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Discover truly personalized service, an experience in which you play the starring role in an exclusive environment of well-being, luxury and completely individual attention. Hotel Arts is located at one of the city’s main points of interest, right on the beach facing the Port Olímpic marina. In addition to having extensive patios and gardens, it is perfectly integrated into the city, and its extraordinary location offers magnificent views of both Barcelona and the Mediterranean.

Hotel Arts Barcelona

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More than a 5-star hotel in Barcelona

The Hotel Arts experience is more than just a stay in one of the city’s most iconic buildings, and it undoubtedly wouldn’t be the same without our five restaurants and spa, a unique feature in Barcelona.

Live the Hotel Arts Barcelona Experience. Do you want to experience it?

… The driver brings Emma and Alex to the hotel’s private entrance for guests, and they hear the sound of a waterfall ahead of them. Outside, a bellhop waits to open their car door, greet them with a smile and take their luggage.

The lobby is reminiscent of a cozy living room, with sofas, solid wood coffee tables and large vases with fresh floral arrangements. The mid-morning sunlight filters through high windows overlooking the terrace. There’s a guest in an armchair reading the newspaper, a couple on a sofa putting a jacket on a small child and a group of friends stepping out to the terrace, followed by a waiter with a tray of steaming drinks. Alex decides right then and there that he’ll do the same, as soon as he drops off the luggage.

Marie, a cheerful hotel concierge, greets them: “Good morning and welcome to Hotel Arts.”

They are blinded by white light as they enter their room. As their eyes adjust, the Mediterranean Sea comes into view beyond the window. There must be a light breeze, because if not for the smallest of waves, the blue of the water could be mistaken for the blue of the sky on the horizon. Emma drops her purse and gazes out at the view. There’s no reason to hurry.

Emma and Alex had to wake up early, and by mid-morning they’re starting to get hungry, so they head down to the Bites restaurant for a snack. It’s too late for breakfast and too early for lunch. Nevertheless, Emma decides on a fresh green salad with prawns and marinated avocado tartare. “We’ll have our coffee by the pool, please,” Alex tells the girl who’s come to take their order.

The sea breeze tempts them to spend the afternoon sunbathing on the pool terrace, but after such a busy day, they’re more inclined to go up and visit 43 The Spa. They try the hydrotherapy pool, the dry sauna, the steam bath… All while watching the sun set over the Mediterranean from the 43rd floor.

After drinking Green Rascals at P41 Bar & Coctelarium, Emma and Alex have a reservation for Enoteca Paco Pérez, one of the hotel’s restaurants, which has two Michelin stars. Once there, they follow the advice of the maître. “I highly recommend that you try our special menu, dedicated to the white truffle,” he tells them. Light and intense at the same time, the delicate aroma of the truffle merges with the crispy, creamy, fluffy textures of each dish they’re served.

Their jet lag is taking its toll, so Alex goes back to the room very early. He slides into bed and, little by little, lets his body sink into the white sheets. He’s about to surrender to the world of dreams, but not without first deciding which of the pillows he wants to sleep on tonight.

“We hope you enjoyed the experience,” Marie tells Emma and Alex as she motions for their luggage to be brought down. Hotel Arts was certainly the right choice, Barcelona wouldn’t have been the same without it.

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The seafront hotel overlooks the Mediterranean on the Port Olimpic, next to the marina and Barcelona’s famous beaches, and surrounded by lush terraces and lively promenades.
The hotel is a short stroll away from the city’s historical centre, and just 20 minutes by car from Barcelona airport. Barceloneta Beach is 250 m away, while Ciutadella Park is 300 m away.

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