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Composed Viennese Flair since 1892, the Luxury Hotel Bristol, Vienna is located right next to the Vienna State Opera and has been an inspiring meeting point for Vienna's cultural and business life for more than 120 years. Opened in 1892, the hotel still serves as a living example of Viennese charm and is famous for its personalised service. Let the Luxury Collection Concierges be your guides to Vienna. They will gladly give you valued tips of places for inspirational encounters and experiences.



The Hotel Bristol opened in 1892 - at a building on the other side of the block. But the hotel soon extended "to grow into" today's corner. Between 1916 and 1945, the Hotel Bristol was so large that it stretched the entire front of Kärntner Ring 1-7. During that time the hotel still boasted the Grill Room, a Titanic-style dining room. Neither the room nor the ship exists any longer. With its prominent address Kärntner Ring 1 today, the Hotel Bristol is the hotel next to the Vienna State Opera, with 150 rooms and suites.

The hotel was named after the British town Bristol. In Vienna it was disproved for the first time that the Bristol had been named after the fourth Earl of Bristol. The Earl lived some 100 years before the opening of Europe's Bristol Hotels (Rome 1870, Warsaw 1901, Oslo 1920, Paris 1925 and some 50 more), his emblem was totally different from that of the town in Suffolk which has nothing to do with the Earl.

Bristol's emblem depicts a castle and a ship. Bristol, after all, was the town from where many expeditions put out to sea. The original unicorns were displaced by lions in 1923. Later, in 1932 and 1975, the unicorns appeared again. Today, the emblem bears the lions once again. The motto Virtute et Industria, virtue and industriousness, can be read above our hotel's entrance door; it is, in fact, the same motto that decorates the emblem of the town Bristol in England.


From a socio-demographic point of view, the Bristol's guest list includes a highly interesting mix of famous figures only to be found at a hotel of world class. In 1894, Russian composer and pianist Anton Rubinstein opened the guest book. But among the some 500 entries in the first guest book you also find illustrious names such as US President Theodore Roosevelt, crowned heads like the Spanish and English King, opera stars like Nellie Melba or Enrico Caruso, composers like Mascagni or George Gershwin, the major representatives of the European higher nobility and well-known personalities from the worlds of industry, art and politics. At the Bristol, the writer Felix Salten negotiated the contract that made his novel Bambi a world bestseller - and finally a Walt Disney movie. The list is endless and right now, while we talk about this, some new celebrities make their entries in the book.


Theodore Roosevelt

Former US President Theodore Roosevelt resided at the Hotel Bristol in Vienna´s city center in 1910. From the hotel he was driven to the audience with Emperor Francis Joseph I. At the Bristol he met the first woman awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize (1905), the resolute Bertha von Suttner. Six years before, she had visited him at the White House, where he told her about his mission to make peace between Japan and England. In 1906, he received the Nobel Peace Prize for that - as the first US American. But Roosevelt had ridiculed Suttner's peace organization in the press, which led to a lively debate between them.

President Sukarno

President Sukarno, who came to Vienna for consulting famous physician Professor Fellinger, celebrated his birthday at the Hotel Bristol in 1963.


Sergei Rachmaninoff

Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943) fled the Russian Revolution in 1918 to settle down in the United States. In 1926 he came to Vienna and lived at the Hotel Bristol in Vienna's city center. As ten years later he visited the hotel again, he must have been satisfied.

Vladimir Horowitz

Vladimir Horowitz (1904-1998), a pianist from Russian Kiev, married Wanda Toscanini, the daughter of another regular at the Hotel Bristol, Arturo Toscanini. The two musicians and Richard Strauss entered their names in the guestbook on the same day.

Enrico Caruso

Star tenor Enrico Caruso (1873-1921) lived at the Hotel Bristol in 1907. He resided at a suite of four rooms in the "old" Hotel Bristol, the house Kärntner Ring 7. Although he was a singer of world-renown, critics judged his performance at the Vienna State Opera as rather disappointing. Truly Viennese patriots, they favored the Austrian tenor Leo Slezak.


The grandfather clock next to the reception is an ancient antique of the hotel. Almost 10 feet high and made of mahogany, it boasts moon phases, a calendar and a circle of planets. Dating back to the mid-18th century, the clock displays Dutch inscriptions. The winged statue bearing an old man's beard lifts an hour glass up into the air - an allegory of time.

The oval lobby has the same style as the charming banquet salons on the mezzanine floor and the basement. It extends into one of the oldest American bars in Vienna - a popular urban oasis for Viennese and international clients alike.

The Mezzanine floor was a common architectonic feature of 1900 Vienna to bypass building regulations. Thus, there were only few floors on the paper but the height of the building was increased by intermediate floors such as basement, raised ground and mezzanine floor. That's how people avoided the constraints associated with additional floors.

The hotel's Mezzanine floor boasts the painting by Hans Stalzer (1910) symbolizing the turn-of-the-century upper-class society while having supper. It also shows the original owner Wolf and an illustrious party, among them Archduke Salvator, Baron and Baroness Bornemisza and other celebrities of the Austro-Hungarian Danube Monarchy.

Next to the charming elevator with a small seat, the staircase is a beautiful example for the time in between fin de siècle (turn of the century) and art deco. The dent in the brass railing between first and mezzanine floor apparently stems from a soldier's rifle-butt; after the Second World War the Hotel Bristol had been the US headquarters (the Hotel Imperial served as Russian headquarters instead).

From the 5th floor onwards the staircase is freely floating in an artistic way - it was transformed during the 1986 construction works in order to preserve the art nouveau mirrors.

In 1935, Edward VIII, Prince of Wales visited Vienna for the first time and lived at the Hotel Bristol. Every morning, a bellboy was instructed to bring him a carnation for his buttonhole.

Later, he came back as King of England and, following his wedding with the divorced American Wallis Simpson, he came as Duke of Windsor. An ad in the paper urged the Viennese to leave the couple alone.

The "Neue Freie Presse daily" wrote: "It is an absolute imperative to leave the Prince unmolested, to only treat him as distinctive foreigner, to absolutely refrain from staring at him or pursuing him!" But it could not be avoided that throngs of people queued up at a phone booth in front of the Hotel Bristol exactly at the time when the Duke's arrival was expected.


King Ibn Saud

Did you know King Ibn Saud, who, at the time was treated in Professor Fellinger's clinic, was so impressed with the Hotel Bristol's interieurs that without further ado, had the clinic decorated with pieces of furniture from the hotel to brighten up the bleak hospital environment?



The Bristol Suites were designed in the luxurious Art Deco style by the renowned designer Pierre Yves Rochon. The 5 star hotel's two imposing round towers are home to sleeping chambers unlike any to be found elsewhere in the world. Enjoy the far-reaching view from the roof terraces and to go to bed beneath the hand-painted starry ceiling of the tower suite. The famous Prince of Wales Suite offers our guests pure suite hotel luxury with a living room, library, study and private sauna.

All guest in our suites benefit furthermore from these amenities:

Coffee maker, Daily newspaper, 24h room service, 24h fitness studio access, High-speed internet.


Room size 40 - 45 m2

Sleeps: 2 Guests    -    Bed types: King Bed

On top of the roofs.

Guests who choose to reside in the Junior Suites will relish their exquisite fin-de-siècle style. From most of the private roof terraces they enjoy a unique view of the Vienna State Opera or the Ring Boulevard and the city. In the large combined living and bed room of 40 square meters (376 square feet) there is bright space for turn-of-the-century antiques, elegant marble baths and stylish chaise longues. A true classic gem in Vienna´s city center.

Features: Private Terrace, Welcome gift and one bottle of mineral water, One bottle of Bristol Cuvée.

Amenities: WiFi, Air Conditioning, Flat Screen Television, In-room safe, Mini bar, Phone, Workout room, Marble bathroom, Bulgari bath amenities. 


Room size: 55 - 60 m2

Sleeps: 2 Guests    -    Bed types: King Bed

Tower Romance.

The Bristol Penthouse harbours an amazing treasure on 60 square meters (646 square feet): The two impressive circular towers of the hotel house accommodate bedrooms that are truly unique in the world. Guests who ever had the chance to sleep under the hand-painted starred ceiling of the Tower Suite will never forget this fantastic experience. Meanwhile, couples in love take a rest on the elegant chaise longues in the charming salon, listening to the romantic sounds of the Bose Sound System. And who would not like to enjoy the view of the State Opera and Vienna´s city center by night in the company of someone beloved from this private terrace?

Features: One Bottle of Laurent Perrier Champagne, Limousine transfer from and to the Vienna airport or main station.

Amenities: WiFi, Air Conditioning, Flat Screen Television, In-room safe, Mini bar, Phone, Workout room, Flowers in your suite, Welcome gift and one bottle of mineral water, Late Check-out until 2 p.m, Bulgari bath amenities.


Room size: 75 - 95 m2

Sleeps: 2 Guests    -    Bed types: King or Twin

A view of the opera.

Those who step into the oval salon of the Opera Suites know: This is Vienna. Such unique views can only be enjoyed at this Suite Hotel in Vienna. Precious antiques and elegant interior lend individuality to this Corner Suites - each with a different style and shade. What they do have in common is noble ambience with salon and large bedroom or up to for bedrooms optionally. Guests enjoy private dinners or exquisite cocktails in the oval salons, the entertainment center, CD and DVD player a perfect accompaniment. Omnipresent is the excellent view onto the Vienna State Opera.

Features: One Bottle of Laurent Perrier Champagne, View of the State Opera.

Amenities: WiFi, Air Conditioning, Flat Screen Television, In-room safe, Mini bar, Phone, Workout room, Flowers in your suite, Welcome gift and one bottle of mineral water, Limousine transfer from and to the Vienna airport or main station, Late check-out until 2 p.m, Bulgari bath amenities.


Room size: 60 - 75 m2

Sleeps: 2 Guests    -    Bed types: King or Twin

The exclusive Bristol Suites Vienna convey a sophisticated sense of living. The colors of the suites are a reminder of the origins of the Hotel Bristol which lay in the Art Deco Style. Finest marble in the entrance area as well as in the bathrooms is subtly combined with classy black wooden floors in the living and sleeping area. The suites have panorama windows which offer stunning views of the Vienna State Opera or the Vienna Ringstraße.

Features: One Bottle of Laurent Perrier Champagne, Limousine transfer from and to the Vienna airport or main station, Panoramic Views.

Amenities: WiFi, Air Conditioning, Flat Screen Television, In-room safe, Mini bar, Phone, Workout room, Flowers in your suite, Welcome gift and one bottle of mineral water, Late Check-out until 2 p.m, Free laundry, Bulgari bath amenities.


Room size: 265 - 360 m2

Sleeps: 2 Guests    -    Bed types: King or Twin

The stuff legends are made of.

Over noble Calacatta and Nero Maquinia marble guests enter one of the largest suites of the country. The entrance is still embellished with the golden ostrich feathers from the emblem of Prince Edward VIII who once also resided in our luxury hotels here in vienna with his great love Wallis Simpson. The library with large dining table whets the appetite for literary matters, while the noble office captivates guests with antiques and unique pieces just as the large salon. A private fitness studio with sauna and the luxurious bathroom round off guests' wellbeing. Two separate entrances turn the Prince of Wales Suite into a comfortable city apartment, which may be extended from 265 square meters (2,852 square feet) to 360 square meters (3,875 square feet) with three bedrooms. Friends are always welcome here.

Features: Bose Sound System, Limousine transfer from and to the Vienna airport or main station, One bottle of Laurent Perrier Champagne, Private sauna and gym.

Amenities: WiFi, Air Conditioning, Flat Screen Television, In-room safe, Mini bar, PhoneWorkout room, Flowers in your suite, Welcome gift and one bottle of mineral water, Late Check-out until 2 p.m, Open bar, Tea Time, Marble Bathroom with whirlpool, Free Laundry (2 items per day per person), Minibar included, Bulgari bath amenities.



Hotel Bristol offers you the best views in town: The rooms with views of the Vienna State Opera are named after leading directors. So you can enjoy the magnificent backdrop of the opera house.

Opened in 1892, the 5 star hotel in vienna still serves as a living example of Viennese charm and its famed personalised service. Valuable fin de siècle antiques combine harmoniously with modern comforts to turn these luxurious hotel rooms in Vienna into urban retreats right in the middle of the city's business hub.

All our guests enjoy complimentary access to the 24h fitness studio and dispose of 24h room service.

We are happy to connect rooms upon availability.


Room size: 40 - 45 m2

Sleeps: 2 Guests    -    Bed types: King or Twin


A more refined experience within the Deluxe Room category, the Grand Deluxe Rooms have been newly designed, reflecting Art Deco Style with black wooden floors and warm neutral colors on walls and ceilings. All rooms feature a 42”  LCD TV with Home Entertainment center including DVD player and broadband internet (WIFI). The marble bathroom comes with a shower, separate bathtub and double vanity. The floor to ceiling windows offer a picturesque city view.

Features: Welcome present and one bottle mineral water, Panoramic views.

Amenities: WiFi, Air Conditioning, Flat Screen Television, In-room safe, Mini bar, Phone, Workout room, Marble bathroom, Inviting sitting area, 24-hours room service.


Room size: 35 - 40 m2

Sleeps: 2 Guests    -    Bed types: King or Twin

Stylish residence.

Bright marble, polished wood and antique firesides with elegant mirrors dominate the large deluxe rooms, their shades oscillating between cool blue and gold or nature colours and warm red. On some 40 square meters (430 square feet) comfortable armchairs and noble antiques emphasize the cozy ambience in historical setting. The stylish desk evokes inspiring ideas, meanwhile comfortable marble baths and walk-in wardrobes provide plenty of personal space. Some rooms in our Deluxe category will further amaze you with their magnificent view of the State Opera House.

Features: Marble Bathroom, Inviting sitting area, Welcome present and one bottle mineral water.

Amenities: WiFi, Air Conditioning, Flat Screen Television, In-room safe, Mini bar, Phone, Workout room.


Room size: 30 - 35 m2

Sleeps: 2 Guests    -    Bed types: King 

Business unusual.

Shades of decent green lend a cozy atmosphere to the Executive Rooms on the fifth floor on some 35 square meters (376 square feet). English wing chairs made of solid leather emphasize this comfortable ambience amidst a pulsating city. Step-out balconies invite you to enjoy the views over the State Opera and the Viennese palaces. Exquisite marble baths and walk-in wardrobes accentuate the hotel's style. We recommend these charming five star hotel rooms especially for business travellers.

Features: Marble Bathroom, Inviting sitting area, Welcome present and one bottle mineral water, french balcony.

Amenities: WiFi, Air Conditioning, Flat Screen Television, In-room safe, Mini bar, Phone, Workout room.


Room size: 20 - 30 m2

Sleeps: 2 Guests    -    Bed types: King or Twin

Classic Vienna.

Bright marble halls and ornate fabrics harmonize with warm shades of wood and antique elements on some 30 square meters (322 square feet). Comfortable queen-size beds, marble baths and elegant desks create a cozy atmosphere. Guests enjoy stylish tea times on the sofa for two, relish the tranquillity of Mahlerstrasse or the view of Vienna´s city center, the Ringstrasse palaces and Vienna's State Opera.

Features: Marble bathroom, Sitting area, Free mineral water in room.

Amenities: WiFi, Air Conditioning, Flat Screen Television, In-room safe, Mini bar, Phone, Workout room.



Where the Kaiser once ruled

The era of the Habsburg Monarchy has left its mark on the city. Discover the numerous palaces in the city and take a look into its royal history: Experience a wealth of sightseeing in Vienna and an authentic stay at Hotel Bristol. The unique location opposite the Vienna State Opera house and on the corner of Kärtnerstrasse in Vienna, makes the Hotel Bristol the perfect starting point for your tour of discovery. Vienna is a truly diverse city – full of culture and history – just like the Hotel Bristol which is steeped in tradition. Our Luxury Collection Concierge possesses a wide-ranging knowledge of the city’s secret treasures and will happily share them with you. Just have a word with him and start planning your city trip to Vienna!


Culture vultures are invited to visit the more than fifty theatres, opera houses and the hundreds of museums. In Vienna you will find all of the architectural styles. Just take a closer look: the Gothic St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Baroque St. Charles's Church and the Art Nouveau Secession. A colourful alternative on an architectural sightseeing tour of Vienna is the artistic Hundertwasserhaus.


Vienna is THE city of music. Ground-breaking composers of global acclaim, such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Strauss and Gustav Mahler, have all spent time in the city. Combine a weekend in the city with a musical sightseeing tour of Vienna: Wiener Staatsoper, Volksoper or the Musikverein.


Visit a real landmark of Vienna, the giant big wheel in the Prater-park, and take in the leisurely atmosphere, which at one time accompanied the Kaiser while he hunted on the same grounds. Also experience the luxurious side of Vienna: The numerous Viennese coffee houses are the place to find both the local and international crowd as they enjoy a small espresso or a large mocha after shopping in at the Goldenes Quartier, Vienna's walk of luxury retailers.



The Upper Belvedere houses the greatest collection of Austrian art dating from the Middle Ages to the present day. At the heart of the displays of “art around 1900” is the world’s largest Gustav Klimt collection. The glittering highlights are Klimt’s golden pictures KISS and JUDITH, and masterpieces by Schiele and Kokoschka. Prominent works by the French Impressionists and the outstanding collection of Viennese Biedermeier paintings are further attractions at the Upper Belvedere.


Picture Gallery

The Picture Gallery of the Kunsthistorisches Museum developed from the art collections of the House of Habsburg. Today it is one of the largest and most important of its kind in the world. The foundations of the collection were laid and its main emphases set in the 17th century: 16th-century Venetian painting, 17th-century Flemish painting, Early Netherlandish painting and German Renaissance painting. Among the other highlights in the Picture Gallery are its holdings of pictures by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, which are unique worldwide, as well as masterpieces by Vermeer, Rembrandt, Raphael, Caravaggio, Velázquez and Italian Baroque painters.


The Vienna State Opera

Since it's beginnings the Hotel Bristol was especially associated with the Opera House in its immediate vicinity. Therefore the Bristol has always been a Hot Spot for the high society in Vienna. How about a fine dinner at the Bristol Lounge and afterwards enjoy culture in the State Opera?



At Hotel Bristol Vienna meetings and conferences can be held in 6 modern, fully equipped banquet and meeting rooms for events from 14 to 180 guests on 430 m². Wireless and high-speed internet access are available in all of the hotel's meeting rooms. The ballroom can be opened up to host stylish meetings and seminars or special banquets.

The experienced event team will take care of the organization and execution of your conference or event at Hotel Bristol Vienna. Meetings and conferences will truly be surrounded by culinary energy: Especially adapted to high level seminars our food ensures a maximum productivity for all participants. Technology transfers, dance floors also be organized as individual decorations and menu cards. The in-house florist frames your event with matching flowers and our concierge is happy to be your cultural adviser.



Room Size  9m x 5.3m

Floor space  48m²

Ceiling Height  4.0m

Max. Capacity   40

Banquet 24

Theatre 34

Conference  20

Classroom 15



Room Size  8m x 8m

Floor space 73m²

Ceiling Height  4.0m

Max. Capacity  68

Banquet  50

Theatre  68

Conference  24

Classroom  29



Room Size  8.3m x 5.8m

Floor space  48m²

Ceiling Height  4.0m 

Max. Capacity  40

Banquet  20

Theatre  40

Conference  20

Classroom  23




Room Size  25.6m x 19.3m

Floor space  185m²

Ceiling Height  4.0m

Max. Capacity  180

Banquet  120

Theatre  160

Conference  45

Classroom  88




Room Size  9.1m x 12.4m

Floor space  87m²

Ceiling Height  3.3m

Max. Capacity  70

Banquet  60 

Theatre  70

Conference  30

Reception  70 

Classroom  37

U-Shape  31



Room Size  9m x 11.9m

Floor space  84m²

Ceiling Height  4.0m

Max. Capacity  70

Banquet  60

Theatre  70 

Conference  30 

Classroom  37



Room Size  5m x 8m

Floor space  36m²

Ceiling Height  4.0m

Max. Capacity  30

Banquet  20

Theatre  25 

Conference  16

Classroom  15


Love, love, love is all you need...let us take care of the rest. Regardless of whether you plan to whisper “ I do” in a small group or if you would like to spend the most beautiful day of your life  dancing at a wedding ball.

Please contact us at any time:

Tel: +43 1 515 16 – 6100

The Hotel Bristol offers the perfect setting for your very personal start to married life. Our team accompanies and assists you wherever and whenever you would appreciate our expertise. We offer everything from the wedding ceremony, celebration, banquet, to accommodation for you and your guests, right up to a suite for styling and wedding preparations for the bridal couple.


Our head chef will make sure that you and your guest are adequately culinarily spoilt on your special day. Be it an extra unusual wedding cake or special requests towards your first meal as a married couple. To give your wedding an extra touch of magic you may also choose from three different themes for your big day: Royal, Swinging Twenties or a Romantic Winter Wedding? Whatever you prefer! Our weddings team will go to extraordinary lengths to make the wedding of your dreams come true.

Bristol Lounge

The Bristol Lounge restaurant offers its guests a contemporary fine dining experience in Vienna in historic Art Déco ambiance. The heart of the restaurant is its open fireplace, which, when combined with decent piano music creates a unique lounge atmosphere. Guests can dine almost around the clock.

Daily7:00 AM - 12:00 midnight

Bristol Bar

The Bristol Bar is the first American Bar in Vienna and welcomes smokers and non-smokers alike. Nicely set next to the State Opera it also convinces with sparkly fresh cocktails as well as fine spirits and wines.

Daily: 4:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Winter Garden

open all seasons...

As part of the Bristol Lounge, the gourmet restaurant in Vienna, our intimate Winter Garden in Art Deco style creates a memorable dining experience for our guests. The Winter Garden is open throughout the day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and our professional Bristol team welcomes you with impeccable service.

The Winter Garden can also be booked for private dinners. Its intimate atmosphere combined with culinary highlights turns your private occasion into an unforgettable, unique experience.

Offering space for up to 20 persons, the Winter Garden can be booked in different set-ups.

Reservations: +43 1 515 16-553 or e-mail us


Daily from 7.30 am to 11.00 am

€ 36 per person


Monday to Friday from 12.00 pm to 2.00 pm

Changing 3 course menues for every taste

€ 24 per person

Tea Time

From November - April: Friday to Sunday from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm Assorted tea & coffee specialties with sandwiches and pastries.

€ 39 per person


Daily from 6.00 pm to 12.00 am Choose your favourite dish from typical Austrian to international.


Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at Hotel Bristol. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, and the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel.
Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true, because they never allocate ALL the rooms to third parties.

Hotel: Hotel Bristol

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Region: Vienna

Country: Austria

Official website:

Telephone: (43)(1) 515160

Fax: (43)(1) 51516 550

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By Car: From Linz/Salzburg (West) Follow the directions for the city center. Take Hietzinger Kai and continue to Rechte Wienzeile. Turn left at Kaerntnerstrasse, you will see the Opera in front of you. Hotel is on the right From Prague (North) Take the A-22 and exit at Floridsdorf. Then take Nussdorfer Laende Southbound. Keep straight to Franz Josef Kai. Turn right at Stubenring and keep right through Kaerntner Ring. Hotel is on the right. From Graz/Klagenfurt (South) Take the A-23 and exit at Triesterstrasse. Continue to Matzleinsdorferplatz-Dorferplatz. Always follow city center. When you see the Vienna Opera in front of you, cross the Ringstrasse. The hotel is on the right. From Budapest / Flughafen (East) Go in the direction of the City Center. After the Observatorium, cross the bridge on your left and continue on Ringstrassee. The hotel is on the right hand side. Train Station: Karlsplatz Station (1 kms.) Oper Station (0.2 km.) Airport: International Airport Wien-Schwechat (20 kms.)
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