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 370 Route Du Village 06810 Auribeau-sur-Siagne − France

The Auberge de la Vignette Haute, a romantic place par excellence, is located on a peak at the bottom of Auribeau-sur-Siagne, a charming village from the 13th century. This is a truly magical and atypical spot.
Surrounded by nature, protected by a blooming garden, you will enjoy total tranquility just 30 min. away from the Nice International Airport, 20 min. from the beaches of Cannes, and 10 min. from the perfumes of Grasse.
The restaurant terrace, overseeing the Roman pool, offers a panoramic view over the inland and its hills planted with fragrant mimosas.
In the restaurant, you will taste the wonders of dishes prepared with passion.
Each room in the Auberge is decorated according to a medieval theme. Refinement and the unusual will be present through every detail, thus enhancing the warm ambiance within this 4 star luxury hotel.

16 rooms are elegantly set on the property. 3 additional rooms are located in the heart of the medieval village of Auribeau-sur-Siagne.

All rooms are equipped with the most modern amenities, cleverly hidden behind noble materials and antique tapestries.

Quality of service, comfort, charm, and character, for a prestigious stay that will remain in your memory for a very long time.


It took 25 years to Jean-Jacques Meyer, first owner of “La Vignette Haute” to collect, more objects and paintings than days in the year, telling and showing love through the ages. This museum is a paean to the woman.

He had designed the emblem: a keyhole through which we discover a libertine engraving of the 18th, completed with appropriate maxims.

As a child he became interested in antiques and became a collector. This museum is named Curiosa, because in the world of antiques, everything related to eroticism is called curiosa (Latin curiosity).

Each object has a story and Jean-Jacques Meyer has a predilection for the objects called “à face cachée” (face down) which means that behind an ordinary object unfolds an erotic piece.

Pré Claou

Spacious room with magnificent vaulted ceiling, beautiful period armchairs, splendid tapestries of the thirteenth century as a headboard.

Bathroom with stones and sink carved from a solid block of wood.


Beautiful room with a vaulted ceiling, stained glass antique doors, wooden floor sealed in Terra cotta pavers, sculpted with the arms of the Vignette Haute.

Nice little terrace in which to relax at the beginning or end of day.


Very romantic room with its warm shades of red, embellished with a beautiful alcove where are hidden here and there ancient and unusual artifacts unearthed worldwide.


Room with magnificent fireplace open to the bedroom and bathroom.

Ceiling with superb vintage beams.

Pretty terrace garden with direct access to the “pétanque” field and Roman-style swimming pool.


Independent Room facing the Roman-style pool, with its pleasant terrace shaded by vines and its rustic roof - Beautiful period stone fireplace.

Spacious bathroom with very unusual cabinets.


Very nice room with a stone fireplace. Terrace featuring a vintage bathtub.
Overlooking the hills of Auribeau - Little bit of countryside with a views on the barn and its animals.

Castel De Guiol

Spacious bright room with beautiful slabs of aged stone, vaulted ceiling, stained glass and unique vintage tapestries.

Bathroom made of Marble Stone.


Room with a very warm atmosphere, walls made of very old stones.

Terrace, with magnificent views over the hills of Tanneron.

Nice bathroom, made with black & white marble stone.

La Vignette

Sumptuous double suite with terrace on each side of the slope of the hill.

Beautiful warm and cozy mezzanine with plush beams.Very nice solid wood flooring.

Beautiful bathroom with vintage faucets and furniture.


Magnificent Luxury room, luxurious ambience with solid wood flooring and various antiques that take you through the ages.

Beautiful bay window, with views over the Massif du Tanneron.


Room with sumptuous antique four-poster bed, beautiful bathroom with statues and marble columns.

Beautiful wood flooring Versailles style.

Huge bay window with stunning views of the hills of "Tanneron".


Beautiful deluxe room decorated with unique furniture & objets d'art. Solid wood doors beautifully and meticulously sculpted by hand.

Very nice XIII century fireplace, whose warm crackling will enchant you.

Panoramic view on the western slope of the hill.

Saint Honorat

Beautiful room decorated luxury atypical. Antique furniture & tapestries.

A dream bathroom with a beautiful sink cabinet.

Direct access to Roman-style pool.


Atypical splendid room with mirror ceiling. Immense bathroom on a perfect blend of old & new furniture and objets d’art.

Direct access to the Roman-style pool.


The smallest room of the Vignette but certainly one with the most baroque decoration work. The blue tapestries adorning the walls remind us that we are on the Cote d'Azur.

The cozy atmosphere of this room will travel you through the Belle Epoque.


Very nice room tastefully decorated with magnificent concealed antiques whose use for your comfort will surprise you.

Private terrace with superb views over the surrounding hills.

The activity of organizing receptions and weddings benefits here the exceptional location and high quality services of “La Vignette Haute”.
An exclusive partner listens to you to establish a working relationship:

  • Throughout the organization prior to the event
  • At its realization
  • After the event

Our goal, make your wedding or evening an enchanting event and give to your family memories of an fairy and magic world, they take place and are living according to their and your imagination.
A world of dreams and happiness for life, candlelit marriage, cocktail in a flower garden or around the pool, which enjoys an exceptional view of olive groves and hills of mimosa. The place can be privatized and let your imagination run for an evening of conviviality, pleasure and refinement.

Lerins Islands
Saint-Honorat island - Located 20 minutes from Cannes, the Saint Honorat’s island welcomes, since 16 centuries, the monastry of the cistercian congregation of the Immaculate Conception.
The island is private, property of the 25 monks living in this sun paradise, jewel of rare greens, of freshness, kingdom of silence and peace.
You are invited to share their space, every day, walkers and pelerins may travel there, under the express condition to protect the exceptional nature and to respect the monastic life.

The area has many golf courses, enjoy a special rate on your greens fees at one of our partner courses.


Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at La Vignette Haute. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, and the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel.
Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true, because they never allocate ALL the rooms to third parties.

Castle-Hotel  “La Vignette Haute” is located just 30 minutes from Nice Airport, 20 minutes from the beaches of Cannes and 10 minutes from the traditional perfume factories of Grasse.

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