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Arraiolos:Villa Extramuros
Villa Extramuros  


The Villa Extramuros was built in Arraiolos, a small city north of Evora, the Capital of Alentejo, the largest province of Portugal well known for its unspoiled beautiful nature, historical treasur...view details & location »

Evora:Convento do Espinheiro Hotel & Spa
Convento do Espinheiro Hotel & Spa           


Fascinating for its history, authentic for its charm, Convento do Espinheiro, Evora has given life to a 15th century convent, considered a national monument where impor...view details & location »

Redondo:Hotel Convento de Sao Paulo
Hotel Convento de Sao Paulo          


Keen to appreciate its uniqueness, the Convento de São Paulo invest in a new form of status in relation to his location. Housed in a 600 hectare estate, our first bet ...view details & location »

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