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L'Andana Hotel Tenuta La Badiola, a former agricultural estate, also the residence of Leopold II, Grand Duke of Toscana who turned the Maremma into fertile land thus favouring the development of livestock and agricultural products. The estate, surrounded by olive tree planted hills, dominates the valley, catching sight of sea which is only a few miles away. The excellent reception, the refined decoration, the tranquility of the place makes this estate the ideal frame for ultimate relaxation. L’Andana perfectly illustrates the “art de vivre“ in Tuscany. The Tuscan seaside style is dominated by light colours and authentic materials such as wood and stone.
The antique furniture and objects complete this simple but refined luxurious entity. Tradition and modernity are united since the estate is also equipped with ultra modern technological equipment. The hotel is articulated around a villa sheltering, within its three floors, two Suites Prestige, one Superior Suites and six Deluxe rooms, all luxurious and spacious measuring from 41 to 75 m2. Most bedroom and bathroom has a fireplace and benefits from a beautiful view over the countryside or onto the garden. The top floor may be completely privatised, thus comprising, a total surface of 200 m2. The kitchen on the ground floor of the villa is open to guests who may attend the breakfast preparations. They may nevertheless prefer one of the two adjacent comfortable lounges or the garden.

Superior rooms
Superior rooms are comfortable bedrooms about 35m² in size and furnished very elegantly. Some overlook bright green vineyards, others offer views over silvery-green olive groves. Each room has its own fully-equipped bathroom decorated with wood and marble in delicate pastel shades.
De Luxe rooms
De Luxe rooms measure 40-45 m² and are elegantly appointed, with fine fabrics and antique furniture. The bedroom leads to a spacious bathroom. Both rooms enjoy delightful views of the Maremma countryside; perfectly illustrating the art de vivre in Tuscany. Some of them have a mezzanine floor, the ideal spot for a little sitting room or studio, or even a children's bedroom.
Junior Suites
Junior Suites measure 50-60m² and come with a welcoming entrance, a spacious living area and a romantic stone fireplace. They offer enchanting views of the surrounding hills carpeted in vineyards and olive groves. A comfortable dressing room leads to a spacious bathroom equipped with all modern facilities.
Superior Suites
Superior Suites are 65-70m² in size and feature a spacious living area with a stone fireplace and a relaxation area designed to convey the utmost sense of peace. They overlook delightful scenes of unspoilt nature and the little chapel. The bedroom is elegantly appointed in true Italian style and leads to a spacious dressing room, which gives access to a spacious bathroom with a décapé wood floor.
Prestige Suites
Prestige Suites measure about 80m² in size and have a spacious living area with fine fabrics, comfy sofas and refined chaise-longues, plus a romantic stone fireplace. The spacious bedroom offers a unique vista of the romantic private chapel, the intense-green Mediterranean macchia, a patchwork of vineyards and olive groves and the bright blue Mediterranean sea. A true home from home, with the convenience of two bathrooms.


The Rooms

L’Andana is a peaceful place where the silence and refined atmosphere of old country residences can still be experienced. The spacious, sun-lit rooms are the continuation of the landscape, a corner of comfort in which the Maremma enters without knocking. Varying nuances of dust and earth, greys and beiges, ochre-yellow and purple, are offset by crimson white. The softness of leather encounters the coarseness of horse hair cloth or the smoothness of velvet; the solidness of stone meets the flexibility of wood. Where velvety comfort expresses a genuine love for this corner of Tuscany. 

The 20 Superior and De-Luxe guestrooms at L'Andana are decorated with an eye to detail and tastefully furnished in such a way as to maintain an atmosphere of family intimacy. All the rooms offer delightful views of the surrounding countryside and the interior is enhanced by a lovely stone fireplace built in fine Tuscan style. 

All the rooms have an LCD television, safe, WIFI facilities, newspapers, magazines, and CD and DVD players.

The Suites

The 13 suites located in the Villa and the Fattoria are private residences, each with its own décor and distinctive atmosphere, designed to make your stay a unique experience. The tasteful furnishings are selected with great care so that everything fits in perfectly with the surroundings. 

The curtains, sheet and bedspread fabrics are carefully chosen from amongst the finest linen, taffeta, satin and hemp, in a blend of textures that play with various colour nuances, reminiscent of the Tuscan countryside and the sun-blessed Tyrrhenian coast. The furniture features elegant and sophisticated inlay works; matching mirrors, doors, tables, chairs and sofas rhythmically repeat their ornamental motifs. Some Prestige Suites are even equipped with their own whirlpool bath in refined mosaic, allowing guests to relax at leisure in the privacy of their own room.

The interior design features at L’Andana include spacious bathrooms, designed as a personal wellbeing centre: elegant white bathtubs stand on antique oak parquet flooring by windows offering views of the delightful landscape, making bathing a truly relaxing experience.  Other suites feature spacious mosaic bath-showers, measuring up to 3x2 metres, all reminiscent of Roman spas.

L`Andana Hotel Tenuta La Badiola is a peaceful place where the silence and refined atmosphere of old country residences can still be experienced. The spacious, sun-lit rooms are the continuation of the landscape, a corner of comfort in which the Maremma enters without knocking. Varying nuances of dust and earth, greys and beiges, ochre-yellow and purple, are offset by crimson white. The softness of leather encounters the coarseness of horse hair cloth or the smoothness of velvet; the solidness of stone meets the flexibility of wood. Where velvety comfort expresses a genuine love for this corner of Tuscany. L'Andana Hotel Tenuta La Badiola has its own restaurant called La Villa. The kitchen has the cosy, informal atmosphere of a domestic kitchen and leads to an intimate dining room with a pretty stone fireplace and from there to a superb veranda overlooking the park, the chapel and the crystal-clear water of a romantic swimming pool nestling among cypresses and maritime pines.

An enchanting resort with a gourmand SPA, Tuscan Trattoria, golf driving range and romantic private chapel, L'Andana Hotel Tenuta La Badiola takes its name from its long driveway, which is flanked by cypresses and maritime pines and enveloped in a magical fairytale atmosphere, within a delightful nature park.

At Tenuta La Badiola the scents of the Tuscan countryside blend with the brackish fragrances of the Tyrrhenian, in a sensory experience that caresses the guests’ sensations and emotions.

This natural setting merges with the fascination of history. The building that now houses L'Andana was once a Medici villa where Grand Duke Leopold II and his court resided during the summer season. Here, in this place he loved so much, the Grand Duke launched major reclamation work in the Maremma.

L'Andana Hotel Tenuta La Badiola, with its 33 rooms and suites, is a member of “The Leading Hotels of the World”, an international brand of luxury hotels.

The Pool offers guests the use of a delightful outdoor heated swimming pool, situated in a paradise of nature overlooking the ancient town of Castiglione della Pescaia. There is plenty of space for sunbathing or stretching out to read a good book in complete peace and quiet. The pool is surrounded by lovely gardens with benches and loungers dotted here and there, where you can enjoy a chat or stop a while to contemplate the landscape, enveloped by the gentle sounds of the woods. 

The Villa and the Fattoria

L’Andana has two main buildings, the Villa and the Fattoria, which are separated by a delightfully informal  Winter Garden, made of wrought-iron and glass. Its charm is complementary to the loveliness of the Maremma landscape, the bright colours of which can be viewed through the large windows. This is where the hotel lobby and reception are located.

Both the Villa and the Fattoria have undergone extensive rebuilding and restyling carried out under the supervision of architect Ettore Mocchetti, editor of AD Italia.

The interior design is a perfect combination of the original rural style of the Medici residence and decorative, more ornamental French style, the aim being to express through the furnishings the intimate soul of Tuscany, with its warm colours, simplicity and uniqueness. The colours selected for the furnishings are consistent with this, with bright beige, the chromatic tones of dust and earth, ochre-yellow, vibrant orange and intense purple, which blend in perfectly with the Tuscan furniture and are highlighted by fine Florentine silk fabrics.

A refined setting, where nothing is left to chance, and one which conveys a sense of intimacy, to make the guests feel completely at home.

About the city

Castiglione is a well known and charming seaside resort, rich in history as witnessed by its XIIIth and XVth Century castle and the small medieval township spread over a wooded hill 76 yards (70 metres) above sea-level. A beach of fine sand, pine forest and vast untouched lands create an exceptional natural environment.

Grosseto has imposed itself as the main town of the Maremme region. Its historical centre is small but well preserved, it is characterized by beautiful city walls surmounted by six bastions. Among key cultural attractions of this town are the Church of San Francesco, the Cathedral, the religious art and archaeological museums, the ramparts and the Fortress of the Medicis.


La Badiola cares about the wellbeing of its guests and L’Andana has set up an exclusive SPA under an agreement with ESPA, a leading British wellness trademark. 

ESPA spas are widely recognised as among the best in the world and are designed to offer holistic treatments using pure, natural products that revitalize the body and soul, achieving excellent results. 

All the products used are made in accordance with a strict code of ethics and environmental protection. They are not tested on animals and all the packaging is made from recycled materials. And the spas themselves are built to generate the least environmental impact thanks to the use of local materials and water collected from the sea or natural springs in the vicinity.

The treatments proposed at the ESPA spa at L’Andana are the result of lengthy research into the most effective techniques used in various parts of the world and focus on a holistic and personal dimension of wellbeing. All the aesthetic products used bear the ESPA trademark and contain essential oils, plant extracts and sea salts, which in combination with aromatherapy, thalossotherapy and phytotherapy produce evident benefits for the face, body and soul, restoring a correct equilibrium for the five senses. 

Our focus on all five senses forms the basis of a special collaboration between ESPA and L’Andana, giving life for the first time to the concept of Gourmand Spa, an entirely new concept of wellbeing that also takes taste into account.


Design by Ettore Mocchetti, editor of AD Italia, the ESPA spa at L’Andana covers 600 m², divided into four areas, including two thermal spas, with slate flooring. There is also a Vitality Pool, full of mineral-rich water, with soothing properties, heated to 37°C to relax the muscles. A refined atmosphere, with lovely vaulted ceilings, natural materials, warm colours and romantic scented candles. Four cabins are available, one of which can treat two people at the same time. Other facilities include a latest-generation fitness room, a Turkish bath and a thalassotherapy pool.

Gourmand SPA

The ESPA spa at L’Andana has rediscovered the concept of wellbeing that encompasses the pleasure of eating good food and the unique sensation of an all-enveloping sensorial experience. This is why the spa at L’Andana has become “gourmand” and, as well as a list of treatments, proposes a menu of cakes and herb teas to go with them to achieve total pleasure.

Each spa programme is associated with a particular kind of cake or mousse and special teas or herbal infusions that complement the treatment itself. It is probably the only spa in the world where the dessert is the heart of the wellness treatment. After guests have been enveloped in essential oils scented with sage, marjoram, thyme, basil or lavender, and massaged by thermal waters, the time comes to delight the palate, to spoil the senses, with refined and delicious desserts. 

Then there are natural infusions to relax or regain vitality, containing rosemary, apple and wild fennel, sage and fruits of the forest, elderberry and black figs, all made from ingredients grown in the gardens on the estate. In the Tea Ceremony, the purity of the natural ingredients combines with the effectiveness of ESPA products to provide an immediate benefit for both body and mind.

Spa Menu 

Indulge yourself further


In harmony with

The Intense Facial Treatment


In harmony with

Holistic Face; Back & Scalp Massage with Hot Stones


In harmony with

Full Body Salt & Oil Scrub


In harmony with

Life-Saving Back Massage


In harmony with

Mini-Ritual – Combined Wrap & Massage

Spa Menu Infusions 


Rosemary, zest of dried lemon


Dried apple, dried fennel


Chamomile Rosehips


Blueberry, sage



Elderberry, zest of orange


 Zest of lemon, black figs


 Sage, chamomile


 Zest of lemon, fennel flowers


 Blueberry, sage

 The selection of desserts and infusions may change according the season's products

Aesthetic Treatments



50 minutes - Euro 270

Cooling, calming, pressurized oxygen increases absorption of the serum and naturally improves your skin’s moisture levels while Vitamins and antioxidants protect and defend. A combination of lightweight Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins A, C, E and Green Tea result in instantly in smoother looking skin with reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, better volume and increased firmness. Your skin will emerge deeply hydrated, balanced and glowing with vitality.


50 minutes - Euro 150

LED is a painless, even relaxing skin-care treatment that plumps up aging skin by boosting collagen production. LED works by sending energy-producing packets of light into the deeper layers of the skin. Red light LED stimulates the fibroblasts that produce collagen, which gives young skin its plump look.



50 minutes - Euro 140

Third-generation laser with cold diode, non-invasive, which reduces localized fat areas deposit on arms, legs, abdomen and hips. The laser, applied through probes on the lymphatic system and onto the areas to remodel, deeply penetrates the epidermis and reduces the size of fat cells, making them leak water, glycerol and free fatty acids. Strawberry also uses intrinsic systems of the body to stimulate natural loss of weight, on long-term.

Strawberry provides important results immediately visible. However, it’s essential to combine laser sessions with exercise in order to stimulate the lymphatic system that will eliminate fat molecules budge from the laser.

Benefits: reduced and reshaped silhouette, firmer, reducing the deposit of body fat.


from € 140.00

Drainage and thorough  massaging, with the help of G5, enhances elimination of the cellulite deposit.

The unique combination of back-and-forth gyratory force with an up-and-down percussive force is very similar to the applied pressure and stroking of traditional manual massage. ESPA use this machine combined with effective massage (50 – 80 min)

ESPA Treatments

The ESPA spa at L’Andana provides a wide range of body and facial treatments - wraps, multi-purpose massages, specific scrubs and targeted interventions for all types of skin. 

Not to be missed are our Signature treatments, a concentration of ESPA expertise that acts synergically and effectively on the body-mind equilibrium, with amazingly beneficial effects. 

Besides the range of à-la-carte treatments, L'Andana offers specific Day Spa programmes to meet varying wellbeing needs.  The spa also provides daily passes giving access to the gym, swimming pool, Vitality Pool, sauna and Turkish bath. 

Choose the treatment that interests you most and discover how the ESPA spa at L'Andana can provide you with an unforgettable experience.

With the Gift Voucher, ESPA gives you the opportunity to offer someone a treat to celebrate something special. Please book in advance by phone.

Signature treatment


1 hour 50 minutes - Euro 260

Beginning with a relaxing foot ritual, this signature treatment combines the natural ‘anti-oxidant’ benefits of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Mineral Sea Salts and fresh herbs from our gardens, for a full body exfoliation to smooth  the skin. The Treatment will be completed by a full Intensive Facial Treatment. At the end of your relaxing journey, you will taste a special dessert.

Facials and Skin Clinic

All ESPA Facials begin with a detailed consultation and in-depth skin analysis using a Woods Lamp to identify skin conditions not visible to the naked eye, allowing your therapist to tailor the treatment to your individual needs and recommend skincare products for your personal regime at home.To achieve and maintain the ultimate in healthy, radiant skin we recommend facials once a month.


50 minutes - Euro 130

Tailored for you. Whether your skin needs a deep cleanse, a healthy glow, soothing or hydrating, experience a personalised facial, which your therapist will tailor to suit your skin’s needs on the  day (Skin brightener, Re-hydrator, oil controller, de sensitier).


25 minutes - Euro 66     

Facial firming and hydrating eye treatment, using specific products rich in seaweed extract, green tea and vitamin c, which help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and protect against the environment.


50 minutes - Euro 130

This regenerating facial treatment has been especially created to help combat the signs of ageing and skin damaged by the sun. Special facial massage techniques using products rich in anti-oxidants help hydrate and protect your skin with particular focus on the delicate area around the eyes, neck and lips that are prone to fine lines. The anti-ageing benefits of this treatment visibly improve the appearance of your skin, helping to minimise lines and wrinkles and leaving skin fresh, replenished and nourished.



1 hour and 30 minutes - Euro 260

Our most effective and targeted age defying facial using the technologically advanced LIFESTAGE product range to address all the most visible signs of ageing. This luxurious facial will minimise wrinkles, immediately improve hydration levels whilst helping to reduce the appearance of pigmentation, large pores and redness. Incorporating a deep brush cleanse, Skin Radiance Mask, specialised age defying and lifting facial massage techniques and the application of the professional Lifting and Smoothing Mask, containing concentrated Seaweed Extracts, Argan Oil and Menthol, skin will be left visibly more plumped, with a firmer appearance.


Targeted solution


Targeted solution 

Essential Body Treatments

ESPA Body Treatments combine the best of ancient and modern techniques to release tension and leave you feeling deeply relaxed and rebalanced.  Experience the physical and emotional therapeutic benefits of these advanced body treatments which are tailored to your specific needs.   


50 minutes - Euro 126

75 minutes - Euro 196

The perfect massage, tailored for you. ESPA aromatherapy massage is essential, professional and specific, using a blend of individually chosen oils. A personal consultation will ensure that you receive a unique treatment to suit your specific needs.

Choose from: detoxifier, de-stresser, muscle relaxer, jet-lag, immune booster, energiser, body toner.


50 minutes  - Euro 126

75 minutes  - Euro 196       

A traditional full body massage using firm pressure to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension. This treatment is ideal as an introduction to massage; stimulating movements help soothe tired aching muscles to leave you relaxed and revived.


50 minutes  - Euro 130

75 minutes  - Euro 198

A powerful massage designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress. 

Specialised techniques concentrate on specific areas of concern and alleviate common discomforts such as a stiff neck, painful lower back pain and sore, tight shoulders.


1 hour and 50 minutes - Euro 265

This treatment combines a detoxifying wrap and advanced body massage to tone and firm the skin. First, circulation is stimulated through body exfoliation using warm and iced mitts, a body wrap is then applied to address problem areas prone to cellulite, fluid retention and uneven skin texture. Lastly, a lymphatic drainage and deep stimulating massage follows to help the body eliminate toxins, tone the skin and revitalise the mind. 


65 minutes - Euro 185

A highly effective stomach treatment ideal for those with stomach bloating, who feel sluggish, tired, or just want to enhance their stomach tone. Using specialised massage techniques combined with detoxifying products to help cleanse and purify the colon.


25 minutes  - Euro 66

This exceptional skin softening body exfoliation combines sea salts with essential oils to leave your skin nourished, smooth and supple.  Perfect as a stand alone treatment or in preparation for an Aromatherapy Massage.


25 minutes - Euro 66

A total body and skin smoothing  treatment  which  can  be used   in   isolation to  leave   skin smooth and nourished or as a preparation for a massage. This complete exfoliation will cleans and invigorate the body.


25 minutes - Euro 66

A condensed massage for those who suffer with tension related headaches and neck strain.  If you have little time to spare, this deeply soothing back massage is an ideal way to melt away tension and relieve tight muscles.  You’ll feel revived and invigorated for the day ahead or relaxed and calm for a peaceful nights sleep.

Espa Holistic Treatments


1 hour and 50 min - Euro 265

Renowned as our ‘Hero’ treatment and loved by all; this ESPA experience delivers triple results by targeting three key areas  – exfoliation and deeply relaxing back massage,  a personalized ESPA facial, and a tension-melting scalp massage, making it the ideal treatment for anyone.


1 hour and 50 min - Euro 265

An indulgent body treatment to melt away tension and bring your body and mind back into harmonious balance. The treatment begins with body

brushing and exfoliation to soften the skin; an indulgent massage follows, using nourishing essential oils soothes tired, aching muscles. Finally, a comforting head massage and gentle stretching allows you to relax and unwind.


1 hour and 50 min - Euro 265

This treatment combines a body wrap and massage to bring deep relaxation to body and mind.  Following body exfoliation, an Algae, Marine Mud or Oshadi Wrap is applied and the scalp gently massaged. Once you have taken a refreshing shower, a full body massage with an Aromatherapy Oil chosen to suit your needs leaves you with a sense of well-being, restored and revitalised.


75 minutes - Euro 196        

A traditional and indulgent massage using aromatherapy oils and warm volcanic stones to achieve a deeper pressure.   The warmth of the stones penetrate the skin, easing muscular tension and soothing aches and pains; helping you to unwind and your body to feel rejuvenated.  


50 minutes - Euro 130       

This tailor-made experience includes lymphatic skin brushing, body exfoliation and a complete body wrap of Algae, Marine Mud or Oshadi Clay combined with essential oils and blended to meet your specific needs.  The body wrap is designed to comfortably raise the temperature and induce perspiration to help eliminate toxins and increase the effects and absorption of the oils in the wrap.  Ultimate tranquillity is achieved with a mind calming Oriental head massage during the envelopment. 

Choose from the following:









ESPA for men

Selected ESPA treatments specifically tailored to you. Choose from massage, body cleansing, exfoliation and personalised facials. Finally, skincare products are chosen for your individual needs to achieve the best possible results.


50 minutes - Euro 126

75 minutes - Euro 196

The perfect massage, tailored for you. ESPA aromatherapy massage is essential, professional and specific, using a blend of individually chosen oils. A personal consultation will ensure that you receive a unique treatment to suit your specific needs.


40 minutes -  Euro 105 

A condensed massage for those who suffer with tension related headaches and neck strain. If you have little time to spare, this deeply soothing back, face and stress releasing scalp massage is an ideal way to melt away tension and relieve tight muscles. You'll feel revived and invigorated for the day ahead or relaxed and calm for a peaceful night's sleep.


50 minutes  - Euro 130

75 minutes  - Euro 198               

A powerful massage designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress. Specialised techniques concentrate on specific areas of concern and alleviate common discomforts such as a stiff neck, painful lower back pain and sore, tight shoulders.


1 hour and 50 minutes - Euro 265

Ideal for those suffering with stress related tension from business pressure, travel and a fast-paced lifestyle. Gentle skin cleanse involving skin brushing and body exfoliation followed by a full body massage with hot stones and scalp massage. Gentle stretching leaves your body feeling soothed, revitalised and de-stressed.


50 minutes - Euro 115

A relaxing massage to ease muscular tension and problematic skin on the back, neck and shoulders. The back is body brushed and exfoliated to help stimulate circulation and cell renewal before an application of deeply cleansing Marine Mud is applied to help purify and calm the skin. Lower legs and feet receive a therapeutic relaxing massage while the mask takes effect. Finally soothe away tension from the back with a calming Aromatherapy Massage.

ESPA Finishing touches


50 minutes - Euro 95

A holistic arm, hand and nail treatment including a gentle skin refiner and a therapeutic massage incorporating hot stone therapy with an appropriate aromatherapy body oil chosen for your individual needs. Hands and nails are dipped in a warm envelopment of paraffin wax to nourish and condition and wrapped in warm mitts.  Nail polish application is optional.


1 hour 10 minutes  - Euro 110

A holistic foot and nail treatment including gentle skin softening exfoliation and relaxing acupressure point massage with appropriate aromatherapy body oil chosen for your individual needs. The feet are then enveloped in warm paraffin wax to deeply nourish and condition, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Nail polish application is optional.


Euro 55 – 50 minutes


Euro 70 - 50 minutes 


Half leg wax– 25 min - Euro35

Full leg wax and  bikini  - 45 min - Euro 70

Bikini wax – 20 min - Euro 30

Upper lip wax – 10 min - Euro 15

Eyebrow shaping – 15 min - Euro 15

Underarm wax – 15 min - Euro 25

Arm wax – 25 min - Euro 35 

Total body wax – 65 min - Euro 130

Day Spa

Day Spa programmes also include use of the wellbeing area (gym, sauna, Turkish bath, jacuzzi and indoor pool) and lunch at La Villa restaurant at L'Andana.


Euro 470

Enjoy use of the Spa Thermal Suite consisting of Vitality Pool, Steam room and Sauna and relax in the Indoor Pool Relaxation Area before beginning your ESPA treatment experience.

Welcome foot cleansing ritual and herbal infusion

Mini Ritual – full body exfoliation, Massage and Wrap chosen to suit your needs

Lunch at “La Villa” Restaurant

Essential Facial Treatment and Regenerating and Firming Eye Treatment.



Euro 400

Combining the healing and harmonising benefits of hot stone therapy and the advanced ESPA products and massage techniques to target areas of stress and tension in the back and face; coupled with a treat for the feet.

Welcome foot cleansing ritual and herbal infusion

Advance Back, Face and Scalp Treatment with Hot Stones

Lunch at “ La Villa ”Restaurant

Holistic Foot and Nail Treatment



Euro 350

Submerge yourself in the calming surroundings of the Spa and enjoy treatments dedicated to relieving deep seated stress and tension

Salt and Oil Scrub

Essential Body Massage

Lunch at “ La Villa ”Restaurant

Essential Facial Treatment

Dessert and herbal infusion.


Euro 255

Allow your therapist to use a combination of advanced massage techniques and powerful ESPA products to detoxify, cleanse and stimulate the body mind and spirit

Relaxing Back Treatment

Lunch at “La Villa” Restaurant

Detoxifying Body Wrap

Dessert and herbal infusion.


L’Andana offers guests the use of a delightful outdoor heated swimming pool, situated in a paradise of nature overlooking the ancient town of Castiglione della Pescaia. There is plenty of space for sunbathing or stretching out to read a good book in complete peace and quiet. The pool is surrounded by lovely gardens with benches and loungers dotted here and there, where you can enjoy a chat or stop a while to contemplate the landscape, enveloped by the gentle sounds of the woods. 

The estate provides the opportunity for numerous activities to enrich your stay with new experiences. The choice is yours!

La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini organizes cooking courses. Alternatively, you can indulge in a relaxing ESPA treatment at the spa at L’Andana. Those who prefer to combine sport and nature can devote their time to a different experience each day, with delightful horse rides in the hills, exciting tennis challenges on the nearby court, enjoyable bike rides or walks to the hermitage church 7 km away. It was built in the 16th century on the site where legend has it that the Madonna appeared to St. William of Malavalle on this return from the Crusades. 

There are still numerous other places of interest to discover. 

Near Suvereto, a short drive from L'Andana, the Moretti family have opened a prestigious wine cellar designed by Mario Botta called  Petra. It blends in perfectly with the landscape, seemingly there since time immemorial. A cylinder with a hanging garden of olive trees looks like a modern slanting terrace, a sort of pyramid-cum-observatory - a bridge between earth and sky. It is worth making the trip for the view alone, which takes in the island of Elba, and even Corsica on clear days. Yet they also make wine here, fine red wines of excellent quality and character. You will be unable to resist the temptation to try them! 

The Tyrrhenian sea lies a few kilometres from Casa Badiola and offers the ideal spot for a boat trip to discover a series of pretty little inlets and bays or the nearby islands, veritable paradises of nature and steeped in history as well. 

Off the Maremma coast lies the Tuscan archipelago, scattered remnants of the legendary continent of Tirrenide, which sank into the sea in ancient times.  The largest island, in a central position, is Elba, justly renowned for its lush vegetation and the contrasting rust-red hills and intense blue crystal-clear waters. Off the Argentario promontory lies Isola del Giglio, with lovely inlets and characteristic fishing villages. The three main towns on the island still bear witness to ancient settlements. Not far off is Giannutri, a petit paradise of peace and quiet, where cars are prohibited and the exceptionally clear  water attracts divers from all over. On the island stand the remains of a Roman villa, the storerooms, baths, servants’ dwellings and plumbing system of which are still visible today. Pianosa and Montecristo are the southernmost islands in the archipelago, both wild and desert-like. 

Last but not least, L’Andana is a strategic location for day trips to some of Italy’s most important cities of art, such as Florence (150 km), Siena (80 km) and Arezzo (150 km). Even the capital, Rome, lies only 180 km away. Closer to home and of equal artistic interest are the nearby towns of Castiglione della Pescaia and Grosseto (20 km), the main town in the province.  The website provides more details of recommended art itineraries.

Sport Activities

PERSONAL TRAINING - Reservation required

90 euros/60 mins

Our team of nationally certified personal trainers deliver more than just a personal training program. We not only deliver a complete experience custom to address your unique needs and goals but also deliver confidence boosting and real results. Choose your path with the help of our trainers: whether you need one-on-one attention or you need to organize work out in a small group.


Physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, drawing inspiration from Yoga and Do-in. L’Andana suggests outdoor session under the shade of umbrella-pines: this workout will rebalance the energy and reduce pain due to incorrect posture


It’s a fitness walking with specially designed poles, practicable in all seasons. Easy to do, Nordic walkers use more of their entire body.


Cardio exercise uses large muscle movement over a sustained period of time keeping your heart rate to at least 50% of its maximum level. Your heart is a muscle. Therefore working it makes it stronger. A stronger cardio-vascular system means more capillaries delivering more oxygen to cells in your muscles. This enables your cells to burn more fat during both exercise and inactivity


Functional training attempts to adapt or develop exercises which allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries. a training program should be tailored to each individual. Any program must be specific to the goals of an individual, focusing on meaningful tasks. It must also be specific to the individual state of health, including presence or history of injury. An assessment should be performed to help guide exercise selection and training load.


Boot Camp training commences with dynamic stretching and running, followed by a wide variety of interval training, including lifting weights/objects, pulling rubber TRX straps, pushups/situps, plyometrics, and various types of intense explosive routines. Sessions usually finish with stretching. Many other exercises using weights and/or body weight, similar to CrossFit routines, are used to lose body fat, increase cardiovascular efficiency, increase strength, and help people get into a routine of regular exercise.


Boxing fitness training is an excellent way get a great cardio workout. Boxing is considered by many to be one of the best exercises because of its ability to help condition the entire body in one workout. This sport improves the cardiovascular and endurance fitness of its participants by providing a high-intensity, calorie-burning routine that promotes optimal physical fitness.

HORSE RIDING from Euro 120



La Badiola Estate boasts its own golf practise course stretching from the olive groves on the hills to the coast. Here, the light brown of the bunkers and the green of the fairways blend with the bright blue of the Maremma sky. The ideal practice course for improving your swing and initiating youngsters into the exciting challenges of golf. 

The practice course at La Badiola extends for 30,000 m² over an undulating surface. There are 8 tees and 4 holes at a distance of 50, 10, 150 and 220 metres. There are also a putting green and two pitching greens, covering a total of 1500 m² . 

A professional golf instructor is available for individual lessons for children and adults.

Use of the practice course is free of charge for guests at L’Andana and Casa Badiola . 

La Badiola is located in a strategic position for golf enthusiasts as there are several other courses within easy reach, enabling you to improve your drive on a different course every day.

30 minutes by car from La Badiola:

Golf Club Punta Ala   - 18 holes

Via del Golf

58043 Punta Ala,  Grosseto

40 minutes by car from La Badiola:

Golf Club Toscana -  18 holes

Località il Pelagone, 28

58023 Gavorrano, Grosseto 

50 minutes by car from La Badiola:

Argentario Golf Club -  18 holes

Loc. Terra Rossa, Via Acquedotto Leopoldino

58018 Porto Ercole,  Grosseto

Cookery courses


Do you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and would like to learn some new tricks to become a great Chef? Or instead, you don’t know how to deal with pots and pans and would love to learn basic cooking skills?  

And furthermore: would you like to share this experience with your little ones? Tenuta La Badiola has prepared a selection of tailored cooking courses for everyone. 

You can choose from:

Little Chefs in the making… | course for kids that would like to experiment with cooking

Cooking with mom and dad | family cooking course for 4, 6 and more hands...

Men in the kitchen | cooking course for men

Wonder woman in the kitchen | cooking course for women that would like to improve their skills…

Traditional Tuscan recipes | From Chianina to Pappa al pomodoro, classical dishes from this region 

Vegetarian taste | cooking course dedicated to vegetarian recipes

Private lessons | individual tailored lessons (price on request)

Team cooking | team building in the kitchen for companies (price on request)

Each cooking course lasts for 2 hours and is followed by lunch or dinner with the dishes prepared during the lesson

€ 180,00 per course, for one adult (with the exception of private lessons)

€ 90,00 per course, for one child up to 12 years old

Material given: toque, chef’s apron and personalised notebook

Subject to availability


A multidimensional wine

The languages of wine

Besides the pleasure of an excellent glass of wine, there are other things that can take us back, with as much delight and perhaps even greater satisfaction, to the origins of wine and its intense relationship with the land, climate, soil and resources of a place.

These features belong to the region, to all regions, in both northern and southern Italy, Lombardy and Tuscany. They are a combination of factors that form an unusual emotional geography, an image that together with others becomes a vision, a sort of narration that takes shape in wine.

A multidimensional wine that, for the Terra Moretti Group and its global vision of agriculture and oenology, presence in the region and nearness to other regions, has always signified a commitment to innovative paradigms and quality. All of which has been defined by a search for increasingly sustainable viticultural models that respect nature and are in synch with the history of the place and the oenological and agronomic savoir-faire of the zone. It is thus a lifestyle, as well as a production choice, with a dynamic view of the region, which can be measured against the history and present local economy but also culture, identity, landscape and gastronomic traditions of every place.

The ancient roots of the future

Just a few kilometres from Castiglione della Pescaia, at a slightly higher altitude than the area once occupied by Prile Lake, sits Tenuta La Badiola, today owned by the Terra Moretti Group. It was the residence of the Grand Duke of Tuscany Leopold II who, with forward thinking intuition, decided to transform it into an exemplary agricultural hub. A brilliant decision that, for Italy in the mid nineteenth century, represented a genuine model for an innovative agricultural system.

The estate currently includes 500 hectares distinguished by the variety and biodiversity of the Maremma countryside, with flat and sloping areas and hills covered by vineyards, olive groves, forests and Mediterranean maquis. 

In this harmonious dialogue between nature and the manmade the Acquagiusta spring has always played a crucial role. A subterranean spring that flows naturally from the rocks, this “magical” and perpetual fount has given life and fertility to the lands and inhabitants of the estate since the times of Leopold II. To such an extent that the setting, richness and luxuriance of nature in those days has become a vision over time, a sort of motivating force, and a virtuous example that inspires the present day work at Tenuta La Badiola.

And so water is, paradoxically, a source of inspiration for wine production. But even more importantly, the Acquagiusta is a spring that serves as an ideal, even symbolic reference for all the wines of Tenuta La Badiola. The wines of the Acquagiusta are thus like the children of a spring and a region, inspired by the spirit of the place, moulded by the wind and sun, marked by the earth and time.

This vinicultural project arises from respect for the “agricultural wisdom” of the past and intends to restore the identity of grapevine cultivation, which has been neglected for so long in this magnificent and unique area of Italy – the Tuscan Maremma.


The vineyard and nature

The project at Tenuta La Badiola has, since the beginning, been driven by research and trial and error, with the goal of identifying the most suitable choices for agronomically working soil, taking into account the climate and present complex natural factors.

Water, soil, climate, sun and wind are some of the principal elements that were considered when examining their interaction with the vineyard, determining plant exposure, making final decisions and interacting with the different personalities of varietals and wines.

Today, there are about 30 hectares of cultivated vineyards principally composed of Vermentino, Viogner, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Alicante and Syrah, all of which are gathered in a single area and arranged in two specific sections that stretch to the west and east respectively.

It is precisely due to this arrangement, based on previous research, that the western vineyard including Vermentino and Viogner is used to cultivate grapes for white wines. In fact, the soil in this section of the land, once crossed by the Acquagiusta spring, is rich in skeletal soil and minerals. The visibly lighter colour of the soil influences heat absorption thus moderating and conditioning vegetative activity. In lighter soil greater residual humidity (due to heat reflection), as well as a slightly shorter vegetative phase, favours the cultivation of grapes that are better suited for white wines.

Also based on trial and error, the eastern vineyards (Cabernet Sauvignon, Alicante, Merlot and Syrah) are used to produce red and rosé wines. Here, various analyses have, in fact, found a high nutritional content in the dark soil, which also has better heat absorption. This has a significant effect on the activity of plant roots, lengthens vegetative activities and thus causes a positive delay in maturation with the correct combination of elements that favour the production of a good red wine.


Acquagiusta Vermentino

Acquagiusta Vermentino, a name so beautiful on the tongue, is a child of the wind. The wind that cradles and coddles it enabling it to develop, in all meanings of the word, as both a wine and a plant. This salty sea breeze gently caresses the rows of vines, creating the ideal conditions for grape maturation. A perfect microclimate but, most importantly, a natural cure that protects plants from sickness. A kind of primeval dehumidifier that also produces zero emissions. The grape harvest here is always measured by nature and the climate and based on time proven agronomic knowledge. There are three phases in the harvest: the first or “early” harvest for freshness and acidity; the second when grapes are fully ripe for structure and smoothness; and, finally, the third that captures the full expression of aromatic elements.

Acquagiusta Rosé

Acquagiusta rosé is the “wildest” of the estate and perhaps the most original. What makes it special? An ability to transcend the formulas of the numerous other wines produced from Alicante. Though it certainly respects tradition, its interpretation is defined by originality and an innovative vision. Besides, we are in Maremma where Alicante is not “just” a varietal but also a concept, a true protagonist and storyteller of this land. The brilliant idea, however, was to produce a white wine from a red grape, whose flavour is able to encapsulate the exuberance and vigour of the varietal. The great challenge? Merge structure with elegance and, why not, with charming and excellent drinkability. All of this in the spirit of the land and sensory balance, while respecting and enhancing the unique characteristics of a varietal like Alicante.

Acquagiusta Red

Acquagiusta Red, or rather, “strength in numbers”. How? With the “classic” blend of three varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. The simplest things are often the most difficult: taking “the best” from each grape with the freshness and intensity of their different fruity and floral scents. This wine has no specific season but is delicious any time of year, recalling the pleasure of good drinking and conviviality. And thus an everyday wine, to drink cool, on any occasion, available at the right price and versatile in its pairings, particularly with seafood.


Acquadoro, a wine for many but not for all, is created from a specific varietal, Viogner, and the multifaceted character of the land of the Maremma. A harmonious and in some ways courageous merging of the historic aromatic qualities of the varietal and the added value of the terroir, which in Acquadoro translates into the fragrance of fresh flowers and Mediterranean maquis. A balanced collage made possible through the meticulous management of the vineyard and careful harvesting of grapes that, once in the winery, are handled with oenological expertise and full respect for their original characteristics.

And Oil

Natural, unfiltered clarity with a medium viscosity when poured.

The Badiola olive grove is an ancient treasure: its hundred-year-old trees provide visual proof of the historical roots of the place. It was Leopold II who, as he was building the farmhouse, cut the brush to make room for olive trees, grafting several onto wild plants. The soil is poor but skeletal and all the land faces south. The two most numerous olive varieties are Leccino and Moraiolo.

Olives are harvested by hand from October to November. Pressing is performed via mechanical cold pressing.

Deep in the heart of a landscape of surprising beauty and strategically located a short drive from the main towns of central and northern Italy, Tenuta La Badiola is the ideal setting for business events, work meetings, weddings and receptions in great style, offering refined elegance, an impeccable service and excellent cuisine. 

Stylish rooms, lovely grounds and surrounding countryside, a little Renaissance chapel, restaurants and numerous activities combine to create a series of emotions that will make any event a truly memorable experience.

Business meetings

Tenuta La Badiola, with its two diversified buildings, L’Andana and Casa Badiola, and numerous opportunities for exciting activities -  from spa treatments to horse riding, from regattas to wine-tasting sessions – is the ideal location for holding business meetings and other events, as it offers efficiency, style and wellbeing. There are three elegantly appointed meeting halls, the largest of which can accommodate 300 guests, that can be customised to meet any specific requirements. 

Tenuta La Badiola is fully equipped to stage any kind of meeting and create a truly unique experience each time.

Events and ceremonies

There are special occasions throughout our lives that we wish to remember for ever - a wedding, a christening, an anniversary or similar events that mark important milestones in our family history. These events remain impressed in our memories, which is why we want each single detail to be perfect, just as we have always dreamed. 

Thanks to the fascination of L'Andana and the spontaneity of Casa Badiola, the enchanting natural environment found here and the intimate little chapel, where Holy Mass is held each Sunday, La Badiola Estate is the ideal location for events of personal significance.  

Our qualified staff will help you organise the event with skill and discretion. They can recommend what is best for you in terms of floral decorations, seating arrangements and the music you wish to accompany the event.


Rooms and capacities

Three separate rooms are available, all situated in what was once the ancient granary at the residence of Grand Duke Leopold II of Tuscany, which has been tastefully renovated to add functionality to beauty. The materials used reflect the soul of the land: stone for the walls, in delicate shades of white, beige and turtle-dove, cotto tiles for the floor and white wooden beams for the ceilings. 

A delicate decoration that enables the halls to be tailored to suit a particular event, be it a business meeting or ceremony, a party or exhibition. 

The Veranda Room has large windows that open out onto the grounds and vegetable gardens of Trattoria Toscana. The overall setting is enhanced by an imposing central fireplace made of stone and wood that dominates the room and conveys a sense of cosy intimacy.  

The Giglio Room and Leopoldo II Room are adjacent to each other on the upstairs floor. There is plenty of natural light thanks to glass walls on both sides. The two rooms can be used separately or together. 

The Leopoldo Room is more spacious and  features a series of white wooden columns along the entire length to create an interesting volumetric effect,  providing the ideal location for your special event. 

The rooms are equipped with the latest technology and all the details can be customised to create any kind of setting.

LEOPOLDO ROOM 25.85x13.10 m

GIGLIO ROOM 11.35x6.40 m

VERANDA ROOM 17.54x6.20 m

Weddings and honeymoons

In the grounds at L’Andana is a private romantic chapel where Holy Mass is held each Sunday by Father Giovanni. It is surrounded by gardens that merge into the olive-tree and vine-carpeted hills sloping down towards the sea. 

Fiancés seeking a ceremony en plein air  can see their dreams come true, as the park surrounding the chapel is consecrated, religious ceremonies can be held here.  In such a delightful landscape, the best day of your lives will become a truly  unforgettable one. 

And what about the reception? Our chef and his brigade will be honoured to create a tailor-made menu, one in which the chosen dishes will convey the tastes, the passions and the special, unique alchemy uniting the betrothed. 

La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini, with its elegant rooms and fairy-tale grounds, will do the rest. It will be “dressed” exactly as the couple wish, to reveal yet more of their love story. 

Wedding guests can enjoy exclusive accommodation in the rooms and suites at L’Andana, while the newly-weds spend their first night in a magical atmosphere with members of staff dedicated to satisfying their every whim.

The team at L’Andana will be at the couple’s complete disposal to handle the following details:

Floor decorations 

Photographic and video services 

Open-air ceremony 

Guest accommodation 

Animation and childcare 

Limousine and veteran car hire 

Car and coach hire 

Musical accompaniment during the church service and reception 

Ceremonial  make-up and hair styling 


La Villa restaurant

La Villa restaurant
L’Andana has its own restaurant called La Villa. The kitchen has the cosy, informal atmosphere of a domestic kitchen and leads to an intimate dining room with a pretty stone fireplace and from there to a superb veranda overlooking the park, the chapel and the crystal-clear water of a romantic swimming pool nestling among cypresses and maritime pines. Breakfast at L’Andana is an experience that none can forget. The cast iron ovens in the kitchen turn out each morning freshly baked doughnuts, orange flower brioches, currant buns and cheese-cake. Other specialities includes slices of Tuscan cinta ham, tasty mozzarella cheeses and vegetables in season. Home-made yogurt, jam and marmalade are a must, as are fresh eggs prepared in a variety of different ways. Just choose your favourite and the chef will cook the dish in front of you so that you can enjoy it in all its energy-giving splendour. La Villa also serves delicious lunches and dinners, from a menu that varies with the season. The dishes are prepared by the same chefs as those at La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini. They all reflect genuine local traditions, where the delicate tastes of food from the sea flank stronger ones from the land: risotto with peas, streaky bacon and pecorino cheese is followed by anglerfish and courgette flower tortello, stewed octopus and Borlotti beans, and ossobuco with potatoes and celery. The desserts are shamelessly scrumptious and combine different consistencies and temperatures, such as melted chocolate and pistachio ice-cream or warm granny Smith’s apple and sorbet tart. LA VILLA restaurant is open daily. Lunch is served from 12.30 to 2.30pm Dinner is served from 7.30pm to 10.00pm In May and October la Villa is closed for dinner. For dinner during these months, the restaurant La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini, door-steep to la Villa, will be pleased to welcome you indoor or in its “dehors” among the vineyards.

La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini

La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini
Located in what used to be the ancient granary of Grand Duke Leopold II of Lorraine, La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini is a sort of contemporary hostelry, a simple meeting place, where genuine specialities of Tuscan tradition are served. The rooms inside the old granary and its location enhance the experience of dining out, with vast windows overlooking the Mediterranean macchia and vineyards, kitchen equipment on display and a wood oven heralding the kind of menu on offer. Even the cellar is open to view, displaying about 150 labels, including wines made in the cellars belonging to the Moretti family - Petra and Tenuta La Badiola – the latter right adjacent to La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini. Numerous dishes are served in terracotta bowls and clay plates, a respectful tribute to local tradition. Open only in the evening, the 150m2 restaurant seats a hundred guests in a cosy, reserved atmosphere. The dining-room is furbished to achieve a sense of discreet elegance and intimacy, with wooden beams, exposed brickwork, a fireplace and cotto tile flooring. It leads onto a delightful terrace that looks out onto the kitchen gardens and surrounding hills, and can accommodate up to 80 guests. Next door is a smaller room, the ideal setting for private dinners or special events.
The principles of La Trattoria Enrico Bartolini’s cuisine are authenticity, simplicity and seasonality. The menu is leaded by Tuscan traditions and products according, mostly, the typical recipes used by local families. In the heart of the Maremma countryside, you will find the genuineness of local products, with a rigorous respect for Tuscan cuisine and the culinary philosophy “Contemporary Classic” by chef Enrico Bartolini, together with the executive chef Marco Ortolani, according to which the values of the past and present merge together to create a brand new and original flavor. His Contemporary Classic cuisine is making a big impact in the food scene: innovative, balanced and inspiring. The values of the past and the contemporaneity of the present merge to give life to new original and balanced tastes. Strong taste impact and aesthetic perfection create a strong culinary experience light and that gratifies the palate and leaves the mind full of great gastronomical memories. Many ingredients have an extra-special added touch, aromatic herbs, vegetables, wine and olive oil are produced from the gardens and cellar of Tenuta La Badiola. The wine list features wines straight from the cellars of Tenuta La Badiola and Petra, both of which belong to the Moretti family, and a selection of the best wines from Italy and abroad.


Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at L`Andana Hotel Tenuta La Badiola. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, an the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel. Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true. Plus they charge the hotel a commission which is normally around 20% of the room rate.

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BY CAR FROM ROME (About 2h) Take the A12 motorway north to Civitavecchia. Take the Civitavecchia exit and follow the signs to Grosseto. Turn off at the Grosseto Nord exit and follow the signs to Castiglione della Pescaia. This will take you onto the Padule provincial road, called the “Castiglionese”. After about 15 km you come to a roundabout in Macchiascandona. Take the third exit, following the signs to Castiglione della Pescaia. After about 3 km you come to a long avenue right lined symmetrically with cypresses and maritime pines. This is the entrance to Tenuta La Badiola. FROM PISA (About 1½ hours) Follow the Via Aurelia south towards Livorno / Grosseto. Just before Grosseto, take the Giuncarico exit and follow the signs to Castiglione della Pescaia. This will take you onto the Padule provincial road, called the “Castiglionese”. After about 15 km you come to a roundabout in Macchiascandona. Take the third exit, following the signs to Castiglione della Pescaia. After about 3 km you come to a long avenue on right lined symmetrically with cypresses and maritime pines. This is the entrance to Tenuta La Badiola. FROM FLORENCE (About 2¼ hours) Follow the signs to Siena. After about 55 km, follow the signs to Grosseto. After about 75 km, take the Grosseto Nord exit and follow the signs to Castiglione della Pescaia on the SP3. After about 15 km you come to a roundabout in Macchiascandona. Take the third exit, following the signs to Castiglione della Pescaia. After about 3 km you come to a long avenue right lined symmetrically with cypresses and maritime pines. This is the entrance to Tenuta La Badiola.

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