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Half an hour from Paris, the Hôtellerie du Bas-Bréau, covers a hectare. An ideal location on the outskirts of the capital to enjoy nature in peace.

Numerous celebrities have stayed here, including Grace of Monaco, Françoise Sagan and Julien Green.

Did you know that Robert Louis Stevenson wrote “Treasure Island” during his stay at Bas-Bréau?

Come and stay in our hotel where many famous people have sojourned in search of inspiration or seclusion.

Hôtellerie du Bas-Bréau

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Sense of place

A former hunting lodge on the edge of Fontainebleau forest, the house’s prestigious name has been handed down over three generations. Classic and timeless, everything has changed so that everything can remain the same, including a garden and pool for lounging in fine weather, complete with a barbecue.

Our History

"Landscapes reflect the people who inhabit them and who manage sometimes to modify them"

Barbizon has retained the image given to it by some of the greatest painters of the Impressionist school. Ask the centuries-old trees and the rocks sculpted by nature into fantastic forms, about the secrets of this little village in the province of "Bière".

R.L Stevenson
Author of "Treasure Island"

Stevenson is sometimes thought of as a writer of adventure stories and eerie tales for teenagers. But there is a whole other dimension to his work and he was widely acclaimed both by his contemporaries and by later writers.

He wrote “Treasure Island” in 1883 while staying at the Bas-Bréau Hostelry, where he clearly found inspiration and escape.

Painting school of Barbizon

On the fringes of this forest, in the surroundings countryside, the legend of Barbizon was born.

This French “school of nature” was established by Corot, Millet, Rousseau and many other painters.

The Hôtellerie du Bas-Bréau, located in Barbizon offers:

  • A large park
  • A swimming pool
  • A restaurant
  • A barbecue
  • A pub
  • 16 rooms, 4 suites and a Villa

Rooms & Suites

With each passing year and season, the mistress of the house has embellished the Hostellerie’s twenty rooms, most of which are equipped with a jacuzzi, the 3 suites, the “junior suite” and the villa.

Junior Suite

The Junior Suite has a minibar, safe, flat screen TV, air-conditioning, and bathroom with jacuzzi and jet shower. Floor space 55m².


Its 45m² area contains a minibar, safe, flat screen TV, air-conditioning system, and a bathroom with jacuzzi and shower.

Deluxe room

Deluxe rooms have a minibar, safe, flat screen TV, air-conditioning, and bathroom with jacuzzi and jet shower. Floor space 40m².

Superior room

The 30m² room has a minibar, safe, flat screen TV, air-conditioning system, and a bathroom with jacuzzi and shower.

Traditional room

Its 25m² area contains a minibar, safe, flat screen TV, air-conditioning system, and a bathroom with jacuzzi and shower.

Wellness & Relaxation

Swimming pool & park

The Hôtellerie du Bas-Bréau welcomes you to enjoy a calm and relaxing stay.

Stroll through the inn’s one-hectare grounds and, when the fine weather returns, enjoy the heated outdoor swimming pool (open only during the high season).

Fontainebleau & its forest

Weaving between the world’s most beautiful trees, boulders and across moorland, over 25,000 hectares, including a 20,000 hectare managed estate, these paths are perfect for walkers, hunters, and lovers of open-air sports. The only limit to this vast forest is the “bornage” - a pathway that encircles the Fontainebleau forest.

On the fringes of this forest, in the surrounding countryside, the legend of Barbizon – the French “school of nature” established by Corot, Millet, Rousseau and many other painters – was born.

Meetings & Events

Your event

A favourite venue for upscale management seminars, the Hôtellerie can host a maximum of 40 guests for a sit-down meal. You can also reserve the whole house.

Setting & Atmosphere

At each sitting in the inn’s great dining hall guests will enjoy the familiar clink of silver and crystal tableware. When the weather is fine, the windows are left wide open on the surrounding countryside. At the first sign of frost, a woodfire crackles in the hearth and guests retire in the evening to traditional, cosy rooms.

One doesn't invent such a house. The neighboring famous forest, a blessed light, the wake of artists and famous visitors are needed.

Perfection then is not left to chance. It is full of talent. It belongs to each passing moment.

City & Attractions

Museums & castles

Come and discover some of many museums, such as the Millet Museum, the Barbizon School Museum, known as the “Auberge Ganne”, and the museum of art glassware at Noisy sur Ecole.

Built around its old covered market, the town of Milly-la Forêt is the starting point for walks in the great forests of Trois-Pignons and Coqibus. Also worth visiting is the Jean Cocteau Chapel and its famous museum.

Around Bas Bréau stand such magnificent castles as Fontainebleau, Courances and Vaux le Vicomte.


Mountain biking, rock climbing and horse riding equipment is available for hire. Although Barbizon is still a village of painters, walkers and sports lovers have also answered the call of the forest. On Saturdays and Tuesdays from late October to late February, you can follow the hunting hounds on horseback or by carriage.

The ancient forest of Bière has always been an ideal spot for hunting. It also holds a special place in the hearts of hikers and climbers.

Le Restaurant

People travel from across the globe to taste our game specialities sourced from Fontainebleau forest, to be enjoyed in front of a log fire crackling in the fireplace.

At the end of summer, certified mushroom pickers offer their harvest to the chef.

The season starts in September with Scottish grouse, before the arrival of wild ducks, young partridge and pheasants in October and November. White tailed deer and young wild boar linger until the end of February, with hares from October to November.

The Restaurant opens from 12:00 to 14:00 and from 19:30 to 21:00.

The Barbecue

When summer comes you can laze in our park and enjoy a light lunch by the Terrace. An atmosphere of farniente steeps the bright, colourful atmosphere of the hotel. The fresh, invigorating breeze from the forest brings with it the scents of nature.

Our chef Fabien BARD proposes daily a rounded, reassuring cuisine, prepared with absolute mastery.

The Bistrot

Enter through the porch and turn right into the new Bistrot.

The new Bistrot of Bas-Breau is set in the old dining hall of the Auberge de l’Exposition (Exhibition Inn), where the painters would gather to savour the tasty home cooking of Old Man Siron.

Today come and enjoy the sweetly priced palette of home-cooked dishes artfully prepared by Eric FAVA.

The Bistrot opens from 12:00 to 14:00 and from 19:30 to 21:00.


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From Paris or Lyon: Take Motorway A 6, exit Fontainebleau, towards Barbizon (8 Kms.). At Barbizon D64 and then turn left onto Rue Grande.

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