La Peschiera

 Contrada Losciale, 63 70043 Monopoli − Italy


The rhythm of La Peschiera is the lap of the turquoise Adriatic.

We introduce nothing unnecessary, simply pure luxury amidst nature’s spectacular beauty. The peace and colours are hypnotic, blue sea, sky and pools, and warm pink of a summer evening captured in the hue of a stone.

Entering La Peschiera the expanse of blue pools takes your breath away. A thalassic concept includes seven pools, plunges and cascades, stretching before our 13 exclusive guestrooms. Behind each room is the dramatically beautiful Adriatic, where shallows splash on the rocks leading to a sandy sea bed, an irresistible invitation. We have a private beach with parasols and loungers.

La Peschiera


Invite your family and friends for a beautiful stay in Puglia by the sea. Somewhere to connect with nature and eachother. Breakfast on your terraces in private, or together on the shore as you wish. Lunch on our private beach while Saleblu’s chic lounge and restaurant are at your service for a dinner party.

One evening take your guests to our next door Tamerici Beach Club for an evening barbecue on the sands, another day we can invite you to our private marina near Polignano a Mare for a sailing expedition beneath those iconic cliffs.


A gentle tap awakens you, and you open the door to sunlight glinting on the sea just beneath your terrace. The table is laid with colourful fresh fruit and anything you requested the night before. You might choose a dip in the sea first, but all morning your waiter will be walking along the rocks and terraces, ready to bring fresh coffee or whatever you wish for a slow and relaxed private breakfast.


Take a seat at the lounge bar and chat to our barman, tell him what you like and together you can put your own spin on one of the vintage cocktails in his vast repertoire.

Fascinating is the mixing of an oyster martini, he will take you through the steps in making this avant-garde concoction.

Marinate the oyster in vermouth, rub a little lemon zest around a cocktail glass of ice, flavour the ice with oyster water from the shell, show it the martini then toss it away. The rest of course is gin. He recommends this cocktail as an alternative to a wine pairing with Apulian crudo (Apulian sushi), the raw fish.

Rooms & Suites

Simple luxury of a room by the blue Adriatic

The sea laps the rocks right beneath your window, reminiscent of the Bourbon fort that was here centuries ago. The private patio has one of La Peschiera’s six pools. Together with the next door double, this room can offer a level of seclusion for family or friends travelling together.

From sunrise to sunset you will be mesmerised by the sea and the changing light, from sunbathing on your panoramic roof terrace, lunchtime dip on the private beach and dinner at Saleblu by the shore.

Step up to the rooftop for sunrise or sunset salutations

Breakfast on your patio by the pools or on the sea deck at Saleblu. Refresh in the plunge pool, swim 25 metre laps, then travel through the cascades and bubbling walk way for some wake up thalassic therapy.

This light airy room looks out to the blue sea, which laps the rocks beneath your window. Together with the large single next door, it can make a secluded family enclave. The minimalist calm of our Pool View Room is refreshing after cycling to the fascinating Roman ruins or visiting Monopoli.

Choose one of your three terraces for sunrise and sunset

Simple luxury designed for cool and tranquillity and especially not to interrupt the beauty outside. This light spacious room is merely an interlude to precious time spent gazing at the sea, calming your mind, refreshing your body. Some have canopy beds romantically draped in muslin.

The room has one terrace opening onto the hotel pools, where you can move between cascades, cold plunges and 25 metre laps. There is a roof terrace for sunbathing or sunset cocktails but your back terrace is right by the spectacular sweep of turquoise Adriatic. You can step from here for a dip, or from our private beach.

Mesmerised by the sea morning, noon and night

Standing by the pool you have uninterrupted view across the blue water, through your front terrace and rooms and out to the wide sea, a delicious sight, enticing you to choose which blue waters you want to dip in.

A stone staircase takes you to the recliners on the rooftop where the blue panorama stretches far and wide. Lounge about at lunchtime on your shady terrace beneath a thatched canopy, take the steps down to your private cove for a refreshing swim in the sea. In the evening stroll by the lapping waves to Saleblu for dinner on the lantern lit decking.

A private plunge pool and our own steps into the sea

Wake up to a soft knock and find breakfast laid on your terrace and a few feet away the glittering Adriatic, irresistible for a refreshing morning dip. Remnants of the 16th century Bourbon home give pause for thought on La Peschiera’s long history. On your front veranda you have the only private plunge pool, while the series of cascades and lap pools are next to you.

This Panorama Suite has an especially light and spacious atmosphere, little interrupts the beauty outside and an airy hallway has views from the door and all the way through to the sea. Tiles are cool underfoot and white calico curtains softly seclude the bedroom. There are two bathrooms.

Wellness & Relaxation


Soul sister

Enjoy an holistic spa experience with massage and treatments at our sister hotel Il Melograno.

We offer a complimentary shuttle to the Petramare Spa at our sister hotel the renowned masseria, Il Melograno. Inspired by the traditions of holistic wellbeing guests are invited to take time to relax entirely, slowing to the rhythms of nature surrounding this noble estate.

Before your chosen spa treatment you can visit our gym and swim in either of our large pools. The therapeutic journey begins in a candlelit spa with a sauna, icy plunge pool, and the soothing warmth of our steam room. Petramare Spa works with Decleor using their naturally blended aromessences.

At La Peschiera we have a poolside sauna and guests can move through our thalassic water therapy, massaging stiff shoulders in the cascade, soothing legs in the rapid corridor. Invigorate your body in the icy plunge and then relax in the sunlight.

Beautiful benefits of nature

Petramare Spa works with Decléor using their naturally blended aromessences such as ylang for purifying, lavendula for firming and magnolia for rejuvenation.


The Apulian sun is diffused by the cooling waters of our sea shore and blue pools. La Peschiera has a private beach and seven inviting pools, with plunges and cascades, to be shared between just 13 exclusive guestrooms.

A 25 metre blue pool shimmers deliciously. In a thalassic concept pools vary in size and temperature with one icy plunge. There is a cascade to drench backs and loosen shoulders and a corridor of bubbling rapids to massage your legs. A sauna has a wall of glass giving you a view over the pools. Sun terraces wind between the pools, take up a lounger and we will be delighted to serve you with crushed iced cocktails or lunch.

La Peschiera’s private sandy beach has loungers and parasols, and refreshments all day.

City & Attractions

La Peschiera has a highly sought after location in Puglia, the ‘rural heel of Italy’. Our boutique hotel is perched on rocks splashed by the Adriatic, ten minutes from historic Monopoli. A few miles further on is Polignano, the delightful clifftop town soaring over the sea, where high divers compete to fly off the craggy rocks.

La Peschiera is equidistant to Bari and Brindisi airports, connecting you to Italy’s key cities and the European capitals. Our chauffeur and private limousine can meet you on arrival.

A key Puglia sight near to La Peschiera is Egnazia, the 4BC Roman ruins, an easy ten minute cycle ride by the ancient Appian Way.



Catch your own octopus in a peaceful dawn drift across our rocky shore then bring it to our kitchens where Chef Vito will be delighted to show you how to create the traditional peppery pignata octopus stew. Or catch yourself a fish on a deeper sea expedition from our private marina. With this fresh produce Chef Vitoo’s favourite approach is the simplest, barbecued in a salt crust and served with extra virgin olive oil and lemon. But simplicity needs perfecting, so we promise an enriching experience.

Classes can be tailormade for vegetarians or vegans and your delicious homemade lunch can be paired with local wines, a white Fiano or Primitivo rose, to be enjoyed on the terrace in the sunshine.


La Peschiera offers you exclusive access to our sister Cala Ponte Marina along the coast. Situated where the spectacular cliffs of Polignano a Mare begin the views are immediately quite stunning with the granite rising higher into the blue sky. We will arrange your expedition in style with refreshments and lunch served by your on-board waiter.

You can dive off the side of the boat into the pristine clear blue waters, explore the grottos along the foot of the Polignano cliffs, or try some fishing. If you catch anything bring it home, Chef Vito will happily cook it for you, fresh fish is his inspiration.


Arrive in style at our sister hotel Il Melograno, the renowned masseria, you will be ushered directly to the helipad and then up into the sky. The two hour flight promises breathtaking views of the Valle d'Itria, especially its three charming, historic towns Cisternino, Locorotondo and Alberobello. The latter is famous for its 1,600 conical roofed trulli which you can see well without the crowds, all have streets of whitewashed houses and central piazzas that have remained unchanged for centuries. From here the helicopter will swoop over to the Adriatic for a delicious view of the pristine clear seas that lap La Peshciera.

You can extend the trip across an entire day with a lunch stop in a fine restaurant overlooking the sea. In six hours you can fly over Gallipoli, the luminous walls of Leuca by the sea. and Santa Caesarea, famed for its thermal baths.


Walk down to the beach in the silent dawn, where a fisherman with his polporella boat will be waiting. Gliding out a little way over the rocks you then begin to search the waters for an octopus. The traditional local boats, called gozzo, are made with low bottoms especially for this shallow work. Using a lamp to attract the creatures you then catch them by hand. Our chef will be delighted to prepare the octopus for a dish of crudo, you could work together to make the simple pignata octopus, a slow braised dish with cherry tomatoes, onions garlic and lots of fresh herbs, very typical.

We also have our own marina at sister hotel Cala Ponte and can arrange Tuna fishing expeditions, May to June is season.


300 miles of fertile soils, sunshine, a sea breeze have long produced some of the world’s most popular grape varieties. Today Apulian wines are famous in their own right, and our deeply knowledgeable sommelier is eager to share their passion.

According to your expertise they may begin with how to look at the light in a wine, how it moves in the glass, the vocabulary of tasting or the best food pairings. You will discover a Negroamaro is salty but underneath has a smoothness, is balanced, persistent and good with octopus tomato stew, while a greenish, flowery Fiano white is perfect with prawn tartar.


Our sister hotel Il Melograno, is a 16th century masseria, nobleman’s farm estate, which produces some of the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Puglia. Our sommelier, an Official taster of the Republic of Italy, will guide you through the Extra Virgin Olive Oil market, the production process and storing.

You will find out how to taste olive oil, warming the glass and smelling it, then discuss comparative qualities. The warmth of your throat might bring out the spice in a Leccino oil, the edge of the tongue senses a bitterness in a Coratina, making it ideal with a typical Apulian chicory fava bean dish, while Il Melagrano’s is fruity, light and perfect!


Give your sightseeing some Italian character touring by Vespa or cute Cinquecento. The valley of Itria is full of beautiful countryside dotted with historic towns. Dissected by dry stone walls the Apulian farmland is visibly rich.

Water seeps through the chalky soil, you’ll notice no rivers just fertile land, the other consequence is the grottos of Castellana, a 3km labyrinth of stalagmites and stalactites. Visit this astonishing sight on your way from La Peschiera to Alberobello, home to Puglia’s iconic Trulli houses. You will pass olive groves and vineyards, and on a Vespa the country breeze on your face will be deliciously fragrant with oregano and rosemary.


Monopoli’s centerpiece is the 16th Century Charles V castle overlooking a delightful fishing harbour, another draw are the sweetly delicious patisseries and gelatos at the renowned Café Roma. Polignano perched on a cliff has spectacular views, especially for the high divers who fly off them in the world championships. Stop here for a morning café especiale, with a twist of lemon, a shot of liqueur and a swirl of cream.

The trulli of Alberobello with their conical roofs, are fascinating dry stone constructions with a keystone above the front door which when removed reduced the home to a pile of rubble, a feudal tax avoidance scheme. Today more than 1,600 more permanent trulli line the meandering streets with many owners welcoming visitors inside for nothing more than a pride in the history.


The roads outside La Peschiera are bordered by agricultural land and the sea. Cycling along you can see the conical roofs of a beachside trulli, a former store for fishermen or farmers. After ten or fifteen minutes you will reach Egnazia, the 4BC Roman ruins and excellent museum that traces the history of the site through artefacts such as ceramics, sculptures, coins and utensils.

Stroll along Egnazia’s stone roads, past the defensive walls that stood 7 metres high, envisaging the busy life of this city. There are 5 BC intact Messapian tombs on view. Cycle back for a refreshing dip in our pools, or to relax on your private beach.


It is around a ten minute cycle ride to the 4 BC ruins at Egnazia. The site is well preserved and an excellent museum details the history in a collection of artefacts such as ceramics, sculptures, coins and utensils. Stroll along Egnazia’s stone roads, past the defensive walls that stood 7 metres high, envisaging the busy life of this ancient city. There are also well preserved 5 BC Messapian tombs on view.

The country lanes outside La Peschiera are bordered by small farms and the sea, cycling along you will see the conical roofs of a beachside trulli, a former store for fishermen or farmers. Cycle back for a refreshing dip in our pools, or to relax on your private beach.


An ineffably discreet design, where Saleblu is seemingly encased in glass for uninterrupted sea views, and the wood dining terrace is shaded with a sweep of white canvas sails. Contemplate the calm blue scene, and prepare to dine like a nobleman on sophisticated Apulian cuisine prepared with the soul of generosity.

The lounge bar overlooking La Peschiera’s private beach, is somewhere to sip chilled champagne and toast your surroundings, or an iced oyster martini as an avant-garde choice to compliment crudo, Apulian sushi.


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Hotel: La Peschiera

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La Peschiera is located in Capitolo, on the coast between Monopoli and Savelletri, 70 km from Bari Karol Wojtyla Airport and 65 km from Brindisi-Salento Airport.

By car
From Bari follow the SS16 to Brindisi, take the exit L Assunta-Capitolo to reach Capitolo.
From Brindisi follow SS16 to Bari and take the exit L Assunta-Capitolo. Once you reach the traffic lights at the crossroads on the coast road, turn right and you will find La Peschiera after 800 meters on the seaside.

Bari Karol Wojtyla - 70 km.
Brindisi-Salento Airport - 65 km.

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