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The Signum, a charming Boutique Hotel on the Island of Salina, in the Aeolian archipelago, was born of the painstaking renovation of an old country hamlet surrounded by greenery, just a few steps from the sea for a property that extends for more than five thousand meters.

Here the perfumes of the land and sea greet guests as they are welcomed with the authentic Aeolian hospitality of Casa Signum.

The island whispers the story of the silent volcanoes which long ago shaped its green hills. Its lush nature is reflected in the lovely gardens of the hotel which surround the terraces shaded by typical cane awnings, the infinity pool and whirlpool with enchanting views of the sea, relaxing outdoor spaces, intimate hidden corners.

The endless sky, the cobalt blue sea, the silhouettes of Stromboli and Panarea etched on the horizon are a spectacular setting for the panoramic terraces where guests may savour delightful moments sipping a glass of wine or a refreshing drink from the cocktail-bar, or taste the authentic dishes prepared by the Signum’s restaurant.

Bright and airy, furnished with antique furniture and objects sought and designers, fine fabrics, each of room and suite has an individual style that envelops the guest in moments of rest. Views overlooking the gardens or the sea, whose perfumes waft through the large windows and balconies on the soft breeze, create a perfect resting place.

Scents of citrus, vines and jasmine envelop guests as they experience the wellness centre at the Signum SPA Salus per Aquam. The traditions of the archipelago which inspired its creation come to life in the Spa and in the products used, provided by the fertile volcanic earth: malvasia grapes, capers, prickly pear cactus, oranges and lemons.

Natural hot springs feed the outdoor wellness area which features circulation-stimulating wading pools, a large whirlpool bath, pools and a steam-stove in a ‘tholos’, a replica of an antique Mycenaean stove found at the hot springs in San Calogero, on the island of Lipari.

An eternal, timeless magic envelops the Signum, an elegant oasis on a volcanic island that never loses sight of its origins, but strives to share them generously with it's guests that seek the emotions of a unique experience in a truly unforgettable location.

Service & Activities

  • Infinity pool with Jacuzzi.
  • reading room and library.
  • free Wi-Fi.
  • a bar and restaurant.
  • room service and laundry.
  • spa.
  • renting a car.
  • boat with or without a driver.
  • a hike in the mountains.
  • a private boat with or without a driver.
  • wine tasting at one of the wineries and excursions to the other islands of the Aeolian archipelago.


The perfect place to regain energy, vitality and lust for life In the Hotel Signum SPA, in a dreamy ambiance, the body becomes renewed again, the skin shines and the soul smiles. The fine harmony of the environment and the functionality of the structure are basic ingredients in the treatments and services we offer.

Our geothermic water is rich in minerals. Treatments include the finest of natural- therapy techniques. The structure of the centre follows the lines of old Eolian thermal baths, believed the most ancient in Europe. Steam baths take place inside a “Thermal Stove”, inspired by the one of Saint Calogero in Lipari, built over 3500 years ago. Some treatments happen on a bed of thermal rose salt, others in a nineteenth century copper tub.


The Mediterranean water has a miraculous life-giving power, were well aware of the ancient Greeks and the Romans. Combined with the unique climate and habitat of Salina then the composition becomes more rich and therapeutic elements to the health of the body, the best cure for the skin beauty.

Crenotherapy in our outdoor pools, surrounded by aromatic herbs and lemon trees, has a preventive action, curative and rehabilitative, thanks to the presence of magnesium, sulfur and iodine. And not only that, it is a return to origins, the way to regain that ancestral link with the sea, where life began.


- Care of the affections of 'musculoskeletal system such as osteoarthritis; osteoporosis; effects of fractures; after-effects of sports injuries and orthopedic surgeries.

- Effect relaxant, analgesic, sedative and antispasmodic

Treatment of dermatological diseases such as psoriasis; lichen planus; dry eczema; mycosis and after-effects of burns. detergency, antiparasitic, fungicidal, keratolytic, keratoplasty and antipruritic.


Benefits in the treatment of chronic venous diseases like varicose veins in the legs, thrombophlebitis and chronic sequelae linfoagiopatie.

Deluxe Room
Superior Room
Classic Room

Bright and airy, furnished with antique furniture, search and designer objects , fine fabrics, each room and suite has an individual style that envelops the guest in moments of rest.

Has a style of its own which envelops guests as they relax. Views overlooking the gardens or the sea, whose perfumes waft through the large windows on the soft breeze, create a perfect resting place.

The rooms are named after plants participating in the lush vegetation of the island; acanto, mauve, broom, wormwood...

They are divided into Classic, Superior, Deluxe and Suite.

At disposition of the guests are all comforts like: air conditioning, ceiling fan, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, telephone, mini bar, safe and room service.

Salina is the second largest of the seven Aeolian Islands, after Lipari, with a total surface area of 27 km². The island is formed by six inactive volcanoes, the two youngest and tallest of which are named Fossa delle Felci ("Fern Hollow") and Monte dei Porri. In the Hellenic Age, the island was named "Didyme", a Greek name which refers to the the two mountains as "twins". The modern name comes from the production of sea salt which was performed at the southern tip of the island.

There are three principal towns on Salina: Santa Marina, Malfa and Leni. The island was inhabited as far back as the Bronze Age and has been developed and then abandoned many times in the subsequent millennia. In 1544, when Spain declared war on France, the French king Francois I, asked the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman for help. The latter sent a fleet headed by Khair ad Din (A.K.A."Barbarossa") who was victorious over the Spaniards, and managed to retake Naples from them. In the course of the battle, the Aeolian Islands were depopulated. Later immigrants from mainland Italy, Sicily and Spain re-established communities on Salina. Certain areas on the island, including the two mountain peaks, were designated as a natural reserve in 1981. There are currently approximately 2300 residents living in Salina.


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Hotel: Hotel Signum

Address: Via Scalo, 15 - 98050  Malfa - Salina

Region: Sicily

Country: Italy

Official website:

Telephone: +39 090 9844222 - +39 090 9844375

Fax: +39 090 9844102

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By sea:
You can arrive in the Island of Salina by hydrofoil from Naples, Palermo and Reggio Calabria; by ship from Naples and Milazzo.

By air:
The nearest airport to the Eolian's islands is Reggio Calabria's airport. From the airport there is a service bus for Messina in coincidence with the flights; from Messina you can continue in hydrofoil for the islands.

How to move in Salina:
A road-system connects the several localities of the island. A bus service and taxi are available.

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