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 Sonnenbergstrasse CH-7050 Arosa (Chur - 28 km) − Switzerland

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Stay with us and experience the breathtaking mountain scenery of Graubünden at its most beautiful. Genuine, heart-felt hospitality accompanies our guests throughout the entire hotel. A fond attention to detail reveals itself with understated elegance to the appreciative seasoned traveller. Not to mention one of the most impressive wellness areas in Europe set in a stunning mountain landscape.

Tschuggen Grand Hotel

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The history of the Tschuggen Grand Hotel began in 1883 when Otto Herwig, a German from Hanau on the river Main, came to Arosa to recover from a lung condition. Convinced of the therapeutic effects of Arosa’s mountain air, he soon founded the Berghilf Sanatorium together with his sister Marie, who took over the running of the institution in 1892 and managed it until her death in 1922.

For the 1929/1930 winter season the Berghilf Sanatorium for lung patients – most of whom were in residence during the summer months – transformed itself into the Tschuggen Grand Hotel for winter sports enthusiasts. This metamorphosis proved exemplary for the development of tourism as a whole in Arosa. From the refuge for bronchial sufferers and those escaping the heat of the towns and cities, Arosa became the winter and summer sports paradise for which it is famous today, i.e. with fresh-air guaranteed!

In the ensuing years the Tschuggen Grand Hotel experienced many ups and downs until the entire premises were laid to waste by fire in 1966. Reconstruction took four years, and a successful re-opening was celebrated in time for the 1970 winter season. In 1980 Armin Wyssmann – for many years the hotel’s owner-director – sold the Tschuggen Grand Hotel to the family Kipp-Bechtolsheimer, in whose ownership it remains to this day.

A further milestone in the hotel’s history came with the sizeable investments that began in April 2004 under the expert guidance of the internationally renowned Swiss architects Mario Botta and Carlo Rampazzi, featuring the construction of the Tschuggen Bergoase spa facility and the remodelling of the entire infrastructure. The commissioning of the hotel’s very own mountain railway, the Tschuggen Express, is a world premiere.


Design & Style

The interior of the Tschuggen Grand Hotel bears the distinctive hallmark of interior designer Carlo Rampazzi and his trademark use of the finest materials. The spacious rooms and suites combine light and space, shapes and colours, the timeless and the contemporary to create the perfect setting for a memorable stay.

Facts & Figures

The Tschuggen Grand Hotel is one of the most exceptional 5-star hotels in Switzerland, delighting its guests virtually all year round with luxury, elegance and an interior design that is as colourful as it is stunning, all set in the mountains of Graubünden. And with the Tschuggen Bergoase spa facility by Swiss star architect Mario Botta the Tschuggen Grand Hotel has not only created a distinctive feature, but redefined the notion of wellness internationally.

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By car: From Zürich, take the A3 towards CHUR. Take the offramps CHUR-NORTH towards the centre, AROSA. From the SAN BERNARDINO pass, take the A3 towards CHUR. Take the offramp CHUR-SOUTH, AROSA, LENZERHEIDE. Follow the map provided. Leave CHUR towards AROSA. Drive trough AROSA. After 1.5 km, take the next road right into `` Sonnenbergstrasse‘‘ road at the restaurant Grischuna. After about 300m, take the next road left towards the TSCHUGGEN GRAND HOTEL. By Airplane: Flight towards Zürich Kloten, using either our limousin Service (arranged trough our Concierge) or take the train towards CHUR. In CHUR, change trains, taking the Arosa Express towards AROSA. By Train: Take the ICE or the IC towards CHUR. There will be a train departing hourly from CHUR to AROSA.
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