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Via Crescenzio 78
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The Hotel Atlante Garden stands on a tree-lined street near the Vatican. Although not as attractive or well appointed as its sibling, the Atlante Star , you can often get a better rate here. The entrance takes you through a garden tunnel lined with potted palms, which eventually leads into a series of handsomely decorated public rooms. More classical in its decor than the Atlante Star, the Garden offers freshly papered and painted 19th-century-style midsize rooms that contain tastefully conservative furniture and all the modern accessories. Each was renovated in 1999, decorated with taste. The services are excellent and the bathrooms all have modern accessories. The renovated baths are tiled, each equipped with a shower and jacuzzi. All the interiors are decorated with style and care: only the best marble, fabrics and wood have been used to create a warm and inviting milieu.

All guest rooms have been recently completely renovated, offering all the necessary comforts: Jacuzzi tubs, air conditioning, Internet access, satellite TV, hairdryers and telephones. Non smoking and large family rooms are also available. The elegant interior decoration consisting of wall tapestry, marbles and antique furniture contribute to create an elegant and charming atmosphere. A real jewel of hospitality in the very heart of Rome.

⋅Single Room⋅

Furnished with European elegance and walled with sophisticated Italian fabrics the single rooms create a personal and cosy atmosphere. All rooms are exclusively non-smoking. Also available are rooms positioned in a quiet setting facing the inner courtyard for further tranquillity. Modern conveniences for the well travelled include Air-conditioning climate control, satellite TV, wireless broadband Internet access, mini-bar, hairdryer and personal safe at the concierge.

⋅Double Room⋅

Furnished with European elegance and walled with sophisticated Italian fabrics the double rooms create a personal and cosy atmosphere. All rooms are exclusively non-smoking. A queen or twin bed configuration is available with a well-appointed marble en suite bathroom not only for comfort, but also for style. Also available are rooms positioned in a quiet setting facing the inner courtyard for further tranquillity. Modern conveniences for the well travelled include Air-conditioning climate control, satellite TV, wireless broadband Internet access, mini-bar, hairdryer and personal safe at the concierge.

⋅Triple Room⋅

With the walls covered in elaborate textured materials and graceful furniture the triple rooms guarantee a relaxing enviroment. All rooms are exclusively non-smoking. An option of a queen or twin bed configurtion plus one single bed complete this triple accomodation along with a fine en suite bathroom. For absolute comfort all rooms feature Air-conditioning climate control, satellite TV, wireless broadband Internet access, mini-bar, hairdryer and personal safe at the concierge.

For centuries the entrancing ancient city of Rome has attracted visitors from every corner of the globe and today this magnificent city proudly stands as one of the most treasured and visited places in the world, thanks to its illustrious history, it's spellbinding and enigmatic atmosphere and its metropolitan and multicultural diversity. This unique Vatican City hotel offers first class luxury accommodation in Rome right next to San Pietro - the heart of the eternal city. The Hotel Atlante Garden staff are on hand 24 hours a day to demonstrate their expertise in the field of professional hospitality and within the hotel complex there is a wealth of services and facilities at your disposal. The Hotel Atlante Garden proudly offers its valued guests the complimentary facility of an Airport Shuttle Service - simply let us know your flight details when you book online and our multilingual expert concierge and chauffer will be at your service to bring you back to the hotel. Indeed, within this luxury 4 Star accommodation in Rome our highly trained staff are on hand 24 hours a day to ensure your every requirement is met while a great range of services and facilities are at our guests' disposal.
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The Vatican City State constitutes the seat of the Roman Catholic Church and Pope Benedict XVI, as John Paul II did before him, regularly addresses millions of devoted Catholics in the immense open space of Piazza San Pietro (St Peter's Square) which represents the gateway into the Vatican, via the cathedral. The piazza itself the size of a small football stadium and takes the breath away from anyone entering it for the first time.

Leading from the entrance of the piazza to the River Tiber is the spectacular Via della Conciliazione. More than several large buildings were demolished so that this street could be built by the infamous fascist dictator Benito Mussolini in the 1930s, to commemorate the reconciliation between the church and the Italian Government. By the River Tiber is the distinct shape of Castel Sant-Angelo, the Vatican City's protective fortress. Although technically outside the Vatican walls, Castel Sant'Angelo is connected to St Peter's by a tunnel, providing an escape route should the need ever arise.

Also in this, slightly more modern part of town are some of Rome's primary shopping streets, Via Cola di Rienzo in particular, providing many hours of retail therapy. Italy's national stadium, The "Stadio Olimpico" or Rome's Olympic Stadium, is a few kilometres north of the Atlante Star and our staff will be happy to organise match tickets if you'd like to catch a Serie A game while you're in town - Both Roma and Lazio, the city and the region's passionately supported rival football teams, share the Olympic Stadium and play home games on alternate weeks.


San pietro basilicateTHE SAN PIETRO BASILICA

San Pietro Basilica is situated in Città del Vaticano, the residence of Popes since 1377. The present church stands on the ruins of the ancient early Christian church dedicated to Peter, where the grave of the apostle is placed. The dome, clearly visible from many areas of the city, dominates the view of Rome; it was designed by Michelangelo and carried out by Fontana and Della Porta, and is one of the most famous buildings in the world.

Arriving in San Pietro from Via della Conciliazione you come to the square designed by Bernini, an endless set of marvelous columns to which two fountains (one by Maderno and one by Domenico Fontana) join, and the central obelisk too. On the background you can see the façade of the Basilica, designed by Maderno and finished in 1614. Within the portico, on the façade, 5 doors open; the one that stands on the right side is the Holy Door. This door is officially opened by the Pope according to a special rite, exactly on Chritmas Day.



Built by the emperor Adrian as his mausoleum, it was begun in 123 A. D. and received the remains of the members of the imperial dynasty up to Caracalla. The original work was very different from the one you can see nowadays; its turning into a castle took place in the X century; in 1277 it became propriety of the Vatican, that joined it through the famous passetto to the Vatican walls.

The passetto is a long fortified corridor that allowed the passage of the pontiffs from the Vatican Palaces to the castle. The name of Castel Sant'Angelo dates back to the XII century and originates from an ancient legend that tells the story of the plague in Rome in 590; according to this story the plague came to an end thanks to the apparition of an angel that alighted upon the mausoleum and made the gesture of replacing the sword in the sheath as a symbol of the accorded Grace.


The pantheonTHE PANTHEON

Pantheon is one of the greatest, the most majestic and best preserved monuments in ancient Rome. The present building of 80 A. D., wanted by Adrian, stands up on the ruins of the previous temple, built by Agrippa in 27 B. C

The sight from Rotunda Square propose us the view of the portico, and of the already mentioned inscription. When you enter, you discover the reason why this monument is famous in the world, as an absolute example of architectural and building skill: the immense dome, symbol of the vault of heaven. On the top you can admire the opening penetrated by the pencil of light that constitutes the only luminous source of the Temple, symbol of the eternal light that enlightens the man, and of time passing by.

⋅Restaurant Les Etoiles⋅

This exclusive gourmet restaurant offers the valued and esteemed guests of both the Rome Atlante Garden and the Rome Atlante Star Hotels some of the most exquisite cuisine in Rome to the backdrop of arguably the finest panorama of the city.

Among other things, Italy is famous for its sublime cuisine, and here in the capital we feel we have a responsibility to uphold the fine reputation we have throughout the world. An adventurous menu of local and national dishes, using only the finest ingredients from up and down the Italian peninsular - including goods of our own organic production - awaits your taste buds. Our award winning chefs endeavour to remain at the forefront of culinary pioneering, regularly marrying new ideas with tried and tested traditions.

The view from Les Etoiles Rooftop Garden Restaurant has been long sought after by various TV and Film production companies - with 360° panoramic views of the ancient city of Rome and the hills around it, as well as the awesome dome of St Peter's and the Vatican in the forefront, it arguably offers the greatest view of the eternal city of any hotel. Click on our Live Webcam to draw your own conclusions.

At sunset, the Roman skyline is a plethora of colour - reds, oranges, purples and pinks - a symphony of emotions they say. This location is undoubtedly the one of choice for those privileged enough to bring their wedding to the eternal city of Rome and with a capacity of up to 200, Les Etoiles offers the ideal option for your big event.

The 4 star Hotel Atlante Garden is situated in the heart of Rome, two blocks on foot from the Vatican City, five from Navona Square and the Spanish Steps, in one of the most famous shopping areas. How to find us: If arriving by air the Atlante Garden Hotel operates a free airport shuttle service. Simply make a request when booking. If arriving by rail into Termini Station a taxi should cost no more than about €15 (Our address is Via Crescenzio 78). Alternatively, you can take the metro to Ottaviano on the red line. From the metro station the Atlante Garden is about a 5-10 minute walk. Simply exit the metro station and walk down Via Ottaviano towards the Vatican Wall. Walk clockwise around Piazza del Risorgimento at the bottom of the street and then turn left off the piazza onto Via Crescenzio. If coming by car, take Exit 1 'Aurelio Centro Vaticano' from the Gran Raccordo Anulare (GRA) ring road. Continue towards the centre all the way to the Vatican City. Eventually you'll arrive at Piazza del Risorgimento by the Vatican Wall. From Piazza del Risorgimento take Via Crescenzio. The Atlante Garden is number 78.

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