Parkhotel Villa Grazioli

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Villa Grazioli is an Italian National monument and enchanting hotel with 58 rooms. The colours of frescoes, created by G.P.Pannini in the eighteenth century, appear so lively to the admirer that one would think they were freshly painted.
The Villa Grazioli has been equipped with the most advanced utilities so that the guests can enjoy the comforts of a modern and functional hotel. The bedrooms have been furnished and decorated in line with the character of the building: wood, pottery and precious fabrics enrich the furniture, which has been chosen for its prestige, as well as for its elegant lines.
The pictorial decoration of the Villa has taken place in three different periods, corresponding to three families who succeeded to the property of building. Around 1590, Ottavio Acquaviva commissions the decoration of the rooms on main floor, which is completed by 1612. The Cardinal was more concerned with spiritual qualities rather than the mundane, therefore giving privilege to themes that captured the essence of religion and nature. We can admire, for example, a whole room dedicated to the four Cardinal virtues: prudence, strength, justice and temperance. Apart from the character of the land that ascends towards the top of the Tusculum Hill, the atmosphere is mainly rural, inspiring a spiritual and meditative life in line with the spirit of the Founder.