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 Marqués de Vallejo 8 26001 Logrono − Spain

Located in historical and cultural heart of the city of Logroño, this historic building, built in 1911, was popularly known as Posada de las Animas. In 1989, after a comprehensive reform, and opened its doors with a two-star category, under its current name of Hotel Marques de Vallejo.

In May 2004, was expanded and made an integral reform giving the hotel an avant-garde and acquiring the personality of a unique boutique hotel in the city of Logroño.

In 2007 another new experience, the Designer Devota and Lomba transformed one of our rooms in a unique space with its unique signature: again betting on the design and creativity, being innovative sign the hotel.

The Hotel Marques de Vallejo is the perfect place to enjoy tourism in Logroño in La Rioja. Located in Logroño's old town is the perfect starting point for arranging travel to La Rioja wine tourism and to know its charm with visits to wineries and wine tasting courses, play golf at the best golf of La Rioja, enjoy the Rioja's exquisite cuisine accompanied by fine wines, visit the rich heritage of the capital of La Rioja, Logroño, and their peoples. One Hotel for a tourist in the center of Logroño, one Hotel for tourism in La Rioja.

Hotel Marqués de Vallejo

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The history of the Hotel Marqués de Vallejo goes hand in hand with that of different generations of my family and that, to this day, it continues to maintain its link with the business and tourism world in La Rioja.

The beginning of this history goes back to the year 1911, date in which the building that houses our hotel is inaugurated.

It was in 1931 when Posada became, although he did not identify himself by any name.

As usual, it was the clients who, because the entrance had a painting that represented the souls of purgatory, began to call it 'The Souls of Purgatory'.

In 1933, my grandfather acquired it on a lease for a sister of his who lived in Gernika. His sister, who had just become a widow and who had been forced to close a soft drink business, moved with her seven children to Logroño to take charge of the inn.

Upon arrival, the first major renovation of the establishment was carried out: the traditional cribs disappeared - which was where, until not many years ago, the clients stayed with their mounts -, transforming into stables, located on the ground floor with access by the San Juan street After this first reform, the establishment was renamed "Posada de las Ánimas".

In the year 1950, the building was acquired and the name changed again, becoming "Hotel Las Ánimas".

In 1965 the hotel was run by my father. A work that exerted until the year 1985, date in which it was forced to close, as a result of an urban regulation that existed years ago and that made impossible its more than necessary reform.

In 1987, with the change of the urban planning law and the cancellation of the regulations that blocked the reforms, I assumed responsibility for the business, making a profound transformation of the building that made it possible to reopen in 1989, under the name 'Hostal Marqués de Vallejo '.

Later, in the year 1994, the establishment became a hotel and in 2004, a new reform and extension of the hotel was made, converting it into a vanguard hotel combining style and tradition.


Recently remodeled, with a taste for design, interior design, light and small details.


Warm, spacious rooms, practical to rest and work, in which every detail counts and where our clients enjoy an unforgettable stay in which they feel at home.

MV Jaime Espacio

If you are looking for functionality first of all, our room with retro air will love you ...

In some occasions the functionality becomes one of the main necessities during the trips and in the Space Jaime we put at your disposal a unique and above all functional atmosphere.

Careful decoration and a mix of surprising styles with modern and retro touches, to which are added details that evoke nature and that will make you find yourself in it as in your own home.

MV Eugenia Espacio

Warm, spacious rooms, practical to rest and work, in which every detail counts and where our clients enjoy an unforgettable stay in which they feel at home.

Devota & Lomba

Design with name and surnames. An exclusive and unique space, in which the comfort and the management of the space allow a calm and relaxed stay.

Junior Suite

If you are looking for functionality first of all, our junior suite will love you ...

Amplitude, sober design and functionality as characteristics of an exclusive space, which meets the needs of the most demanding clients.


Our spaces for small events - cocktail in library up to 50 people - are distinguished by their elegant design and versatility.

Well-organized and equipped spaces that are adapted and customized according to the needs of private clients and companies.

As an added value, we offer a careful gastronomic offer led by the team of our restaurant 'GASTRO1911', whose extensive menu of tapas and traditional and contemporary dishes allows us to offer catering services, first class meals and dinners.


GASTRO1911 is a unique gastronomic space, created to give satisfaction to lovers of good food and the best drink through recognizable gastronomic proposals.

Conceived as a meeting place, where diners can enjoy a recognizable gastronomic offer surrounded by a relaxed and calm atmosphere, the GASTRO1911 space offers three differentiated culinary styles: tapas -features of the city's gastronomic culture-, traditional cuisine -with a strong roots in Rioja gastronomic culture- and contemporary cuisine -where the most international styles and flavors merge


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Hotel: Hotel Marqués de Vallejo

Address: Marqués de Vallejo 8 26001 Logrono

Region: La Rioja (Northern Spain)

Country: Spain

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Telephone: +34 941 248 333

Fax: +34 941 240 288

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GPS coordinates
Latitude: 40º 25' 7.7494'' / Length: -3º 42' 11.9082''

The Hotel Marques de Vallejo, located in the center of Logroño, is the perfect place to enjoy tourism in Logroño in La Rioja.

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