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Angra do Heroismo:Terceira Mar Hotel
Terceira Mar Hotel          

Angra do Heroismo

Terceira Mar Hotel is idyllically located in Fanal Bay on Terceira Island, the Hotel is a brand-new four-star hotel. Some of the facilities of this hotel include 2 tenn...view details & location »

Furnas:Terra Nostra Garden Hotel
Terra Nostra Garden Hotel       


Terra Nostra Garden Hotel stands in the mystic Furnas Valley next to a Botanical Garden of rare beauty and renowned throughout Europe. The year round warm, moist climat...view details & location »

Horta:Hotel do Canal
Hotel do Canal          


Completed in May 2004, this futuristic building is situated in a prime position overlooking the narrow straight between Faial and Pico (the Canal), very close to the Pi...view details & location »

Ponta Delgada:Hotel Marina Atlântico
Hotel Marina Atlântico         

Ponta Delgada

Across from the sea, on the main avenue of Ponta Delgada, Hotel Marina Atlantico hypnotizes and mesmerizes every soul passing by. It´s almost as if the backdrop of a g...view details & location »

Ponta Delgada:Sao Miguel Park Hotel
Sao Miguel Park Hotel          

Ponta Delgada

Hotel Sao Miguel Park is is a modern city hotel located close to Ponta Delgada´s Botanical Gardens. It features outstanding views of the S. Miguel Island from any wind...view details & location »

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