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Located three kilometres from Llanes, a former whale fishing village and now a bustling summer destination, El Habana is nestled in a very scenic spot, with the foothills of the Cuera Mountains forming a beautiful backdrop. El Habana is a good base from which to explore the Picos de Europa range or simply stroll along the superb waterfront of the Cantabric Coast, with beaches of white sand and impressive cliffs. As a typical Asturias house, the building has spacious and luminous rooms with windows opening to the garden, the surrounding fields, and the Cuera Mountains. With a total extension of 17,000 square meters, the garden at El Habana has been planted with palms, shadow trees and flowering shrubs, so that you can take a long pleasant walk without even leaving the hotel's grounds. There are nine charming and comfortable double rooms and one suite (with living room and chimney). All of them are different. Two of the rooms have a pleasant little terrace open to the garden. The ground floor rooms are easily accessible for disabled guests. It is an enjoyable place to read a novel by the open fire, have a drink while chatting with friends or just relax with the views. The atmosphere is cosy and friendly, decorated with furniture collected from travels and family heritage as well as an interesting Art Decó collection. Its decoration is based on 30’s and art decó furniture, travel mementos and old colonial items from Delhi which are continuously renewed: El Habana is a shop where everything is on sale and the hotel itself is the windowshop.

The hotel aim is to recreate a relaxed place, where the visitor can enjoy wide spaces on top of his own room. Inside the building there are spaces to seat, to browse the books from the library, to talk, to have a drink, to chat to friends and other visitors. Outside, a veranda with seats to smoke or have an aperitivo is waiting for you.  At the garden you can stroll around, discover its corners, rest in a bench. The swimming pool area is isolated from the rest.

Kids are welcome at the hotel: they have special menus, cots, high chairs, baby bottle warmer. El Habana Llanes can provide a baby sitter if booked in advance.

Pets are allowed (one per room) always under surveillance of the owner.

The hotel also offers: Free wifi access. Swimming pool only for hotel guests. Motorbikes and bicycle garage and car park. Bar and coffee shop open to the public. El Habana is a smoke free hotel.

The garden
El Habana state covers 1.7 hectares of which at least 10000 square meters are devoted to garden. The Pedroso river, a small vivid course of water divides the property in two sections linked by wooden bridges.
The design follows a natural pattern which implies the acceptance of many plants that would be suppressed in a more formal garden. By choosing the best location for each plant the result is a healthy and low maintenance garden.
El Habana garden has a wide collection of indigenous and exotic shrubs and trees have been planted forming an increasingly diverse botanic garden with more than 300 different species. Specially remarkable are the fern, maple and acid loving plant collections. Among the local trees you can see, horse chestnut, chestnut, walnut, lime, beech, london plane, hazle, different oaks, birch, alder, etc. These are complemented by trees from other areas interesting by their autumn colors and different shapes.
The garden can be visited by non guests of the hotel, following the proposed walk or freely in about an hour.

El Habana is happy to organize weddings, family celebrations and small gatherings in a relaxed atmosphere. The hotel likes small groups, that can benefit from a space attended by a transparent personnel.
The hotel offers: The use of our premises without time limit (on a daily basis). Two Rajastani tents to be installed in the garden for 100 people. A gazebo for civil celebrations.
And for the working meetings: Independent meeting room for fourteen. The hotel can organize a full pack for one, two or three days including lodging, lunch, dinner and side activities (quads, kayaking, etc.). A happening “The Indiano Dream”.

Standard Room

Usually they have a single queen size bed. Two of them can be combined with a special room making an independent unit, which is ideal for families.

Special Room
They have views to the garden and Cuera Mountains. Two of them have a pleasant little terrace, the other two wide galleries.
Suite Room
At least 50 square meters and independent living. In one of them there is a chimney. The hotel has as well a separate two floors cottage with its own terrace.

El Habana has twelve spacious double rooms, with their own special features to chose from and different prices.

All the rooms have ensuite bathroom, satellite TV, safe box, hair drier and amenities. The reception provides swimming pool towels. The ground floor rooms are easily accessible for disabled guests.

Almost all the furniture the hotel has is on sale, and the decoration is continuously changing. Besides what you find scattered at the hotel there are many more items at El Habana shop.
The hotel’s preferred style is that of the 20’s and 30’s, as well as the old colonial furniture of simple lines that contributes to create the relaxing and friendly atmosphere that El Habana Llanes like.
The shop is the result of El Habana Llanes passion to spot items and buy them in different places: flee markets, antique shops, thirsty shops, all around the world.
Hardwood furniture that the hotel has handpicked one by one: cabinets, chest drawers, chairs, small side tables.
Structural elements like iron fountains, columns, benches, old iron and wood columns, gazebo.
Odds and ends. Objects from the world: masks, wooden boxes, shawls, lamps.
Vintage motorbikes of English origin produced in India: Royal Enfield (1960), Norton (1949) and Triumph (1948 and 1954).
Free transportation within 100 kms from Llanes.

Llanes, is a very picturesque villa. A former fishing village is now a bustling tourist destination full of flavor and tradition.
Walking the old city you can discover the medieval wall and the tower among the best preserved of Asturias. Along the siecles LLanes was well known as commercial and whales port.
Such a history has left its mark in a very balanced architecture. Popular a long the river, sophisticated in the palaces of the local noblemen and in the legacy of those emigrants that left for America and eventually returned rich: the Indianos Casonas. To the Indianos Llanes owes as well many schools, fountains, open sinks and traditional bowling places in the surrounding villages.
LLanes is today a charming tourist destination that can be easily walked to discover the vestiges of her history, to get lost in the alleys that will take you through the old quarters and the San Pedro Walk along the cliffs. Here you can admire the mighty Cuera, stop for a “sidrina” (cider) in any sidreria that would wink at you or follow the riverside until the port to discover the Asturian history painted by Ibarrola in “Los Cubos de la memoria”.
For her beauty LLanes has been chosen as a backdrop for many films that needed unspoiled nature: a mighty sea, green valleys, and high mountains.
LLanes is also a stopover in the Northern Saint Jacobs Trail on its way to Santiago de Compostela by the coast.

The sea
The high mountains plunge into the sea in this area forming beautiful sand beaches and spectacular cliffs. Beaches with their own known name: Andrin, Toró, Ballota, Poo de Llanes, Torimbia y Cuevas del mar, of white fine sand that roll over in a virgin environment. A coast with unique phenomena as beaches not open to the sea (Cobijeru y Gulpiyuri) or blow holes (bufones) that breath when the sea is infuriated expelling foam and water into the air.
Diving: pristine waters when the sea is calm it is beautiful to explore the rocky seabed with plenty of beautiful algae.
Surf: more and more popular, specially at the beaches of San Antolín, San Martín y Ballota.
Sea kayaking the only way to discover the many sea entrances and caves along the cliffs.

The mountains
LLanes is a perfect base to explore the world famous Picos de Europa National Park from any of the three access roads. By the east massif in Cantabria (Potes, Espinama, Fuente Dé cable car). By the central massif (Arenas de Cabrales, Poncebos, Sotres, the Cares Gorge trail, Naranjo de Bulnes). By the west massif (Cangas de Onis, Covadonga and Enol and Ercina lakes area).
Trekking: here you can have from easy walks to long distance tailor-made crossings with a guide through an unforgettable scenery. Picos de Europa have something to suit every level of walker.
Walks: there are many other walks close to Llanes, in the Cuera range or easy walks along the coast that sometimes can be combined with the FEVE train: coastal path or Saint Jacobs Trail (Pendueles-Llanes y Llanes- Ribadesella).
Kayaking: from Arriondas you can do a canoeing trip down the lovely River Sella with a picturesque scenery all along. The descend is suited for all ages and fitness levels. It will be an unforgettable experience for you to emulate the famous International Descent of the River Sella. A less popular but otherwise beautiful alternative is the canoeing trip down the river Deva (Unquera).


Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at El Habana Llanes. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, and the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel.
Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true, because they never allocate ALL the rooms to third parties.

The hotel is located at La Pereda, 3kms from Llanes, at the Asturias east. 100 km from Oviedo and Santander. 200 km from Bilbao. 460 km from Madrid.

GPS coordinates
43º 23' 54.26'' N; 04º 46' 09.36'' W.

By car
Autovía A8 (Santander-Oviedo): Take the exit to Llanes (km 294) and at the roundabout follow the road LLN-6 to Parres and La Pereda. You will find the hotel indications after 1,5 km.

By train
RENFE to Gijón, Oviedo, Santander or Torrelavega.
FEVE to Llanes from Oviedo, Gijón, or Santander.

By bus
ALSA to Llanes from Oviedo, Santander, Bilbao, Irún or Madrid.

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