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Historic House nestles on the slopes at the gates of Rome, Grand Hotel Villa Tuscolana is a prestigious setting where you can organize Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Weddings and charmy Events surrounded by an elegant atmosphere and by a stunning panoramic view of the Eternal City.

The villa, built by the family Rufini in '600, stands on the ruins of the ancient home of Marcus Tullius Cicero, and is currently one of the most remarkable examples of monumental and historic stately mansions. The following century it was enlarged by the great architect Luigi Vanvitelli, famous for the design of the Reggia di Caserta.

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The core of the Villa dates back to 1578 by Cardinal Alessandro Rufini, owner of the Villa Rufina (a.k.a. Villa Falconieri). The name Rufinella was given to distinguish from the more ancient Villa. After the Cardinal’s death the Villa Tuscolana was owned by Reverend Apostolic Chamber, that handed it over to Cardinal Guido Ferreri, grandson of Carlo Borromeo and relative of Pio IV, in 1580.

Many owners followed during the years to come: Cardinal Francesco Sforza, Mario I Sforza, Count of Santa Fioria, Vincenzo de’ Nobili from whom in 1604 Clemente VIII Aldobrandini buys it for his nephew (or grandson) Pietro, owner of the Villa Belvedere (a.k.a. Aldobrandini) that was undergoing restoration at the time.  From 1639 the Villa belonged for nearly a century to the Sacchetti Family. Some ancient paintings of the Villa witnessed its appearance as that of a seventeenth-century Villa, a simple three-floor building with its main façade facing Rome, like almost all the Villa in the Tusculum. A vast Italian style garden surrounded the Villa. In 1740 the Sacchetti Family gave the Villa to the order of the Jesuits , They totally changed the look of the building. The renovation of the Villa was given to Architect Luigi Vanvitelli, responsible for the properties in Frascati as he had already worked on the aqueduct in Vermicino. Although he respected the core of the building, he completely changed the look, redesigning a T-shaped building with  a main part that served as a façade from which a long part started and was organized with long corridors in the centre along which there were the cells for the priests. A nymphaeum and a shell shaped fountain were also added. During the renovation many archeological finds were found. They were from the “Villa di Marco Tullio Cicerone”, called the “Tuscolano” this is why the name of the Villa was changed to Villa Tuscolana. Vanvitelli had to keep on working on the Villa, due to damages caused by disruptions that occured during the following years due to the presence of caves.

In 1773, after the abolition of the order of the Jesuits, the Villa was sold to Luciano Bonaparte. He made some changes to the park and planted olive trees, oaks and cypress trees, he also opened new pathways with statues and archeological finds. The main decorative feature was the “Monte Parnaso” a stairway made of box hedges that spelled out the names of the most famous poets, at the top of which you could see the busts of Omero, Virgilio, Tasso and Camoes as well as the copy of the “Apollo del Belvedere” by Pietro Marchetti that was later moved to the nymphaeum of Villa Lancellotti. After the kidnapping of the family portraits and of Bishop Cuneo, Bonaparte sold the Villa in 1820 to Maria Anna di Savoia, Duchess of Sciablese.

Then the Villa belonged to Maria Cristina, wife of King Carlo Felice of Sardinia and later to King Vittorio Emanuele. In 1872 the Villa belonged to the Aldobrandini Lancellotti Family, that created pathways that joined the two Villas that belonged to the Family. Severely damaged by World War II, the Villa was renovated in 1966 by the Salesians Order and then again by the current owners that turned the Villa back to its former glory, transforming it into an efficient Hotel, Congress Centre, location for Events, and it is unique in its kind in Frascati but also in the outskirts of Rome.



On The most important day of your life the location makes the difference!

Villa Tuscolana offers special moments all year around thanks to the creativity of our weddings planners, that will help you choose the best solution among the many possibilities available at the Villa. Thanks to the Villa atmosphere, its rooms and halls, its vast gardens any event that is celebrated here, such as weddings, first communions, christenings, degree celebrations will give you unique  sensations and memories.

La Rufinella di Villa Tuscolana in Frascati, has become one of the most famous and prestigious restaurants in the Castelli Romani area and in the surroundings areas of Rome thanks to its first class internal kitchen and its wonderful service. Guest who wish to organize their wedding reception, parties, meetings, incentives, and business dinners choose Villa Tuscolana as the perfect place for their events.


Sala Borbone is a Villa within the Villa.

This magnificent hall is positioned on the third floor where there used to be the unique “Party Hall” for the nobles. The romantic scenery is enhanced by the adjacent private garden that can be reached directly from the Hall, where it is possible to organize the aperitifs and the dessert buffet surrounded by the green Roman Hills and the view on the town of Monte Porzio Catone and its valley.  


Sala Bonaparte

This room is the perfect combination between elegance and comfort. It has an antique wood worked ceiling and very large and bright windows that lead to the garden.

It is in the heart of the Villa where over 150 guests may be received for a cocktail in the Roman amphitheater with swimming pool to then be led into this beautiful dining area.

The “wow” effect is guaranteed.


Sala Rufini

This is the à la carte restaurant of the Villa. 

The fascinating vaults and the luminous windows will welcome you in this retro style room.

The stunning view and the precious frescoes will surround the more intimate and selected events.


Sala Savoia

The octagon shape of this room, its fire place, the suffused lighting and its high ceiling, make it a precious corner for elegant and prestigious weddings and receptions.


Sala Belvedere

This room offers the most fascinating view of Rome in all the Roman Hills and is for this reason considered to be pride and joy of the Villa. It is in the highest part of the Villa (on the 6th floor) and to have the possibility to organize an event here, is a unique and unforgettable experience.

All the guests attending events held here will want to discover the unique feature of this room : if you look through the small hole of the wrought iron “cristogramma” “Jesus Hominum Salvator” you will be able to see the massive Saint Peter’s Dome in Rome.

In fact Villa Tuscolana was built over 400 years ago and it is the perfectly aligned with most famous Basilica of Rome. The incredible scenery and the natural lighting make the Belvedere room ideal for “one of a kind” events.


Meetings and events


Sala Vanvitelli

This was the ancient Chapel of the Villa and represents an incredible example of architecture and beauty. It has a very large vault ceiling with antique frescoes.

This hall is situated on the main floor and has its own outside area, ideal for garden coffee break service.


Sala Borbone

This magnificent hall is particularly suitable for events in which “image” is essential, it combines functionality and beauty. The main features of this hall are the 11 meters vaulted ceiling and the excellent natural lighting, all completed by antique furniture.

The nearby private garden represents the ideal place for a coffee break service surrounded by the Villa’s park. This is all to offer our guests a working comfort that is difficult to find in any other structure.

Concerts, exhibitions, congresses and meetings, institutional conferences or gala dinners, whenever you wish to amaze your guests with a context of very high level this hall is the perfect solution, unique in Frascati and in the Castelli Romani.


Sala Vittorio Emanuele

This hall is stylish and very functional at the same time.

175 Sq. m of very sophisticated congress space, it is equipped with beamer, podium for speakers, amplifiers and raised stage. The entire room is bordered with handmade wainscoting. It may hold up to 220 participants.

The large foyer is an ideal space for exhibitions and the direct access from the parking  area make the Vittorio Emanuele Hall the perfect  location for conventions, workshops, car presentations and medium large training courses and events.


Sala Sforza Sacchetti Ferreri

This very bright breakout rooms are positioned in the very heart of the Villa on the Vanvitelli façade.

The fact they are so close to each other and the possibility of separating them with retractable panels through maintaining independent access, represents the ideal solution for up to six working groups.

These rooms can hold up to 20 people in one hall.


Sala Belvedere

This Hall Is the pride of the Grand Hotel Villa Tuscolana, in fact it offers one of the most breathtaking views of Rome,Frascati and the Castelli Romani Area. 

It is positioned on the 6th floor, the highest, taking part in an event held in this particular hall is an exclusive  and unforgettable experience.

The incredible scenery, the excellent natural lighting, the total discretion of this hall make it perfect  for summit, meetings, board or direction meetings and high profile events.


Sala Clemente VIII

This hall is situated on the congress floor and has direct access from the parking area. Its main features are the octagon shape and the beautifully hand painted frescoes on its walls.

It is possible to contemporarily use the adjacent plenary hall which means having a whole floor with front desk, business office, cloak room and direct access to gardens and parking area.


SPA & Beauty


Archaic cults hand down legends and stories of the “Lymphae Commotiles” that were said to have the ability to make a little island float on the lake Paterno that originated from a sacred source in Vacuna.

They say that in this lake, offers were dedicated to Jupiter, Saturn and Apollo.

Lympha Spa is situated in the heart of a Villa that is full of history, so it wants to have a connection also to myths and legends as well as to what is known and certain about the Villa.

The water that magically appears under the vaulted ceiling, is a tribute to Lymphae Commotiles and their ability to flow, transform and create new sublime and ecstatic suggestions.

Well hidden inside the shells, there are pearls … precious pearls, pure and unique!

The shell shaped fountain at the entrance of the Villa…

Lympha Spa wants to represent protection within the shell where you can learn to find the beauty hidden inside each one of us.

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The Hotel has 100 rooms and suites. Every room of the facade and the Belvedere Room, located in the upper part of the Villa, have one of the most scenic views of Rome, with the Dome of St. Peter in the background.

All rooms are furnished and equipped with every comfort, with a touch of charm for an unforgettable stay.


Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at Grand Hotel Villa Tuscolana. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, an the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel. Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true. Plus they charge the hotel a commission which is normally around 20% of the room rate


Please fill this form for individuals or for groups and you shall receive an answer written by a live person at Grand Hotel Villa Tuscolana. This is the only way you can know exactly what room types are available for the dates you want, an the best possible rate, because you are dealing directly with the hotel. Bear in mind that websites set up to give an automatic answer, work with allocated quotas given by the hotel, therefore when it appears there are no rooms available for the date you want, this is not necessarily true. Plus they charge the hotel a commission which is normally around 20% of the room rate.

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By Car:
Directions from rome-naples motorways: Follow the directions to Rome-South until Monte Porzio Catone. At the exit of Monte Porzio Catone turn right and follow the direction Frascati. The hotel is 5-min.-far from the motorway.

Directions from g.r.a. (Grande Raccordo Anulare): Take the G.R.A. until the exit 21/22 Anagnina. Take Tuscolana Road into Frascati, follow the directions Grand Hotel Villa Tuscolana. The hotel is 10 minutes far from the G.R.A.

Frascati is located in the Castelli Romani hills overlooking the city of Rome. The town is famous for its white wines and opulent villas. If you go during the Vendemmia in october / november you can witness the traditional celebration of the grape harvest. The main attractions in town include the Piazza, the Villa Aldobranni built in 1598 by Giacomo della Porta with a great garden and the Duomo a few blocks from the Villa. At the porta Porticella there is a market, where you can get picnic supplies. A good night out in this little town in one of the authentic restaurants with Frascati wine is a real experience.