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Les Maisons de Bricourt

At Les Maisons de Bricourt there are breathtaking views of the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and, at your feet, the oyster farms and the little port of Cancale. In this world of the seafarers of Saint-Malo, the spirit of the restaurant Le Coquillage is one of elegant simplicity. The cuisine with produce from the bay of Cancale reflects the maritime adventures of this pirate country by using more than 120 spices from the East and West Indies. You will find two residences; the château Richeux and the cottage Les Rimains, as well as Les Gîtes Marins for families. The Roellingers’s joie de vivre is evident in the patisserie-tea room Grain de Vanille and the Épices-Roellinger warehouse

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A true art of living where the sky meets the sea. Each room is a restful oasis ideal for relaxation and contemplation. Some of the furniture here belonged to the original house while other pieces were unearthed by antiques dealers. Choose from décors in soft or vivid colours: all the comforts of home are provided to inspire you to weightlessness as your mind floats out to the omnipresent sea.


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Château Richeux is a place Jane and Olivier Roellinger wanted suspended between sky and earth, facing the sea, its ever changing picture being visible from the rooms, the apartments and the restaurant. Everywhere, this view on the sea is framed by big mullioned windows, maybe do we owe them this pleasant sensation of intimacy, of a warm home. Or maybe it is the furniture that gives this intangible feeling, furniture that comes from antique shops selected by Jane or from Olivier’s family home…

Château Richeux is first of all an inhabited house where Pauline, Lise, Eléonore, Jannick and Rodolphe look after their guests with discretion and elegance. We want to linger in the living room at night, stay in the armchairs to listen to the wind while sipping on a hot toddy or an subtly fragrant herbal tea, to recover from windy hike… Unless you prefer to dive into books about the region, the history of Saint-Malo and the spice route…until the end of the night.


In the heights of Cancale, overlooking the sea, the oyster parks and the austere beauty of this region’s houses, Les Rimains has four elegant and comfortable rooms.


Jane conceived the marine cottages to allow you to enjoy magical moments with your family or friends in our seaside cabins. Designed for two to eight people, the cottages combine modern comforts with a simple, refined decor. We wanted you to feel at home here.


With baker Yannick Gautier, of the Maisons de Bricourt, we have recently created a new meeting place in upper Cancale.

Near the “Maison du Voyageur”, in a small road that leads down to the sea, the walls of "Grain de Vanille" had previously housed a bread oven. Today this place is dedicated to sweet delicacies including O. Roellinger ©’s galettes cancalaises, the Saint Malo spicy galettes ©, the salted caramels, the jams and marmalades, ice creams and sorbets made to order and other delicacies.


OLIVETTE, is destined to become the vacation house of big families, welcoming 4 adults and 4 children. Incredible light, the urge to run in the garden, to inspect the young shoots, taste the berries and spend hours contemplating the sea. Upstairs, two children's rooms with bunk beds, a room for the parents, a bathroom and toilet ; on the ground floor, the living room, an adults' bedroom and a toilet. A spirit of simplicity, furniture from the antique shops and a decoration that evokes sailing, and don’t forget the shrimp nets under the stairs!

CREVETTE, conceived for 2 adults, is perfect for a romantic escape! This cottage consists of a living room and a bedroom with bathroom upstairs. Facing the sea, its little terrace under the trees provides a haven of well-being and peace. Extremely comfortable of course, quiet and away from it all, it allows you to forget the everyday hubbub and spend time together in a cocoon. It also lends itself to writing a book, listening to music, cooking a delicious fish dish, and just living.

BERNIQUE and BIGORNEAU, were each imagined to welcome 4 adults and 1 child. A living room, two bedrooms for the adults with an antique bed, a beautiful bathroom and the pleasure of feeling at home. The doll sleeps in the stairs, the electric train is set up on the landing and the parents sip on a nice grog on the ground floor in a warm and serene atmosphere.

TOULINE is also for big families, 2 couples and lots of children. Surrounded by trees, this cottage is conceived so that different generations can live together happily: on the ground floor is a vast dining room with an open kitchen next to a small herb garden and two bedrooms with bathrooms for the parents, while on the first floor is a loft for the children, the ideal place to escape from the adults, watch films, play cowboys and Indians, and burst into fits of laughter without ever disturbing the grown-ups... With an ultra-modern design, it’s an island of peace in the open air.


Four intimate rooms, warm, romantic, basked in the bay’s magic light. The micro climate allows breakfast in the garden facing the sea, just above the oyster parks.

They all face the sea and are conceived to live with the tides’ rhythm. Simple and elegant, they let you think that you have always lived here or that you were invited by an immemorial host. An embroidery on the back of an armchair, a few forgotten books that tell the dreams of someone else, the white linen sheets that remind you of the freshness of the olden days beds, with no nostalgia at all, Jane Roellinger let time pile up the layers of light, fragrances, sweet memories.


Each room is a place of rest, rejuvenation, meditation. The furniture was found in antique shops or belongs to the original house, the soft or bright colours highlight the obsessing view on the sea, while comfort is here to carry you away…


The horizon spreads out as far as the eye can see, brimming with life, and with flowers that stretch from the conservatory to the quince trees. Wild grasses and herbs swaying in the wind are punctuated by majestic stones. Generous gardens are set in the natural habitat of hares and weasels. All of this leads down the hill to the pebble shores, with the kaleidoscopic sea as a backdrop. Pastel and turquoise, ochre and green, charcoal-grey and light pearl, blue, almond beige and rose pink are the palate of this open space. An entire choreography of clouds, of fog, and of light both offsets and obscures the magnetic point of Mont Saint Michel, in the distance.

There is nothing pretentious about the Ferme du Vent, and yet its character is unmistakeable. Its imposing Celtic contours have been carefully restored. An extraordinary lunar clock keeps vigil by marking the rhythms of the tide. An old Viking well serves as the compass rose between this home port and the infinite sea.


Our guests are warmly welcomed in the five Kled. For those who do not speak Gallo Breton, the word “Kled” means wind shelter. The five Kled and the Ferme du Vent are made of wood and stone. Some of them are replete with comfortable bathtubs in which guests can relax and look out at the sea. Chimneys and woodstoves provide warmth throughout four of the five guest lodges. In each, light is plentiful, and is provided by large bay windows.

Accompanying the Kled guest lodges is a new option in line with sense of serenity that pervades throughout, in which fine dining is moved away from its usual context in order to provide a different sort of experience. Guests there (and only there) can choose their dinner from the “Taste of the Four Winds” menu. Our chef personally brings the meal to the private table in the Kled, and makes a range of suggestions and advice about the dishes. The privacy of a romantic dinner, or a family dinner, is respected. There is no need to change or to leave the Kled in order to enjoy a relaxing Roellinger meal.


The place itself is an infallible vessel to which stress gives way at first wave. The magic of the Ferme du Vent is the breeze itself, which has a dispersive and rejuvenating effect on the senses.

What makes the Bains Celtiques so impressive at first glance is the omnipresence of natural materials. Spanning the length of the Ferme du Vent, the baths are the pride of the locale. The showpiece of their converted structure contains an immense triple-fire chimney made of granite. All around are natural stone and solid wood, and a large door welcomes visitors into the inner baths. Abounding in water, heat, and light, the baths are the point of access to a different rhythm altogether. They have been designed for one-on-one meetings with the tides and the cosmos. Healing waters and wise whirlpools meet in both the open air and the covered spaces, and can be enjoyed throughout the year. One can swim against the current, or simply lean against the edge of the bath and look out at the landscape. The intense dry heat of the “Abri à Bois” (the sauna) or the moist heat of the “Grotte” (the steam room) are excellent for detoxifying. Purifying both the body and the spirit, the intense ambiance of the place itself tends to have an effect on people. Limited to six people at a time, the baths are a peaceful place of silence and contemplation. Renewal has already begun.


Mont-Saint-Michel Bay

The foreshore is the fascinating sandy zone that the waves tirelessly lap. The tidal range on the shore spans nearly 15 metres, a unique intermingling of elements that provides seafood of an incomparable quality. The 250 million cubic meters of water that enter and leave Mont-Saint-Michel Bay twice a day protect it from pollution and maintain this ecosystem. It also creates an incredible natural landscape for all of us to contemplate.

Restaurant le Coquillage

A dining room with soft light and dark wood where you can taste a cuisine from the sea and the land with herbs and spices gragrances. 


Olivier Roellinger was born in the first Maison de bricourt, which today has become the “Maison du Voyageur” where Olivier Roellinger’s Relais Gourmand*** was located for years. Today a place where he conceives his spicy creations, this house, where Surcouf played as a child, dating from 1760 once belonged to shipowners from the Compagnie des Indes, which brought back silk, porcelain, exotic wood and spices to nearby Saint Malo. I spent my childhood in this house and continue each day to embark on adventures – of the culinary kind.


The 18th century « Maison du Voyageur » where Oliver Roellinger cooked during thirty years houses the workshop dedicated to spices, looked after by André, his accomplice, chef de cuisine. Spices from the finest origins are dried, steamed, roasted, grinded, weighted, measured and mixed to get the O.R. powders, which signed the style of his cuisine, inspired by the sea and the vegetable garden all at once.


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Hotel: Les Maisons de Bricourt

Address: 62 rue des Rimains 35260 Cancale

Region: Bretagne (Britany)

Country: France

Official website: http://www.maisons-de-bricourt.com/

Telephone: 02 99 89 64 76

Fax: 02 99 89 88 47

Hotel email: info@maisons-de-bricourt.com

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  • Rennes via Saint-Malo N 137. 10 km before Saint-Malo, towards Cancale D 76 then towards Mont Saint Michel – Dol de Bretagne D155. 


  • Dinard 20 km / Rennes 70 km 

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  • Saint-Malo 12 km 


  • N 48° 38’ 588’’ W 001° 52’ 345’’
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