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 Via Oberdan, 12  40126 Bologna − Italy

The historic Hotel Corona D’Oro, located in the heart of Bologna, is a true and genuine preferential window to the “two towers”, one of the symbols of the city, which is only a few steps away. There are 40 rooms, all delicately decorated in a classic style and characterized by an elegant and enchanting atmosphere, the result of a recent restoration. One of the hotel’s characteristics is represented by the sophistication of its ambience and its incomparable calmness that one can experience in every room.

Hotel Corona D’Oro

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Hotel Corona D’Oro perfectly preserves the original parts of the antique building that it houses, among which are the medieval portico on the outside and the precious panelled ceilings covered in renaissance frescos.

The magnificent Liberty Hall, illuminated by natural lights thanks to its grand glass cupola that opens during the summer months and creates an appealing and unique atmosphere.

The central location is perfect for visiting the city’s all main attractions on foot: splendid piazzas, museums, historical buildings, renowned restaurants, shopping promenades.

Hotel Corona D’Oro, though located in a limited traffic zone, is reachable by cars and has its own spacious and convenient private garage.

A history from far away

The building went up in the XIII century and a proud holder of an elegant medieval portico on the outside. Belonged to the powerful family of Azzoguidiat the time, reminded by a large celebratory sign, the antique building through the course of centuries has had various restorations: from XV century, the frescoed panelled ceilings remain, greatly preserved; and the refine work of oil on canvas, Madonna con Bambino, that embellishes the room where it is located.

The elegant hall, with plasters in style of Liberty, went up at the beginning of the XX century.  What makes this hall special is its construction of a bright and strategic glass cupola that opens during the summer and transforms the space into an open internal courtyard, unique and appealing.

1865: “Corona” was born

Since the area was “going” well, a certain Agostino Torati came up with an idea of opening his own locanda with an osteria. Where? In the property of the Broglia, number 1616 on Via Cavaliera: preparing, in retrospective, a new destiny for me. Indeed, in the license application that Torati requested from the Ufficio d’Igiene Comunale on the 30th of April, 1865, indicating that the street, according to the layout, was very central and “a grand concourse of people”; however, keeping in mind that about 80 meters away, Il Locanda di Marino was already open and there were no schools or boarding schools near by.

The license, granted to Agostino Torati, on the 20th of May by city commission. Osteria with locanda (second category business) began its business activities in the building besides me. An activity that I followed, in all senses, closely then concluded as union between me and the “Corona d’Oro” (this was a new name for business), between my ancient nobility and its young entrepreneur...

The XX Century arrives

It was her, confusedly thought to have become an “entrepreneur” and no longer a simple hostess, organized the memorable party for the New Year of the century: 1900! The rooms of the Corona d’Ora that night was filled with men in tuxedo, and beautiful women in boa, aigrettes and sequin dresses, as the fashion trend of the XX century. Everyone toasted to the New Year with excellent sparkling wines that Carolina served among the velvet, mirrors, and golden setting of her elegant belle époque place. The arrival of the XX century also brought innovations to the spaces of the hotel: the team of workers generated improvements,and above all, the arrival of something completely new, the bathrooms. Carolina installed two per floor. Then she restored the glass windows, and putting herself to advertise her business: in 1902 showing up in front with embossed letters, written, “Albergo della Corona d’Oro”. She had some doubt: how to paint these letters before attaching them on the façade without damaging the bon ton of the hotel? She decided, better, without colors. She left them in concrete color. The choice showed a lot of prudent...

A “Corona” for the new millennium

The luxuries of a time (like telephone) slowly became normal necessity for every single room. Giaconda Raspi Paulucci, who “guided” the “resurrection” of the hotel, adapting it to the times and needs of clients, yet without a successor. And in 1969, the “Società Liberty” owned by two foreigners succeeded; Giovanni Tellarini (incredibly a Polish national, in spite of a very Italian first and last name) and an Australian, Joseph Doyle. I believe that my old friend Agostino Torati, the savvy Bonaventura, and Giaconda would have been a little disturbed from their eternal sleeps by such“internationalization” of the property of “their” authentic business, profoundly patronage by conquering, for centuries, the fame of exemplar hotel for Bolognese receptiveness and hospitality.

A sentiment, anyhow, has accumulated those who had made the Corona d’Oro live and prosper: the love for the beauty, for my past, for the testimony of arts and customs that I, for centuries, have represented...


General Services

  • Newspapers
  • Safety deposit boxes
  • Desk
  • Smoke free rooms
  • Rooms and facilities for disable guests
  • Elevator
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Air conditioning system (possibility to independently manage air temperatures)
  • Ironing board (upon request)
  • Tea kettle

Other Services

  • Room service
  • Shuttle service (with surcharge)
  • 24-hour reception
  • Luggage storage
  • Concierge service
  • Laundry service
  • Meeting/banquet areas
  • Business center
  • Possibility to book professional massages in hotel (with surcharge)
  • Ticket reservation for exhibits, shows, events
  • Transfer service reservation
  • Restaurant reservation
  • Personal shopper

All rooms, as the result of a recent restoration, have refine decors that contribute to create an enchanting atmosphere, an expression of constant attention to details that characterizes the style of the hotel. The rooms and suites are very pleasant and a hallmark of every comfort. Every room has its own precious fabric from which one can admire the characteristic glimpses of the medieval city that add to every unforgettable stay.

Single Room

Hotel Corona D’Oro**** has a total of 40 rooms among which 9 are single. This type of one-person room represents an answer for absolute comfort as the so-called “French bed” with a pleasant French style bed, wider than regular single bed. The rooms are spacious and characterized by a welcoming and refine atmosphere, an expression of constant attention to details that reflects the style of the hotel. The rooms are fitted with precious wooden flooring and have wide marble bathrooms with bathtub or shower.

Double Room Classic

Elegant accommodations for two people, the double rooms Classic offer the possibility to choose between a pleasant king-size bed or two separate twin beds. Every room, curated to the smallest of details, has precious wall fabrics and refined decors, which contribute to create an enchanting and sophisticated atmosphere. From the windows of our double room Classic, one can admire the appealing glimpses of the medieval city that adds to an unforgettable stay in Bologna. The rooms are fitted with precious wooden flooring and have wide marble bathrooms with bathtub or shower. Double rooms Classic are available to both smokers and non-smokers.

Double Room Deluxe

The double rooms Deluxe are rooms of superior category, characterized by elegance and spacious ambience. Conceived and decorated as a hallmark of luxury, these rooms are bright and rich in finishing touches. Like Classic, the double rooms Deluxe have precious fabrics and are the result of a recent restoration, yet the Deluxe version distinguishes itself by having an designated angle for a sitting room inside. They are the full expression of classic style hotel. They offer pleasant king-size bed or two separate twin beds. Some of the double rooms Deluxe are enriched with romantic balconies, ideal for breakfast or aperitif in total privacy along with the view of red roofs and medieval towers of the city.

The rooms are fitted with precious wooden flooring and have wide marble bathrooms with bathtub or shower. Double rooms Deluxe are available to both smokers and non-smokers.

The Hotel Corona D'Oro offers just 3 Deluxe rooms with balcony. We will be more than pleased to satisfy any specific request accordingly to availability. It may be required a small daily fee to guarantee advance booking of the room with a balcony.

In order to improve your sleep in our hotel, we are glad to offer you the possibility to choose a suitable pillow that fits to your needs. For a relaxing sleep and for a right posture. We have a selection of pillows that you may choose directly dialing to the reception.


Hotel Corona D’Oro, along with the double rooms Classic and Deluxe, is proud to house three beautiful suites. The most important is the Suite Deluxe. It offers two great separate ambiences and preserves a part of the fresco-panelled ceilings that are present inside the upper part of the suite from the XV and XVI centuries and painted with coat of arms and in Latin. Luxurious living rooms with armchairs and couches precede the bedroom, lavishly decorated with precious tapestries and complementary furniture to recreate the grandeur of historical residence. The other two suites are characterized by very big single area. The room opens to the day area that remains separated from the night area by a designated closet as a dividing wall.

All suites have big refine bathrooms with luxurious marble and are fitted with both bathtub and shower.

In order to improve your sleep in our hotel, we are glad to offer you the possibility to choose a suitable pillow that fits to your needs. For a relaxing sleep and for a right posture. We have a selection of pillows that you may choose directly dialing to the reception.

Hotel Corona D’Oro**** also houses a small convention center with three meeting rooms with various capacities and equipped with the most modern technical tools. The meeting rooms vary in sizes and characteristics.

Hotel Corona D’Oro organizes meetings, conventions, business conferences, and events at the hotel and other carefully selected prestigious locations in the city center based on the clients’ necessities.

At its heart is the possibility of fully living a first-hand experience in the excellent and typical Bolognese traditions. We avail ourselves with highly trusted partners in catering for gala events and food services in general, companies in charge of transfer services, expert tour guides, agencies for activity management of the whole territory and province: eno-gastronomic tour in the city center and beyond, visits and tastings at production sites, such as: Balsamic Vinegar, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, and Prosciutto di Parma that make up a part of the so-called “food valley,” visits to the “motor valley” (for the motor passionate) close to Bologna where there are factories and museums of Ducati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati.

Sala Asinelli

The Sala Asinelli is the biggest room and can host an audience of up to 90 people. It is adapted to every kind of setup (U-shape, classroom, cabaret style, with Chairman table of up to five speakers), it is lit by natural lights (three big windows with black-out shades) and fitted with the most modern technical tools: screen; ceiling video-projector; PA system and microphone system with a fixed microphone for the Chairman table; a handheld microphone, and a jacket microphone; PC; Wi-Fi internet connection; flip board; speaker telephone; DVD/CD system; and video recorder.

It has its own independent entrance and a mobile wall that allows the room to be divided into two conventional spaces for small groups of 10/15 people each.

Sala Azzoguidi

Sala Azzoguidi has a capacity of up to 40 people. With bold atmosphere, the room is located in the most antique part of the building, dating back to the XV century. It has an extraordinary panelled ceiling and is lavishly furnished with precious furniture and antique paintings. It is equipped with a screen and video-projector and can be setup as theater or U-shape as well as single tables for small groups of 15 people. Sala Azzoguidi is adjacent to the beautiful and ample hall of Hotel Corona D’Oro****.

Besides the capability of hosting small meetings, the room is perfectly adapted for exclusive apertitivos and buffet cocktail parties. It is the ideal location to host exclusive events in an excellent setting. Sala Azzoguidi is also splendid for gala dinner with fixed menu of up to 30 people.

Sala S. Alò

S. Alò room is situated in front of Sala Asinelli with ample space and bright glass windows. It is ideal as a registrar’s office or private meetings. It can host up to 16 people in a single table and up to 30 people in theater setting. It is fitted with a screen, ceiling video-projector, PC, Wi-Fi Internet connection, flip board. It can also be used as a space for coffee break in occasion of a meeting in Sala Asinelli.

Sala S. Alò is located inside a small convention center on the ground floor of Hotel Corona D’Oro****. At the entrance, there is a space that connects Sala S. Alò and Sala Asinelli, which can be used as welcoming point for arriving guests, or a secretary desk, or coatroom.

Basic Technical Tools

  • Free Wireless Connection
  • Screen and video-projector
  • PC
  • Flip board
  • PA system
  • Speaker telephone
  • DVD/CD system
  • Video recorder
  • Exclusive Ultra Broadband 60 MBS

Catering Service

Hotel Corona D’Oro**** is capable of offering different food services within its elegant ambience:

  • Coffee break
  • Aperitivos
  • Cocktails
  • Lunch buffet
  • Full-service dinner
  • Gala dinner


Bologna, capital of Emilia-Romagna, is affectionately defined by its citizens as “la Dotta, la Rossa, e la Grassa” (the Learned, the Red, and the Fat). La Dotta is dedicated for its university which is the oldest in the western world, founded in 1088, and continues today to attract Italian and foreign students, maintaining its very active role as cultural center. La Rossa represents the unique color of its roofs and houses that contribute to maintain the vivid atmosphere of the city during medieval period. Lastly, Bologna La Grassa is an honor for its well-known and famous gastronomic traditions: the Bolognese cuisine is rich, flavorful, and known all over the world, especially for its typical dishes: tortellini, lasagna with meat ragout, mortedella, succulent cotoletta alla Bolognese, only to name a few.

Must see attractions of Bologna only a few steps from Corona D’Oro

  • Piazza Maggiore
  • Basilica di San Petronio
  • The two towers: Asinelli and Garisenda
  • Piazza Santo Stefano Church Complex
  • Santa Maria della Vita and the Complianto Morto of Nicolò dell’Arca
  • Pinacoteca Nazionale (National Gallery)
  • San Luca Sanctuary
  • The Porticos


Bologna is a charming city that allows, moving away from the center, to enjoy spectacles of nature and make out relaxing and rejuvenating excursions. Here are some tips:

  • The city is surrounded by spaces that are full of color during the summer. The green lung Margherita Garden, the oldest Montagnola Park, Di Forte Bandiera Park and many others. Enjoy relax moments, a bike excursion and a picnic in these magnificent gardens.
  • Not only in the center, but also in the suburbs you can find cultural exhibition and entertainment. The open-air Ca 'la Ghironda museum with its modern art collections of contemporary painting and sculpture; Villa delle Rose, has been a place of the Gallery of Modern Art and now houses temporary exhibitions.
  • Bike tour ideas: Rhine Valley and Savena Valley, Senio Valley and Lamone Valley, Mount of ants, Serravalle Castle.
  • Other attractions: Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca, Certosa Monumental Cemetery, Sanctuary of the Monte delle Formiche.

Other Attractions

Museo Civico Archeologico, Teatro Anatomico, Biblioteca Sala Borsa, Fontana del Nettuno, Piazza San Domenico, Teatro Comunale, Piazza e Basilica di San Francesco, Complesso Monumentale di San Giovanni in Monte, Museo Internazionale e Biblioteca della Musica, Quadrilatero, Cattedrale di San Pietro, Corte Isolani, Palazzo della Mercanzia, Museo della Storia di Bologna a Palazzo Pepoli, Palazzo Fava, and Museo della Memoria di Ustica (1,5 km) hosts temporary international exhibitions, Museo del Patrimonio Industriale (1,6 km), Mambo (Museo d'Arte Moderna), MAST (4 km).


The Seven Secrets of Bologna

The seven secrets recount a Bologna that lives in the memories passed on from generation to generation. Not only Bologna with its history, culture, and architectural beauties, but also a city with legends well rooted in the popular traditions that talk about the seven secrets to discovery if visited accurately.

The cross vault in Piazza Maggiore that transmit sounds from one side to the other, the statue of Neptune if viewed from Sala Borsa seems to be an impression of an erected penis, the “piccola Venezia” (Small Venice) from a small window on Via Piella that gives a glimpse to the Reno River, the arrow inserted in the outside wall of a house on Strada Maggiore, arches written in Latin “panis vita, canabis protetio, vinum laetitia” (bread life, cannabis protection, wine pleasure), the broken vase on the top of the Asinelli Tower, and the antique table in the university with the writing “panum resis” (knowledge as the foundation of every decision).

To send a booking inquiry, simply fill the form, click SEND and it will go directly to Hotel Corona d`Oro. This is the best way to find out exactly what accommodation types are available for the date(s) you want at the best rate. Because your dealing directly with the property.
Bear in mind that booking engines charge the hotels a commission of 20% or more, so you can never compare the rate they quote, with the one directly from the hotel. Furthermore, search engines that provide online booking, work with allocated room quotas given by the hotels, therefore, the availability they provide is not absolutely trustworthy, since hotels never allocate all their rooms to third parties.

Contact the hotel: Hotel Corona d`Oro
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Hotel: Hotel Corona d`Oro

Address: Via Oberdan, 12  40126 Bologna

Region: Emilia-Romagna

Country: Italy

Official website:

Telephone: +39 051 7457611

Fax: +39 051 7457622

Hotel email:

+39 051 7457611   Fax: +39 051 7457622

Train: Stazione Centrale (3 Kms.)

Airport: Guglielmo Marconi Airport (8.5 Kms.)

By car:

From Florence: Take Motorway A1, continue in direction north until reaching the outskirts of Bologna.

From Milan: Take Motorway A1 Southeast along the Apennines. From Venice or Ferrara: Follow Motorway A13 Southwest.

From Rimini, Ravenna: Take Motorway A14 West.

Once in Bologna, you just have to follow the signs taking you to the city center "Centro", the Hotel is short distance from Piazza Maggiore.

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