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 Veurnestraat 108 8970 Poperinge − Belgium

Entering Manoir Ogygia feels like coming home. From here you can easily visit all the adorable places in Flanders & Northern France.

The use of wood (partially recovered from a former hop storage and the adjacent castle), the stylish furniture, carefully added details, accessories and ornaments … without becoming too superfluous or tacky.

For disabled people we especially furnished our luxuourios room Eos. Of course you can park your car at the frontdoor. This parking is free.


On Friday, April 11th of 2003 the sparklingly new and charming hotel Manoir Ogygia welcomed its first guests. Manoir Ogygia is located in a castle park in the Veurnestraat in Poperinge and welcomes people who enjoy life at the fullest. The hotel is the property of Carmen Logie.

Manoir Ogygia - a name derived from Greek mythology - has nine rooms (two of which are duplex) on the ground and first floor with a total capacity of 22 guests.

Manoir Ogygia reinforces the offer of luxurious hotel rooms in the Hoppeland and complies with the increasing demand for comfortable, safe and high quality rooms in a unique environment. Some rooms are also accessible for wheelchair users.

Ideal for a "Westhoek, sheer wonder" documentary? Or a background report with a perfect mix of relaxation and tourism? An example of the integration of a new hotel in a castle park next to a 19th century château?

Not renovated, new! It might seem improbable to those unfamiliar with the castle park, but Manoir Ogygia was completely built from scratch, be it with respect for the environment (castle park and former Merris castle). Architect Luc Vandewynckel (Poperinge) and the interior decorating teams managed to create the illusion of a renovated 19th century manor, providing Manoir Ogygia with a soul, charm and authentic warmth.

Castle: the ground floor of the castle has been renovated and is now used as a conference room (up to 20 persons) with a luxurious bar.


Ogygia: according to the Odyssey, one of the two epic stories by the (legendary) Greek writer Homer, Ogygia is the name of the island on which Calypso lives.

This daughter of Atlas amused the Greek hero Odysseus during his travels (after the fall of Troy, on his way home) for seven years long. Life was so good on Ogygia that only Odysseu's love for his wife Penelope could bring him to leaving the island and going home - in spite of Calypso's promise that he would become immortal if he stayed on Ogygia.

Manoir Ogygia will become a place you will never want to leave…



  • Check-in between 2.30 pm. and 5.30pm. Give us a sign if your arrival is delayed.
  • Check-out at 11am.


  • The hotel is a non-smoking area.
  • no carpets.
  • beds with anti-allergetic material.
  • no pets allowed.


  • A reservation by phone is binding.
  • The same conditions apply for cancellations as stated right.


  • If canceled up to 3 days, before date of arrival,no fee will be charged.
  • If canceled later, 100% of the first night will be charged.
  • If you do not show up (no-show), the total price of the reservation will be charged.



Room Rhea can be found on the ground floor. Rhea (ancient Greek Ῥέα) was the Titaness daughter of Uranus, the sky, and Gaia, the earth, in classical Greek mythology.


Room Demeter can be found on the first floor at the garden side. Demeter was the goddess of grain and fertility, the pure nourisher of the youth and the green earth, the health-giving cycle of life and death, and preserver of marriage and the sacred law.


Artemis was was the daughter of Zeus and Leto and the twin sister of Apollo. She was usually depicted as the maiden goddess of the hunt, bearing a bow and arrows. Later she was associated with the moon, as her brother was with the sun.

Room Artemis can be found on the first floor. It is equipped with a bubble bath.


In Greek mythology, Iris is the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods.

Room Iris can be found on the ground floor. It is equipped with a rainfall shower and a bubble bath. This room also provides you with your own patio.


Hera was the wife and older sister of Zeus. Her chief function was being the goddess of marriage.

Room Hera can be found on the ground floor. It is equipped with a rainfall shower and bubble bath. This room also provides you with your own patio.


Eos was the Titanic goddess of the dawn.

Room Eos can be found on the ground floor. It is equipped with a rainfall shower and a large bubble bath. This room is entirely accessible to wheelchair users. This room also provides you with your own patio.


Hebe was the goddess of youth (Roman equivalent: Juventas). She is the daughter of Zeus and Hera. Hêbê was the cupbearer for the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus.

Room Hebe can be found on the first floor on the garden side of the house. It is equipped with an antique bath tub with feet and a massage shower / steam cabin. This room has also a duplex with seating aera.


Her name means visionary. Maybe this is the reason why she is considered to be the goddess of mythical and heroic sagas.

Room Saga can be found on the first floor and is equipped with a large bubble bath and a shower.


Aphrodite was the classical Greek goddess of love, lust, and beauty. She was also called Kypris and Cytherea after the two places that claimed her birth. Her Roman equivalent is the goddess Venus. Myrtle, dove, sparrow, and swan are sacred to her. 

Room Aphrodite can be found on the first floor. It is equipped with a large bubble bath and a double rainfall.


Erato is one of the nine muses in Greek mythology. Her name means ' lovable ' and she is the Muse of anthem, the song and the lyricism. Her attributes are the stringed instruments.

Erato is also listed as one of the nymphs that the god Hermes took care of on the mountain Nysa.


Do you want to relax totally while enjoying a unique wellness experience?

Then this special package is definitely something for you!

  • 1 night with breakfast buffet in midweek (not on Friday, Saturday or Sunday).
  • 1 refined dinner, accompanied by selected wines (incl. appetizer and coffee).
  • 1/2 bottle of champagne.
  • 1 hour for 2 persons use of Phoenix table and massage seat.


The five elements can be considered as a refinement of the principle of Yin and Yang. Each of the five elements belonging to a type of chi energy. The idea behind the five elements is difficult to explain, because just like yin and yang, not one but many thoughts are hidden behind these five elements.

They are like the seasons (autumn being divided into two seasons): spring, summer, early autumn, late autumn and winter. But they are also compared to the time of the day, or the direction of the sun (rising from east to south, falling, and wracked night).

The best way to sense of the elements is by the warmth of the sun reflecting (whether at a particular time of the day, or the location in the season).


Lubricating the body or ‘abhanga’ is called ‘snehana’ which literally means ‘love’.

Specific movements will bring your energy level back in balance on a physical, mental as well as on a spiritual level.

It will relieve you from fatigue, bring tranquillity in times of stress and insomnia. It will equally strengthen your immunity and look after your skin.

Every massage requires a personal approach and every client will be consulted on its realization.

The massage consists of a series of techniques given by experts who massage you intuitively and energetically in a healing and harmonising manner.



We offer teh possibility of organizing your seminars and business meetings with up to 10 to 12 people. The meeting room may optionally be prepared and we can provide you with projection screens, flipchart, etc...

Internet, fax, telephone and photocopier at your disposal.


We anticipate your needs for modern, new formulas, including breakfast meetings, aromatherapy, etc...


Carmen welcomes you literally at her home

From monday to saturday.

Also for guests who aren't staying at the hotel.

We only work with fresh products and offered by the (local) market, so these menus can change slightly.

If you have any allergies, please let us know in advance.

Wines and water are included in the price!


  • Bistro Diner.
  • Refined Diner.

Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at Manoir Ogygia. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, and the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel.
Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true, because they never allocate ALL the rooms to third parties.

Hotel: Manoir Ogygia

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