Auribeau-sur-Siagne:La Vignette Haute Mr & Mrs. Moser stayed here
La Vignette Haute          


The Auberge de la Vignette Haute, a romantic place par excellence, is located on a peak at the bottom of Auribeau-sur-Siagne, a charming village from the 13th century. ...view details & location »

Avallon:Chateau de Vault de Lugny Mr & Mrs. Moser stayed here
Chateau de Vault de Lugny           


Built in the XIII & XIV century, a 100 acres of ground on the banks of the Cousin Rive. The luxury moated Chateau de Vault de Lugny is an exceptionally enchanting chateau with very comfortable ...view details & location »

Avignon:Auberge de Cassagne & Spa Mr & Mrs. Moser stayed here
Auberge de Cassagne & Spa            


On the outskirts of Avignon, a few minutes from the Palace of the Popes and from the famous Pont St.  Bénezet, the Auberge de Cassagne, with its Provencal charm, is ideally situated for those who...view details & location »

Avignon:Hotel La Mirande Mr & Mrs. Moser stayed here
Hotel La Mirande           


The hotel is named after the famous room in the Palais des Papes, La Mirande, where the Pope’s representatives held receptions for the city’s notables and visiting high-ranking officials. Its a...view details & location »

Aviré:Chateau La Montchevalleraie
Chateau La Montchevalleraie  


The Montchevalleraie is an elegant family house built in the 18th century for a family of notable Angevin. Since 1995, Christian Boulmant Nomballais who presides over t...view details & location »

Avize:Hôtel Les Avisés Mr & Mrs. Moser stayed here
Hôtel Les Avisés 


Using their beautiful volumes and windows that give onto the large park and vineyard and let through a soft light filled with tranquillity and happiness, the architect, Bruno Borrione, imagined a r...view details & location »

Baerenthal:Hotel K
Hotel K            


A subtle mix of wood and glass looking out on the extraordinary Northern Vosges Regional Natural Park, the K Hotel is literally subsumed into its surroundings. Its architecture expresses great flui...view details & location »

Bandol:Hotel Ile Rousse Mr & Mrs. Moser stayed here
Hotel Ile Rousse           


Facing Rènecros Bay, the Hotel Ile Rousse ***** Hotel offers a magical environment in which to serve your body and your mind. Disc...view details & location »

Bangor:Hotel Castel Clara
Hotel Castel Clara          


The Hotel Castel Clara, perched above the spectacular coast of Belle-Ile-en-Mer, offers breathtaking views of the ocean and the cliffs of Goulphar. It combines the char...view details & location »

Barbizon:Hostellerie du Bas-Breau Mr & Mrs. Moser stayed here
Hostellerie du Bas-Breau           


The cobblestoned town of Barbizon has attracted artists for many years, and the 19th-century timbered Hôstellerie du Bas-Bréau has had its share of famous guests. Rob...view details & location »

Bazouges la Perouse:Chateau de La Ballue Mr & Mrs. Moser stayed here
Chateau de La Ballue  

Bazouges la Perouse

Between Saint-Malo and Mont-Saint-Michel, between Brittany and Normandy, in a charming landscape of rolling hills and dense forests, and not far from a nearly untouched coastline, stands an elegant...view details & location »

Beaune:Abbaye de Maizières Mr & Mrs. Moser stayed here
Abbaye de Maizières         


The Abbaye de Maizieres is a 12th-century former Cistercian Abbey, located in the heart of the historical centre of Beaune. It features a restaurant and the hotel offers ...view details & location »

Beaune:Hostellerie Le Cedre Mr & Mrs. Moser stayed here
Hostellerie Le Cedre            


Treat yourself to a stay in the heart of one of the most prestigious vineyards in the world! In Burgundy, the 5-star Hostellerie Le Cèdre welcomes you to Beaune, an exceptional wine-making town lo...view details & location »

Bidarray:Ostape Hotel Mr & Mrs. Moser stayed here
Ostape Hotel           


Can such breathtaking beauty be taken in at one? It stretches out at our feet freely – a gift, given totally, brashly, recklessly. But until you climb to the crest, f...view details & location »

Billiers:Domaine de Rochevilaine Mr & Mrs. Moser stayed here
Domaine de Rochevilaine          


Located at the Pointe de Pen Lan, in Morbihan, Rochevilaine boasts a private, 300-m long ocean-facing facade. This exceptional site, treatments in a marine balneotherap...view details & location »

Bléré:Hotel Le Cheval Blanc
Hotel Le Cheval Blanc       


The Hotel Le Cheval Blanc, a haven of peace. Taste the relaxation of one of our rooms.  Le Cheval Blanc, a charming hotel situated in Blere, at the heart of the Chateaux de la Loir...view details & location »