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Via Oberdan, 12 40126 Bologna - Emilia Romagna - Italy
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If you love the atmosphere of antique residences with lavish history, your choice should be the Hotel Corona d’Oro (Gold Crown Hotel) constructed at the beginning of 1800 in the historical Piazza Azzoguidi in the heart of Bologna. At the end of the XIX century protected by an open glass window, what used to be the internal courtyard has been transformed into an incredibly atmospheric room; the walls display the époque of liberty style. There is an imposing lounge with a majestic arched ceiling and a painting of 15th century that towers over the consoles, reminiscent of a time of splendour that these noble buildings have lived leaving the warm atmosphere.

The guest rooms are decorated according to various periods. However much you try you will not find two rooms the same: in some you will be surprised by the ceilings painted with landscape scenes of the 14th century and in others you will find liberty style ornaments, and some enjoy the fantastic view of the medieval towers of Bologna. The bathrooms are small but well equipped.

The Hotel is located in the city centre, right in the elegant via Oberdan with its fine shops and being the road that guides you to famous Two Towers (Due Torri) a short distance away. Also Piazza Maggiore is quite nearby.

Hotel Corona d`Oro is part of The JP Moser Hotel & Chateau Guide. All properties featured in have been carefully selected by Mr. & Mrs. Moser personally; they have been travelling through western Europe for more than 20 years,. Every year they stay at between 40 and 60 hotels and chateaux to evaluate them. This guarantees the thousands of people who browse daily through the web pages of The JP Moser Guide, that the properties featured are in good standing. You can be sure that there will be no unpleasant surprises when you stay at a JP Moser property. If at any time the Moser's have reason to believe that a establishment has decreased in the quality of its installations and/or service provided to their paying guests, the property will be removed from the guide.

When you send a request for a reservation through this website, it will go directly to Hotel Corona d`Oro, and you will receive a reply written by someone from Hotel Corona d`Oro...not an automated reply. You will be able to write back asking all your questions. They can also assist you with other reservations such as restaurants, events and more!

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How to reach the hotel

Train: Stazione Centrale (3 Kms.)

Airport: Guglielmo Marconi Airport (8.5 Kms.)

By car:

From Florence: Take Motorway A1, continue in direction north until reaching the outskirts of Bologna.

From Milan: Take Motorway A1 Southeast along the Apennines. From Venice or Ferrara: Follow Motorway A13 Southwest.

From Rimini, Ravenna: Take Motorway A14 West.

Once in Bologna, you just have to follow the signs taking you to the city center "Centro", the Hotel is short distance from Piazza Maggiore.

About Bologna

bolognaBologna is a city with turrets and porticos which stretch out for kilometres, but it is not ostentatious. Often, the city's most valuable treasures can be found tucked away in magnificent Renaissance palaces, in churches which have been deconsecrated and restored, beneath gateways or inside courtyards. The city attracts a considerable amount of visitors each year to a variety of exhibitions. It offers an excellent infrastructure and quality services, which facilitate visitor's stays and help render them as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

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If you have stayed at this property, please share with us your experience, whether good or bad, because things could change at any time....

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