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A grand driveway. A spacious park. Warm lights in the farm house. A warm-hearted welcome.

In the middle of the village, hidden behind farm walls, extends an elongated avenue ... at the end the manor house Stolpe appears. 
You have found here a small pearl of Western Pomerania.

Graciousness that comes from the heart and a family atmosphere. A salon where coffee, tea or a glass of wine is served. A fireplace room where reading is allowed. A restaurant, where once was the landlord's dining room - where the culinary delights are just great. Guest room, so full of character and unique that it is a pleasure to meet them all - one after the other.


– ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ –

This mansion, located at the heart of the Peenetal Nature Park, a European Destination of Excellence, overlooks the protected river. The White-tailed Sea Eagles and the beaver will be your neighbours during your stay in the 19th century manor house. You can appreciate the Chef’s culinary delights during an à-la-carte breakfast, a picnic in the 10 hectare park or a dinner at the restaurant or the historic inn “Stolper Fährkrug”. Exceptional moments throughout the year and not only during the music festival… You can choose between a Wellness Lounge, a bath tub on the bank of the river Peene, a little boat in the natural harbour and a photo safari to the moorland.


In the open rooms in the Gutshaus Stolpe guests meet - if they like. Here you can read and tell, sit by the fireplace and meditate. Here you can be alone or find a nice conversation partner - which makes sense!


Homely - that is the most beautiful expression for our salon. Armchairs and sofas - here in Gutshaus Stolpe nobody has to be alone if he does not want to be alone.


A good book, a favorite drink - how much more does it take to enjoy the moment? The crackling of the fire, the scent of freshly brewed coffee - what a wonderful afternoon!


Fresh air and crunchy breakfast rolls - that's how a magical day starts off well. If you do not want, you do not have to go far from the hotel. The afternoon cake can be enjoyed on our terrace.


Generosity and expanse - these are two of the advantages that you will enjoy at Gut Stolpe. A wonderful park with old trees - oaks, chestnuts, acacias and in spring the lush magnolia tree in front of the manor house. Roses and hydrangeas smell in the summer, the autumn lets melancholy fog rise. Feel hugged and safe - from the great nature in Stolpe.



Arrive at Gutshaus Stolpe with the assurance of being always welcome. A warming soup to arrive, afternoon fresh fruit, home-baked cake and macarons ...
Enjoy your stay from the first minute. We invite you to relax, to spend your time with peace and quiet, to get away from it all.


A sundowner. A nightcup. A well-kept beer or a nice glass of wine. An aperitif or a digestif. A cocktail, fruity, fresh or strong. A little something from our bistro menu ... Is not it wonderful, which possibilities such a small bar offers?


In the vaulted cellar you can expect "classic" and "modern": from German top companies and from the best cellars of the old and new world. In the wine cellar wine tastings take place with your guests or we serve you there the aperitif as a prelude to a special evening.


We are happy to offer you one of our coveted wine tastings for two or in a group. Between 14:00 clock 17:30 clock we open the basement and take you on a small wine journey.


Learn from the professional chef Björn Kapelke will introduce you to the secrets of fine cuisine and show you his tips and tricks for the home stove! Whether alone, as a couple or in a group. Register now, the seats are in great demand!

Rooms & Suites


Wonderful to spend a few quiet days - sometimes alone. The right environment to write long letters, to read, to collect good thoughts, to take care of oneself. Our cozy 20 sqm country house rooms are all individually furnished with antiques and attention to details. Equipped with a king-size bed and a small desk you will not miss anything. In addition, there is a comfortable lounge chair and a flat-screen TV. The bathrooms are equipped with shower or bath. Let us know what your preferences are.


Elegant and comfortable. Selected furniture ensures that you feel as if you are the lord of Stolpe. But here you can expect pleasures without the responsibility of a landlord.

The manor rooms offer a lot of living comfort. Furnished with attention to details and also furnished individually with antiques, we offer you a 28 sqm wellness paradise. The rooms have a Mediterranean flair or an English country house style (in the manor house or in the carriage house) and are fully equipped with a flat-screen TV and a seating area. The bathrooms are equipped with shower or bath. Let us know your preferences.


Oh, this view of the countryside, of the great outdoors! The summer days can be wonderful on the terrace. Feel how time flies. When did you last do that?

The garden rooms are located in the coach house - with a private terrace and access to the Gutspark. Roses smell, birds chirp, and you can walk barefoot on the lawn before breakfast if you feel like it! The 32 sqm of your room offer ample space for a king size double bed and a sitting area, a desk, a flat screen TV and a music docking station. The bathrooms are equipped with shower or bath. Let us know your preferences.


Generosity and elegance. Would you like to be alone in the coach house or in the middle of the action in the manor house? Old walls with lush climbing hydrangeas. And above all the wide sky of Western Pomerania.

As far as the sky, you feel the approximately 60 square meters of the suites in the manor house or in the coach house. A king-size double bed and a completely private furnished living room with large seating area, flatscreen TV and music docking station await you. Your balcony or your private terrace with its own access to the Gutspark and two comfortable loungers offer, especially in summer, the right environment for a bit of relaxation, enjoyment, reclining. The bathroom is equipped with bathtub, some of the suites have an additional guest toilet.


When do you feel really comfortable on vacation? If the holiday home is at least as beautiful as your own home. If it is equipped with really everything you need, from good knives and Le Creuseut casseroles in the open kitchen to washing machine and dryer in the spacious daylight bathroom. If we expect beds with really good mattresses, fine linens, thick towels of noble quality. And all this on two floors in an original Vorpommerschen brick cottage, located on the Peene, with terrace and - also very important - the Stolper Fährkrug, the oldest inn in Western Pomerania, directly across the street. If you are not in the mood for self-catering, you can use both the Fährkrug and the restaurant in Gutshaus Stolpe, a 3-minute walk away.

Wellness & Relaxation


Fire. Water. Air and earth. Gut Stolpe is also ruled by the elements. In the hot tub you can relax your tired limbs after long walks. Muscles relax, the head becomes free. Then enjoy the heat of the sauna, the fresh, ice-cold water from the showers.

Stimulation, relaxation, wellbeing. Gut Stolpe will take good care of you. Everything is perfectly prepared. You just have to enjoy it.


Let yourself be touched - and do something good! Enjoy a relaxing partial or full body massage. Cream packs, scrubs and facials are also available.


After a long day, the blue hour makes us happy. Now in the sauna! Drops of water on forehead and neck. A strong infusion gets the circulation going. To cool down, head down to the Peene.

Tranquility lies above the park. The blackbirds sing their evening song. Wrap yourself in the blankets in the deck chair. Close your eyes, be completely with yourself.

Our relaxing and quiet Wellness Lounge with sauna, steam bath and infrared cabin as well as the relaxation room with a view of the Gutshaus Park is also available to external guests upon request.

Meetings & Events

Working in the spirit of the monks - here, where in 1158 Ratibor I founded the first Benedictine monastery in Vorpommern in memory of his brother Wartislaw, the monastic spirit is still present in the monastery ruins.

Our conference rooms in the former horse stable also offer this concentrated atmosphere - and all the amenities of state-of-the-art conference technology. Motivating incentives, group experiences - there is everything you need for everything around Gut Stolpe.

Away from the usual office and your own desk can be so much concentrated tackle. Feel warmly welcome and looked after the best. Look forward to a beautiful conference environment and pleasant work.


Perfect meeting room to use all year round. Professionally and individually equipped, for the expectations in the daily business as made! The right setting for board meetings, membership meetings and customer presentations.


Perfect meeting room to use all year round. Professionally and individually equipped, for the expectations in the daily business as made! The right setting for board meetings, membership meetings and customer presentations.


The welcome, the coffee break, the farewell: the right place for these tasks is the lounge, which can complement both the Maltzan room and the Bülow Saal.


The ideal place for your private party right on the Peene - the Stolper Fährkrug is one of the oldest inns in the country. Rustic and in the best sense of the country, with beer garden and grill fire, fresh wood oven bread and hearty smoked fish.


The big frame for really big events: Whether it's a concert, a large-scale presentation or a dinner for many, in summer everything is possible. The oat barn has no heating, so it can only be used in the warm season.


In summer, it is cozy in the Old Cattle Stable. Open view over the estate, old beams and red clinker floor, festive with long white towels or rustic with homemade ham. The old cattle shed can be used only in the warm season, because he has no heating.


Why choose a room, if you can celebrate in the park! They determine the length of the coffee table - up to 200 happy people have already celebrated here. Only the clouds in the sky could make us move to drier areas...


Here the family meets - to shared experiences, celebrations, weddings. If you like, we provide you with our entire farmhouse so that you feel like a squire. Having time for each other, a place where the family can meet undisturbed, good conversation, a cheerful get-together - what a luxury!

Not far from the Hanseatic city of Anklam and the island of Usedom, you can spend a wonderful day in the country together. A wedding celebration, a birthday party, a gathering or a company party - the stately home and estate is the chosen location for a special occasion.

City & Attractions

Life in Stolpe is determined by its lifeline, the Peene - European destination of excellence. Here you will find one of the last and most species-rich wilderness in Western Europe.

The Peene is the last remaining uncultivated river valley in Western Europe and offers a unique landscape, originated in the Pomeranian Vistula. The name comes from the Slavic and means "the frothy (river)".

It flows near the town of Anklam in the named after her Peenestrom, one of the three mouths of
the Oder. In its upper reaches, the Peene is divided into several smaller rivers, all of which bear the name "Peene", each with an additional word.

The slope of the 104 km long Peene is only 24 cm. In this way, a flooding moor could develop in full width from 500 to 700 meters and become the home of a unique flora and fauna.

The tranquility of the numerous nature reserves offers a home to rare animals such as white-tailed eagle, kingfisher, beaver or otter. Former peat bogs, tributaries, riparian forests and large reed beds form today the landscape and nature reserve "Peenetal".
The Peenetal is the largest contiguous lowland moor in Central Europe.


Swim. Rowing. Paddle. Water walking. Whatever you imagine in water sports, it can be implemented in the Peene. Do not dive - it's too shallow for that.

At the hotel's own pier, you can climb a staircase into the Peene... It's lovely in the morning, in the eye the eagles, to turn a round in the refreshing wet. Swim in the natural river water and enjoy the tranquility of the river. A rowboat, solar boat and kayaks will be happy to provide you with the manor house. All boats can be rented through the reception from mid-April to early October.


Beaver and otter. Crane flight in spring and autumn. Breeding grounds of more than 20,000 cormorants. Five of the rare eagle pairs breed here - white-tailed eagles, osprey and lesser spotted eagle are at home here. The Nature Park River Landscape Peental offers an incredible variety of species, waiting to be discovered by you - together with trained naturalists or with the head of the nature park itself.


Would you like to take your horse on vacation? Here you can do it. Traveling with your pet - that's not possible everywhere. Here on Stolpe we can offer you six luxuriously sized horse boxes and excellent care.

Gutshaus Stolpe Restaurant


Dine together, a truly festive meal. Fragrances and aromas, fine dishes from the kitchen and cellar. Selected products of the region and from our own hunt - which used to be the lord of the estate - we serve here modern-extravagant and traditional-pleasurable in small and large series. Then the dessert, rich-sweet or fruity-light - a final enjoyment and both an eye and a culinary delight. Unforgettable!

Since 1998, our gourmet restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star in a row. Communicative, relaxed, light. That's the best way to describe the atmosphere in our restaurant. The opposite of what many people associate with a gourmet restaurant. We do not have a strict dress code and it is also allowed to be tasted from the plate of the table neighbor. And sometimes the chef even personally brings the food to the table. A relaxed evening with excellent food and fine wines - that's what you can expect from us. Your satisfied smile at the end of the evening - that is what we wish for.


Since January 2017, Björn Kapelke has been responsible for the culinary focus of the Relais & Châteaux house just outside Usedom. He spent the last few years as a kitchen director at Scheel's in Stralsund. In 2014 he was awarded for the first time with a Michelin star. He comes with Henri Zipperling, who was already in Stralsund at his side. A gourmet team stays true to itself and now creates culinary highlights on Stolpe.

We are pleased that the good food and the tradition in the manor house Stolpe remains and continues to be lived in the Gutsküche. Visit us and let the palate seduce you.


Fresh, regional, seasonal - there are plenty of adjectives that describe the kitchen in Gutshaus Stolpe.

Stolper Fährkrug

A historic tavern - over 350 years old. Where the ferry crosses the Peene (which until 300 years ago was still the border river to Sweden), hearty Pomeranian gourmet cuisine is served. Herring and bratwurst, enjoyed on the old Reuterbank, where in his time the poet Fritz Reuter often ate a rustic snack.


Outside in the beer garden overlooking the Peene wait the grill, the old oven and the steaming smoker. Viking atmosphere is in the air.


Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at Gutshaus Stolpe. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, and the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel.
Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true, because they never allocate ALL the rooms to third parties.

Hotel: Gutshaus Stolpe

Address: Peenstraße 33 17391 Stolpe

Region: Schleswig-Holstein

Country: Germany

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Telephone: +49 397 215 500

Fax: +49 3972 155 099

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You can reach Stolpe easily by car or by train. If you plan on arriving by train, we will fetch you from Anklam station in our small coach.
If you intend to arrive by car, you can reach Stolpe via the A20 (Ostseeautobahn), exit 28, following signs for Jarmen. After leaving the motorway, take the B110 towards Anklam. After 16 km, you will arrive in Stolpe. The entrance to Gutshaus Stolpe is on the right-hand side of Peenstrasse* opposite the Dorfkirche.
We wish you a safe and pleasant journey.
*Advice for satnav: Some satellite navigation systems still do not recognise Peenstrasse. In this case, search for Dorfstrasse, which is the old street name.

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