Bologna:Al Cappello Rosso

airplanemode_active  Al Cappello Rosso


A passion for hospitality since 1375. Our guests are invited to immerse themselves in the elegant yet intimate space of a hotel with over 600 hundred years of experienc...[view more]

Bologna:Grand Hotel Majestic

Grand Hotel Majestic


The Grand Hotel Majestic "già Baglioni", the oldest and most prestigious hotel in Bologna, sits in the heart of the city on Via dell’Indipendenza, within w...[view more]

Bologna:Hotel Corona d`Oro

Hotel Corona d`Oro


The historic Hotel Corona D’Oro, located in the heart of Bologna, is a true and genuine preferential window to the “two towers”, one of...[view more]

Bologna:Hotel Novecento

airplanemode_active  Hotel Novecento


Hotel Novecento is a design hotel full of personality that takes you back to 1930s. A new hotel concept - a building in the Viennese Secession style perfectly set among...[view more]

Bologna:Hotel Orologio

Hotel Orologio


...[view more]