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Historic House nestles on the slopes at the gates of Rome, Grand Hotel Villa Tuscolana is a prestigious setting where you can organize Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Weddings and charmy Events surrounded by an elegant atmosphere and by a stunning panoramic view of the Eternal City.

The villa, built by the family Rufini in '600, stands on the ruins of the ancient home of Marcus Tullius Cicero, and is currently one of the most remarkable examples of monumental and historic stately mansions. The following century it was enlarged by the great architect Luigi Vanvitelli, famous for the design of the Reggia di Caserta.

Grand Hotel Villa Tuscolana is part of The JP Moser Hotel & Chateau Guide. All properties featured in have been carefully selected by Mr. & Mrs. Moser personally; they have been travelling through western Europe for more than 20 years,. Every year they stay at between 40 and 60 hotels and chateaux to evaluate them. This guarantees the thousands of people who browse daily through the web pages of The JP Moser Guide, that the properties featured are in good standing. You can be sure that there will be no unpleasant surprises when you stay at a JP Moser property. If at any time the Moser's have reason to believe that a establishment has decreased in the quality of its installations and/or service provided to their paying guests, the property will be removed from the guide.

When you send a request for a reservation through this website, it will go directly to Grand Hotel Villa Tuscolana, and you will receive a reply written by someone from Grand Hotel Villa Tuscolana...not an automated reply. You will be able to write back asking all your questions. They can also assist you with other reservations such as restaurants, events and more!

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The Hotel has 100 rooms and suites. Every room of the facade and the Belvedere Room, located in the upper part of the Villa, have one of the most scenic views of Rome, with the Dome of St. Peter in the background.

All rooms are furnished and equipped with every comfort, with a touch of charm for an unforgettable stay.

▪  Room with panoramic view of Rome  ▪
▪  Room with panoramic view of Frascati  ▪
▪  Suite with panoramic view of Monteporzio  ▪
▪  Suite with panoramic view of Rome  ▪
▪  Suite with panoramic balcony  ▪
▪  Panoramic suite  ▪
▪  Regal Suite  ▪
▪  Romantic Suite  ▪

How to reach the hotel

By Car:
Directions from rome-naples motorways: Follow the directions to Rome-South until Monte Porzio Catone. At the exit of Monte Porzio Catone turn right and follow the direction Frascati. The hotel is 5-min.-far from the motorway.

Directions from g.r.a. (Grande Raccordo Anulare): Take the G.R.A. until the exit 21/22 Anagnina. Take Tuscolana Road into Frascati, follow the directions Grand Hotel Villa Tuscolana. The hotel is 10 minutes far from the G.R.A.

▪  La Rufinella  ▪
La Rufinella

The restaurant offers unique flavours and sensations to our Guests. Indoor Restaurant rooms "Bonaparte", "Rufini", "Savoia" (on the 1st floor), "Borbone" (on the 3rd floor) and, last but not least, the wonderful "Belvedere" room, located on the top floor of the Villa, are able to host over 500 guests.

▪  Lympha SPA  ▪
Lympha SPA

The water that magically appears under the vaulted ceiling, is a tribute to Lymphae commotiles and their ability to flow, transform and create new sublime and ecstatic suggestions. Well hidden inside the shells, there are pearls ... precious pearls, pure and unique.

Frascati is located in the Castelli Romani hills overlooking the city of Rome. The town is famous for its white wines and opulent villas. If you go during the Vendemmia in october / november you can witness the traditional celebration of the grape harvest. The main attractions in town include the Piazza, the Villa Aldobranni built in 1598 by Giacomo della Porta with a great garden and the Duomo a few blocks from the Villa. At the porta Porticella there is a market, where you can get picnic supplies. A good night out in this little town in one of the authentic restaurants with Frascati wine is a real experience.

The most reliable “Review” about this property is that it is in The JP Moser Hotel and Chateau Guide, and Mr. and Mrs. Moser, the authors of the guide, stay at the properties featured in The JP Moser Hotel and Chateau guide (usually for two days and two nights), in order to evaluate thoroughly the installations and services. Therefore, if a lodging establishment is featured in The JP Moser Hotel and Chateau Guide, is because it is exactly as you see it in and you can be sure that if you book this property, there should not be any unpleasant surprises while you stay there.
If you have stayed at this property, please share with us your experience, whether good or bad, because things could change at any time....

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