Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees          

 Corso Umberto, 67 28049 Stresa − Italy

On the shores of Lake Maggiore, the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees of Stresa is the charming palatial elegance of Grand Hotel in Italian Luxury . 

This little corner of paradise, a short distance from Milan and the main international airports in Northern Italy is the ideal destination for a pleasant holidays in couple, family or business meeting.

Environments beautifully furnished in precious purple colors, gold and indigo, magnificent suites that combine history, luxury and contemporary comfort. 

In the elegant room facing the lake Our restaurant "Il Borromeo" enjoy the experience of high-level gastronomy, delighted by the flavors of the region and the professionalism of his staff.

On the first floor of an area dedicated to relaxation and care of themselves: "Centro Benessere Stresa" . The feeling of being immersed in an oasis of wellbeing that regenerates and balances mind and body thanks to the expert hands of our beauticians.

The Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees is a 5-star hotel in Stresa, a beautiful little on the shores of Lake Maggiore in Italy city. This elegant hotel is surrounded by a lush garden and offers magnificent views of not only the lake, but also of the Borromean Islands and the Alps.

The Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees offers you a wide range of services and facilities including two heated pools, a tennis court, a private heliport and bicycle rental. Among business services 9 meeting conference / meeting rooms. The hotel has Stresa health spa with a variety of beauty treatments to make you feel as ever.


STRESA: 1863 - 2017 154 years of hospitality 

at the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees

The building of the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees took off with the unification of Italy.

Back then Stresa was not yet known as the "Pearl" of Verbania; it will become only the beginning of the twentieth century, when it establishes itself as the most prestigious resorts on Lake Maggiore.

The huts were placed behind the first buttresses of the Mottarone, and near the banks of the lake, now dotted with villas and hotels, taking place meadows, fields and some vineyards.

The few hotels were of the Borromean Islands, places of incomparable beauty already famous at that time. In 1670 Count Vitaliano Borromeo had erected on the island Beautiful splendid palace surrounded by terraced gardens, with gardens of Isola Madre, still is visited by tourists from around the world.

This situation continued until almost the end of the nineteenth century. In 1801 there was an event of extraordinary importance for the Lake Maggiore and Stresa: the start of work for the Royal Simplon Road, at the behest of Napoleone Bonaparte, that September 7, 1800, after the victory of Marengo, in a decree had It specified that "the road from Brig to Domodossola will be passable cannons (...), and to allow a smooth transition of the armed."

The colossal work was completed five years later: October 9, 1805 was made the maiden voyage. It was the most modern and impressive panoramic road crossing the Alps.

The fabulous view of the Borromeo Gulf, its islands was now within the reach of the first tourists. The opening of the Sempione step in fact it increased the influx of foreign visitors from every part of the European continent.

In May of 1826 the first steam ship - the "Verbano" - plowed for the first time the waves of the lake, connecting Magadino (Locarno) in Sesto Calende, on board there was also the post office. From the passengers Arona Locarno reached in six hours while surfing with sailing at times it took six days!

The "Verbano" not yet made direct flights to Stresa, in 1850 the fishing fleet of stresiani did not exceed seven boats and to buy the bread needed to row a good pace until Pallanza.

Until 1860 the boat ignored the small Stresa, passing off, but stopping the Borromean Islands.

In those days the island Bella lived a family of Hoteliers, Omarini, ran the hotel "Dolphin" place, mentioned by Stendhal in his Italian guides and Fogazzaro, who at that hotel had made concluding his famous novel, " Piccolo Mondo Antico ".

Young Omarini had already toured Europe to work as cooks in hotels and, thanks to the experience gained in the sector, had the idea to build in front of the Borromean Islands a "grand hotel", able to meet the needs of those customers international beginning to make tourism activity commercially very attractive.

In the spring of 1860 the enterprising Omarini brothers, proceeded to the purchase of several plots of land right in front of Isola Bella, in the "shore vineyard." With an initial capital of 1,200,000 lire formed the Union of Grand Hotels Company, chaired by Arturo Omarini, located in Stresa.

The construction of the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees had early winter of 1861. It was the same year of the Proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy ..

The "Grand Hotel" was inaugurated Saturday, March 21, 1863, in the presence of one very select audience: some great hoteliers, different personalities and a bevy of noble women in evening dress.

The Borromées immediately established himself as "The Grand Hotel" of Lake Maggiore. Directed competently by Omarini brothers secured the most prestigious clientele in no time.

The rooms were decorated with elegant mirrors and illuminated by beautiful chandeliers; "The heat was guaranteed by Haeberlin company of Milan that he had installed a heater system that made it more comfortable about 120 airy rooms," not lacked an office of the London "Thomas Cook and Son", for the sale of rail tickets and navigation throughout the continent

Omarini however, had been right: the name of the Grand Hotel et des Iles Borromees began to be reported in various Italian and foreign tourist guides. A frequent the hotel were tourists from all over Europe, mostly British, but also representatives of the German nobility, Slavic and French. Besides the aristocrats it not, however, lacked the representatives of the industrial and financial world.

The incision made with a diamond from a Russian noblewoman on the windows of one of the windows of a gloomy rainy day testifies to the romantic atmosphere that reigned in the halls of the hotel "Alexandra, Grande Duchesse de toutes the Russies, née duchesse de Saxe, in 1870 - 14 to 26 June. "

Five years later he was imitated by Anna, Princess of Hesse and Prussia. The Golden Book are preserved precious signatures of the guests, along with unusual designs and dedications.

In 1868 the building was enlarged to cope with the increase in volumes of visitors. 

On the right of the hotel he is created a new wing, and was also opened the first telegraph office in the area.

The Omarini were aware of the importance of roads for tourism on Lake Maggiore, they had strongly believed and supported the construction of the Simplon tunnel; already March 16, 1884 at the Grand Hotel et des Iles Borromees had held a meeting to "support" the construction of a railway line bridge linked Italy to Europe and the document that was prepared on that occasion also he bores the signatures of hotel owners.

In 1906, the opening of the Tunnel Rail Simplon gave the final impetus to the tourism movement and introduced the name of Stresa across the European continent.

With the arrival of '' Orient-Express', the Stresa station became an obligatory stop on the line London-Paris-Milan-Venice-Constantinople; leading to the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees an elite tourism.

The number of guests so began to multiply, the permanence seasons lengthened and new additions were necessary. In 1908 he enlarged the veranda, while between 1911 and 1912 in just 96 days they proceeded to superelevation of three floors. The work was carried out under the guidance of the foreman stresiano Vasco Capucci.

After nearly fifty years of the same family management in the fall of 1907, Joseph and Luigi Omarini, began to sell the shares at the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees the "Società Anonima Union of Grand Hotels", which in 1923 was absorbed by the Company Italian Grand Hotels (CIGA) of Venice. Until that year, the Omarini remained as "managers" at the head of their company.

During the First World War, the hotel does not shut its doors. It became a privileged refuge for those who still had a chance to escape the war.

Fortunately, with the first post-war period, in relatively short time, they returned to appear in Stresa the distinguished guests of the previous decades.

Even the American writer Ernest Hemingway came to Stresa for the first time in September 1918, at the age of 19, recovering from a war wound. Mindful of the beauties of the place, Hemingway set part of his novel "Farewell to Arms", the name of the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees became so famous worldwide.

With the start of World War II the activities of the Grand Hotel, while not undergoing disruptions, accused strong repercussions.

Occupied first by German troops and then by American ones, the building was turned in to the military convalescent home. After a brief period between 1945 and 1946 as home to the Municipal Casino, Des Iles came to life, quickly regaining the tourist record that still retains.

Thanks to the quality and professionalism of the staff the Grand Hôtel Borromées is chosen as the site of worldwide importance meetings or for quiet, relaxing holidays.

Staying today at the Grand Hôtel Borromées means being able to appreciate the charm, the atmosphere, the magic of a past rich in history and traditions, at the same time enjoying the modern comfort and the latest facilities.


CHECKS / CHANGE The cashier is not authorized to change individual checks. For foreign currency exchange and Traveler's cheques, please contact the cashier office.

BABY SITTER A qualified baby sitting service is available. Please require this service upon adequate notice. Cradles and baby-seats are available too, please contact the reception.

TICKETS The concierge is available to book hotels, restaurants, theatre, flights and trains. The service is free, a part from the phone charges.

CREDIT CARDS All major credit cards are accepted. For high amounts we suggest to ask for the authorization upon adequate notice.

SECURITY BOXES Every room is equipped with electronic safe. The management is responsible for the customer belongings within the limits set by the Italian low .

FRIDGE-BAR Every room is equipped with minibar with a choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The fridge bar is refilled daily.

GARAGE There are 80 parking spaces available in a covered garage. Guests are requested to park within the marked spaces. Please contact the concierge for any questions.

Room with garden view
(Size 20 to 22 sqm) Enjoy views of the lush garden and the mountains surrounding Lake Maggiore, most of the garden view rooms have balcony. Some rooms can accommodate up to 4 people.
Room with lake view
(Size 22 to 24 sqm) The rooms overlooking the lake offer comfort, space and a great view of one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy. The classic charm of the decorations will satisfy those seeking a relaxing atmosphere, either during a busy business trip or a romantic holiday. Some rooms can accommodate up to three people.
Junior Suites
(Size 30 to 35 sqm) The junior suites of the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées are designed for those who want something more than a comfortable room. All junior suites offer lake view, they have a separate living room area with a breakfast table
Deluxe Junior Suites
(Size 35 to 42 sqm) In addition to the average, deluxe junior suites are characterized by the most luxurious and refined finishes, the precious wood paneling and antique furniture are coordinated ornaments that create a belle epoque building style. All deluxe junior suites have a beautiful lake view, and feature a separate living room area with a sofa, breakfast table and chairs.
Royal Suite
(Size 50 to 55 sqm) Royal suites are decorated in order to recreate a classical atmosphere with a wonderful lake view that make them ideal for a high-level business meeting orsimply for those who want the privacy of a comfortable living room.
Imperial Suite
(Size 75 to 80 sqm) For those guests who are looking for the ultimate in comfort and the space and luxury of a private apartment. The large living room and the bedrooms are decorated with wood paneling and antique furniture. The numerous windows overlooking the lake, make staying in these suites an unforgettable experience. The master bathroom features a separate shower.
Hemingway Suite
The prestigious suites at the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees are located on the first floor, with an art nouveau style these rooms owe their name to Ernest Hemingway who stayed there after the war as a convalescent and then in 1948. The American writer was so enchanted by the beauty of Stresa and the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees that he mentioned it in his famous book "Farewell to Arms", partly written right on the large terrace. The notoriety derived from the quotation in the novel make this suite explicitly required by the most wealthy clients who want to stay in the same room, that still have the number 106. The comfort is worthy of the most demanding customers, so that it is often booked by heads of state and members of royal families. The suite include two bedrooms, a living room, a study and three bathrooms for a total of 240 sqm plus 160 sqm terrace and has a panoramic view of the Borromeo Islands and the surrounding Alps. The walls of the living room are decorated with panels in yellow Siena marble, stuccos and trompe l´oeil paintings, the ceilings are enriched by round frescos. By the windows still stands the original fireplace in finely sculpted in Carrara marble. All chandeliers are in Murano glass and match the colors of the tapestry with inlaid of real gold. The studio area is warm and welcoming, its walls are covered by wooden panels and carved in different kind of woods, near the top of the walls runs a decoration in exotic landscapes. The doors alone are a masterpiece, they are finely carved and decorated with inlaid mother-of-pearl, copper and brass. In the master bathrooms marble reins with all its possible nuances. The oversize whirlpool are decorated with mosaics whose colors match the floor and the walls, even the shower basin comes from a whole piece of white Calacatta marble. The terrace finished in cotto tiles and its flowers and scented flower arcs recall the atmosphere of the Italian gardens.

All rooms have either one king or two twin beds, the bathrooms are decorated with multicolored marbles, they have two washbasins and whirlpool bath-tub, safe and WI-FI connection, LCD TV with Italian and foreign channels and pay movies.

Health and Beauty, Long life, Energy balance and absolute relax

Programs are available from a minimum of two nights, but we recommend a minimum stay of seven nights to maximize the benefits of treatment.

The weekly program consists of six days with full retreat in Grand Hotel Bristol & SPA, with customized diet and includes all activities and Spa services; the seventh day is free and only includes full retreat and personalized diet.

The power supply occupies a leading role in the Spa programs and nutritionists at the Des Iles Spa Stresa, in collaboration with the chefs of the Grand Hotel, we develop custom menus low in calories without sacrificing originality and pleasure of the retreat to lead the host to discover fine cuisine, dietary and rich elements of the territory.

For proper medical entrance assessment and a personalized nutrition programming, physical activity, beauty treatments and all treatments, it is advisable to carry routine blood tests and urine tests, as well as any recent clinical reports.

We recommend during your stay to have available shoes and gym clothes, bathing suits and flip flops.

Each program includes

Full retreat in a selected room

Medical interview and entrance examination

Interview and daily medical supervision

Impedentiometric Test for the measurement of body composition

Medical report of the results obtained and guidelines for maintenance

Sauna and turkish bath, gym cardio and Technogym Kinesis stations, indoor and outdoor pool and relaxation room with a selection of herbal teas are freely available to the host.

Fitness activities in group every day at set times.

The duration of the activities indicated includes the reception, the accommodation in the cab and the treatment itself.

On Request

Private lessons of Physical Activity, Water Aerobics, Yoga, Shiatsu, Pilates

Treatments Aesthetic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Therapies and treatments for each specific imperfections of the face and body

A personalized make-up session and cosmetic tips for skin care

A hike with trainer to discover the beautiful nature of Lake Maggiore

A diet cooking lesson with tips and tricks revealed by our chef to follow a healthy diet and engaging even after the stay.

Health and Beauty

By evaluating the style of life of the host and his medical history, the medical team shall draw up a treatment program to follow during your stay to get to efficiently and quickly shape and well-being.

The action on nutrition, regeneration and tissue treatment together with the custom work on muscle tone will satisfy the expectations. The drafting of a food program and maintenance at end of stay will preserve in time the results achieved.

The weekly program includes:

6 guided walks in gruops with instructor 

6 gym sessions in a free-to-hand group with instructor

6 beauty treatments facial, body and massage 

2 aqua fit group sessions with the instructor 

3 sessions a choice of massage therapy, massage NO GRAVITY, Shiatsu chair.

Long Life

This program is specially designed for those who want to regain energy and vitality devoted to the improvement of the physical condition for a long life in total efficiency.

The prevention of functional disorders is implemented by combining various activities: guided movement of technical specifications, a properly integrated nutrition to rebalance the state of health, massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy and other daily therapies individually selected to prevent psycho-physical aging.

The program will make better muscle tone and body awareness, reducing or even eliminating most of the psycho-motor disorders and ensuring energy recovery and well-being.

The weekly program includes:

6 guided walks with instructor

6 functional gymnastics sessions with instructor

2 sessions of functional exercises in water with instructor

1 body scrub 

3 personalized massages 

2 Physiotherapy sessions 

2 sessions of osteopathy 

2 foot massages 

1 massage located in the back 

3 electrostimulation sessions 

3 sessions a choice of massage therapy, massage NO GRAVITY, Shiatsu chair

Absolute Relax

Dedicated to those who need a period of rest gently active which allows to resolve the tensions in favor of a newfound sense of lightness and dynamic efficiency.

Often, in fact, among the problems associated with chronic stress are insomnia, nervous exhaustion, mental and physical fatigue, anxiety and mood swings.

This program, in addition to daily sessions of therapy, anti-stress massages and specific activities specifically designed to meet the energy needed to face the daily challenges, provides a specific diet which aims to the increase in energy shortages counteracting any weight problems as well as underweight, typical consequence of stressors.

The weekly program includes:

6 guided walks in groups with instructor

6 treatments antistress including: Shiatsu, Yoga, Tuina, CranioSacral Therapy on cot

2 body treatments NO GRAVITY 

5 relaxation massages: Okinam, Hot Stone, Relax, aromatic and Ayurvedic

1 CranioSacral Therapy in water 

3 localized massages to choose from plantar or dorsal massage Therapy 

3 sessions of a choice of massage therapy, massage NO GRAVITY, Shiatsu chair

Energy Balance

This program is the perfect opportunity for those who want to find harmony between body and mind; a unique opportunity to discover their own potential energy through the traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and therapies that have a holistic view of man.

A preliminary check-up bio-energy which evaluates the Yin-Yang balance carefully will allow you to program different therapies available during your stay and to develop an eating plan that takes into account the energy and nutritional properties.

The cures are accomplished through natural products, therapies and massages ancient tradition.

The weekly program includes:

Check-up start and end bioenergetic to assess the balance of Yin-Yang

6 guided group walks 

3 sessions of stretching and breathing with instructor

4 sessions of acupuncture or with Moxa and Cupping Biolifting 

2 sessions of massage Yoga or alternatively Tuina 

CranioSacral Therapy 

1 CranioSacral Therapy in water 

2 full treatments Tuina 

1 massage of your choice between Thai, Ayurvedic Endorphinic 

2 Tuina massages to the face 

2 foot massages 

3 Dry hydromassages, NO GRAVITY 


With over 30 years of spa experience, the Des Iles Wellness Center is at your disposal to make post congress a time of prosperity and well-deserved relaxation. Ten cabins for aesthetics, a walk-in "cloud", the fitness area with heated pool, Jacuzzi, gym, sauna and turkish bath with natural scrub.

Beauty Break (duration of the package 60 minutes) € 68,00

Thirty minutes of treatment in the cabin to be chosen among : body massage, ergonomic massage, foot massage, beauty treatments basic face.

Thirty minutes of hygienic baths (turkish bath and sauna with natural scrub).

Salus (Package duration 75 minutes) € 75,00

Forty-five minutes of treatment in a choice of cabin : personalized body massage, facial cleansing, decongestant or oxygen.

Thirty minutes of hygienic baths (turkish bath and sauna with natural scrub).

Total Beauty (Package duration 90 minutes) € 90,00

Sixty minutes of treatment in the cabin chosen from: massage personalized body, facial cleansing, decongestant or oxygen, body treatment Ginger Mix, Osmocell, Spirulina, or Sudax Revital Body, Breast toning treatment, self-tanning treatment, mud, Scrub Dead Sea.

Thirty minutes of hygienic baths (turkish bath and sauna with natural scrub).


150 years of history, a hotel among the most prestigious part of Italy that has been chosen to host world-class meetings ... to organize an event at the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees & Spa means to send a clear message to the participants, attention to detail, efficiency comfort and solidity.

For those who participate, for anyone who arranges for those who work there, the success of an event depends on many factors, the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees offers 16 meeting rooms with natural light, modular and open spaces, a dedicated office with expert staff prepared to plan and pay attention to the details, and the charm of the environment that has been chosen by kings, queens through time.

Stresa is a resort that offers beautiful scenery and modern infrastructure, it is also easily accessible due to its proximity to the international airport of Milan - Malpensa.

Villa Azalee is a real space dedicated to MICE, is located within our park in a very quiet area and easily accessible from the hotel. The building with two floors dates back to the 800s and it's ideal for organizing a meeting that requires privacy and modularity.

All 8 stylish meeting rooms, named after Gods and the Greek muses, enjoy natural light, and are equipped with projection screen, WIFI access, air conditioning, flipcharts and direct dial telephone jacks.

The space in front Villa Azalee allows, during the summer, to organize coffee breaks and receptions in the elegant outdoor garden, right across from the impressive group of sculptures "The Nymph of the Continents"

Meazza Room

Meazza room can accommodate up to 180 people, and through communicating arches, can extend and accommodate up to 350 guests. Glass doors open onto the beautiful garden, where during the summer can be served snacks and appetizers. The banquet room is decorated in an eclectic style, with elaborate motifs inspired by the seasons, and rich drapes, gilded mirrors and lights to create an atmosphere of comfortable elegance. And the perfect setting for a gala dinner, a wedding reception or a business meeting. 

Camelia room 

Camelia room can accommodate between 150 and 200 people depending on the seating arrangement. The environment is decorated with elegant painted panels, opulent Murano chandeliers and Baroque-style columns which create a particular atmosphere appropriate for an important business meeting. Camelia room is equipped with computers.

Gritti Hall

Is located in the oldest part of the building, the acoustics are guaranteed by thick stone walls, the environment decorated with mosaic floors and high ceilings, is particularly striking. 

Gritti room enjoys natural light and has direct access to the hotel lobby; It has recently been completely redecorated with rich drapes and chandeliers, Empire style, a comfortable and cool environment for small business meetings. 

Hall Mountain

Hall Mountain, as the name suggests is a bright room overlooking the Japanese garden at the back of the hall, it has two sides with windows and enjoys a convenient direct access to the garden. The ceilings and walls are decorated with stucco moldings and panels in the cool shades of blue and cream. 

Mount Hall can accommodate 60 people for a business lunch or a gala dinner made even more enjoyable by the atmospheric lighting of the garden. 

Orchid room 

Orchid room is in the basement of the hotel, with direct access to the outside, and the hotel lobby. It can be divided into two sub-rooms with movable walls. 



Hall Des Dames

The first of the three adjoining rooms that meet through the glass door of the hall takes its name from the presence, in the ceiling plaster medallions, of female portraits inspired by the figures of Boucher (of 700 French painter). 

The walls are covered with a antique Louis XVI-style paneling embellished with mirrors and gilded carvings, the backgrounds are decorated with lacquer and faux marble. 

Ancient blown glass Murano chandeliers and sconces gilded bronze illuminate the room while a frame defines a marble fireplace lined inside by beautiful Neapolitan ceramics. The floor is a "beat" the Venetian and consists of fragments of marble expertly placed to recreate the colors and Greek studied effects. 

The setting is luxurious yet intimate and comfortable and is well suited for small banquets or meetings. 

On the outdoor terrace you can organize cocktails, buffet or coffee breaks, surrounded by flowers and lush vegetation that characterizes our garden. The room communicates with Magnolia room.

Magnolia Room 

Magnolia Room communicates with Salle des Dames, it can also be accessed directly from the terrace at garden level or the corridor leading to the restaurant. 

Characterized by two large paintings of the end of the 700s made in tempera depicting the architectural whims: this is precisely the key to understanding the decorations covering the walls and vaulted ceiling. 

Magnolia room was completely painted like a glimpse of heaven in the ceiling and allows us to admire the prospect of balustrades, cornices and obelisks that surround the edges of the room. 

The decor transports guests into a secret garden of trees, fruits and exotic flowers you can see a small fountain, the illusion creates references of the terrace dominated by the monumental magnolia that characterizes the garden creating a comfortable privacy zone for cocktails, buffet or coffee breaks outdoors. 

Large sconces chandeliers of wrought iron underline the appearance of "external" and a light hidden in the ceiling frame illuminates the faux sky. The floor in large slabs of dark green Alps marble brings out the Persian carpets that cover. The room communicates with the adjacent fireplace room.

Fireplace Room 

The Fireplace Room communicates with Magnolia room and it is the natural progression. 

Here is the Venetian accent to dominate. A wainscot paneling in gilded wood and decorated with garlands of flowers, the walls, above the fireplace is hung a beautiful female oil portrait in the manner of Boldini (painter of the late 800) 

The atmosphere draws a delicious alcove from dannunziano taste; Venetian Baroque mirrors and sconces gilded bronze illuminate the walls covered with a crimson silk damask upholstery. The great white marble fireplace carved with hunting themes illuminate the environment.

Minerva Hall

And 'the largest room of Villa Azalee, is equipped with sound system, with direct access to the garden. 
All rooms have natural light and are equipped with a projection screen, WIFI access, air conditioning, and telephone outlets.

Reception & Weddings

Your wedding day is a truly unforgettable experience; a stunning and impeccable garden allowing you to take beautiful photographs and welcome guests with an outdoor aperitif. Spectacular scenic rooms, elaborately decorated in a dreaming atmosphere accommodating up to 350 people and above all a professional team you can depend on, with regards to resolving all queries and issues, in order to ensure your wedding day is truly magical at the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées.
The bride and groom can depend on the assistance and personal experiences of the personnel at the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées, who will be able to give you thorough and informative advise, as well as being of assistance when choosing your menu, photographer, florist and musicians.

Borromeo Restaurant


Il Borromeo

In the elegant room overlooking the lake at our restaurant "Il Borromeo" provides a high level dining experience, delighted by the flavors of the region, by the inspiration of our Executive Chef Gianni Conti and excellence of service. During the summer you can enjoy unforgettable views from the terrace. Since 2001 we adhere to the AIC project "Food away from home gluten-free" and offer a gluten free menu at the highest level. We pay particular attention to food allergies. Dishes are created by our chefs without sacrificing originality and pleasure of the board. The nutritional experts in our Medical SPA Des Iles Centro Benessere Stresa, in collaboration with our Chef, also produce low-calorie menu that will surprise you for its creativity and taste. The Borromeo is also open to non-resident guests in the hotel.

Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, and the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel.
Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true, because they never allocate ALL the rooms to third parties.

Hotel: Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees

Address: Corso Umberto, 67 28049 Stresa

Region: Piemonte

Country: Italy

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Telephone: +39 0323 938 938

Fax: +39 0323 32 405

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Train Station: Stresa (Walking Distance) Airport: Malpensa International Airport - Milan (45 Kms.) Linate Airport - Milan (110 Kms.) How to get there: From Milan: Take Motorway A8, "Laghi-Sesto Calende-Varese" direction, then take Motorway A26 "Gravellona-Toce" direction, and exit at Carpugnino and follow the indications for Stresa.
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