Chateau La Montchevalleraie

 Lieu-dit La Montchevalleraie 49500 Aviré − France

The Montchevalleraie is an elegant family home built in the 18th century for a family of notable Angers. Since 1995, it is Christian Boulmant Nomballais who presides over the destinies of the castle.

After a campaign of restoration works of the castle and the park, he undertook to give back to the castle the delicate and refined nature of the family houses of the 18th century.

With a subtle mix of furniture and family items, the owner has recreated the art of living of the Age of Enlightenment around his collections and memories.

From now on, an elegant and refined atmosphere reigns over the rooms and rooms of the castle.

The castle of La Montchevalleraie is built of schist and rubble on a regular U plan. On its south facade a complex skylight shows the characters of a serlienne inscribed in a semicircular pediment. (General inventory of the cultural heritage) The cadastre of 1826 shows a house to which are joined on both sides pretty covered hipped. They include two wings in return of square towards the South. Note an interesting pinnacle established on the west wing. A large piece of water is in the south, preceded by a garden. There are also two small pavilions that have disappeared today.

Its English park and rose garden will seduce nature lovers! You will discover old trees, such as redwoods (Sequoiadendron giganteum, Sequoia sempervirens), plane trees, larch remarkable in the arrival alley, chestnut with pink flowers (Aesculus carnea), tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera), green oaks (Quercus ilex), Catalpa (Catalpa bignonioides), Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris), Himalayan cedar (Cedrus deodara). Also in the ornamental garden: roses and fruit trees. etc. The area of ​​La Montchevalleraie is bounded by hedges.

The calm and romantic atmosphere of the Château de La Montchevalleraie will seduce you certainly like the famous singer of operettas, Luis Mariano, who came frequently at the invitation of Marcel Lamy, Director of the Théâtre du Châtelet.

Chateau la Montchevalleraie

The Gardens

The gardens of the castle of La Montchevalleraie extend over nearly 6 hectares.

You can discover a planted avenue, a rose garden, an orchard-conservatory, a kitchen garden, an English park and a pond of 6000 m2.

The maintenance of the garden is carried out in an eco-responsible way. Our gardeners are committed to preserving biodiversity and reducing water consumption in gardens. In this respect, the castle park of La Montchevalleraie is a member of the "Jardins de Noé" network

The Region

During your stay in La Montchevalleraie you can enjoy the charm of the Loire Valley. Classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, Anjou offers many distractions and cultural activities.

The Château de La Montchevalleraie offers you to stay in one of its two guest rooms (including a suite).

All rooms are on the first floor and have views of the park and the garden.

They are tense with fabrics and have French and English furniture of the nineteenth century. The bedding is recent and are of different sizes in each room (160 cm for the Princess Lamballe, 140 cm for the Marie-Antoinette House and 120 cm for the King René Room). The rooms all have wooden floors and antique rugs on the floor.

The rooms have a large private bathroom and separate toilet.

They have a boudoir or a vestibule of distribution decorated in the taste of the time. The rooms Princesse de Lamballe and Roi René have pretty marble fireplaces.

Room Princesse de Lamballe 

Room Marie-Antoinette

Room Roi René



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Hotel: Chateau La Montchevalleraie

Address: Lieu-dit La Montchevalleraie 49500 Aviré

Region: Centre (Loire Valley)

Country: France

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Telephone: +33 (0) 2 41 61 32 24

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The Montchevalleraie is 4 km from Segre, 25 km from Château-Gonthier, 45 km from Angers and 90 km from Nantes and 300 km from Paris 

GPS coordinates : 

47.710946 -0.821479

By car

From Paris, take the A11 to Angers. Then direction Rennes - Laval Output Segre

Pass the viaduct at the crossroads of Europe in Segré. Just after the viaduct, take the 1st exit right towards Aviré.

At about 4 km, turn left, the road show: The Monchevalleraie.

Then turn right, about 400 m, facing the pond on the left.

The property is at the end of the road



Carpooling is a space at the entrance of the city of Segré


By train

Angers is 1h30 from Paris


By plane

A series of regional and international service are provided by the Angers Airport

Airport Angers Loire 

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