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The hotel is located in a 18th century building, austere and linear, abode of the noble family D’Anna-Petrarolo. The bulding has been designed by the famous architect Mauro Manieri who designed also the church of Sant’Irene and the church of Carmine, both in Lecce. After many vicissitudes, it was donated to a religious order and, for many years, has been an important orphanage of the Salento peninsula.
The Patria Palace Hotel has always been a landmark of the city and the whole Puglia, rendezvous of personalities and politicians of the period. The recent history tells about a complete restyling in 1997, made by artists and artisans who have made the hotel modern and comfortable, but leaving all its charm and atmosphere untouched.
Comfortable to be reached, only 1,5 Km far from Lecce railway station, less than 40 Km far from the International Airport of Brindisi and only 5 minutes from the city entrance. A valet service to the private parking gives clients the chance to reach the hotel in the city centre with their own car and deliver it to the dedicated staff with serenity and safety.
The 67 rooms are characterized by a unique and elegant style, with amazing views on the town. The hotel services can satisfy all the needs and offer guests a comfortable stay. Hotel rooms have been the stage of romances, poems, songs. Spaces that have inspired poets and writers because they can make special the moments lived inside them, can make unforgettable the hours passed within their walls. A hotel room can make you feel home but also in a dream, in another world, the rooms of Patria Palace Hotel bring you in an ancient time, in a unique and memorable atmosphere.

The Patria Palace Hotel offers to its guest a luxury service, looking after every detail and trying to satisfy all the necessities in a professional and careful way. Your stay will be a memorable experience.

Private garage with valet service
A valet service to the private parking gives clients the chance to reach the hotel in the city center with their own car and deliver it to the dedicated staff with serenity and safety.

All the rooms have Sky Sat Tv, with a choice of over 100 free channels.

Free Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi high speed connection in all the rooms, common areas and MICE spaces.

Airport shuttle
A comfortable transfer service at special conditions, on request, to and from the International Airport of Brindisi.

Room service
Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be comfortably served in your room.

The staff will be glad to assist you for any need 24 hours.

Laundry and Ironing
To be always perfect a laundry and ironing service on request.

All rooms are equipped with a safe, the are also safes at reception for your most precious belongings.

A taste experience to be lived
The Restaurant and Bar, two ideal locations for a tasty moment in the heart of Lecce. Breakfast, Aperitif, Lunch or Dinner: every time is the right time to indulge with a tasty offer.

Business meetings in the centre of Lecce
The hotel has also a MICE area with 6 rooms for up to 140 guests.

Classic Room

With single and french bed, offer a comfortable and functional stay to live Lecce at its best. Ideal for a business and leisure stay in the heart of the city.

Standard Room

With king size bed, offer the possibility to live your stay in a welcoming and charming space. Ideal for those who desire comfort and elegance. At disposal also a junior suite, more spacious and with the extra comfort of a sofa.

Deluxe Room

With king size bed and an enchanting view of Santa Croce church, are the perfect accommodation for those who seek a romantic escape or a memorable stay. At disposal also a junior suite, more spacious and with the extra comfort of a sofa.

Superior Room

With king size bed and an amazing view of the city, have a private terrace and offer the chance to live a dream in the baroque atmosphere.


The Suite of the Patria Palace Hotel is completely private, far from the other rooms. Ideal for those who are always demanding, offers all the comforts, great spaces, an enchanting view of the city and a private terrace. A dream to live in the heart of Lecce, for those who desire the best.


Amenities: Sky TV, Tea & Coffee maker, Room service, Desk, Ecological sanitization with ozone.

The MICE area of the Patria Palace Hotel is ideal for meetings, conferences and events from 8 to 140 people.
All meeting rooms are equipped with the latest technologies and the highest standards of comfort and professionalism.
There is a wide choice of selected menus for coffee breaks, business lunches, dinners and banquets.
Patria Palace Hotel provides a range of support services to make the perfect business experience comfortable, such as technical equipment, soundproofing, free Wifi.

The banquets at Patria Palace Hotel are housed in an exclusive environment inside its elegant, rich and prestigious halls.
The food is excellent, the service impeccable, the organization perfect.
The hotel likes the idea of making your event unique and elegant, refined and unforgettable with passion and professionalism, putting the maximum effort. Nothing is impossible for Patria Palace.
The baptism of your child, his or her first communion confirmation, the anniversary of your wedding, a birthday. The hotel wants to ensure the absolute quality because a family event is important and needs to be perfect.
The hotel can offer a solution for companies that want to organize a flawless event. From gala dinners to business lunches, the Patria Palace is a guarantee of elegance, service and quality.
The elegant rooms and refined atmospheres make the Patria Palace Hotel the ideal location to take part and organize unique and exclusive events.

What to see
Santa Croce Basilica
The Basilica of Santa Croce, in the place and in the aspect that we admire dates back to 1548, but its history, together with the annexed Convent of the Celestini is far more articulated. Two centuries earlier, in 1352, the Count of Lecce and Duke of Athens, Gualtieri IV of Brienne introduced in the city the Order of Celestini (which took its name from its founder of Pope Celestine V, born Pietro da Morrone) by granting the Bishop Roberto de ‘Noha and Chapter of the Cathedral an area that included the church of Santa Croce.
Adorno Palace
Among the palaces of the sixteenth century in Lecce, the most beautiful is definitely the Adorno, or Loffredo-Adorno, located in Umberto I street, opposite the former Celestine convent. Designed by the architect Gabriele Riccardi, it was built around 1568 by the Genoese Gabriele Adorno, general of the imperial navy of Charles V.
Sant’Oronzo square
The elegant “living room” of Lecce is Sant’Oronzo square, partially occupied by the Roman Amphitheatre of the I-II century AD, brought to light at the beginning of the twentieth century. In the square stands the column, donated by the city of Brindisi to try to adorn the bare square, with the statue of St. Horace, protector of the city. In front of the statue there are the building of the harmonious “Sedile”, the old town hall, where the mayor used to receive citizenship.
St. Irene Church
The Church of St. Irene of Teatini is a church of Lecce, named as Saint Irene from Lecce, who was the patron saint of the city until 1656. It was built from 1591 on the project of Francesco Grimaldi. The church went through important historical events: in 1590 reached Lecce, to visit the home of his brother, Andrew Avellino, later proclaimed a saint; in 1797 it was visited by King Ferdinand IV of Bourbon.
Lecce Cathedral
The temple has two perspectives, the main of which is on the left of the Episcopio, while the other looks at the entrance of the square. The main facade, with rather simple decorations, is divided into two orders, where there are the statues, housed in niches, of Saints Peter and Paul, of San Gennaro and St. Louis of Toulouse.
Bishop’s Palace
Msgr. Jerome Drive, noble of the Order of Friars Minor Conventual and bishop of Lecce from 1420 to 1425, built the Bishop’s Palace and the vast courtyard (Duomo’s square) surrounded by buildings and shops and closed it with a great oak door, surmounted by a clock. On the title entrance there were carved the symbols of the Counts of Lecce and the princes of Taranto.
San Matteo Church
The Church of San Matteo, is a baroque church in the old town of Lecce. It was built in the late seventeenth century, on the designs of Achille Larducci, for the Franciscan Tertiary. Rebuilt from the ground up, it replaced an old fifteenth-century chapel dedicated to the same saint apostle, which was attached to a convent of the Franciscan Tertiary.
Roman Amphitheater
The Roman amphitheater of Lecce is a Roman monument located in the central Sant’Oronzo square. For size turns out to be one of the most important Roman remains in Puglia.
The Roman amphitheater, along with the theatre, is the more expressive representation of the importance achieved by Lupiae, the Roman ancestor of Lecce, between the first and second century AD. The dating of the monument is still under discussion and is between the age of Augustus and Hadrian.
Castle of Charles V
The Emperor Charles V, on 1 April 1539 issued orders to demolish the old princely stronghold dating from the Middle Ages, and to build a new fortress, with cutting-edge techniques of military architecture. The construction and design was entrusted to Gian Giacomo of Acaya, general engineer of the Kingdom of Naples.

What to do
Lecce to Acaya Loop
Departure from Patria Palace hotel following the ancient streets of the old town. Exit from the town following for Cavallino where you can visit its “spread” Museum, a open air complex of the remains of the ancient Messapian settlement of Cavallino. The fortified walls, date back to the mid-sixth century BC, but archaeological studies have shown the existence of a settlement dating back to the Bronze Age. At the museum entrance, a modern terrace 10 meters high allows you to see the area of the museum along with the surrounding landscape.
Again on bikes and continue on the path towards the sea through the towns of Lizzanello, Pisignano and Strudà before reaching the fortified town of Acaya. The village, of Messapian origin, has been renovated and equipped with fortifications from Giangiacomo dell’Acaya. To visit the old village and fortified walls, together with the various war equipment kept in the castle.
Left Acaya continue for the municipality of Vanze and from there to the sea to find the natural oasis of Gesine, one of the most important and well preserved moist in southern Italy, last survivor of the vast wetland and woodland stretching from Brindisi to Otranto. WWF oasis Le Cesine is located along one of the main migratory routes and home to many water birds. Its extension is over 380 hectares, and dunes, wetlands, mixed forest and Mediterranean scrub characterize its landscape.
Leaving the Reserve take the way back that through dry walls, “pagliare” and olive groves leads to Lecce.
Level: Easy and suitable for everyone. Distance: 35 km.
Grecia Salentina and Otranto Loop
Departure from Patria Palace hotel following the ancient streets of the old town. Exit from the town following for Cavallino where you can visit its “spread” Museum, a open air complex of the remains of the ancient Messapian settlement of Cavallino. The fortified walls, date back to the mid-sixth century BC, but archaeological studies have shown the existence of a settlement dating back to the Bronze Age. At the museum entrance, a modern terrace 10 meters high allows you to see the area of the museum along with the surrounding landscape.
Continuing south there are the municipalities of Castrì of Lecce and Calimera, first municipality of the territory of the “Greek Salento”, a linguistic island formed by 12 municipalities, where you can hear “the griko”, an ancient dialect that comes from the first Greek settlers in the areas of southern Italy, the Magna Grecia.
The tour continues going towards Martano, the most populous town of the Greek Salento where you can admire the castle, the baronial palace, the menhirs of Theophilus and the beautiful churches. Continue down to the sea and this time you do it by following one of the most beautiful streets of Salento among olive groves, dry stone walls, “neviere” and “pajare” to you reach the sea, passing between the two saltwater lakes called Alimini, from there to Otranto the road is short.
Otranto is a pearl on the sea, a citadel perched on a rock overlooking the sea rich in history and culture, the Turkish invasion has left its mark and still today you can admire the sacred bones of the martyrs of Otranto in the beautiful cathedral where there is the Europe’s largest Byzantine mosaic, here a must are a visit to the lake inside an old bauxite quarry and an elegant restaurant in the countryside to discover the typical food of Salento.
The return to Lecce can be made with one of the characteristic trains of railways SOUTHEAST where you can travel by bike or in option with a pick-up service suitably arranged by us.
Level: Medium / easy. Distance: 45 km.

Where to go
Marinas of Lecce
There are 6 marinas belonging to the city of Lecce, situated on the east coast of Salento, the coast is mostly low and sandy, with some rocky beaches.
The Marinas are: San Cataldo, Frigole, Torre Chianca (Torricella), Spiaggiabella, and Torre Rinalda Casalabate.
Called “Gateway to the East”, it is 50 km far from Lecce and is located in the easternmost point of Italy. The coast of Otranto is high and rocky towards south, up to Porto Badisco. Karst cliffs throw themselves straight into the sea, creating breath-taking landscapes. Instead, in the north of Otranto there are low and sandy beaches. Of particular interest is the area of ??the two reservoirs, lakes Alimini, amazing natural heritage of Salento. Otranto is also in the top 15 places on the list of the most beautiful towns in Italy compiled by the National Association of Municipalities of Italy and in 2010 was awarded with the prestigious UNESCO award. A walk in the historical centre, among the alleys and streets paved with stone, is definitely a must.
Gallipoli is one of the most beautiful town of Salento, often called the “Pearl of the Ionian”.
The long coastline of Gallipoli is one of the most distinctive parts of the coast of Puglia and includes Punta Pizzo, Baia Verde, Rivabella, Padula Bianca and Lido Conchiglie.
A short distance from the historic centre, stands the island of St. Andrew, about fifty acres of land once called “dry land” because of its particular shape.
The historic centre of Gallipoli is composed of a series of narrow, winding streets. The site is surrounded by the Riviera where you can see a big part of the coast of Gallipoli.
Porto Cesareo
Porto Cesareo is now one of the most famous summer resorts of Salento thanks to its beautiful beach that spreads uninterrupted for 17 km and an archipelago of islets that stands nearby.
The most famous island is the nearby “island of rabbits” which can be reached by boat.
The charm of Porto Cesareo is amplified by its crystal clear waters and shores that are placed between natural dunes covered with Mediterranean vegetation.
Grotta Zinzulusa
The Grotta Zinzulusa, one of the most fascinating and spectacular caves of Salento, is located on the coastal road connecting Otranto to Santa Maria di Leuca and is about 3 km far from Castro.
The cave is more than 150 meters long and is positioned on the sea like a big mouth more than 15 meters high.
Conventionally it has been divided in several parts: the Atrium, the vestibule, the Conca, the Corridor of wonders, the Trap, the Crypt, the Duomo and the Cocytus.
Porto Selvaggio
The Natural Park of Porto Selvaggio is perhaps one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the Mediterranean. A lush pine forest and Mediterranean vegetation along with one of the cleanest coasts of Italy, which has repeatedly been awarded the 5 sails for its crystal clear waters.
Located on the coast of the territory of Nardo (Le), it includes the stretch from the High Tower, in the marina of Santa Caterina, to the border with Sant’Isidoro, where it ends with the Palude del Capitano, an area also belonging to the park.


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By plane
International Airport of Brindisi.

By train
Lecce Central Railway station.

By car
A14 Highway to Bari Nord and then National Highspeed Road Bari-Brindisi-Lecce.

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