Sonnberg 22 A-5771 Leogang (Salzburg - 78 km) − Austria

Have you ever longed for a place where you can feel at home? A place that provides you with warmth and security? A place that allows you to feel your pure and true self? A place where you can choose to be alone or with your friends and family?

In the midst of the beautiful Leoganger Steinberge, you can either spend your days socialising or enjoying the peace and quiet on your own. Anything is possible here. This is a place that embraces you, however, it also provides enough space for you to go and discover new things.

Hotel Priesteregg

“The Egge” of the Priests

500 years PRIESTEREGG.

The PRIESTEREGG has a long and eventful history. It was first officially mentioned in 1505. During that time, the lords of the Almb (today Maria Alm) owned the land, and in 1756 when the knights sought salvation via the church they bequeathed the land to the priests of Salzburg. The fertile land was then cultivated by serfs, who had to pay a ten percent tax in the form of money or natural products to the archdiocese of Salzburg. When the serfs were emancipated in 1780, the farmhouse and the estate was taken over by our family. Since then, we have continued writing the history of the priests of Salzburg with the creation of the Priesteregg. To this day, the land that used to be cultivated for the priests is still a paradise.

Say Goodbye to Everyday Life

Enjoy your rest in the mountains.

Have you ever longed for a place where you can feel at home? A retreat in the mountains where you can enjoy unspoiled nature and meet kind people? If so, you have finally arrived! There is nothing in our Bergdorf that could upset you; nothing that could disturb you. Here, you can relax in your own Chalet and recover from everyday life. Surrounded by a breathtaking mountain panorama of the Pinzgau Alps, you can spend your days socialising or on your own. Anything is possible here. This is a place that embraces you, however, it also provides enough space for you to go and discover new things.

A Heavenly Place on Earth

Fresh air and a magnificent view.

The PRIESTEREGG is a special place. Like a well-kept secret, it lies at an altitude of 1,100 metres on a high plateau in the face of the Leogang Mountains. No matter how hard you look, you won’t see any large signs here. Go out and discover the Bergdorf for yourself! Below you, the valley stretches out for kilometres. The mountains of the Steinerne Meer tower ahead of you with the almost 3,000-metres-high Hochkönig soaring into the sky right next to it. Farther along, the Leogang Valley and the Kitzbühel Alps open up in front of you. This 360-degree view is unique. No wonder we are proud of it. It makes us happy if our guests are equally enthusiastic about it and want to come back.

For the Environment

Sustainable hotel concept

The Pinzgau region is a natural paradise and must be preserved. It is of the utmost importance to us to treat our environment with care; it’s the basis for maintaining our homeland.

The PRIESTEREGG takes all common environmental aspects into account and supports local suppliers and sustainable businesses. Our respect for surroundings, environment and nature is also reflected in the architecture of the Bergdorf. Hence, all our Chalets were built almost CO2 neutral and blend into the environment.

For the construction, we predominantly used natural and ecological materials, most of which were purchased locally. For the interior, we have tried to leave everything as natural and original as we possibly could. Bearing the future of our planet in mind, the design of the Bergdorf is climate-friendly and innovative. All our energy comes from renewable sources. We also use other environmentally-friendly technologies, such as waste water heat recovery, to support our green vision for the future.

Cattle Farming

Free-range husbandry all year round

We are especially proud of our organic Galloway cattle farming, which provides our restaurant with delicious and tender beef. The Galloway is one of the world’s longest established breeds of beef cattle originating in the Southwest of Scotland. The rough, windy and rainy Scottish weather has shaped these robust and resilient animals, whose excellent meat was already enjoyed by the Old Romans. The Galloways were first historically mentioned by the poet Livius in 284-204 BC and were the only creatures allowed to pass through Hadrian’s Wall, which protected the Roman province of Britannia from the wild tribes of Scotland from the North.

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By Car 

From Munich take Autobahn A8 towards Salzburg (toll free)

Take the Siegsdorf-Lofer-Saalfelden exit. In Saalfelden, turn right at the first traffic circle and drive eight kilometers to Leogang. At the edge of town turn right at the bakery and follow the signs to Bergdorf Priesteregg or Huwi’s Alm.

Alternative route from Germany

From Autobahn A8, take the Innsbruck/Kufstein/Brenner exit onto Autobahn A98.  In Austria, take the Kufstein Sued exit and follow the signs to St. Johann/Tirol – Fieberbrunn-Hochfilzen – Leogang

By Train or Plane

We’ll be happy to pick you up at the train station in Leogang. You can book your trip quickly and easily at the following websites:

Leogang is easily accessible from three international airports – Munich, Salzburg and Innsbruck

Shuttle-Service from Munich or Salzburg

Holiday-Shuttle is your comfortable transfer from Salzburg or Munich Airport to Bergdorf Priesteregg. The shuttle runs 365 days a year. 6 shuttles a day both ways and carry you til the door of your chalet.


If you prefer a VIP-Shuttle with a Mercedes Minivan or a helicopter-transfer please click here.

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