Arles:Hotel Jules Cesar

  Hotel Jules Cesar


A hotel of character Arles designed by Christian Lacroix

Located in the heart of Arles in Provence, the Hotel Jules César offers you a real journey th...[view more]

Arles:Le Mas de Peint

Le Mas de Peint


At the heart of their exceptional 500-ha (1235-acre) estate, realm of Camargue bulls and horses, the Mas de Peint, hotel 5 stars and restaurant, and the Manade Jacques ...[view more]

Arzon (Vannes - 36 km):Hotel Miramar la Cigale

Hotel Miramar la Cigale

Arzon (Vannes - 36 km)

RHUYS peninsula continuously reveals different facets of its personality. Here, land and sea come together only to separate again in a wild and intoxicating natural sett...[view more]

Audrieu:Chateau d'Audrieu

  Chateau d'Audrieu


Relais & Chateaux Château d’Audrieu, located between Caen and Bayeux, offers the opportunity to travel back in time. This 18th century edifice, listed a...[view more]

Aureville (Toulouse - 20 km):Hotel Restaurant en Marge

Hotel Restaurant en Marge

Aureville (Toulouse - 20 km)

Set in a 19th century farmhouse, the 4 stars Hotel Restaurant En Marge with its modern scenery serves refined, inventive cuisine. ...[view more]

Avignon:Auberge de Cassagne & Spa

Auberge de Cassagne & Spa


Hotel of charm and prestige in Pontet Avignon, the Auberge de Cassagne & Spa is located in the heart of Provence. At the gateway to Avignon, take advantage of your ...[view more]

Avignon:Hotel La Mirande

  Hotel La Mirande


Hotel La Mirande is famous for its intricately renovated interiors. No expenses were spared to carefully restore what had survived from the past and to replenish, where...[view more]

Avire (Angers - 40 km):Chateau La Montchevalleraie

Chateau La Montchevalleraie

Avire (Angers - 40 km)

The Montchevalleraie is an elegant family home built in the 18th century for a family of notable Angers. Since 1995, it is Christian Boulmant Nomballais who presides ov...[view more]

Avize (Epernay - 11 km):Hôtel Les Avisés

Hôtel Les Avisés

Avize (Epernay - 11 km)

Using their beautiful volumes and windows that give onto the large park and vineyard and let through a soft light filled with tranquillity and happiness, the architect, Bruno Borrione, imagined a r...[view more]

Baerenthal (Strasbourg - 64 km):L'Arnsbourg Restaurant – Hotel

  L'Arnsbourg Restaurant – Hotel

Baerenthal (Strasbourg - 64 km)

In the heart of the forest there is a unique location, a place of unsurpassed serenity. Yes, it is a restaurant but it is also more than that; it is an experience. Our ...[view more]

Bagnols (Lyon - 35 km):Chateau de Bagnols

Chateau de Bagnols

Bagnols (Lyon - 35 km)

The Château de Bagnols was built on the lands of the Lords of Oingt in the heart of the Beaujolais vineyards and the Monts du Lyonnais. In 1217, Guichard d’...[view more]

Bandol (Toulon - 16 km):Hotel Ile Rousse

Hotel Ile Rousse

Bandol (Toulon - 16 km)

Overlooking the Baie de Rènecros, right by the sea, the Ile Rousse Hotel ***** - Thalassotherapy Centre & Spa Thalazur Bandol, offers a magical setting to so...[view more]