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Welcome to Hotel Ambassador!
Tradition and present, arts and delights – experience the special flair of a top hotel in the heart of Vienna.
For more than 100 years the Ambassador Hotel offers elegance and luxury such as cannot be found in any other hotel in Vienna.
Like a pole which has come to rest at the heart of the cosmopolitan city, the Ambassador Hotel enjoys a truly special location, on one side directly on the exquisite shopping street Kärntner Straße, on the other side on Neuer Markt with its historic characteristics. The State Opera, St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Imperial Palace and the Musikverein are in the immediate vicinity.



Tradition and present, arts and delights – experience the special flair of a top hotel in the heart of Vienna.

For more than 100 years the Ambassador Hotel offers elegance and luxury such as cannot be found in any other hotel in Vienna.

Like a pole which has come to rest at the heart of the cosmopolitan city, the Ambassador Hotel enjoys a truly special location, on one side directly on the exquisite shopping street Kärntner Straße, on the other side on Neuer Markt with its historic characteristics. The State Opera, St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Imperial Palace and the Musikverein are in the immediate vicinity.

This unique position allows you to experience the cultural metropolis of Vienna at the very pulse of our own times. Not without reason is the Ambassador a favorite meeting place for celebrity guests, as it always has been.

Arts and music, pleasure and relaxation are closely associated with Vienna and the Ambassador Hotel. According to our motto "Arts and Delights" we combine personal enjoyment with classical elements of art and culture without forgetting the pleasures of good food, fine wines and shopping.

The place to be – The place to live!


The extremely spacious, luxuriously appointed rooms are both elegant and stylish, designed to meet your every need, with the added benefit of ultramodern technology:

Free WLAN (Freewave), workspace, voicemail, pay TV, cable TV, personal safe, individually adjustable air conditioning, en-suite facilities with underfloor heating and minibar.

Every room in each of the 5 categories represents an individual expression of the charm of the building.


The 27 Vienna Classic rooms reflect the charm and glamour of a traditional Viennese hotel.

The rooms have been fully refurbished, right down to the last detail, in keeping with the historical building culture that is abundantly in evidence. Fine dark wood and modern technology stand side by side in the light and airy rooms to form a stylish ensemble that is capable of harmonizing the modern and the traditional.



The Ambassador Hotel has dedicated a total of 10 themed rooms to personalities from the world of politics, art and culture who have been guests at the Ambassador.

The special flair reflected in the rooms and the lovingly produced décor create an air of nostalgia. The ambience is emphasized by restored antiques, the 100 year old parquet floors and the traditional Viennese Lobmeyr chandeliers.



The special design of the 30 business rooms, some with their own patio, meets all the demands of the modern business traveler.

The generously proportioned workspace, 24 hour internet access and the accomplished business service (business lunch in your room) make it eminently possible to conduct business meetings in the hotel itself.

The Club Ambassador, where meetings for up to 10 people may be held, and a Business Center, equipped with a computer, printer, fax machine and telephone, are also available to guests.



18 junior suites reflect the classic and exceptional ambience of the hotel – a harmonious blend of tradition, contemporary lifestyle and technology. The generous-sized one-bedroom suites feature a visually separated living and sleeping area and a modern marble bathroom. The junior suites are delightfully furnished, combining sophistication with true luxury. They are either decorated with restored antiques or with exclusive Empire-style fittings, individually chosen for each guest room to create an elegant atmosphere.



In addition to the standard facilities, the Vienna holiday apartment offers a large bathroom with bathtub and shower.

Enjoy relaxing moments in the winter garden and on the terrace. The apartment can be rented together with apartment 602.



The apartment provides a generous living space as well as a terrace. The elegant interior and the modern bathroom create a comfortable atmosphere. It is directly connected with apartment 601.



The appealing design and the luxurious furnishing of this Vienna apartment meet all the requirements for a short or long stay. The apartment offers an amazing view over the city center of Vienna and can be rented together with apartment 604.



This spacious Vienna holiday apartment is a true gem. It offers private access to a glass pavilion and a large terrace on the roof.

From the top of the building you enjoy a unique view over the historic city center. The generous design allows holding business meetings in the apartment itself.


It is not for nothing that the Ambassador Hotel can look back on a long tradition as the location of choice for events in the heart of Vienna.

All our conference rooms are well lit with natural daylight and offer a stylish context for conferences, seminars and celebrations. Equipped with the latest presentation, video and internet technology, they provide space for a total of 100 people.

We pride ourselves on personal service and exclusive equipment. This, in combination with the quiet location in the center of the city, makes the Ambassador Hotel the ideal starting point for a successful event.

Our restaurant with its integrated open view kitchen and winter garden overlooking the Neuer Markt provides the perfect culinary backdrop.

The place to be – The place to meet!


Overlooking the Neuer Markt, this generously laid out banqueting room is the ideal starting point for successful conferences, presentations and seminars in a pleasantly discreet atmosphere. This room provides space for up to 50 people and is fitted with the latest technical equipment. It is located on its own mezzanine floor and has a reception area and foyer.

Total SQ M 75    Room Size  14,1 X 5,3     Ceiling HT  2,8     Classroom 36     Theatre  50    Banquet 40    Block Table 40    U-Shape  35


The elegant Salon Lehár provides space for small seminar groups of up to 34 people, and is located on the 1st floor of the hotel. The room is dedicated to the composer Franz Lehár, whose signed autographs are on display in this room.

Total SQ M 41    Room Size  7,0 X 5,8     Ceiling HT  4,8     Classroom 20     Theatre  34    Banquet  20      Block Table 20    U-Shape  16


The elegant Club Ambassador is located on the 3rd floor of the building, and offers space for small seminars and meetings of up to 10 people with restaurant service.

Total SQ M 25    Room Size  5,0 X 5,0     Ceiling HT  4,8     Theatre  12    Block Table 10 


Air-conditioned rooms, Free W-LAN, Beamer with screen, FlipChart, Pin board, Presentation kit, Further technical equipment on request.



The Ambassador Hotel looks back on a tradition that is substantially shaped by 200 years of contemporary history.

The rich history of the Ambassador reflects the historic and urban evolution of downtown Vienna. The surroundings of the hotel and the building itself are part of a fascinating past and an active today.

1234   First documented mention of the Neuer Markt.

1375   First mention as the "Mehlgroube", the building which in 1418 becomes the City's flour store, which controls weights, measures and the price of flour.

1697   The Mehlgrube is demolished and rebuilt according to plans drawn up by Johann Bernhard Fischer of Erlach. The City of Vienna has an exclusive place of entertainment built on the site of the old flour store.

1726   With the completion of the new building there is now a prestigious public establishment which is used for dances, masked balls and other occasions (especially for an aristocratic clientele). The first balls are put on by the dancing master Accriboni, by order of Prince Eugene.

1739   Opening of the Donnerbrunnen fountain, a Baroque masterpiece by Georg Raphael Donner, on the Neuer Markt.

1781   The Mehlgrube is converted into a concert hall, and the first concerts are held for music lovers, including music by Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Nepomuk Hummel.

1785   Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart gives his first subscription concert in the Mehlgrube.

1798   On October 28, the building is reopened as the Gasthaus "Zur Mehlgrube". The landlord, Michael Mörus, runs the inn until 1831. He incorporates the old tradition and brings balls and concerts back to the building.

Beethoven, a habitué of the Gasthaus "Zum Weißen Schwan", conducts in the Mehlgrube between 1798 and 1813.

1831   Mathias Czermak renovates the building again and converts it into a "casino", which at that time meant a combination of an inn, a concert hall and a coffee house.

Czermak is able to engage the famous conductors Lanner and Morelly to perform in his casino. In addition, evening meetings of journalists are held, from which is later to emerge the journalists' and authors' association Concordia, formed in 1859.

1837   Franz Xaver Munsch takes over the Mehlgrube. He carries on the tradition started by his father, Franz Anton Munsch, and brings the highest standards of hospitality to the Mehlgrube. In doing so he takes the first important steps in the direction of the present day.

1866   Franz Xaver Munsch completes the conversion of the Mehlgrube into a hotel. This decision happily coincides with the beginning of the Wiener Gründerzeit, the period of Vienna's commercial and industrial expansion. With the opening of the Hotel Munsch begins a period of rising standards on a grandiose scale.

1897   Josef Krantz acquires the Hotel Munsch and has the Mehlgrube demolished in order to construct a new building with architecture in the style of the Italian Renaissance, which would fulfill the requirements of the latest developments in the hotel business at that time.

1898   The Hotel Krantz-Ambassador is opened. The following years are a truly glittering period in the history of the present day Ambassador Hotel, and the guest list from that period reads like an extract from the Gotha.

Among the guests are celebrities such as Luitpold Prince Regent of Bavaria (one of the first guests at the new hotel), Wilhelm Prince of Hohenzollern (one of the sons of the German Emperor Wilhelm II), and many more. But the guests not only include political figures and members of the high aristocracy. From a balcony of the Hotel Krantz-Ambassador Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known as Mark Twain, watches the solemn funeral procession which accompanies the mortal remains of the Empress Elisabeth, known as "Sisi", to their last resting place in the Imperial Burial Vault. She had been stabbed by the Italian anarchist Luigi Lucheni in Geneva on September 10, 1898.

1926   June 6-  Kauf der Krantz Aktien durch Baumeister Alois Rous für seine Tochter Maria "Mimi". Rous ist Stadtbaumeister, Erbauer und damaliger Besitzer des heutigen Hanusch-Krankenhauses und kaiserlicher Rat, Träger des Ritterkreuzes des Franz-Joseph-Ordens (Großvater der heutigen Besitzerinnen).

1926   Birth of twin sisters Edith Philp and Erika Schleiffelder, née Senft, the present owners.

1930   October-  The composer Franz Lehár, a friend of the hotel, gives a concert to open the restaurant named after him.

1945   March 12-  The facade of the Krantz-Ambassador on the Kärntner Straße is almost destroyed by two aircraft bombs. Rebuilding begins in April; from June 1945 on the Krantz-Ambassador is always known as the Ambassador Hotel.

1954   The Ambassador is used to accommodate the first major state visitor (the Emperor Hailie Selassie of Ethiopia) and until 1957 remains the hotel in Vienna for official visitors to the Republic of Austria.

1974   On the occasion of the opening of the Kärntner Straße as a pedestrian precinct in August, the open-air café of the Ambassador Hotel is opened.

1998   The Ambassador Hotel celebrates its centennial.

2001   Following general renovation the Ambassador Hotel is reopened with 86 beautifully appointed rooms.

The renovation works take full account of the architectural quality of the building and are planned down to the tiniest detail. Today, antique marble pillars blend with new structures in wood and glass. The stucco moldings have been redecorated and the Untersberger marble has been fully exposed. Black marble from South Africa, fine dark wood and "panorama" lifts have been integrated in a masterly fashion.

2003    For more than 100 years the Ambassador Hotel has offered a timeless elegance to be found in no other hotel. Right up to the present day, the unique symbiosis of the traditional and the modern, the past and the present, gives our establishment its special flair of a top hotel.

2010   The famous writer Samuel Langhorne Clemens (November 30, 1835 – April 21, 1910), known by his pen name Mark Twain, stayed at the Hotel Krantz, now Ambassador, from October 1898 until May 1899.

April 21 marked the 100th anniversary of Twain’s death, offering U.S. Embassy Vienna the opportunity to spotlight the American writer and his ties to Austria. On April 21, 2010, a commemorative plaque is unveiled at the Ambassador Hotel where Twain lived for several months.

2011   Reconstruction of the hotels’ top floors and opening of 4 newly arranged apartments. The modern design of the apartments as well as the luxurious amenities provide utmost comfort for short or long stays. 

2017   Relaunch of the Ambassador website.

The Ambassador Hotel presents its new website with state-of-the-art technology and a modern design.


"Situated in the finest part of the city, and provided with all modern comforts" - This was the wording of the advertisement placed by the hotel, under the name of "Hotel Krantz", in the Wiener Zeitung, issue number 127, on Saturday 4th June 1898, page 12. The description we gave of ourselves back then still fits today.

It is with full justification that the Ambassador Hotel, with its more than 100 year old history, can designate itself as one of the richest buildings in the city in terms of tradition. And not just in respect of its function as a hotel. The Ambassador Hotel has been welcoming people over the course of the decades in a wide variety of functions, and under different names. The range of its use extends from that of a private house, to its use as an exclusive ballroom for the highest echelons of Vienna society, from a concert hall to the finest of hotels. Luxury and tradition in a stylish atmosphere, together with the latest technical equipment – this is what the Ambassador Hotel, fully refurbished in 2000, provides for its guests today. This unique symbiosis of the traditional and the modern, the past and the present, artistic refinement and pure pleasure gives our time honored establishment its special flair as a top hotel.


Like a scarlet thread, the themes of literature, architecture and, repeatedly, music run through the history of the building.

Musicians of all periods and all different styles have found inspiration here, and indeed often a suitable framework within which to present their latest compositions to the public. From Mozart to the present day, there has been a succession of musicians who have spent time here, sometimes to make music, sometimes to compose or to relax. Works by Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Lanner, to name but a few, have been presented to the music loving Viennese public by the masters themselves. Franz Lehár was a close friend of the hotel, and in 1930 handed over to the owners of the Ambassador some autographs, all of which can still be admired in the hotel today.

But the special character of this place is not reserved for musicians alone. Writers, actors, dancers, politicians, members of the higher aristocracy, businessmen and industrialists continue to be inspired by this place as they always have been, finding here the rest and peace that they need.

The little secrets of these outstanding people – what we call the "guest histories" – are still kept like a valuable horde of treasure in a filing box in the management office.

Here is a brief extract from our guest list:

Theodore Roosevelt, Henry Ford III, Charles A. Lindbergh, Mark Twain, Thornton Wilder, H. C. Artmann, Marlene Dietrich, Romy Schneider, Josephine Baker, Maria Jeritza Seery, Martha Eggerth, Svatoslav Richter, Jan Kiepura, Franz Lehár, Robert Schumann, Louis Trenker, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, Emperor Haile Selassie I, Prince Xavier of Bourbon-Parma, Infanta Isabella, Princess of Asturias, Prince Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia, Wilhelm Erbprinz von Hohenzollern, Princess Helen of Greece, Princess Marie Alexandra Victoria of Edinburgh


Our restaurant is highly appreciated among gourmets whether to enjoy gala receptions or discuss business in an exclusive setting. It offers classical cuisine from around the world interpreted a new and presented with style.

Menu à la carte

DAILY  06:00 pm - 10:30 pm

MON - FRI  noon - 02:00 pm

For table reservations, please contact us by:

Phone: +43 1 96161-161


We look forward to welcoming you. 


The bar on the first floor of the Ambassador Hotel is unique in Vienna. Located at the Belle Etage the Atriumbar combines the flair of the ''Gründerzeit'' (period of promoterism) and the architectural wit of this millennium. Whether you wish for a traditional Viennese coffee, a cup of tea, a special cocktail, a glass of champagne or simply want to relax – the Atriumbar is the right place to be.

Bar Menu

DAILY  07:00 am - midnight

Open-Air Café

Watch and be seen - what would be a city like Vienna without its ''Schanigärten''? Enjoy moments of leisure and watch the colorful life on Vienna's most beautiful pedestrian zone in our open-air café. The elegant café is located right in front of the Hotel on the exquisite shopping street Kärntner Straße. Opened from mid-March to mid-October it is the perfect place to pause for some pleasant moments and enjoy the bustling activity of downtown Vienna. 

Open-air café menu

DAILY  10:00 am - 10:00 pm


Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at Hotel Ambassador. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, and the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel.
Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true, because they never allocate ALL the rooms to third parties.

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Go past Gaudenzdorfer Gürtel and drive down Schönbrunner Straße.

Turn left onto Rechte Wienzeile. Proceed down Rechte Wienzeile to Karlsplatz and turn slight left onto Kärntner Straße. Drive past Kärntner Ring and turn left onto Philharmonikerstraße. At Albertinaplatz turn right and go down Tegetthoffstraße to Neuer Markt. We are located on the right side of the square.


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Go down Mayerhofgasse and at the traffic light turn left onto Favoritenstraße.

Drive down Favoritenstraße until its very end and then turn left following the street sign directing you to the city center. Proceed down Kärntner Straße, drive past Kärntner Ring and turn left onto Philharmonikerstraße. At Albertinaplatz turn right and go down Tegetthoffstraße to Neuer Markt.

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