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Located in Casamicciola Terme, at the heart of the island of Ischia, Relais & Chateaux Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa awaits your arrival to provide you with a truly special experience with its thermal Spa, relaxing atmosphere, and superb dining.

Your wellness is guaranteed thanks to its great modern spa, which was built around the most famous thermal hot springs on the island of Ischia, the Gurgitiello Springs. After fighting for the unification of Italy, Giuseppe Garibaldi came to the springs to heal his wounds resulting from the battle of Aspromonte.


58 Rooms: Deluxe, Superior, Prestige, Junior Suite and Suite Garibaldi. Non-smoking rooms; 24 hour concierge service; Currency exchange service; Room service; Laundry service; Bar with live music; Roman Path and indoor and outdoor thermal pools; Fitness Center; Personal Trainer; Meeting Rooms; Wi-Fi; Free Private Parking; Private beach and Shuttle Service (mid-high season); Shuttle Service to/from Porto d’Ischia, Casamicciola Terme and Lacco Ameno; Transfer Service by Limousine, Hydrofoil, and Helicopter; Rental Car with/without driver; Sports Activities; Excursions, Guided Tours and Museums.

The Beach


Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy the beach of San Montano, one of the most beautiful of Ischia island.

The bay of San Montano is the perfect place to enjoy the sea of Ischia. With its features the sandy coastline, crystal clear water with shallow waters in a natural setting in the shape of heart, San Montano is an experience to do.

The History

In 1863 Luigi Manzi discovered the exceptional healing properties of the Gurgitiello Springs and decided to build a thermal spa. His desire was to offer healing treatments, a luxurious place for relaxation, and first class hospitality. From then on, Terme Manzi Hotel became synonymous with Ischia Spa.

Noblemen, academics, poets and industry executives have stayed at the Terme Manzi, giving testimony to the therapeutic properties of the Gurgitiello thermal water. Even Giuseppe Garibaldi, the “Hero of Two Worlds” came to Terme Manzi to heal the wounds he suffered while fighting for Italian unification at the battle of Aspromonte.

In 1960 Terme Manzi Hotel was bought and renovated by the famous Italian editor and filmmaker, Angelo Rizzoli, who loved Ischia and helped make the spa known to the world of cinema and international jet-setters.

Since the year 2000, the hotel has been owned by the Polito Family, whose members are professionally dedicated to hospitality. Terme Manzi Hotel has been renovated with passion and sensitivity, respecting its origin and age-old traditions. It blends modern accommodation with century-old tradition, offering guests a truly memorable experience.


In the recent restyling of the hotel, architect Cesar Longo was able to give it a unique style where classic architecture meets the orient. The architect played with light and shadow leaving nothing to chance, even at the entrance natural daylight streams through skylights creating an intimate feeling within the elegant reception area.

In the interior design of the hotel the attentive eye can read, through the mixture of styles, the story of the island of Ischia itself, including the different dominant cultures throughout the ages, from the Greek to the Aragonese, from the Romans to the Saracens; countless Ischian lives joined together in a unique three-dimensional novel to leaf through day after day, ever discovering new and exciting cultural facts.

Below you can see the different room types we have to offer, if you mark the ones you like we will be happy to send you a quotation for the dates when you would like to come


Superior Room 

The interior design is simple and elegant based on the classic mediterranean style. Guests can truly enjoy these welcoming double rooms which are decorated in the traditional Ischian style with charming soft pastel colours and face the internal garden. Each room is 26mq/280ft2. Rooms are equipped with all the needed comforts.

Deluxe Room

For a quite and romantic moments. These rooms are decorated in a warm colonial style and have a balcony that either faces the internal garden or the beautiful Ischian countryside. They are equipped with a double bed or twin beds, with a desk and chairs. Each room is 32smq/345ft2.

Prestige Room

A room in the typicol mediterranean style. These spacious rooms are characteristically Mediterranean in their colour and style. Each room is 42smq/452ft2 and offers guests total luxury and comfort. 

Junior Suite

A sophisticated atmosphere of comfort. Warm and welcoming, our Junior Suites, from 44 to 51 smq ( 478- 549ft2), are decorated in a classic style in a refined ambiance of timeless comfort. Composed of a living room and a bedroom area separated by a sliding door and a pleasant courtyard view, with two bathrooms with bath or shower, everything to offer a comfortable stay and the pleasure of relaxation. 

Garibaldi Suite

Beauty and comfort. The Garibaldi suite has the most prestigious atmosphere of the Terme Manzi and is the true “jewel” of this hotel. It is named after the “Hero of two Worlds,” the most famous of the many historical figures who have passed through these doors. Entering into to this 80smq/861ft2 apartment means being transported into an atmosphere so special that only its beauty can compete with its comforts. The suite has two balconies and is decorated with Imperial style furnishings. The ceiling is covered with a gold leaf design and the walls are fitted with pure silk. All this is masterfully accented by Egyptian theme low-relief wall panels, antique lamps, wardrobes, and statues and paintings from 1805-1815. Every work of art in the Garibaldi Suite is the fruit of passionate worldwide antique research. The bathroom welcomes guests with its elegant antique mirrors, precious onyx marble and large modern hydro massage tub.

 All Room Facilities

The Terme Manzi Hotel and Spa, allows you to sleep well and wake up refreshed, in comfortable rooms and welcoming helping to create a pleasant and relaxing environment in a comfort.

All rooms are equipped with: satellite TV, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi internet access, minibar, safe, hairdryer, spa kit (bathrobe, towel and slippers) and free daily newspaper.


Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, an the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel. Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true. Plus they charge the hotel a commission which is normally around 20% of the room rate


Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, an the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel. Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true. Plus they charge the hotel a commission which is normally around 20% of the room rate.

Meal plan:

In case the hotel cannot confirm availability, would you like to receive proposals from other nearby hotels?

By Car: From Rome (A1) - From Bari (A16) – From Salerno (A30) To reach the Naples port, follow motorway signs for “Calata Porta di Massa. By Train: There are four stops you can use to reach the port of Naples: NAPOLI CAMPI FLEGREI: From here it is very easy to reach the Mergellina port, which is about 3 km from the station NAPOLI MERGELLINA: This station is about 200 meters from the Mergellina port. NAPOLI CENTRALE e NAPOLI PIAZZA GARIBALDI: Both stations facilitate immediate access to Piazza Garibaldi, which is about 4 km from the Beverello port, easily reached by taxi. By Plane: From the Capodicchino airport you can reach the port of Naples in about 20-30 minutes by taxi. There is also a public bus, ALIBUS, which takes you directly to the central train station and to the Beverello port. It leaves regularly every 30 minutes between 5:50am to 11:30pm. Limousine Service: Transportation from the airport and train station upon request. Shuttle Service: Our shuttle service is at your disposal for transfer from the port and from the center of Ischia, Casamicciola and Lacco Ameno.

Wellness: Utopia is possible

“The realization of a state of well-being is the path we face through the chaos of our complexity.

Therefore, it can only be the result of confidence and optimism.

Confidence in those who advice us.

Optimism in being convinced that the advice we received will concretely help our body to regain the lost balance.

Confidence and optimism are essential elements, the first step of serenity in a state of confusion of our sensations, the second pillar of determination to go on a road apparently inaccessible and unknown, assured that at the end of it there will be an unexpected reward.

Without that, well-being as a great opportunity will become an useless wandering in the darkness of doubt and uncertainty, seeing more and more away the opportunity of gaining an unique feeling that only the balance of our internal and external senses can give us.

Disharmony means to be lost in the chaos of our complexity. The Well-being is finding ourselves in our physical and mental integrity, coming out of the storm.

It is right to lose ourselves for feeling the inebriating sensation to find ourselves; this make us stronger than before, but woe to give it up”.

Spa Ischia Privilege

Privilege spa terme manzi hotel & spa

Privilege Spa, thanks to the thermal springs recognized by the exceptional healing powers and benefits that flow directly from the “Gurgitiello” spring known since the times of ancient Rome; this is the ideal place to make possible what seems impossible: the Utopia of Wellness.

The immersion in these thermal waters gives a pleasant feeling of renewed and velvety skin thanks to the regenerating action of the skin tissue and a profound regenerative stimulation of our internal functions. This synthesis is the fundamental basis of a concrete and lasting well-being.

In the Manzi Spa Thermae highly qualified and experienced staff will welcome you.

They will advise you on the most appropriate programs and treatments, aimed at combining the ancestral healing power of our waters and mud with the different techniques both modern and ancient. The aim is to prevent and contrast rheumatic and skin diseases or simply restore the balance between body and mind bringing back the state of wellbeing that everybody have since the beginning of life.

In Manzi Spa Thermae, medical check-up and holistic consultation are available in an elegant and discreet area with highly qualified staff.

If you are a couple and prefer to be pampered together, do not miss our Manzi Spa Ritual in our suggestive Spa Suite, with marble bath and private Turkish bath.

In harmony with Manzi Spa Thermae philosophy, we suggest you our range of cosmeceutical products, designed and produced strictly with the thermal water of Gurgitiello, which stimulates the repair mechanisms for getting a real rejuvenation of your body.

The Manzi Spa Thermae is open every day from 9 am to 10:30 pm, even to external customers.

Ischia Thermal Spa Gurgitello Springs


The island of Ischia is rich in mineral springs, natura  fumaroles, warm sands and already at the time of the Greeks and Romans it was  a spa of primary importance.

We find them mentioned by the  Greek Strabo and by the Roman Pliny, “the Antique”. The Greeks, who were the first to colonize the island, calling it “Pithaecusa”,  used the thermal springs to cure their diseases. The community for excellence, which enhances the thermal characteristics of this island is Casamicciola Terme, with its main thermo minerals basins, that feed many springs with outstanding  therapeutic virtues, established over the years by large studies.

But the Romans were to eulogize the enormous healing properties of these waters experiencing it in their time on themselves and making it an important tool for the care and “sanitas”. The Romans placed the thermal springs of Casamicciola Terme under the protection of Apollo, god of the health, by building luxury spas that soon would become the particular places of leisure and wellness.

The Manzi Spa Thermae is powered by hyper thermal waters that flow out of the famous springs of “Gurgitello” (in Latin: gurges), so named by the Romans inspired by the hot stream that flowed outside and poured into the sea.

The basin is located at the foot of the hillock “Ombrasco”, on the eastern side of Piazza Bagni and it occupies an area of 12,000 square meters.

The known Italian scientist, Guido Iasolino, devotes twenty-two pages of his treatise to the thermal waters of Gurgitello saying: “of all the baths of Ischia this one we have tried and happily experienced.”

From the fifteenth to the nineteenth century this spring has been the absolute protagonist not only in the Kingdom of Naples, but in the whole Europe, registering in the thermal town the presence of celebrities, who flocked to experiment these qualities.

In 1775, Nicola Andria, doctor of medicine, professor in the Royal University of Naples, wrote the Treaty of mineral waters in general and in particular of the waters of Ischia, the author focuses on the medical use of them… “one of the most famous and in result of the most frequented waters, not only in Ischia, but in all our surroundings, is definitely the water of Gurgitello”…

In 1864, being the hero of two worlds, “Giuseppe Garibaldi”, just back from injury in Aspromonte,  treated his illnesses in the thermal baths of the hotel Manzi of Casamicciola Terme.

The multiple curative virtues of the hyper thermal waters are closely linked to the training that they perform. In fact from the clear depths of the sea, these date back to pressure through countless volcanic fissures through an environment characterized by high temperatures and from great variety of minerals. And precisely for this reason they emerge at a temperatures close to 100°C and with an extremely rich and concentrated salt composition with particular reference to bicarbonates (action antacid), alkaline sulfates (action anti-inflammatory), sodium and calcium phosphates (action mineralizing). By this synergy between the high temperatures and the varied salt composition it has become the enormous powerful healing and beneficial thermo mineral water of the Manzi Spa Thermae.

The Features and the Indications

Crystal clear water, colorless, odorless, alkaline tasty, oily when touching, containing many bicarbonate and alkaline sulfates, sodium chloride and calcium phosphate.

It is classified as “hyper thermal water – BICARBONATE-ALKALINE SALSO-sulfate.”

It has a diaphoretic action (sweating) which allows the expulsion of inorganic substances (carbon dioxide, sodium chloride) and organic (uric acid, urea, lactic acid, etc.) from the body; an anti-inflammatory action of the affections of the respiratory tract, pelvic organs, an analgesic action on the nervous system; a metabolic action (acts on the brain and pituitary and thyroid stimulating adrenal gland); is used in mud therapy for the treatment of: bone and joint diseases, osteoarthritis and arthritis, limb myalgia, tendonitis; in blood circulation disorders and diseases eudermic (skin).

Why the Mud

Our mud has special properties that help to improve many problems coming from the daily stress often caused for series of compromises of our health. At the base of many daily diseases, which in some cases evolve into serious diseases, there is the disharmony of proper communication between our spinal column and viscera front linked to it. Many times we think that chronic pain in our back and our joints are due to bad posture or local damage. The World Health Organization has determined that 70% of chronic pain in the spine is not due to disharmony of the viscera and only 30% caused by disharmony, localized in the spinal column.

The thermal mud working on the entire spinal column and peripheral joints, thanks to its many healing properties, performs a radical reset of all the organs, reactivating the beneficial blood circulation and resolving in a natural way many of those ailments from which we hardly reach to liberate ourselves (chronic low back pain due to irritable colon, chronic neck pain due to malfunction of the gallbladder, pain migrants.)

Our thermal mud, soaked for 6 months in our water of the “Gurgitello” spring,  which is the most effective among the island of Ischia, is able to obtain these results even in cycles of three days and teaching us two things: the first is that it is not only a cure for the bones but something much more global and effective, the secondis that is not only useful to elderly people but especially to young people who have to preserve the health and not to waste it unnecessarily. Obviously, as required for a real cure, a medical examination is useful and expected to individually package the best course of treatment in relation to the individual person and his constitutional dimension.

Dr. Pompeo Barbieri (Specialist in Cardiology and Vascular Diseases, Chinese medicine, Homotossicology)

The Pools at Hotel Terme Manzi, a dive into the wellness

The Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa offers two large swimming pools with thermal water, designed to lead the guest into a world suspended between the strong aestheticism and the large wellness, where the pleasure for the eyes and for the body is traveling on one level, where the beauty of the place and the caress of the water are elected to bring together the mind with the harmony of the nature.

On the large terrace of the Roof Garden, overlooking the majesty of the mount Epomeo, the highest mountain of Ischia, guests can enjoy a swimming pool surrounded by precious floral mosaics and statues, that will invite you for an exciting dive into this delightful corner of wellness.

Inside the Spa, the beautiful indoor pool is waiting, constantly guarded by the divine statue of Neptune, punctuated by a series of columns and mosaics depicting of the women in traditional costumes of Ischia, where you will be surrounded by vapors from the “Turkish Hammam” and from beams of underwater lights in order to reach the total relaxation.

Both places will bring you into a timeless dimension, where the water ritual becomes even a skin contact with the ancient history of the spa of the island of Ischia.

Indoor thermal pool, open from 09:00 am to 10:30 pm (20m x 6,50m x 1,30m, temperature about 35/37°C)

Outdoor thermal pool, open from 09:00 am to 07:00 pm (13m x 5m x 1,20m, natural temperature)

The pools of Manzi Thermae Spa are open every day, also for external customers.

Fitness Center Ischia

The Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa offers to the guests a fitness center of 110 square meters equipped with modern computerized equipment “Technogym” .

Cardio Area: Tapis Roulant, Bike Forma, Bike Recline, Syncro dotati inoltre di TV e radio integrate così da conciliare lo sport e la cura della propria mente.

Weights Area: Leg Curl, Leg Press, Leg Extension, Glute Machine, Abductor, Adductor, Power Rack, Vertical Traction, Lat Maschine, Pulley, Chest Press, Shoulder Press, Cable Stations, Pull Up Bar, Crunch Bench, Hyper Extension, Adjustable Bench, Dumbbells, Soft Barbell, Body Pump Disk.

Hall Courses: Pilates, Functional, Yoga, Cross Training, Power Yoga, Tango Argentino, Zumba

Personal Trainer

A personal trainer who follows you during training and recommends tailored exercises, based on your goals and your fitness.

Open daily from 9:00AM To 10:30PM.

free admission for hotel guests; day passes available for outside guests.

Subscriptions Fitness and Spa

Fitness Card

Relax Card

Privilege Card

Day Spa Ischia

The Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa has thought about who does not have much free time or those who want to spend a day of being totally relaxed and enjoying the services of qualified personnel of a 5 star hotel.

The entrance to the Thermae Spa Manzi allows you to use:

Indoor thermal pool, open from 09:00 am to 10:30 pm (20m x 6,50m x 1,30m, temp. 35/37°C)

Outdoor thermal pool, open from 09:00 am to 07:00 pm (13m x 5 x 1,20m, natural temp.)

Turkish bath; Sauna; Tepidarium; Emotional shower; Relaxation room with sunbedsand herbal teas; Gym equipped with modern computerized equipment “Technogym”; Spa-kit: soft bathrobe, pool towels and slippers for the day.

For a snack or lunch by the pool, we propose the Restaurant Bar “Bouganville”.

If you desire the total relax, after taking a bath or a sauna, we offer you the comfort and intimacy of a comfortable room at 5 stars. (only in case of availability)

We highly recommend you to consult our treatments and wellness programs online.

The Manzi Thermae Spa is open daily from 09:00 am to 10:30 pm.

For any further information or booking please contact us by email: infospa@termemanzihotel.com or by phone: 081/994722

Wellness Suite - Manzi Spa Rituals

Total Relax.

Manzi Spa Rituali is a program targeted to well-being and relaxation of mind and body. For three hours you have at your disposal a marble bathtub with thermal water of the Gurgitello spring with the addition of precious essential oils of almond, a thermal steam bath, an Anti-stress massage of 80 minutes and a cocktail accompanied by finger food.

The Manzi Spa Ritual is ideal for a relax those who wish to relax in couple or alone.


Orchid Treatment, personalized bath, turkish bath, 80’ min anti-stress massage, finger food and cocktail.

300 €/2PAX


Thermal Treatments

Full Body Thermal Mud Therapy

Application of thermal mud above all body’s articulations, including the whole spine, for the treatment of ailments of bones and joints, metabolic imbalances and in ammations.

15’ € 40,00

Partial Body Thermal Mud Therapy

Application of thermal mud above some body parts, for the treatment of ailments of bones and joints, metabolic imbalances and in ammations in speci c areas of the body.

15’ € 30,00

Cold Thermal Mud Therapy

Application of thermal mud at a low temperature above the legs, for treating blood and lymph circulation disfunctions.

20’ € 35,00

Thermal Bath

Immersion of the body in a bath-tub with pure thermal water at the temperature of approx. 37-38 C° that strengthens the functionality of the circulatory system, the locomotor apparatus and the epidermis.

20’ € 30,00

Thermal Hydro-massage

Immersion of the body in a bath-tub with pure thermal water, with a gentle pressure of the water generated by underwater jets; it stimulates venous circulation and eases heavy and swollen legs, while rming and toning the silhouette and relaxing the muscles.

20’ € 30,00

Evian Shower

It is a rapid multiple shower in rain form, with crossed jets of water that continually fall on the body resulting in a reactivation of the microcirculation and a relaxing e ect on the muscles.

20’ € 40,00

Aerosol / Inhalation

An e ective method for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases related to the respiratory system.

10’ € 15,00

Body Balance

Body Rolling

Technique based on the use of pneumatic balls, aimed to rebalancing of muscular chains and obtaining a natural muscular relaxation.

60’ € 45,00


Il Pilates è una ginnastica che insegna ad assumere una corretta postura, a dare maggiore armonia e uidità nei movimenti. Lavora sulla toni cazione e sul rinforzo di tutti i muscoli al ne di alleviare e prevenire dolori e disturbi alla schiena, alle spalle e in generale a tutto il corpo.

60’ € 45,00


An ancient discipline that involves the body, posture, breathing and spirituality. It is a universe that touches the person deep inside, fusing it, and at the same time, freeing and leading it towards unity.

60’ € 45,00

Power Yoga

It is a sequence of soft and energizing exercises, combined with breathing and relaxation.

60’ € 45,00


The combined action of manipulation, mobilization and stretching for an improved suppleness and mobility of sti muscles and joints. Particularly suited in case of cervical pain, lumbar pain, lumbar sciatalgia, periarthritis as well as pain in the knees and hips.

30’ € 60,00

Mobilization in Water

Immersed in thermal water, active exercises and passive manoeuvres are carried out with the aim of eliminating muscle contractions due to stress and traumas, while optimizing the functionality of stiff and aching joints.

30’ € 70,00

Fitness Consultation

€ 40,00

Session with Personal Trainer

30’ € 30,00

Circulatory Massage

The ideal completion of the therapeutic sequence based on the use of mud and thermal water for a uniform redistribution, including the most peripheral body areas, of the blood mobilized by the two previous treatments.

30’ € 40,00

Neuromuscular Massage

Technique aimed at releasing the muscle tensions continually arising from incorrect postures induced by our stressful daily activities.

55’ € 85,00

Aromatherapy Relaxing Massage

A massage inducing a profound relaxation, thanks to the combined e ect of manual massage and the properties of essential oils.

30’ € 40,00

55’ € 80,00

Anti-stress Massage

Revitalizing and regenerating massage that helps easing psycho-physical tensions and reducing everyday stress.

80’ € 100,00

Hot Stone Therapy Massage

Relaxing and de-contracting massage entailing the use of warm basaltic stones and precious essential oils. It is particularly effective in compensating a Yang energy de cit and boosts the vitality of the whole body.

55’ € 85,00

80’ € 110,00

Resonance Massage

It blends 5 di erent manual massage techniques into a combination against contractures and daily stress while improving circulation and restoring the energetic balance.

55’ € 80,00

80’ € 100,00

Scalp Massage

Regenerating and stimulating massage manoeuvres to improve the circulation of the scalp, associated with a pleasant relaxing effect.

30’ € 35,00

Therapeutic Massage

Treatment based on the simultaneous manipulation of the bones, joints and muscles structures in order to gain a proper joint balance.

45’ € 70,00

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Partial / Total

Partial or total therapeutic massage, aimed at the resolution of lymphatic congestion districts.

45’ € 70,00

80’ € 100,00

Anti-cellulite Massage

Treatment for the body shaping and tissue toning.

45’ € 70,00

Cold-therapeutic Treatment

Vascular toning used for tired legs or as completion of vaso-active programs.

20’ € 50,00

Colon Massage

A delicate manual help for solving the problems of the irritable colon.

20’ € 40,00

Pressure Therapy

Treatment aimed at the removal and the start up of stagnant blood in the lower limbs to its natural destination.

30’ € 50,00


Innovative system of electrical stimulation that release a natural impulse aimed at the reduction of the exceeded centimeters of the body.

55’ € 80,00

Foot Reexology

Massage of speci c points and areas of the foot plant, corresponding to the di erent organs and parts of the body. It helps restoring a correct energy ow in the inner organs and balancing the endocrine system.

30’ € 50,00

Indian Foot Treatment

Treatment of the active points identi ed by re exology from the foot to the knee according to the Indian medical tradition, for enhancing blood circulation in the legs.

45’ € 70,00


This particular Thai massage consists in the combination of the pressure of ngers and hands and stretching movements. It helps releasing tensions deriving from stress and rebalances the neuro-psychi-energetic system.

55’ € 80,00

Ayurvedic Massage (Abyangham)

This massage is the highest expression of the ancient Indian methods. It helps improving the circulation of vital uids and eliminating toxins from both body and mind.

55’ € 85,00

80’ € 110,00

Shirodhara Massage

Treatment of Indian origin consisting in a stream of warm medical oil pouring on the forehead at the level of the ”third eye”. Its main bene cial e ect is a deep feeling of relaxation and an easing of indispositions such as stress and restlessness.

30’ € 60,00

Pindasweda Massage

This massage is made with specials heated cotton bags lled with medical herbs that are applied on the body.It prevents and treats rheumatism, arthrosis, imperfections of the skin and general pains.

55’ € 80,00

Facial Care 

Exfoliation (peeling)

Removes impurities and dead cells leaving the skin bright and smooth as silk.

30’ € 50,00

Facial Cleansing

Basic beauty treatment to clean the skin from superficial impurities, dead cells and comedos; it prepares the skin for the further facial treatments in order to prevent or alleviate the most common imperfections.

55’ € 70,00

80’ € 95,00

Personalized Face Treatment

Precious for the skin’s health and beauty. Personalized face treatment based on the typology of your skin.

55’ € 100,00

Eyes and Lip Contour Treatment

Reviving treatment, specially designed for contrasting wrinkles and softening the small lines around the delicate eyes and lip area. This treatment enhances local blood circulation, thus minimizing bags under the eyes as well as any sign of fatigue.

30’ € 45,00

Personalized Face Mask

Skin face mask application according to the imperfection to be treated.

30’ € 45,00

Lymphatic Drainage Face Massage

Therapeutic massage technique to reduce the liquids stagnating in the tissues and aid their expulsion.

30’ € 50,00

Face Massage

Massage techniques aimed at obtaining a fresher look, enliven the complexion, relax and at the same time prevent the signs of aging.

30’ € 40,00

Oxygen Therapy

Treatment that improves the cell metabolism and activates the skin microcirculation, leaving it bright and supple already from the rst application.

55’ € 100,00

Body Care

Back cleansing

Accurate and deep regeneration of the skin of the back.

55’ € 90,00

Tonifying Treatment

The purpose of this treatment is to increase the tone of all tissues from the skin surface to the depth of the muscle, restoring energy and freshness to the tissues.

100’ € 150,00

Exfoliating Treatment with Shower / with Bath

Customized peeling based on plant extracts or sea salts that remove the horny layer of the skin, has an anti-oxidation e ect and helps the penetration of active principles.

30’ € 50,00

55’ € 85,00

Breast Treatment

Treatment specially targeted at improving the tone and suppleness of the breast skin and tissue.

55’ € 60,00

Edematous Cellulite Treatment

It has the purpose of solving the frequent reappearance of cellulite very common in young and middle age women, that represent the mechanism at the base of the deterioration of the cellulite.

80’ € 150,00

Fibroadipose Cellulite Treatment

It is a condition which occurred a long time ago that consists predominantly in repair tissue of periodic in ammations. For this reason it requires an action of greatest impact, respecting the natural physiology of the body.

80’ € 150,00

Lymphatic Vascular Disorder Treatment

The aim of this treatment is to facilitate the drainage of stagnant lymph in the body by energizing and toning the lymphatic vessels.

70’ € 130,00

Venous Disorder Treatment

This treatment has the aim of improving the venous circulation by increasing the tone of the musculature of the vessels, through a real muscular gymnastic.

70’ € 130,00

Hands & Feets


€ 30,00

French/polish application

€ 15,00

Pedicure estetico

€ 40,00

Esthetic Pedicure

€ 50,00

Manicure and Semi-permanent nail polish application

€ 40,00

Semipermanent/gel polish removal

€ 20,00


Full legs waxing

€ 50,00

Partial waxing (back/chest/arms/legs)

€ 30,00

Bikini line / armpits waxing

€ 20,00

Upper lip waxing

€ 10,00

Eyebrow waxing

€ 10,00

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

from € 50,00

Spa Acceptance

Medical check-up

€ 80,00

Medical consultation

€ 40,00

Wellness Programmes

3 Days Body Treatment

Edematous Cellulite Programme

Inspired by the homonymous treatment, it takes advantage of the synergy of others treatments, greatly increasing the chances of having good results straightway.

485.00 €

Fibroadipose Cellulite Programme

It is aimed to a condition that already exists and needs intensive treatment to restore an healthy blood circulation and to revitalize low oxygen tissues.

510.00 €

Lymphatic Vascular Disorder Programme

Particularly suitable for the conditions of lymphatic stasis related to problems both constitutional and lifestyle. It combines the best of the synergy achieved with the combination of several dedicated treatments.

475.00 €

Venous Disorder Programme

It offers a natural answer to all those imperfections that afflict women represented by the dark color of vascular formations that too often ruin the aesthetic of the legs.

525.00 €

Wellness Programmes

Exfoliating Programme 1 day

To remove impurities and regenerate the skin. 1 Exfoliating Treatment, 1 Thermal Hydro-massage and 1 Relaxing Massage.

120.00 €

Anti-Stress Programme 1 Day

Revitalizing and re-energizing treatments to fight against everyday stress

Hydro massage

Anti-stress massage

Personalized mask

160.00 €

Pamper Programme 1 day

For a moment of wellness and for nourishing the skin. 1 Body and Facial Pamper Massage, 1 Seaweed and Grape Body Wrap and 1 Personalized Face Mask.

160.00 €

Salus per Aquam (6 Days)

Includes the essence of our exclusivity: the healing powers of thermal water, mud and hands

Medical Check-up

6 Mud Therapy sessions

6 Thermal Baths

6 Circulatory Massages

600,00 €

Summer Rituals

Light Legs Programme

1 Refrigerant Thermal Bath

1 Light Legs Impack

1 Pressotherapy

€ 130,00

Hydration and Lightness

1 Refreshing Face Mask

1 Cold Mud applications in the lower limbs

1 Legs Refreshing Gel (Free Gift)

€ 110,00

Refreshing Moments

1 Evian Shower

1 Refreshing Impack

1 Partial lymphatic drainage

1 Frigotherapy

€ 190,00

Aesthetic Medicine

Medical-aesthetic visit

Aesthetic Medicine comprises all medical procedures that are aimed at improving the physical appearance and satisfaction of the patient, using non-invasive to minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. The medical-aesthetic visit involves an anamnestic and objective examination, including a skin check up, in order to understand the clinical inesthetism, to propose a general preventive and corrective program, through the use of aesthetic medicine methodologies.

Euro 120,00 

Dermatological visit

Euro 120,00 

Cutaneous biostimulation 

Through efficient stimulation of the metabolic activity of the fibroblasts and an increase of skin moisture, biostimulation gives firmness and tone to the skin and also performs protective action against free radicals that are continuously formed, especially during exposure to the sun.

The method consists in hyaluronic micro-injections performed in different locations of the face, the neck, the cleavage, the back of the hands and the body. Dermal bio stimulation is compatible with skin infiltration with fillers for wrinkle correction, with pulsed light lasers and face lifting surgery. 

Euro 220,00

Biostimulation wires

This technique uses the natural ability of the skin to produce collagen.

The PDO- polydioxanonethreads are arranged in the skin with a very thin needle. As a result, the collagen synthesis is stimulated, and precisely in the direction of the thread a tight collage network is formed. The thread lift can be used for almost all areas. Problem areas such as the neck, décolleté and cheeks can be lifted very naturally.

Euro 1200,00 


Subcutaneous injection of a cross-linked hyaluronic acid in order to fill wrinkles and depressions, and increase or restore volume.

From Euro 350,00 to 600,00

Intradermal therapy

Intradermal Microinjection of vasoprotective, drainage and lipolytic drugs for the treatment of PEFS (cellulite) and localized adiposity.

Euro 150,00

Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling consists in controlled removal of the different cutaneous layers achieved by placing different types of acids on the designated skin area. The goal is to attain improved aspect and fundamental parameters of the skin through renewal of the various components.

Euro 150,00

Biorevitalizing Peeling PRX-T33®

PRX –T33® is a new bio-revitalisation method that use TCA (trichloroacetic acid) and hydrogen peroxide and doesn’t require injections. This pairing chemically stimulates the dermis, as well as growth factors for fibroblasts, without having to exfoliate or slough the epidermis. This treatment is recommended for all skin types to treat loss of skin tone on the face, neck and décolletage, sunken scars and stretch marks. PRX T33® is suitable for all skin types and is painless.

No exfoliation is involved and can be carried out at any time of year.

Euro 220,00

ProFhilo® – Bioremodelling

Bioremodelling is an innovative rejuvenating approach towards aesthetic treatments, attacking directly on the laxity of the skin. The firming effect of PROFHILO® is the result of high molecular weight of hyaluronic acid which neutralizes the laxity of the skin and remodels face. Only 5 points of injection are needed to offer a maximum comfort treatment with visible results after only 2 sessions.

Euro 280,00

Facial Programmes 


Deep face peeling

Removes impurities and prepares skin for aesthetic practices, regenerating the epidermis.

Face-head massage

Facial, neck and head massage to stretch the traits, revitalize the color, relax and prevent signs of aging. Duration 30 minutes.

Medical check-up

Medical-aesthetic check-up. Medical records. Dermocosmetic prescription.


The treatment is realized by micro-injections with a very fine needle of trophic substances as hyaluronic acid, amino acids and collagen and elastin precursors that stimulate cellular turnover and regenerative dermis processes. Acting on the face, neck or décolletage it renders the skin more luminous and taut, through gradual ‘rejuvenation’.

Euro 430,00


Deep face peeling

Removes impurities and prepares skin for aesthetic practices, regenerating the epidermis.

Ayurvedic Massage (Abyangham)

This massage is the highest expression of the ancient Indian methods.

It helps improving the circulation  of vital fluids and eliminating toxins from both body and mind. Duration 55’ min.

Medical check-up

Medical-aesthetic check-up. Medical records. Dermocosmetic prescription. 

PRX – T33® Biorevitalizing Peeling

By utilizing the restructuring effects of tricloracetic acid, with a significant exfoliating and revitalizing effect. It improves hydration of the dermis, skin luminosity and tissue tone. Particularly indicated for the treatment of the face, neck and décolletage, the PRX-T33 effectively slows down the damage caused by photoageing and chrono-ageing, and is recommended for the treatment of acne, scar damage and stretch marks.

Euro 475,00

Body Programmes 


Exfoliating Treatment  with Shower 

To remove impurities and prepare skin for aesthetic practices, regenerating the epidermis.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Total 

Massage performed throughout the body in cases of edema, water retention, and lymphatic stasis. Duration 80 minutes.

Medical check-up

Medical-aesthetic check-up. Medical records. Dermocosmetic prescription.

Intradermal therapy

Microinjection of vasoprotective, drainage and lipolytic drugs for the treatment of PEFS (cellulite) and localized adiposity.

Euro 400,00

Face & Body Programmes 


Exfoliating Treatment  with Bath

To remove impurities and prepare skin for aesthetic practices, regenerating the epidermis.

Ayurvedic Massage (Abyangham) This massage is the highest expression of the ancient Indian methods. It helps improving the circulation  of vital fluids and eliminating toxins from both body and mind. Duration 55’ min.

Medical check-up

Medical-aesthetic check-up. Medical records. Dermocosmetic prescription.

Biostimulation of face and neck

The treatment is realized by micro-injections with a very fine needle of trophic substances as hyaluronic acid, amino acids and collagen and elastin precursors that stimulate cellular turnover and regenerative dermis processes. Acting on the face, neck or décolletage it renders the skin more luminous and taut, through gradual ‘rejuvenation’.

Euro 510,00


Exfoliating Treatment  with Bath 

To remove impurities and prepare skin for aesthetic practices, regenerating the epidermis.

Anti-stress Massage

Revitalizing and regenerating massage that helps easing psycho- physical tensions and reducing everyday stress.  Duration 55’ min.

Medical check-up

Medical-aesthetic check-up. Medical records. Dermocosmetic prescription.


An injective treatment using hyaluronic acid distinguished by its exceptional consistency that makes it ideal for filling in both surface and deep wrinkles. One of the most effective anti-ageing treatments with optimum results in the reduction of bags and rings for a fresher and more appealing face.

from Euro 655,00 to Euro 900,00

Conference Center Hotels Ischia

Modular Meeting Room With Seating For 20 To 120 Persons

A modular meeting room with seating room for up to 120 persons, equipped with the most sophisticated audiovisual technology: projectors, audio and video recording, video conferencing (upon request), internet, hostess and interpreter services (upon request). All the best for organizing meetings, events and conferences.


Auditorium – 3 tables, 100 seats

Auditorium with separate rooms – 3 tables, 48 chairs + 2 tables, 39 chairs

Meeting Room – 18 tables, 40 chairs

Separate Meeting Rooms – 10 tables, 24 chairs + 8 tables, 20 chairs

Dining hall – 22 tables, 80 chairs

Buffet Hall – 9 tables, 14 arm chairs, 7 small tables

V-shaped Meeting Room – 11 tables, 22 chairs + 2 tables, 16 chairs

Club TV Room – 20 arm chairs, 7 small tables + 8 tables, 20 chairs

Island of Ischia


The largest of the islands in the Gulf of Naples with history and culture, nature and sea, spas and exclusive events. There are not many places like this in the world because many places lack cultural stimulus and nightlife. Ischia has all of this, many possibilities to live each day differently on a single island. The coastline promises both sunny days at the beach and worldly nights. Ischia, Sant’Angelo, Forio, Casamicciola and Lacco Ameno all arise overlooking the sea with their historical centers enlivened by shopping, restaurants and disco bars and are most vibrant when evening falls. They are also places of relaxation and wellness with great beaches, blue sea and thermal parks.

The innermost areas of the island where the towns of Barano and Serrara Fontana are perched, preserve a unique natural heritage in a world of rural villages, country roads, and trails through forests of oak and chestnut trees, where a thousand paths will lead you to the green heart of the island amidst ancient cellars, rustic flavours and farming life.

The island of Ischia with its 64,000 inhabitants, is the third largest island in Italy.

Ischia is divided into six municipalities:

Ischia, Casamicciola Terme, Lacco Ameno, Forio d’Ischia, Serrara Fontana and Barano d’Ischia.

Casamicciola Terme

The Lady Of The Hot Springs

Casamicciola Terme is one of the oldest and most prestigious resort areas on the island of Ischia. The patronage of Casamicciola terme goes back to ancient times, probably Roman times. The reputation of Casamicciola is due to the extraordinary wealth of hot springs, including the legendary source, Gurgitiello, that feeds the spa for Relais & Chateaux Terme Manzi .

The focus of spa tourism in Casamicciola, going back as early as the sixteenth century, is Piazza Bagni or de ‘Bagni, so called because of the large number of these spas. It’s not a coincidence that the major historical figures who have come to the island of Ischia stayed in Casamicciola, two names in particular: Ibsen and Garibaldi. Garibaldi was cured of his wounds from the battle of Aspromonte right at the ancient Terme Manzi.

Thanks to its strong thermal spa history, Casamicciola Terme has become one of the top destinations for those who desire a wellness holiday in the comfort of a charming place that enchants its visitors with the beauty of its landscapes, the lushness of its nature and the clear blue sea. Elegant and refined, the lady of the hot springs of Ischia has always had a very chic and exclusive atmosphere, and not without romantic appeal, with her twentieth century villas surrounded by flower gardens.

Ischia To See

Aragonese Castle 

The Aragonese Castle of Ischia, as described by the famous Italian poet, Ludovico Ariosto, is the rock on which the mythological Typhon lay his arms, chest and belly. It is also one of the most visited and photographed sites on the island. From postcards to movies filmed on the island, from historical documentaries to artists’ paintings of all time, this imposing rock which was transformed into a small town in the Middle Ages, was the master of this island.

The reason for this is easily explained by the fact that the castle had an immediate impact on those who reached the island. Charming but wrapped in an aura of mystery, like all castles, and maybe even more so because the Aragonese Castle has something others do not – the sea. The sea surrounds it and at the same time separates it from land, the same sea in which its reflection is seen on calm days and from which is lashed during winter storms. It is this sea the makes this rock an island within an island.

The other characteristic that sets it apart is its state somewhere in the middle of nature and architecture, with its ancient walls, churches, ramparts, and houses blended perfectly with the dark and angular rock of this unique island, which emerged after a volcanic eruption that occurred between 280,000 and 340,000 years ago. The tiny island is about 113 meters high.

There is yet another intriguing genesis of this tiny island. According to a local scholar, what we call a castle today was once nothing more than a hill of the ancient city of Aenaria. Then Aenaria brought about the end Atlantis and sunk into the sea. The hill lost its connection to the sea and became the little island we see today. Among the things we are certain of is that it was Carlo d’Angio, in the thirteenth century, who had a square tower built on the top of the tiny island and, in the body of the water facing the castle, a port that brought fabulous benefits to the citadel on the rock. In the first half of the fifteenth century, Alfonso of Aragon transformed the castle into a true fortress. Among his great works is a tunnel dug into the rock that leads to the stronghold.

The Aragonese Castle in Ischia has a long and fascinating history, evident from the above description, which is worth investigating further during a visit to the island. One of our favourite pieces of history to remember is the wedding between Ferrante d’Avolos and Vittoria Colonna celebrated in the cathedral of the castle on the 27th of December, 1509. The newlyweds were not fortunate because soon after Ferrante lost his life while waging war. Vittoria, a very cultured but gloomy woman, lived most of her widowhood in the castle. Vittoria Colonnna, from the contrast between the beauty of the place and deep sorrow she felt, was able to give life to poetry that became immortal.

La Mortella garden

La Mortella gardens in Forio are known throughout Europe for their scenic beauty, extraordinary collection of rare plants and for being the home of English composer William Walton. The charm of these gardens may be due to their origin, a lifelong love story between William and his wife Susana. Susana, who loved nature and the composer of famous works, such as Façade, Touch her soft lips, and Crown Imperial, played during the Royal Wedding of William and Kate, wanted to create a garden of delight, a masterpiece of her own. She called on the famous landscape architect, Russell Page, to design the gardens and the facilities on a beautiful hill in Zaro, an area in Forio. The gardens are divided into two parts, a lower garden in the valley and a garden on the hilltop. It covers an area of about 2 hectares (about 5 acres) and is home to more than 3000 species of exotic and rare plants. This amazing botanical garden is further enriched by the presence of beautiful sights, such as the Chinese Pagoda, the Crocodile Pool, the Temple of the Sun, and the museum dedicated to William Walton. In addition to large fountains and streams, the garden is also home a superb collection of aquatic plants: papyrus, lotus flowers, and tropical water lilies, including the undisputed queen of the kingdom of water lilies and star of the park, the Victoria amazonica. It is grown in a greenhouse area in the valley of the Mortella. Walking along the shady trails and paths of flowering roses, you run in to thousands of botanical wonders of the five continents: Australian tree ferns, aloe and protea from South Africa, Yuccas and Agaves from Mexico, Ginkgo biloba from China, Woodwardia radicans from the Canary Islands, Puya berteroniana from Chile, and high up on the hill, the Mediterranean garden with Strawberry trees (Il Corbezzolo), holm oaks, buckthorn, mastic trees, and many myrtles, which gave the entire garden its name – La Mortella means the place of myrtles.

The gardens are also dedicated to music, and how could they not be! Afternoons at the Mortella are often entertained by chamber music and piano solo concerts. Summer evenings can be spent at the Greek Theatre, an amphitheatre overlooking the impressive panorama, listening to the symphony orchestra. You will find a lovely coffee bar within the gardens which is the perfect place to take a break and have a sweet or salty snack. Don’t miss out on the finest English teas and homemade cakes!

Pithecusae Museum

An Archeological Tour Of Greek And Roman Civilizations

In the scenic villa Arbusto built in the eighteenth century on the hill in Lacco Ameno by Carlo d’Acquaviva, Duke of Atri, you will find the hospitality of the archeological museum of Pithecusae. It includes Greek and Roman artifacts, objects unearthed during excavations carried out on the island by the great archeologist Bucchner, a German scholar who chose to live and work in Ischia. The discovery of Pithecusae, the Greek colony founded by the Euboeans in Lacco AMeno in the eighth century BC, is all due to Bucchner’s work.

Among the most important pieces located in the museum is the Cup of Nestor, also known as a kotyle, decorated with geometric motifs and dating back to the eight century BC. It is inscribed with a three line epigram that alludes to the famous cup described in the Iliad of Homer, “Nestor’s cup I am, good to drink from. Whoever drinks this cup empty, straightaway the desire of beautiful-crowned Aphrodite will seize.” The funny thing is that this kotyle was found at the funeral of a ten year old boy. From a scientific point of view, the important thing is that the verses of Nestor’s Cup, in addition to being one of the oldest examples of Greek writing in our possession, are also the first known fragments of poetry dating back to the time of Homer and preserved in their original form, the same as that of the famous epic poem.

In the museum you can reconstruct an entire world from the first Greek colony of the west, Pithecusae. In fact, you can find all kids of artifacts including religious objects, utensils, jewelry, children’s toys, bottles of scented oils and ointments, and even parts of houses, such as decorated eaves, and terracotta cookware. The civilization was so advanced that it lived on the cultivation of wine, crafts, and life at sea, as shown by another fascinating artifact, a vase with the name Il Cratere del Naufragio. In the artwork we see what today we call workplace drama: fisherman at the mercy of strong waves trying to save themselves from the fury of the sea while a huge fish has just bitten one of their partners.

The museum is open Tuesday – Sunday (Closed Monday)

Winter Hours: 9:30am to 1pm and 3pm to 7pm

Summer Hours: 9:30am to 1pm and 4pm to 8pm



Discover All The Beauty Of The Gulf Of Naples

The island offers many excursions, including Capri, Procida, Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and a complete tour of the island of Ischia. These excursions can be taken on public or private boats with an expert guide. Spend your day in the pleasurable pursuit of local traditions and culture.

Horseback Riding

Saddle Up And Discover The Beauty Of Ischia

Horseback riding excursions allow you to discover and experience the charming and diverse landscape as you travel along trails through lush vegetation. The hotel can organize individual as well as group excursions lasting for one or two hours. There are different trails available, including Maddalena forest and Piano San Paolo. An experienced guide accompanies all excursions.


Our Sea Has Unique Charm And Offers Some Of The Most Spectacular Sea Bottom Views In The Mediterranean.

Our technical staff will assist you in experiencing moments of pure discovery and relaxation. The diving centers of the island have a full range of needed equipment available for rent for all types of immersions, from beginners to instruction for licensing. Instructors accompany enthusiasts and novices on a journey to experience a day different from any other, admiring the richness of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Even little ones can experience this adventure with, or without, parents.


Our Expert Island Guides Are At Your Disposal

Guided walks through hidden trails of Ischia make you appreciate its country taste and genuine hospitality. For those who want to experience the island in its true nature, the hotel organizes guided excursions on the most beautiful trails of Mount Epomeo, Cretaio, La Mortella, and Bosco della Maddalena.

Restaurant Pizzeria Gli Ulivi

In the kitchen of “Gli Ulivi” great dishes of the tradition of Ischia and the region of Campania are created and exalted, thanks to a cuisine of simple preparation, but with the care of every little detail and the use of first choice ingredients.

Our sommelier will offer you the best wine labels of traditional local, national and international wines and a carte with the best waters, to give the due emphasis to the food and to satisfy our guests. The dishes will be served in the restaurant or in the shade of the terrace, surrounded by greenery, between the olive trees, where you will be entertained by pleasant live music.

Also the queen of the Neapolitan could be missed: the “Pizza”, which we recommend to combine with a beer of our many craft beers.

The restaurant offers full attention to Celiac, offering a menu with the guarantee of absolute absence of gluten in their preparation.

Gourmet Restaurant Il Mosaico

Tasteful Masterpiece on the Table

Terme Manzi Hotel and Spa offers you the opportunity to dine in the restaurant à la gran carte “Il Mosaico”.

Our star Michelin Chef Giovanni De Vivo, using only the finest and fresh local ingredients, will make you enjoy dishes of the area and of our tradition in a modern style and elegant atmosphere.

The cuisine of De Vivo is characterized by a careful search of seasonal products and a full appreciation of the excellence of Campania.

Chef De Vivo, in creating a dish, respects the freshness and the simple flavor of the ingredients, being able to create a tastful balance between tradition and innovation.

The charm of the restaurant, the mastery of the chef and attentive service of the staff make Il Mosaico very unique, both in the elegant dining room featuring columns rich in mosaics and the outdoor terrace, with beautiful views of the patio.

In the evening the light turn on, Unison Reserch spreads its music and Carmine Di Iorio, the Restaurant Manager, and his team will accompany you throughout a unique experience rich in flavors and colors.

At the end of the dinner you can enjoy a grappa or brandy sitting comfortably on our Baxter couches.

The Gourmet Restaurant Il Mosaico deliberatly has a limited number of tables, this way it can express the full potential of its cuisine.

For those who want to surprise your partner or treat yourself to an unforgettable evening, the restaurant “Il Mosaico” provides the exclusive formula, which allows you to book a table at the indoor or outdoor pool in privacy, in a truly romantic atmosphere (including Kit Spa).

Bouganville Snack Bar

On the large terrace of the Roof Garden of the Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa, with its panoramic view, awaits you the Bouganville Snack Bar. There you will be immersed in the tranquility of the green and lovely view of the majestic volcano “Monte Epomeo”, where between a dive in the pool and a sun bath you can refresh with a cocktail with fresh fruits or enjoy an aperitif before enjoying the delights of our cuisine, so as to reinvigorate the energies and refill your well-being.

Bat Il Mosaico

In an exclusive and refined environment the Mosaico Bar is the perfect place for a relaxing moment, where you can listen to live music and enjoy the excellent cocktails and appetizers, prepared by our experts barman or simply taste grappa and distillates from a selected reserve.

Bar Hall

The Lobby Bar, with its hushed atmosphere is the outpost in the universe of taste. Even a simple coffee from us will never be such. We offer prestigious coffee blends, expertly chosen by the best manufacturers by virtue of its properties, from the finest crops of the world, in order to make the espresso a real sophistication. For the fans of tea and herbal teas the Bar offers several selections from several parts of the world, so you can combine both; the delicious moments of relaxation with moments of harmony with your body. To give a further taste experience, coffee and tea will be accompanied by fresh small pastry made by our pastry chefs.


The Terme Manzi Hotel & Spa wants to start delighting from the early hours of the morning onwards, and wants to delight both, the palate and the eyes, thanks to its lovely breakfast, offering a rich buffet consisting only of products and ingredients of the highest quality, waiting for you in order to discover many other delights, prepared by our pastry chef.

We also offer gluten-free products, available to our celiac guests.

Our guests can enjoy breakfast every morning from 07:30am to 10:30am inside of the traditional restaurant “Gli Ulivi” or on the terrace in the shade of ancient olive trees.

We also offer the opportunity to serve breakfast directly in the tranquility of your room, in total privacy.

We remind our guests that breakfast is always included in the room rate.

Executive Chef Giovanni De Vivo

Tradition And Innovation

I started from the traditions of my family to build what is now for me is a new balance between tradition and innovation. In the composition of a dish than the first product and the simple flavor of the ingredients.

I argue that especially in recent years has become important to arrive at a maximum of the kitchen: “keep intact the main features of the products and make the light dish” For this you must always seek more quality products with ever greater determination.

The kitchen is a medium that allows you to go on a journey through new sensations, feelings that are the expression of stimulating experiences that will never end, in a world now poised between the universes of the fantastic and the real.