotten its former glory. By chance, all the XXth century long , the successive owners displayed lot of energy to restore its original Louis XIV appearance, with comfort of course !
Mister Savard made major transformations and asked Eouard André, one of the greatest lanscape gardener of this period, to draw the grounds and the french formal garden.
In 1922, Mister Fontana, spanish industrialist, bought the domain and carried out important fixtures in the castle, specially the woodworks of the Great Lounge and of the Music Lounge.
At the end of his life, a house painter hadn’t been able to forget the emotion he felt when he entered the Great Lounge where painters bustled about the decoration of the splendid coffered ceiling : “The fervour and the joy were so great that it was like entering a medieval cathedral. I had the feeling that everybody sang ….”
The children of Mr Fontana, who live in South America, never fail to come back to La Treyne when they stay in Europe; looking for their chilhood memory of happiness.

During the Second World War, André Chamson, a famous writer of the French Academy, took charge of the department of Egyptian Antiquities to the Louvre Museum and he looked after some priceless treasures of the museum, temporarily stored in La Treyne to be protected; among which the famous ” Squatting Scribe”.

His daughter, Dominique Hébrard , relates this episode in her book ” La chambre de Goethe “. André Chamson was grateful for this stay and admired the outstanding beauty of the site, so he went on protecting La Treyne by listing it as picturesque site of the Lot (Ministerial Decree november, 6th, 1946).

On April, 10 th, 1954, Mister Santiard and Mrs Bulteau joined their passion for the works of art by purchasing the castle. They made major renovation works both outside and inside. From that time, the Château de la Treyne served as a case to present their magnificent collection of Renaissance (XVI-th century) furniture and objects which one can admire nowadays in the Bourdeilles Castle (Dordogne).

Since 1982, the Gombert family, native from Aveyron (they hold themself just trustee of this beautiful house) work with passion to keep the castle alive with cultural events (exhibitions, concerts) and make it appreciate by its hosts.

This historical record has been written thanks to the archives collection of the Château de la Treyne, set by Jean de Cardaillac at the departmental archives of the Lot and to Jean Calmon’s article headed ” Le Château de La Treyne et ses seigneurs “and published by the Bulletin de la Société des Etudes du Lot (1st quater, 1957).


La Treyne benefits from an exceptional location overlooking the Dordogne River. The château is surrounded by a large park, embellished by a French garden, with rare species of trees and century-old cedars.
Its French garden, decorated by Medici vases, leads to a wonderful rose garden.
At the crossing of the paths, an elegant pond provides freshness which is fitting for this immense natural balcony over the Dordogne. 
A very large heated infinity pool provides relaxation.
A Quick tennis court is likewise at your disposal.
The Château de la Treyne, which is located on a listed site, is surrounded by a private forest of 120 hectares, with pubescent oaks, typical for the Causse limestone plateaus of Quercy, truffle oaks, horn beams and box trees.
Numerous paths allow for pleasant walks. Our loyal golden retriever Volta might accompany you during your strolls.
If you like jogging, the former postman’s walk, hewn in the rock,, offers exceptional vistas of the Dordogne.
Superior bedroom situated at the top of the Square Tower (XIVth century). Views over the river Dordogne and the French formal garden. The elevator will take you to level 3, then there are still 15 steps. Bathroom with bath. Size of the room: 25 square meters. Bed 1m60 x 2m. Superior, from 300 €
Superior bedroom with an exceptional view over the Dordogne. Bathroom with shower. Size of the room: 25 square meters. Bed 1m60 x 2m. Superior, from 300 €
Soleil Levant
Luxury bedroom situated in the old chapel of the castle (14th century), painted vaulted ceiling, stained glass window overlooking the French formal garden, equipped with a sofa-bed. Four steps lead you to the bathroom with Jacuzzi bath and multi-jet shower. Size of the room: 30 square meters. King size bed or twin bed. Luxury, from 440 €
Luxury bedroom with view over the Dordogne. Sofa-bed and Soundbox. Bathroom with Jacuzzi bath and multi-jet shower. Size of the room: 33 square meters, King size bed or twin bed. Luxury, from 440 €
Size of the room: 28 square meters. Luxury bedroom with four poster bed and equipped with a Soundbox, Versailles parquet. View over the Dordogne. Bathroom with Jacuzzi bath, multi-jet shower. Luxury, from 440 €
Louis XVI
Luxury bedroom on the 1st floor,high ceiling, view over the Dordogne. Beautiful Louis XVI furniture. White-marble bathroom with bath and shower, porcelain fittings. Size of the room: 28 square meters. King size bed or twin bed. Luxury, from 440 €
Luxury bedroom with view over the Dordogne and towards the French formal garden. Equipped with a sofa-bed, soundbox. Bathroom with bath and multi-jet shower. Size of the room: 30 square meters, King size bed or twin bed. Luxury, from 440 €
Luxury bedroom on the 1st floor, high ceiling, view to the French formal garden. Beautiful furniture Empire with sofa-bed and soundbox. Bathroom with bath and multi-jet shower. Size of the room: 47 square meters, King size bed or twin bed. Luxury, from 440 €
Enfant Modele
Superior bedroom with view to the French formal garden, sofa-bed. Bathroom with bath. Size of the room: 33 square meters, King size bed or twin bed. Superior, from 300 €
Henri IV
Superior bedroom with view to the french formal garden, four-poster bed, single-bed in an alcove. Bathroom with shower. Size of the room: 37 square meters. Superior, from 300 €
Standard room of 25 square meters, newly renovated in 2015. Bathroom with shower. Standard, from 200 €
Prison Dorée
Master Suite with character, situated within the top of the Square Tower (XIVth century). With views towards the French formal garden. Three steps brings you to a adjoining lounge with mansard roof and sofa bed, a second smaller room with a single bed and view over the Dordogne. Two bathrooms, one with a Jacuzzi bath, the other with muti-jet shower. An ideal apartment to welcome a family of 5. Size of the room: 66 square meters, King size bed and one single bed, 2 TV and DVD player, Soundbox. Master Suite, from 900 €
Master Suite with a breathtaking view over the Dordogne. Sitting room area with sofa bed. Bathroom with Jacuzzi bath and multi-jet shower. Private terrace to take breakfast or sunbath. Size of the room: 47 square meters, King size bed or twin bed, 2 TVs, Soundbox. Master Suite, from 900 €
La Favorite
Master Suite located on the first floor overlooking the Dordogne river, its large room is south-facing surmounted by magnificent Gothic woodwork that adorns all the ceiling. Period furniture Louis XIV and its large white bathroom turn gold every evening from the rays of the setting sun. Its dressing room and ensuite suite has an extra bed for one person. The room is also equipped with the best equipment: electrical shutters to ensure acoustic comfort while preserving the aesthetics of the mullioned windows (classified historical heritage), electrically operated curtains, 3 way air conditioning to ensure the exact desired temperature and electric under floor heating in the bathroom. Size of the room: 66 square meters, King size bed or twin bed, 2 sinks, bath and shower. There are 2 televisions and a stereo. Master Suite, from 900 €
Junior suite on the 1st floor with high ceilings, four-poster bed overlooking the French formal gardens including the 350 year old Lebanon Cedar. Gothic furniture and sofa bed equipped with a Soundbox. Bathroom with round Jacuzzi tub and multi-jet shower. Size of the room: 45 square meters, four poster bed 1m60 x 1m90. Junior suite, from 600 €
Louis XIII
Junior suite with a four-poster bed with breathtaking view over the Dordogne. Sitting room area looking out over the French formal garden equipped with a Soundbox. Bathroom with Jacuzzi bath and multi-jet shower. Size of the room: 47 square meters. Junior suite, from 600 €
La Tour
Junior suite with an exceptional view over the Dordogne. Sitting room area with a sofa-bed and equipped with a Soundbox and a dressing room. Bathroom within the 17th century tower, 2 sinks, Jacuzzi bath and multi-jet shower. Size of the room: 54 square meters, King size bed or twin bed. Junior suite, from 600 €

All the rooms are accessible by elevator and equipped with: Air conditioning, Direct telephone, Newspaper, Non smoking, Safe, Minibar, Free Wi-Fi, TV.

With a rich architectural heritage, like the Dordogne, this beautiful region counts small citadels of the middle-ages, abbeys and charming churches with the patina of centuries as well as numerous dream villages clinging to the rocks (Rocamadour, La Roque Gageac, St Cirq-Lapopie, the preferred village of the French).
The proud châteaux of Castelnaud, Montal, Fenelon are guarding the valley.
It is also a territory full of caves (Lacave, Lascaux, Pech Merle, Font de Gaume...) and abysses (Padirac).
The landscapes are splendid: rich forests alternate with plateaus and meandering rivers allow the discovery of the region by canoeing or kayaking, whilst admiring its beauty.
Nature is generous as far as delicious products are concerned: truffles, foie gras, ceps, chestnuts and walnuts without forgetting the vineyards around Cahors.

Chateau de la Treyne has been successfully organizing seminars for 15 to 30 people with accommodation up to 50 people without, for meetings or conferences for many years. These  include breaks and lunch.
The Romanesque chapel in the garden can be made exclusively available to you. A private dining room will ensure comfort and intimacy.
Do you want to organize a family celebration in an idyllic setting? Would you like to make your friends happy and invite them to celebrate an event with you? You can make exclusive use of the château for one or several days with all the necessary service.


  On site you can benefit from our large outdoor heated infinity pool (20m x 7m) which is marvelously situated in our large   park and surrounded by a beach with stones from the region.




  Our tennis court is ready and waiting for you should need to burn off some of our chef’s cuisine.



  The UNESCO has listed the Dordogne as a world biosphere reserve. On site, you can fish in one of the most well   stocked rivers   in France. The Dordogne has its source in the Massif Central and flows through our region before it ends in the Atlantic Ocean. Many anglers enjoy fishing pikes, pike perches, roaches, eels and lampreys. We suggest that you go   fishing with a real pro who will take you to unusual places on the Dordogne.


  Canoë / Kayak

  The Dordogne River is also a paradise for canoeing and kayaking. The COPEYRE base is situated only a few miles   from the Château de la Treyne. A bus picks you up directly at the entrance of the estate. Depending on your time and   your preference for this sport, you can start your canoe descent in Creysse or Meyronne. An unforgettable outing with a   picnic prepared by our Chef will allow you to discover the Dordogne Valley. Count at least two hours of descent with time   for bathing.


  For golf lovers, the Golf du Mas del Teil offers an 18-hole course in a panoramic  setting of greenery. There is a special   green fee arranged for the guests of La Treyne.



  Hiking/mountain biking/riding

  There are numerous paths  for cycling and that are perfect for sports lovers.


  Hot air balloon/helicopter/paragliding

  A flight by hot air balloon, helicopter or paragliding to discover the wonderful valley of the Dordogne are unforgettable   moments.

  Tree climbing

  One of the most beautiful tree climbing circuits in the Southwest is only a few miles from the Château de la Treyne. An   adventure to discover with your family.

Salon Louis XIII

The dining room Louis XIII is delightful in its majestic old world style. Two stories high with a huge fireplace with carved wooden surround that extends from floor to ceiling, the room has an ornate wood panelled ceiling, tall French windows and elegant furnishing. Each table and all the serving tables are set with candelabras. The evening sun shines in and the effect was extremely romantic.


Terrace overhanging the river Dordogne. With stunning views of the river, making this the perfect place to spend a summers evening.

Green Lounge

Green Salon,was fully restored in 2014. The perfect place to take breakfast, featuring a beautiful fireplace and antique furniture. It is also possible to book the whole salon privately, the perfect place for a special family lunch or dinner. View to the French formal garden.


Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at Chateau de la Treyne. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, and the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel.
Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true, because they never allocate ALL the rooms to third parties.

By car
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Brive-Vallée de la Dordogne 30 km
Toulouse (Intl) 180 km

Train station
Souillac 6 km

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