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 Parque de Vidago, Apartado 16 5425-307 Vidago − Portugal

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The Vidago Palace Hotel offers elegant spaces that are ideal for spending time together and enjoying life, in comfort rendered sublime by meticulous attention to detail. Splendid materials, plush carpets, stylish wallpapers, fine architecture and perfect finishings make the Vidago Palace Hotel unique in the world!

Vidago Palace Hotel

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The Vidago Palace Hotel reopened in 2010 following major refurbishment work. The splendour and sophistication of the past have been preserved intact, along with bygone standards of service and hospitality. Deeply rooted in the collective memory of several generations, the hotel harks back to the way life was lived in the great aristocratic households of the Belle Époque. The best craftsmen in each speciality were taken on to restore to the hotel to the brilliance and aura it possessed from old times. A duo of Portuguese architects - José Pedro Lopes Vieira and Diogo Rosa Lã – masterminded decoration of the interior spaces, while the Thermal SPA and the Club House are the work of the highly regarded architect Álvaro Siza Vieira.  


The hotel retains a wealth of absolutely enchanting details. Its corridors are resplendent with fine materials, sumptuous pieces of handmade furniture, exuberant fabrics sourced from more than 100 suppliers, silk wallpapers with expressive motifs, carefully chosen light fittings and a subtle range of colours. These diverse elements are harmonised to create seductive and welcoming spaces reminiscent of a stately home, full of soul and history. Entering the Vidago Palace Hotel is to be immediately surrounded by a certain voluptuousness… The sense of ease conveyed by grand spaces and ornate furniture of dark carved wood – so typically Portuguese – fits perfectly with chandeliers in the Venetian style and floors of light-coloured mosaic and wooden boards embellished with thick handmade rugs.


The Vidago Palace Hotel offers the following to all its guests:

  • 4 restaurants
  • 4 bars
  • Library with multimedia equipment
  • 18-hole golf course designed by Cameron & Powell
  • Spa including hydrotherapy and thermal treatments
  • Gym
  • 2 swimming pools (one indoor 15m pool and one outdoor 25m pool)
  • Kids’ outdoor pool
  • KidsClub
  • Baby-sitting
  • Children’s programme
  • Activities & workshops for adults
  • Full equipped conference centre
  • 24/7 room service
  • 24/7 conciergerie
  • Dry cleaning and pressing
  • Chauffeur-driven cars


Designed last century, during the reign of King Carlos I, the Vidago Palace Hotel was opened for the first time in 1910! With distinction, as one of the Leading Hotels of the World, the hundred-year old Palace now provides a luxury service of excellence and comfort. Inside the hotel, you are invited to enjoy one of the 70 magnificent Rooms & Suites, to savour the gastronomy of the majestic Grand Ballroom and to relax in the modern Thermal Spa, where the mineral water of Vidago – recognised for its exceptional therapeutic qualities – reigns supreme! In the park, the 18-hole Golf Course is ideal for a few rounds. Lastly, take a trip through this enchanted universe with a visit to the traditional springs or a bicycle ride along the many trails that provide a fantastic opportunity to observe the local wildlife. Discover the Vidago Palace Hotel – a hidden palace in the woods!


Unique and exclusive, the Vidago Palace Hotel is the perfect combination of luxury and the natural beauty of a Centenary Park! Like an enchanted world, the Palace extends an invitation to enjoy unforgettable experiences, in a setting of sophistication and splendour imbued with the charm and romanticism of the Belle Époque. A place of unique attractions, the Vidago Palace Hotel reopened in 2010 with a mission to offer guests an authentic journey back in time. Its magical setting and architectural heritage have made it a living legend! A modern spa, golf course and top-flight restaurant complete an offering of excellence, making the hotel an undeniable point of reference. Discover this ‘world apart’, where you will find the poetry and magic of a truly special experience.


For those traveling with children, an extra bed or cot can be placed in rooms Deluxe, & Privilege Suites and Junior Suites on request. Families can also choose to stay in superior rooms.

For parents traveling with more than two children, sabove 2 years of age, should do it for interconnection. To book interconnecting rooms, please contact the hotel directly because these rooms cannot be specifically reserved online. Cots are also available and / or extra bed.

Vidago Palace also provides a specialized babysitting service on request and a children's menu in the restaurants of the hotel. Younger guests can enjoy a variety of unique activities including craft workshops, balloon modeling, sports activities and movies.

The indoor pool is free access to children under 16 when accompanied by an adult from 10:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m..


Jerónimo´s Kids Club is the perfect place to liven up, entertain, and inspire your child, in a daily supervised specialists program , focusing on adventure, creativity, imagination and exploration, showing what our park has best to offer, which is our nature.

Through games, play and didactic activities, swimming pool, playground and challenges led by a dedicated and committed team, children will be inspired to free their imagination.

Rooms & Suites

Classic room

With lots of natural light, the inviting Classic rooms are spread over the four floors of the hotel and offer fantastic views of the park and the mountains. Spacious and with contemporary decoration. Each room is styled in different colours, with two armchairs, to form a pleasant living area. Classic rooms have spacious bathrooms decorated with rectangular bevelled tiles.

Superior room

Superior grade rooms are spread across all floors of the hotel, providing a pleasant view to the hills. Extremely comfortable and spacious, they are suitable for two adults and, with an extra bed, one child. Available with twin or king size beds, they also have bathrooms with a large bath and/or shower.

Privilege room

Situated on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of the hotel, Privilege rooms offer an interesting detail: they receive natural light from several windows, framing a perfect view of the hotel’s surroundings. The attractive living room has a sophisticated chaise longue. The rooms are large and offer a décor that modulates the general concept of classical comfort through a range of different colours and upholsteries, embroidered curtains and thick rugs on wooden floors. The spacious bathrooms have an ingenious system of inset mirrored cabins, with a shower area on one side and bath on the other. The retro style mosaic flooring is not to be missed either! The pleasant living area is another reason for opting for a room in this category!

Junior Suite

There are six magnificent Junior Suites at the Vidago Palace Hotel. Six exclusive rooms with two breathtaking aspects to the parkland and the hills that surround the hotel. The outstanding features of rooms of this type are the fantastic double bed or twin single beds, the magnificent bathroom with classic bath and shower, and the inviting living room, where you can relax and read a good book. With an area of between 39 and 49 m², a cot or extra bed can also be provided for parents travelling with children.


The Vidago Palace Hotel has four spacious, luxurious, poetic, inspiring, tranquil suites. These spaces are decorated in three different colour schemes: green, grey-brown and navy blue. Situated on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors of the hotel, on the axis of the central wing, opposite the fountain, they enjoy a superb view. Inspired by nature, the suites of the Vidago Palace Hotel have on the walls of the double room and the living room/library a De Gournay silk wallpaper with a life-size floral motif, either on the theme of the Orient (in one suite), with branches of Japanese cherry blossom, or on the theme of wisteria (in the other three), with clusters of flowers tumbling from the tops of the walls. 

The theme of exoticism, characteristic of the art of the 18th century, is present in details that allude to Portugal’s colonial heritage. The décor combines the elegance of antiques – antique dresser, writing desk, side table, oriental style bookcase – with more contemporary furnishings – bedside tables, sofa, coffee table, carpet, etc. – by Italian designers. A variety of different rugs adorn the dark wooden floors.

To the right of the entrance lies a spacious bathroom, and to the left, an ample dressing room. A short corridor leads to a living room with two armchairs, a pedestal table and a big work table. A set of sliding doors opens on one side to the bedroom, and on the other, to a living room with a leather sofa bed, a bookcase and a coffee table or antique dresser. 

Wellness & Relaxation


The Vidago Palace Hotel Spa is a place of sophisticated elegance and glamour set amid 100 hectares of scented pine and cedar, interspersed with rosemary and lavender across the whole park.

Vidago Palace has naturally chosen for its Spa, the absolute European leader in face and body care, CLARINS. 

This partnership of excellence is based on a common philosophy: an innate sense of ELEGANCE, CERTIFIED QUALITY and CUSTOMIZED SERVICE. The science that awakens the senses, through precious extracts of 100% natural plants, optimized thanks to an exclusive gestural, in Manual treatments. The Clarins Institute always had its first objective and only motivation, to pay homage to women: "By love and respect for feminine beauty"

In sharp contrast with the opulence and refinement of the main building, with its distinctive Belle Époque features, the Vidago Palace Hotel Spa is a perfect oasis. A minimalist masterpiece of straight lines and white marble, it was designed by the famous international architect Álvaro Siza Vieira, who transformed it into a modern space of Zen inspiration that exudes tranquility and instils an immediate sense of wellness, even before you enjoy a treatment.

With treatment using therapeutic mineral waters. Enjoy our refreshing shower and the invigorating ice fountain; energise your body in the luxurious vitality pool, set in a marvellous outdoor ambience. Enter a new world of emotions and discovery with our dedicated therapists, trained to international standards, who combine their experience with the waters of Vidago to provide the "perfect treatment” for mind, body and soul. Find the perfect souvenir of your visit in our exclusive shop, with personalised advice for all your needs. In association with Clarins, Aromatherapy Associates and the mineral thermal Vidago water, the Vidago Palace Hotel Spa offers a vast range of products and treatments. All experiences are unique and memorable!


  • 10 treatment rooms
  • 5 rooms for thermal treatments
  • 2 suites for couples
  • 2 experience showers
  • 2 relaxation rooms
  • 1 beauty room
  • 1 vitality pool (heated outdoor pool with water jets)
  • 2 swimming pools – one indoor and the other outdoor
  • Heat experiences: sauna, Turkish bath, hammam, ice fountain
  • 1 gymnasium with Matrix equipment
  • Juice bar and pool bar
  • 1 medical practice


The natural mineral water of Vidago, recognised for its curative properties, is used in treatments and health programmes developed under the guidance of a highly specialised medical team.


In the beginning there was, and always will be... the "very rare” carbonated mineral water, "discovered” by a farm labourer in the 19th century. This "balanced, fine and delicate” water has always been associated with Vidago. The history of the waters of Vidago began in the 16th century, when it was credited with therapeutic and curative properties. Drawn directly from deep bedrock of pure granite, these waters are currently used in various treatments exclusive to the Vidago Palace Hotel Spa. The architectural elegance of the hotel and the fresh, clean, contemporary lines of the Spa bring a new dimension to Vidago’s famous park and hotel, after centuries of incalculable value!


The water of Vidago is one of the richest alkaline waters. Its properties are indicated to ease digestion, decongest the liver and help cleanse the kidneys, among other benefits.

For long decades the waters of Vidago have been part of the daily life and traditions of the people of the town. Their excellent therapeutic properties made Vidago famous and at the beginning of the 20th century turned it into Portugal’s leading resort and one of the biggest on the Iberian Peninsula, a favourite destination of the Portuguese and European aristocracy.

It was in 1863 that this natural bounty came to light, and bottling of Vidago water began for the first time in 1886. It can still be tasted directly from the spring, in its highly concentrated, naturally carbonated form. There are currently three springs that bubble to the surface within the grounds of the Vidago Palace Hotel’s Vidago Park.

The chemical composition of Vidago’s waters differs slightly from one source to another, but they have in common an exceptionally high mineral content, and in particular iron content, with therapeutic properties. Generations ago, doctors would prescribe a specific spring from which to drink. They would encourage their patients to do the "water walk”, taking their daily dose as they strolled the paths of the park from one pavilion to the next. 

The waters come from four cold mineral springs. Hypersaline and alkaline, they contain sodium and bicarbonate ions as well as traces of arsenic, iron and fluoride. 


The Vidago Palace Thermal Spa Vidago Palace Thermal Spa provides a complete wellness experience, personalized treatments to all guests. The Spa offers a variety of programs effective in rejuvenating the body and mind. 
Vidago Palace Thermal Spa offers programs with Vidago Mineral Water, which have therapeutic and curative properties. These waters are collected directly from deep abstractions in granite rock soil. 
You get benefits for your digestive, musculo-skeletal, sedative, metabolic, cardiovascular and skin actions. 

At the Vidago Palace Thermal Spa, in an environment of pure tranquility you can enjoy unique and unforgettable moments that balance your body and mind. Based on international techniques, cultures and influences, wellness treatments that are effective and tailored to your measure.


Based on international techniques, cultures and influences, the wellness treatments of the Vidago Palace Spa are effective and tailored to you so that you can spend a half-day or full day rejuvenating in an inspiring contemporary environment!

Personalised packages and a range of made-to-measure treatments are synonymous with an unparalleled experience at the Vidago Palace Spa. Explore the collection of treatments we have to offer you that respect your biological time, promising a fantastic rejuvenation of body and mind. Whether it be relaxing with an amazing massage or trying one of our innovative World Therapies, we are sure you will enjoy unique and truly gratifying moments.  

The Vidago Palace Spa also has a space for burning off energy – the Fitness Centre – and others that will help you relax: heated outdoor pool, sauna and Turkish bath, among others. Come try, and enjoy memorable experiences.


The body’s beauty is conveyed through many little details: movement, relaxation, beauty treatments, a healthy, balanced diet, purification of the skin… The Vidago Palace Spa experience will help you find perfect harmony, the ideal balance between all the elements that make you beautiful! 

Smooth, luminous skin; toned, firm tissue: body care is a pleasure and a source of great satisfaction, especially for anyone who wishes to correct or disguise some small imperfection. Purification and detoxification of the skin constitute the basis of the treatments from which you can choose during your stay at the Vidago Palace Spa and so immediately appreciate the results of incredible nutrition and sensations.


Little ones are always welcome at the Vidago Palace Hotel. We have a kids’ menu, a big outdoor park for learning to ride a bicycle, a playroom with toys and books to keep children entertained, access to the Spa’s swimming pool, free cot, free extra bed up to three years of age, free internet... and now we have  Spa programmes just for children too! All to make sure they have a good time too. Because happy, safe children make for happy parents!

The Vidago Palace Spa has created a series of Spa activities exclusively for young people and children. Awaken the adorable sensation of wellness in your children and share the health benefits of a fun Spa experience with them.

Meetings & Events


The Vidago Palace Hotel’s commitment to its customers is always to exceed their expectations. We provide the perfect experience, exactly as you planned it... with special extras you would never expect, to create something truly extraordinary! Be inspired by a dream event and be seduced by our suggestions! The Vidago Palace Hotel offers a variety of sophisticated spaces, with modern technology and internationally distinguished services! Each space offers a unique décor, with a touch of charm. 

Your (our) guests deserve the best!

Successful Meetings

Our spaces inspire results! With personalised coffee breaks for invigorating interludes, a gourmet restaurant that makes every meal special, and a highly specialised technical support service, the Vidago Palace Hotel makes the road to success easier – and more pleasurable – to travel. Take a look at our meeting rooms.

Memorable social events!

Celebrations that make an impression and that you will certainly never forget … By marking a birthday or a christening or holding a special dinner at the Vidago Palace Hotel you can create a unique time and space for your guests. The team aims to work with you to create an ideal environment and a personalised menu for your party. With the "stamp” of the Vidago Palace Hotel, enjoy unique ceremonies that combine glamour with good taste and a dash of extravagance!

Events on four wheels

Discover the perfect location for your car launch. Along with impressive settings and ideal settings for showing new models, the Vidago Palace Hotel also offers fantastic scenic routes for test drives in the region and a maintenance area, making for exceptional automotive events.


At the Vidago Palace park entrance and close to the hotel, a large ground-floor building, where in the past was installed the old Vidago thermal bath, was converted into a Conference Center. This beautiful and large building offers rooms and halls of different sizes, for all types of events: conferences, seminars, colloquiums, international meetings, festivals, artistic events, product launches (theater, cinema, etc.).

This historic building features:

  • 7 meeting rooms,
  • 1 multifunction room,
  • 1 reception room,
  • 1 lounge bar
  • An auditorium in an amphitheater with excellent acoustic performance, with 264 people capacity.



The Vidago Palace Hotel Golf Course is the ideal place for anyone wanting to combine golf with relaxation and tranquility. Opened in 1936, with a course designed by the Scottish specialist Philip Mackenzie Ross, the Vidago Palace Hotel Golf Course was renovated in 2010 by Cameron Powell, who made it even more challenging. An ideal way to experience the magical setting of the Vidago Palace Hotel.


The Belle Époque spirit of the magnificent Vidago Palace Hoteland the greenery of the Centenary Park that surrounds it are more than inspiring for golf lovers. First opened a little less than a century ago, the Vidago Palace Hotel golf course recently underwent a significant revamp, but its history, heritage and imposing presence remain unaffected, despite contemporary touches. While maintaining the identity of the original, the new 18-hole, par 72 course can now play host to international competitions. The view is fabulous and the fauna and flora of Vidago Park are just some of the charms of a "former spa hotel” from whose springs burble the famous thermal waters of Vidago.

Before it reopened in 2010, the Vidago Palace Hotel already had a golf course – a classic Mackenzie Ross 9-hole layout built in 1936. Totally refurbished by the famous duo Cameron & Powell, the new Vidago Palace Hotel Golf Course now offers a round of 18 holes, with a length of 6,308 metres (par 72), that has ambitions to claim an increasingly prominent position on the list of the most famous international golf courses. Its characteristics include raised tees and greens, and bunkers and greens strategically sited so that perfect vision is called for to judge differences in elevation. 

As a result, the Vidago Palace Hotel Golf Course is a delight and a challenge for even the most experienced of players. It is a course of striking contrasts, all with a particular respect for the natural surroundings. Distinctive features of this course include the support walls of all the tees, which are made of local stone, and the century-old trees, almost all of which have been preserved.



The Vidago Palace Hotel golf course offers a variety of services to enhance and complement the playing experience. These include a driving range for 30 players, putting green, chipping area and practice bunker, pro shop, restaurant and bar. 

The Vidago Palace Hotel Golf Course also offers private lessons and hires out buggies, trolleys and clubs. To enjoy this experience to the fullest, you can opt to stay at the Vidago Palace Hotel, which offers an ambience of elegance and an exceptional thermal spa.



The award-winning Vidago Palace Hotel Golf Course was redesigned by the firm Cameron & Powell from an original by Mackenzie Ross built in 1936. The course has now been rebuilt from scratch to meet USGA specifications for greens and tees and has been transformed into a par 72 course, making it a potential venue for international championships, while maintaining the identity of the original design and faithfully reflecting the beauty, the qualities unique to this sport, the spirit and the distinctive flavour of the location.

The main features of the Vidago Palace Hotel Golf Course include raised tees and greens, and bunkers and greens strategically sited so that perfect vision is called for to judge differences in elevation. As a result, the Vidago Palace Hotel golf course will challenge and delight even the most experienced player.


The Vidago Palace Hotel Golf Course is a course of striking contrasts, all with a particular respect for the natural surroundings. Distinctive features of this course include the support walls of all the tees, which are made of local stone, and the century-old trees, almost all of which have been preserved.

The first four holes, played within the Centenary Park of the Vidago Palace Hotel, anticipate the next 11, newly built in the Oura valley. The last three are played in the upper part of the Centenary Park, and afford magnificent views to the neighbouring hills and villages. Every hole is a challenge and each of the last nine is completely different from the one before, giving golfers the opportunity to deploy their full range of shots.

The recently enlarged course includes a golf academy, a 340 m driving range, a chipping area and two putting greens. Buggies, trolleys and electric trolleys are available to players at the Vidago Palace Hotel Club House; clubs can also be hired.

The course dress code requires shirts with collars and sleeves. Jeans and track suits may not be worn on the course. Use of soft spikes is obligatory. 


The Vidago Palace Hotel Golf Course is a suitable venue for organising national and international championships. Set in a picturesque valley, it is sure to provide an agreeable experience. 

Meticulously tended by specialists in golf course maintenance, the Vidago Palace Hotel Golf Course boasts 10 par 4 holes, four par 5 holes and four par 3 holes, and has a total length of 6,308m.

Grand Ballroom Restaurant

The Vidago Palace Hotel likes to receive guests well! And well means with elegance, sophistication, comfort, hospitality and excellent service. These values are at their most evident in the Grand Ballroom Restaurant. Imposing in scale, it is one of the most important apartments of the Vidago Palace Hotel. The ballroom, the biggest in existence at the time, has always been the scene for luxurious parties. With a majestic setting that is a listed monument, the Grand Ballroom gourmet restaurant is situated on the ground floor of the Vidago Palace Hotel, offering access to the garden of the main façade. A huge, hand-made, woollen Beiriz carpet frames the floor.

The carpet’s design depicts large-format tiles with floral motifs in pink, cream and brown hues. Sofas and chairs form a series of small islands around the square tables of the restaurant to create intimate spaces, separated by tall plants.

Winter Garden

Situated on the ground floor, under a structure in wrought iron and glass which gives the feel of a winter garden conservatory, redefines its imposing volume with very fresh colors, a mixture of greenish gray and bluish gray ( Farrow & Ball ), and a contemporary and comfortable decor that make it very cozy.

About a black and white plaid marble floor under the 6 columns that are topped by exotic plant foliage organize the space in queues. Several grayish blue velvet banquettes occupy the center, facing the square tables topped with its red lacquered feet and wrought iron. Other dark red tone stools row the walls with pads of chart patterns. The breakfast room opens onto the terrace overlooking the hill and to the Spa.

Bathed by the light of the day due to its large glass skylight, the Winter Garden Room is perfect for those who wish to stay quietly reading the daily newspapers.

Residents can start the day with a buffet of pastries, fresh fruit and delicious hot and cold specialties 

Hours of Operation:

Breakfast is served daily from 8:00 to 10:30 am and until 11:00 am during the weekends and holidays.

Club House Bar and Restaurant

The Vidago Palace Hotel Club House Bar and Restaurant occupies a unique space. Designed to be simultaneously spacious and welcoming, it offers a calm, serene ambience. During the winter months the crackle of the fireplace invites you to unwind, while in summer many people take advantage of the outdoor section to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the park. At any time of year, a drink in the Club House or an informal meal among friends is the ideal way to end your round of golf! 


The menu of the Vidago Palace Hotel Club House Bar and Restaurant includes international favourites like Caesar salad, steaks and sandwiches, alongside a number of local dishes. Come and try them!

Four Seasons Room

Located at the tip of the palace´s North wing under high ceilings, the Four Seasons room receives natural light in abundance during all the seasons thanks to its triple sun exposure. Designed in the style of a literary salon of the eighteenth century, has a setting that fosters conversations and other daily life rituals of an art of living.

Two large wool rugs in shades of burgundy, made to measure, symmetrically cover the course wood plank floor. Capitoné velvet armchairs, sofas, bergèrés chairs, curved sofas and a circular leather bench, some rooster stand tables, and plenty of soft cushions make up an eclectic furnishings set and form various seating areas. The walls are lined with copper-coated silk paper (Gournay). The French windows that open onto the terraces are lined with stone color silks. Several painted silk Fortuny chandeliers continue the luminaires theme for the Bar. 

Hours of Operation:

Opens from 11 am to 12.00 pm.

Five o'clock tea - Saturdays e Sundays (October to April), from 4 pm to 6.30 pm

Wine Cellar

In an area where the wine tests that compose the wine cellar of our Hotel are promoted, with a great variety of national and international wines.

The perfect combination between Portuguese snacks and Spanish tapas, here at your fingertips, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 6:30 pm to 11:00 pm, for guests and for visitors.

When products are good and genuine, one can not wish for more. Signed by Chef Vitor Matos, the appetizers menu is irresistibly delicious.

Pool Bar

The Vidago Palace Hotel Pool Bar is the ideal place to enjoy an ambience in perfect harmony with Nature. The cool simplicity of the swimming pool is an invitation to enjoy a cold drink, a light meal, or simply to relax on a lounger in the peaceful surroundings of the Park.


The Vidago Palace Hotel Pool Bar Menu offers an unforgettable combination of traditional flavours in harmony with the region’s products of choice. From pasta dishes to salads, by way of the chef’s selection of hot and cold sandwiches, the Vidago Palace Hotel Pool Bar aims to provide a relaxing and truly special experience.

In high season, various themed dinners are prepared in the Vidago Palace Hotel Pool Bar, to add to the relaxed, informal, party atmosphere. The aim is to add a large measure of fun to the flavours of carefully prepared meals, appetites sharpened by the pure air of the Park, with the magical sounds of Nature in the background. In the evening, let the starry sky light your meal and lend its glamour to the heady ambience of your surroundings!


Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at Vidago Palace Hotel. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, and the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel.
Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true, because they never allocate ALL the rooms to third parties.

Hotel: Vidago Palace Hotel

Address: Parque de Vidago, Apartado 16 5425-307 Vidago

Region: Vila Real

Country: Portugal

Official website:

Telephone: (+351) 276 990 920

Fax: (+351) 276 990 912

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How to reach us 

By car from Oporto Airport


  • The Vidago Palace Hotel is 1 hour and 10 minutes away from Oporto Airport. Take the A3 highway towards Braga, A7 towards Guimarães, enter in the A24 highway toward Chaves.

From Vila Real 

  • The Vidago Palace Hotel is 40 minutes away from Vila Real aerodrome. Highway: A24 towards Chaves

From Spain (Vigo)

  • The Vidago Palace Hotel is about 1 hour and 54 minutes from Vigo airport. Highway: A52 towards Verin, A72 towards Portugal, A24 towards Vidago.

Coordenadas GPS: 41° 38′ 24″ N, 7° 34′ 22.8″ W 41.64, -7.573

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