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A visit to the Domaine de Rochevilaine is a deeply moving experience - surprise and wonderment… Which is the more awe-inspiring, the site's natural beauty or the beautiful stone manor house? The gateway to truth, a monumental thirteenth century porch, opens out onto a group of historic dwellings amidst a sea of flowers.

Inspired by love and the pleasure of sharing with others, Bertrand Jaquet has developed, embellished and confirmed this Relais & Châteaux hotel as one of the jewels of the Breton hotel sector. Standing at the water's edge, with your eyes fixed on the horizon, time has no hold on you.

Domaine de Rochevilaine

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A rare site: a rocky peninsula over 1 hectare in size, including a 300 m private marine façade. Architectural buildings steeped in history dotted around the gardens.

37 rooms and suites offering stunning views. The “Spa marin” 1 300 m² devoted to your wellness, pioneers of Spas in France. The gourmet restaurant and exhilarating cuisine by Maxime Nouail Maître Cuisinier de France, awarded one Michelin star. The hotel, the restaurant the “Spa marin” are open 365 days a year.


Domaine de Rochevilaine, "key" location of the old route of pewter, is a place where the Phoenicians are said to have bought and transported the necessary pewter to copper smelters producing bronze, which was the universal material back then. They probably were its first hosts.

Many years later, in the 13th century, Jean the 1st Duke of Brittany founded the abbey of Prayers in Pen Lan. It was offered to the Cistercian monks so they could pray night and day for their founder and... for the sailors' souls that would wreck on that dangerous coast, hence its name of Prayers. Rochevilaine still has a lookout post from that time, which is part of the abbey property, it is contiguous to a circular turret used to stock powders (wine today!).

In the 19th century, Pen Lan will have a very active economic life. It is the peak of the "white gold" salt marshes, whose production was once implemented by the abbey of Prayers' monks. Furthermore, the coastal fishing fleet stimulates the little port.

Even more recently, different blocks from the "Atlantic wall" were set up in this strategic location - cannon platforms, underground shelters... Rochevilaine remembers those fortifications as there are so many underground.

After the 2nd world conflict, only a memory represented by abandoned walls was left.

Henri Dresch, engineer and industrialist, buys the place in 1952. He started clearing, cleaning the place and "fixing up" the Viscount's house, an old 19th century resort villa that the war reduced to ruins, to open a hostel in 1956 that will be featured in the Michelin Guide from 1958. Thus, step by step, an unusual kind of hotel emerged.

Two manors in the inland were transported stone by stone - one from the 15th century, the other one from the 16th... Then a monumental 13th century porch was added. Henri Dresch will leave an amazing architectural complex.

A few difficult years will pass before Jean-Pierre Liégeois, a doctor, who was sensitive to the place's energies, happily starts building a real full-granite castle - named Aqua Phénicia - and flooded with light through an inner canopy.

In 1997, after getting a solid reputation of hôtelier restaurateur and developing a very important hotel group in France and Europe, Bertrand Jaquet, with his wealth of experience, runs the Rochevilaine ship and paradoxically becomes its first hotel owner.

Wise, innovating, man of action and passion, Bertrand Jaquet is in line with the founder, Henri Dresch. His choices are always driven by posterity's sake. His daughter Cécile Nouail Jaquet and his son-in-law Maxime Nouail have been working with him for several years.

As a pioneer, Bertrand Jaquet builds the first French Spa in the Rochevilaine Domain in 1997. The notion of "sea spa" was born!

In 2004, this Breton hotel jewel successfully returns to the prestigious international organization Relais & Châteaux. It must be noted that he is one of their oldest members in the whole Birttany region, since he appeared in the Relais de Campagne guide from 1961, which was the former international grouping.

Rooms & Suites


Rooms offering a panoramic seaview with terrace or balcony overlooking the ocean, the coast and the lighthouse... for a breath of fresh sea air. From year to year, the Domaine de Rochevilaine offers new themes for its rooms : « the seasons », « signs of the zodiac » and the Admiral room, popular for its circular shape and windows offering a 270° view over the ocean.


Oak trees from Brocéliande forest sculpted in columns decorate this Breton-style building. Four air-conditioned suites offering a stunning seaview have been created on the first floor. Each room boasts a contemporary decor inspired by an original painting (oil on canvas) from the Peintres Officiels de la Marine.


The "Manoir de l’Orient" is an homage to the East Indies, founded in the 17th century by Colbert in Lorient, and for which Chandernagor & Pondichéry were the bridgeheads for French commercial interests under the reign of Louis 14th. The two rooms, Chandernagor and Pondichéry, created in an old fisherman's cottage with two large patio windows, boast a seaview from the bed ! Bright silks, antique furniture and objects characteristic of the Indies help create a soothing ambiance. The luxury bathrooms are bursting with detail and colour. The south-facing terraces are directly on the rocks facing the sea.


On a rocky promontory, feet in the ocean on the last panoramic floor of the Domaine de Rochevilaine and directly connected to the Spa Marin, 75 m² of luxurious dwelling plus a balcony terrace of 12 m² (sea frontage of 7 meters). The 180 ° south and western views of the Grand Large are impressive, but also the delightful "beach of lovers" below, the colorful lighthouse of Pen Lan, the Rhuys peninsula and its parks with mussels of bouchots.


Henri Dresch, known as "the man who lived his dreams" and the founder of the Pen Lan lodge, erected this mansion, a testament to 16th century Breton architecture, on the Rochevilaine site. Today, this exceptional housing is magnificently restored, enhanced by a garden terrace facing the ocean to the south. Exceptional views, large bathroom, and shower opening to the garden. King size bed, refined decor. A rare place for a holiday venue.


Very popular with design buffs, this 90 m² manor house perched on the rocks offering a seaview, is a hugely spacious apartment in which the decor centres around the light and the ocean. The south-facing private terrace is the perfect hideaway where you can contemplate life and admire the ocean backdrop. The loft is also a favourite with artists passing through the Domaine de Rochevilaine. These talented artists let their imagination run free and prove their attachment to this unique spot by framing and signing their canvases. This outstanding collection, or "homage" which grows from year to year, decorates the walls of the manor house.


This remarkable 15th century building perched on a rocky spur is named after the famous battle of the Cardinals. This historic treasure is a haven of peace boasting a surface area of over 100 m² just for you, in 3 different main rooms: Four bay windows overlooking the sea, a spacious living area, dining room and south-facing terrace, a cosy room with terrace where you can watch the sunrise, a bathroom offering a panoramic view over the ocean, in which you can breath in the fresh sea air from your whirlpool bath or from the sofa.


The « Closerie de la Mine d'Or » is an 125 m² residence, a large terrace with a seaview, a large outdoor jacuzzi, a private garden with a fountain and a collection of plants. Inside, there is a stunning fireplace and a range of other facilities including a complimentary bar. The spacious private terrace faces the listed site "La Mine d'Or" in Pénestin renowned for its golden cliffs which reflects the colours of precious metal at sunset.


In tribute to Anita Conti "la dame de la mer", the first French oceanographer, ecologist before time, a magnificent suite has just been realized at Domaine de Rochevilaine. On the whole ground floor of the 19th century house, 100 sqm of living space facing the sea, south facing. A private garden of full foot, itself of 90 m ², sheltered in the shelter of the winds with panoramic sight on the bay. The luxuriously decorated and air-conditioned suite includes an independent bedroom with a king size bed, a magnificent bathroom and a double shower over the garden, a lounge, a dining area ... not to mention the courtesy bar and the magnificent exhibition of Photos by Anita Conti. A unique holiday resort in Brittany.

Wellness & Relaxation


The swimming pool heated to 30°, sauna, a hammam and aquatic circuit have been designed so that you never want to leave! In the intimacy of the spa where each details reminds you of the ocean and where you are surrounded by high performance, new generation equipment, you can enjoy all the benefits of the water, steam and heat to recharge your batteries before heading off to visit the Morbihan and southern Brittany.


The spa centre offers you the opportunity to discover a range of high quality revitalizing treatments, an intimist ambiance, and luxury products during a relaxing wellness break on the edge of the Vilaine esturay in the Morbihan in southern Brittany ! In 1997, Bertrand Jaquet equipped the Domaine de Rochevilaine with the first French spa. Tea and fresh water are available to complete your relaxing break in southern Brittany.

City & Attractions

Visit the Morbihan during your stay at the hotel. Head for the tourist trails in southern Brittany on foot or by bike, along the marked walking paths inland and on the coast. Visit the popular tourist attractions combining tradition and modernity. Admire the extraordinary heritage and culture that will leave nobody indifferent.


Discover Vannes, capital city of the Morbihan. Behind the medieval ramparts, this town steeped in history has managed to preserve its rich historic and architectural heritage.


Discover Rochefort-en-Terre, one of the prettiest "small towns of character" in Brittany. Visit the chateau, the ramparts and ancient residences with colourful flowered façades. The quaint boutiques, art galleries and stalls are open all year round.


Head for La Roche-Bernard and take a step back in time. Discover this authentic coastal village.


Nestled in the Aff valley, La Gacilly boasts a fabulous cultural and architectural heritage. The town is lively all year round thanks to the Yves Rochers gardens and arts and crafts workshops in the centre.


Ideally situated on the edge of the Oust, the ancient town of Malestroit, a small town of character, will take you back through the centuries.


Discover Le Guerno, a small town of character in the Morbihan, renowned for its flowered houses and magnificent 16th century Templars church.

The Restaurant

Recommended by all the renowned food guides, the gourmet restaurant invites you for a gourmet meal prepared with ingredients sourced locally, respecting nature and the work of passionate men and women.

The ocean surrounds the 3 rooms offering a panoramic view of the sea as if you are on a ship's deck! A contemporary decor comprising rare Breton antiques, 18th century marine paintings and parquet.

The restaurant is open all year round for lunch and evening meals. In the summer, you can enjoy your lunch in the garden near the pilgrims' fountain surrounded by plants.


The menu, elaborated by the chef, Maxime Nouail, changes to reflect the seasons. The restaurant offers gourmet meals as well as more simple dishes and snacks that can be enjoyed on the terrace in the summer or in your apartment. The Chef works with only the freshest ingredients from land and sea sourced from local suppliers.

His fish tank faces his kitchen: lobsters and crustaceans, oysters from Pénerf and the bay of Quiberon, bass from the island of Dumet, sole from la Turballe, shrimps from Le Guilvinec.


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Hotel: Domaine de Rochevilaine

Address: Pointe de Pen-Lan 56190 Billiers

Region: Bretagne (Britany)

Country: France

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Telephone: +33 297 41 61 61

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By car from Paris: Take Autoroute A11, get off at Nantes and take N 165 to Muzillac. Then follow the directions for Billiers. Upon reaching Billiers you will see signs with the name of the hotel, which is located at Pointe de Pen Lan, about 1 Km. to the west.

By rail:

TGV high-speed train: Paris-Montparnasse to Vannes direct

3 hr 10 min 

By airplane:

Air France: Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, Paris Orly or Nantes

Vannes airfield 20km

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