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The Hotel Terme Metropole, a 4-star Spa hotel in Abano Terme, awaits you for a pleasant holiday in the pursuit of wellness. With its 33,000 sq m park, 5 swimming pools with thermal water at different temperatures, and 1 fresh water pool for swimming. Thousands of whirlpools to caress, tone and pamper the entire body. All immersed in an extraordinary natural environment that reminds us of a holiday with a tropical feel.

The rooms in our 4-star hotel in Abano Terme are elegantly decorated and equipped with all the comforts, all have a large terrace with pleasant views of the garden or the swimming pools.

The famous Oriental Thermal Spa Pavilion is a piece of the East in the heart of Abano Terme.

It combines treatments from around the world and Eastern philosophies such as Chinese and Japanese medicine, Ayurveda, and Spa treatments, with the extraordinary properties of our spa water, rich in sodium chloride, bromine and iodine and bio-thermal clay.

For active guests there are tennis courts, miniature golf, a bocce compound, ping-pong table, gym and open air gym in the garden, as well as bicycles and mountain bikes for fun tours of the Euganean Hills.

Hotel Terme Metropole

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Oriental Spa

Discover the magic of the combination of thermal and holistic medicine in a luxurious and exclusive environment, dedicated to lovers of natural therapies and ayurvedic treatments.

Discover a corner of the Far East in the heart of Abano Terme.

The Pools

Enjoy the pleasure of swimming in one of the five thermal pools, indoor and outdoor, that together form a lake of natural thermal wellness, characterized by the most modern treatment paths and hydromassage.


Live the experience that unites the power of thermal waters to the efficacy of clay and the benefits of yoga, thanks to the yoga lessons perfect for beginners, experts or lovers of gentle movement.

Classic Room

Comfortable room with a view over the front entrance garden and Abano Terme, from the sunny position of the furnished balcony, perfect for relaxing holidays in a 4-star hotel in Abano. Basic furniture and décor in relaxing shades. The room has a bathroom with a bath or shower and is available with double bed or twin singles.

Classic Pool Room

Quiet, comfortable room with a furnished balcony, overlooking the thermal pools and the lovely park. Ideal for a holiday in Abano Terme. Basic furniture and décor in relaxing shades. The room has a bathroom with a bath or shower and is available with double bed or twin singles.

Superior Room

A beautiful, recently renovated room with a furnished balcony, overlooking the front entrance garden and Abano Terme itself. The furniture is in teak, and warm relaxing colours. The room has a bathroom with shower and a golden crystal surface around the wash-basin area. Available as double or with twin singles for a romantic weekend in the thermal baths of Abano.

Deluxe Room

Spacious, elegant room, most with a glorious view over the park and the thermal pools from the sun-lit furnished balcony. The room is about 32 sq m with fittings in wood and marble, and has a small living area and large bathroom, with shower and bath. Available with either a double bed or twin singles for a wellness break in Abano Terme.

Deluxe Oriental Room

These modern, Oriental-style rooms are welcoming and fresh, with everything you could need for your stay. They are very popular with guests who follow the Ayurvedic programmes here at the Hotel Terme Metropole in Abano, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in Oriental wellbeing.

The rooms are quiet and set apart, making them the perfect place for those seeking to escape from the chaos and stress of everyday life and intensely experience the magic of yoga in Abano Terme. Free Wi-Fi.

Junior Suite

Splendid and sumptuous Junior Suite in Abano Terme overlooking the hills and front entrance garden, in a bright and sunny position. The room, about 45 sq m, is styled with Louis XV furniture and marble fittings. The living area is spacious and the double bathrooms, also in pink marble, have both shower and bath. The Suite is available as a double or with twin singles for the perfect spa holiday in Abano Terme.

Junior Suite Executive

Splendid and sumptuous Junior Suite with a splendid view over the park and the thermal pools from the sunny bright, furnished double balcony. The room, about 45 sq m, is styled with Louis XV furniture and marble fittings. The living area is spacious and the double bathrooms, also in pink marble, have both shower and bath. The Suite is available as a double or with twin singles and is the perfect choice for those planning a family holiday on Abano Terme. Courtesy welcome with fresh fruit.

Suite Garden

Splendid and sumptuous Suite in Abano Terme with a lovely view over the nearby Euganean Hills and the front garden from the sunny bright, furnished double balcony. The room, about 70 sq m is styled with Louis XV furniture and marble fittings. Bedroom and separate large living room. The double bathrooms, also in pink marble, have both shower and bath. The Suite is available as a double or with twin singles. Courtesy welcome with fresh fruit.

Oriental Thermal Spa

Dedicated to lovers of natural therapies and Ayurvedic treatments, the Oriental Thermal Spa pavilion is a corner of the Far East in the heart of Abano, immersed in the greenery of the tropical gardens of the Hotel Metropole. An area with an Oriental atmosphere, proving the ideal location for guests to regain their balance and the inner serenity.

A fusion of cultures, times and traditions: the combination of fango therapy with Eastern techniques is in fact the distinctive feature of the range of treatments available at the Oriental Thermal Spa.

The combination of thermal medicine and Ayurvedic medicine has one goal: to help guests attain full physical and mental well-being. Although they remain autonomous, Western medicine and Eastern knowledge cooperate and converge into a unique path, entire and personalized, regenerating body and mind.

Fango therapy is therefore interpreted from the viewpoint of holistic philosophy, according to the most ancient cultural traditions of the Oriental anti-stress therapies: Japanese (Shiatsu), Persian (aromatherapy), Thai (Noad Phaen Boran) and Tibetan (Tibetan bells).

Andromeda Pool

All year round you can take a dip in the Andromeda pool in Abano Terme, named after the goddess of Greek mythology renowned for her beauty.

This spa pool was built for the wellbeing and relaxation of guests, to simulate the ecstatic feeling one experiences when diving into the ocean. An enormous pool, containing over 620 cubic metres of thermal water and measuring 12 metres wide by 35 metres long.

The pool is divided into 24 different areas featuring hundreds of whirlpool jets and jacuzzis for the wellness of every single part of the body. Guests are free to choose whether to embark upon an individual treatment programme with the help of a personal trainer or simply be guided by the sweet, light water of the whirlpool for a 20 minute treatment.

Situated in a magical location surrounded by the lush tropical greenery of the Hotel Metropole in Abano Terme, , the Andromeda pool is an extraordinary new element that complements the treatments offered in our health and beauty spa.

Temperature from 33°C to 34°C depending on the season.

Libra Pool

The Libra swimming pool in Abano Terme is a fantastic pool thanks to the fact that it is connected to the indoor Idra pool which makes it accessible in all seasons. You can feel the pleasure of swimming in warm water when it’s cold, or perhaps raining outside.

A unique opportunity to enjoy immersing yourself in the warm spa water, surrounded by the immense green park with its palm trees and tropical plants.

You are sure to relax here in any season of the year.

Temperature 35°C.

Delphinius Pool

The Delphinius spa pool in Abano Terme is perfect when you want to enjoy the Italian sun and warmth in springtime.

The spa water is rich in sodium chloride, bromine and iodine and as it washes over your body, you are sure to rediscover how it feels to be relaxed and healthy.

Thanks to its strategic position you can catch the first rays of the year by the Delphinius pool.

Close to the restaurant and the grill, it’s also the perfect place for an early evening snack or cocktail.

Temperature 30°C.

Sirio Pool

Sports fans adore swimming in the Sirio pool, the only freshwater pool in Abano Terme.

This pool, with fresh cool water is a favourite with all those who wish to continue training or swim long distances in the summer months.

For guests looking to cool down in the summer heat, we recommend you try it together with the other pools that have different temperatures and features.

Temperature 24°C-28°C depending on the season.

Idra Pool

The safe, quiet and welcoming Idra spa pool in Abano Terme is an oasis of wellness for guests seeking peace and quiet in the Spa area.

It is connected to the outdoor Libra pool so that guests can enjoy swimming in the open air and then swim to the indoor pool, or reach it via the underwater passageway.

Temperature 36°C.


An oasis of peace embraces the Hotel Metropole, and its Oriental Thermal Spa in Abano Terme. 33,000 m2 of parkland provides the backdrop to the 5 large swimming pools immersed in nature. A quiet corner where guests can rest and wake up in the shadow of a palm tree, awaiting the sunset. The park will allow you to dream while reading a book, meditating or playing your favourite sport. Your travelling companions will be olive trees, beech trees, magnolias and tropical plants. Here your spa holiday on the trail of relaxation in one of the most interesting thermal baths in the Veneto region is guaranteed!

Spazio Garden

Wellness, various types of sport, moments for relaxation or the opportunity to detox: all in one holiday. In the Spazio Garden of the Metropole you will find an extremely vast range of activities to combine and transform into a unique experience that you will undoubtedly wish to repeat alone, with your partner or with your family.

Send your request to the Doctor Online, our specialists will happily advise you with precious info.

The stimulating, energising gym of the Hotel Terme Metropole in Abano is large, extremely bright and offers an extraordinary view over the park. Whether you choose to train alone or with the help of our personal trainer, the important thing is to get moving!

Open Air Gym
Innovative and unique in Abano Terme, rowing machine, twister , vibration platform, exercise bike, air walker, abs zone, shouldercizer, all immersed in the park of the Metropole.
Thanks to the mild climate of Abano Terme, spa town at the foot of the Euganean Hills, you can use this area all year round. Your workout will be fun, your lungs will be full of fresh, healthy air and your eyes will drink in the green panorama of the hills before you. Who ever said that exercising was boring?

A session in our steam grotto will prove detoxifying, slimming and rejuvenating. You can repeat this experience daily to remove toxins and waste, leaving your skin softer and healthier and stimulating your metabolism to eliminate excess fluid.

A temperature of between 80° and 90° awaits you in the warm, salubrious atmosphere of the Finnish sauna.
Combine the detoxifying effect of the sauna with our yellow course that includes peeling treatments and detox sessions to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin.

Tennis players, or simply fans of the sport, there is no need to forego your favourite pastime even when on holiday. If you wish to improve your performance, our personal trainers can help you to master your “winning serve”.

Play with your family, partner or friends: what better way to turn the clock back?

Ping Pong
A sport for all ages, useful for aiding movement, sharpening the reflexes and increasing sensitivity to the touch.
Fans of the sport often say that "table tennis is like playing at chess while running the 100 metres".

We’ll see you in the park!

Panoramic Breakfast

The Panoramic Breakfast offered by the Hotel Metropole in Abano Terme is a breakfast that is varied, healthy, fresh and seasonal.

Enjoy sourdough bread with lashings of homemade butter and jam rich in fruits and low in sugar and preservatives. Also enjoy a fresh selection of eggs, cheeses made with raw milk or fresh ricotta. The Bio Corner Offers wholewheat biscuits, chocolate cake made with spelt, melba toast, plain biscuits, cornflakes and muesli. The fantastic terrace overlooking the spa pools provides the perfect location in which to sip a coffee or a cup of your favourite tea, as your ears savour the silence and calmness of the morning.

Tina Restaurant

Buffets and original dishes are imaginatively prepared to produce healthy, innovative, smart cuisine in the restaurants of the Metropole Hotel in Abano Terme.

This is prepared using only ingredients chosen by a team of specialists responsible for monitoring and selecting the best manufacturers to ensure the highest quality sources.

The Metropole is renowned for the quality of its buffets, and that of the recipes created by Chef Fabio Momolo, who for years has been an example of a perfect balance between innovation and tradition. His menu, which offers a choice of 8 different dishes, is a daily runway show of the tastiest specialities from the Venetian and Italian culinary traditions.

Indian Corner

An Ayurvedic Programme at the Oriental Themal Spa of the Metropole Hotel in Abano Terme cannot be complete without the taste, flavour and colours of India, the birthplace of Ayurvedic treatments.

In addition to vata, pitta and kapha herbal teas, which are available at breakfast and after the treatments, you will also find an Indian section dedicated to fans of oriental cuisine every day in the Tina restaurant.

Chef Arvind Singh, passionate about the culinary traditions of his native land, lovingly prepares the dishes in the Indian section and also organises the restaurant’s Indian theme nights.

You can enjoy dishes such as Pakora Mix, tasty vegetable fritters with Indian spices, Murg Tikka, spicy chicken nuggets or Nan, the traditional Indian bread.

Delphinius Restaurant Grill

The Delphinius offers a Grill Menu with a colourful Buffet in the shade of a palm tree, accompanied by a breathtaking view over the thermal pools in Abano Terme. The experience of savouring this wide range of delicious dishes and fine wine in the open air or in the shelter of the comfortable terrace will be even more Italian if accompanied by a zero mileage dish or a cool glass of wine from vines on the Euganean Hills.

Fruit cocktail and a wide selection of fresh fruits form our sweet menu, together with cakes, desserts and freshly homemade ice-cream.

Majestic Bar

You are free to do as you please on holiday, and the Majestic Bar in Abano Terme is the perfect place to meet up with friends for a chat and to have fun. With music playing in the background, our barman Fernando will recommend the perfect cocktail to sip on in the park in front of the bar.

Following dinner among the palm trees you can enjoy a cognac or one of the very best grappas that we have specially selected for you. There is always music and dancing in this part of the Hotel Metropole, where every minute is devoted to having fun.

Andromeda Bar

The Andromeda Bar, immersed in the park near the spa swimming pools, is the perfect place to escape to for those in search of sun, swimming and relaxation.

It offers refreshing cocktails and a myriad of different flavoured ice creams for the perfect wellbeing holiday in Abano Terme.

Victoria Club

Don’t miss your chance to hear live music in the Victoria Club. Just a short walk from the Abano Grand Hotel there is an exclusive club where international, world-class artists perform.

Enjoy cognac, cigars and chocolate, sample a flight of spirits, or indulge in champagnes and prosecco from the finest wine cellars.

For those who love originality, choose one of the imaginative cocktails masterfully prepared by Barman Gianni.

Open from 9.30 pm to 2 am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Booking is advisable.


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From motorway A4 (Milan. Venice) Take exit Padova Ovest and follow the SS 250 to Terme Euganee; after 9 km take exit to Abano Terme. At the 3rd circle turn right (Via Flacco). From motorway A13 (Bologna-Padua) take exit Terme Euganee, then SS 16 and follow the signs to Abano Terme; once in Montegrotto Terme follow SP to Padua. At the 2nd circle turn left (Via Flacco).

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