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Only somebody standing right up on the summit can appreciate what the Ederland means. Close to the clouds. Facing the wind. The horizon in the far distance. A visionary expanse. It is as though you break away from the earth for a while and unite with all those who throughout the ages have had the same feeling. On this rock, in this great, really well fortified castle, a veritable palace, joyfully, delightfully accommodating its guests! Within ancient walls full of life.

Waldeck castle is a medieval site situated on a rock 120 meters above the Edersee, offers an unique panorama of the Waldeck holiday area. History, tradition and up-to-date hotel comfort, form a homogenous whole.

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Your wellbeing is our ambition. At our small but luxurious spa area you can leave it all behind and allow yourself to be pampered.

No matter whether you are a tourist enjoying the beauty of the Edersee-region, a conference participant with just a few hours between meetings, or whether you have come for one of our workshops or special arrangements: treat yourself to one of our great treatments. We trust in nature's special power to rejuvenate, to replenish and to purify, at all times of the year.

This is why we have chosen a line of grape-based cosmetic products. Precious plant essences result in immediately palpable and visible effects: firm and smooth skin will reward a totally enjoyable experience!


The Cavern Power Station of Waldeckwaldeck

Several hydroelectric power plants were gradually built to generate electricity after the installation of the Edertal dam. Pay special attention to the pumped storage power station of Waldeck II. Its generators are installed in an artificially cut cavern in the mountain. It's worth a visit.

⋅The Bar⋅

Late night at the castle. Right next to the fireside lounge you'll find our cozy bar. Subdued lighting allows it to display its beauty and comfortable elegance.

This expertly equipped bar will surprise you with a cache of finest drinks, such as select grappas and excellent eau de vies by Nonnino, and a range of impressive whiskeys. Enjoy a marvelous view of night-time Waldeck, chat with friends or relish a solitary nightcap.

⋅Café and Restaurant Altane⋅

An altan (rarely also: altane) is an open platform or balcony, resting on pillars or walls, on the upper level of a building. Way up at a dizzying hight, on sunny days the Café & Restaurant Altane offers a breathtaking view of the Edersee and the surrounding landscape. Glorious.

And on overcast days you'll simply love the comfortable atmosphere. Relaxed, bistro-style cuisine offering "Schmeckewöhlerchen", the region's savoury tidbits. Try one of their coveted waffles, home-baked cakes, icecreams, assorted salads and delicious traditional dishes, prepared by chef Günter Hofmann.

⋅Alte Turmuhr Restaurant⋅

At the small but excellent restaurant Alte Turmuhr, chef Falko Sowinski creates delicious 3 or 4-course menus, for even the most educated palates. His specialty is the innovative combination of regional produce with exotic fare, with surprising and beautiful results. Falko Sowinski is only satisfied when he has managed to make his guests "just a bit happier". A delectable ambition - and even detectable: just take a bite of one of his very own bread creations.

⋅The Knights' Hall⋅

This large room with thick walls, strong pillars, traditional wood paneling and heavy, antique chandeliers comfortably accomodates parties of up to 200. We shall be glad to adapt the room to your individual needs. Tables and chairs can be repositioned to allow for a stage or a dancefloor.

From the north: Take the A 7 from Hamburg towards Kasseler Kreuz, then take the A 49 further towards Marburg. Take the Fritzlar/Edersee exit, further towards the Edersee/Edertalsperre up to Mehlen/Lieschensruh. Turn right at the junction towards Korbach. Behind the former factory "Mauserwerke" turn left towards Edertalsperre/Stadtteil Waldeck.

From the south: Take the A 7 from Frankfurt. Take the Homberg/Efze exit, then turn left to B323 towards Bad Wildungen. Behind Homberg turn left to B254 towards Bad Wildungen. B254 becomes B 253, continue up to Bad Wildungen-Wega, instead of going further ahead turn immediately right towards Fritzlar up to Wellen, turn left from there towards Edertalsperre, through Bergheim, further down to Mehlen/Lieschensruh. At the junction turn right towards Korbach. Behind the former factory "Mauserwerke" turn left towards Edertalsperre/Stadtteil Waldeck.


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